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Alexxis Lemire (born May 30, 1996) is an American actress and model. She is known for her roles as Jesse Havnell in the 2017 Syfy horror television film Truth or Dare, as Kate Miller in the 2018 Lifetime thriller television film The Art of Murder, and as Aster Flores in the 2020 Netflix original movie The Half of It. Early life and career Lemire was born in Londonderry, New Hampshire to a Puerto Rican mother and a French father. Of her heritage, Lemire has said "Sometimes people put the pressure on to choose what side I am. Being in this industry and going to castings, sometimes I'm too Latin for a Caucasian role, or not Latin enough. That's a struggle I continue to face." Lemire has one half-brother.After graduating from Londonderry High School in 2014 where she participated in the school's cheer team, Lemire moved with her mother to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, saying of the decision, “I felt like acting was the only way I was able to express myself. I could step into these other roles and understand a little more about empathy.” Aside from her acting career, Lemire is also a professional model.In 2017, Lemire starred in Truth or Dare, a Syfy channel horror movie. In 2018, Lemire was cast in Netflix's The Half of It, an LGBT coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Alice Wu, which was released in May 2020. Filmography References External links Alexxis Lemire at IMDb Alexxis Lemire at Rotten Tomatoes. Discover the Kate Aster popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Kate Aster books.

Best Seller Kate Aster Books of 2024

  • Romancing Christmas synopsis, comments

    Romancing Christmas

    Kate Aster

    When matchmaker Freya HansenAdler is inspired by the holiday spirit, she'll stop at nothing to see former Navy SEAL Harris and single mom Ava get the happily ever after they deserv...

  • Faking It synopsis, comments

    Faking It

    Kate Aster

    FUBAR.The day my life fell apart, I was introduced to this term. It's comforting to know there's one word that completely defines my life.Go ahead. Look it up.And right next to the...

  • Contract with a SEAL synopsis, comments

    Contract with a SEAL

    Kate Aster

    Some contracts are meant to be broken...Desperate to shake herself free from the humiliation of a very public divorce, TV financial correspondent Vi Owens makes a deal with a Navy ...

  • Romancing Starlight synopsis, comments

    Romancing Starlight

    Kate Aster

    A winter romance from the shores of the Chesapeake to the paradise of Hawaii… matchmaker Freya won't stop until her friend Maggie and Navy SEAL Ryder find their happily ever after…...

  • Romancing Paradise synopsis, comments

    Romancing Paradise

    Kate Aster

    The Brothers in Arms series continues as matchmaker Freya heads to Hawaii for a friend's wedding... and sets out to create a happily ever after for a single mom and an Army Soldier...

  • Strong Enough synopsis, comments

    Strong Enough

    Kate Aster

    If anyone can resist a man in uniform, it should be Becca …As the young widow of a Soldier, the sister of a Navy SEAL commander, and the business partner of a handful of tempting S...

  • No Reservations synopsis, comments

    No Reservations

    Kate Aster

    Bridget Needham knows firsthand how a Special Ops man can shatter a girl's heart. She's still kicking herself over the one that got away… after watching him get down on one knee an...

  • Island Fever synopsis, comments

    Island Fever

    Kate Aster

    "A Ranger, a pilot, and a doctor walk into a bar..."That was pretty much my life in Hawai'i until my two brothers got married.Now I'm the last man standing.Not a problem.With an 8p...

  • More, Please synopsis, comments

    More, Please

    Kate Aster

    I know exactly what I want. And it has nothing to do with the hot Navy SEAL I picked up in a bar.Really... it doesn't.Even though the pressure of his lips on mine fires me like a h...

  • Full Disclosure synopsis, comments

    Full Disclosure

    Kate Aster

    There's a hot billionaire in the carpool line that has every mom putting on her lipstick before she drops her kid off to school.Me included.But I can't be tempted by a body hewn fr...

  • Romancing Summer synopsis, comments

    Romancing Summer

    Kate Aster

    Matchmaker Freya HansenAdler is at it again, and this time, it will take apple pie and an adorable rescue dog to help her make a perfect match of her friends, Millie and Dax…I shou...

  • Make Mine a Ranger synopsis, comments

    Make Mine a Ranger

    Kate Aster

    "It's not him. It can't be him..."24yearold Bess Foster has a threeyearold daughter she cherishes... friends she adores... and an Army Ranger she's been fantasizing about for nearl...

  • Hindsight synopsis, comments


    Kate Aster

    You've heard the joke...  Know how to figure out if a guy's a pilot?He'll tell you.Yep. Cocky? Arrogant? Player?That's generally the impression I like to give women.Outside of...

  • His Plus One synopsis, comments

    His Plus One

    Kate Aster

    Graydon Adler:A man who's impossible to forget.Yet the first time our paths crossed on a SEAL mission – the kind that requires computer nerds like me to mingle with SEALs like him ...

  • A is for Alpha synopsis, comments

    A is for Alpha

    Kate Aster

    Who put the "O" in Aloha?Yeah, that's me.  Camden Sheridan.A guy who will bring you to "O" faster than you can text it.Former Army Ranger with the standard issue 8pack.And now...

  • SEAL the Deal synopsis, comments

    SEAL the Deal

    Kate Aster

    In the postcardperfect seaside town of Annapolis, Maryland, the bestselling romance series begins…Lieutenant Commander Mick Riley, a member of the fabled SEAL Team Six, can't pull ...

  • The Second Mrs. Astor synopsis, comments

    The Second Mrs. Astor

    Shana Abé

    "Abé is an exquisite storyteller. Rich in detail and deeply moving." Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Magnolia Palace"One of the most beautifully written ...

  • Fling-worthy synopsis, comments


    Kate Aster

    Stein Adler:The first time I saw him, he was splitting logs like my filthiest lumberjack fantasy.A Delta Force hero with a heart of gold…  hidden behind pecs that should be sc...

  • SEAL My Grout synopsis, comments

    SEAL My Grout

    Kate Aster

    HELP.That's the only fourletter word I think of when my eyes first lap up the sight of the Navy SEAL who just offered to finish my bathroom renovation.Well, maybe one other fourlet...

  • Twice Tempted synopsis, comments

    Twice Tempted

    Kate Aster

    Desperate to save her coffeehouse from ruin, the last thing Leia Bellamy needs in her life is a man … especially when it's the same one who deserted her after their shotgun wedding...

  • Kiss Me Not synopsis, comments

    Kiss Me Not

    Kate Aster

    Colt Adler:I'm trying to picture him, way back when.But how can I?All I see now is the Army Ranger he's become.Intoxicating smile. Sculpted arms. Todiefor eightpack. And enough med...