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This is a list of actors and actresses who have had roles on the soap opera All My Children. It aired from January 1970 to September 2011 and was revived for five months in 2013. The longest serving cast member is Susan Lucci, who played the heroine Erica Kane from January 1970 to the original finale in September 2011. Cast See also List of All My Children charactersReferences Notes Citations External links Character profiles. Discover the Kathy Ivan popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Kathy Ivan books.

Best Seller Kathy Ivan Books of 2023

  • Texas Boudreau Brotherhood Books 1 - 3 synopsis, comments

    Texas Boudreau Brotherhood Books 1 - 3

    Kathy Ivan

    Are you ready for the latest compelling romantic suspense series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kathy Ivan? Prepare to be swept away as the Boudreau brothers face down bad guys, ...

  • Losing Cassie synopsis, comments

    Losing Cassie

    Kathy Ivan

    Welcome to Destiny's Desire Lodge, where The Fates can manipulate the threads of life at their whim and the FateKeeper battles to unite the predestined souls of true love.Firefight...

  • Chance synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    No good deed goes unpunished. A glorified babysitting assignment escalates into more than Chance Boudreau bargained for. When he meets Tina Nelson, their simmering attraction c...

  • Saving Gabi synopsis, comments

    Saving Gabi

    Kathy Ivan

    Gabi Boudreau’s life is turned upside down when her best friend shows up on her doorstep, pleading for help to escape an abusive relationship. A plan is hatcheda secret shared. Whe...

  • New Orleans Connection Series synopsis, comments

    New Orleans Connection Series

    Kathy Ivan

    Meet three sexy alpha heroes and the women they can't resist. Spend a little time soaking up the flavor of The Big Easy with all the romance, suspense, and colorful atmosphere the ...

  • Brody synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    While local Fire Chief Brody Boudreau has his hands full with a series of suspected arsons plaguing his small town of Shiloh Springs, he finds it impossible to stop thinking about ...

  • Hidden Agenda synopsis, comments

    Hidden Agenda

    Kathy Ivan

    Scared and on the run, Maggie Callahan doesn’t know who to trust.  Something’s wrong at the pharmaceutical company where she works, and patients are turning up dead.  Out...

  • Saving Sarah synopsis, comments

    Saving Sarah

    Kathy Ivan

    Haunted by memories of war and strangely prophetic dreams, Gaston "Ranger" Boudreau spends his time alone in the Louisiana bayou he calls home. When his former SEAL teamm...

  • Joshua synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    The Texas Boudreau Brotherhood is a ragtag band of foster brothers who will face down any threat or danger to protect their family and the women they love. After all, every Boudrea...

  • Desperate Choices synopsis, comments

    Desperate Choices

    Kathy Ivan

    When New Orleans police declare private investigator Max Lamoreaux’s missing godson a runaway, he reaches out to former flame Theresa Crawford for help.  Her specialized skill...

  • Liam synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    Sometimes death isn’t the end of the journey. As a teen, Ruby Bright discovered the only way to prevent a massive tragedy befalling everyone she loved meant making a drastic choic...

  • One Night in Vegas synopsis, comments

    One Night in Vegas

    Kathy Ivan

    Tate Montgomery’s going to be country music’s newest sensation.  He’ll have it allwealth, fame, popularity, and any woman he wantsso why is he sitting alone in a Las Vegas bar wond...

  • Deadly Justice synopsis, comments

    Deadly Justice

    Kathy Ivan

    A quest for justice… After a devastating betrayal, exDEA agent Samuel "The Ghost" Carpenter devotes his life to searching for the person who cost him not only his job but nearly h...

  • Last Chance in Vegas synopsis, comments

    Last Chance in Vegas

    Kathy Ivan

    Sidelined by an injury, football star Jax Temple is gearing up for the new season. He’s already lost the one thing that matters the mosthis exwife.  Postrehab he can’t afford to lo...

  • Rafe synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    When Sheriff Rafe Boudreau catches Tessa Maxwell climbing through the window of a house where she doesn’t belong, the crime rate isn’t the only thing that spikes.   Turns out, trou...

  • Wicked Obsession synopsis, comments

    Wicked Obsession

    Kathy Ivan

    When an old danger surfaces, everything in Sheri Vernon’s life turns upside down.  She doesn’t know who she can trustexcept former fiancé, Nate Blackwell, the man whose heart ...

  • Ridge synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    Undercover DEA agent Ridge Boudreau is intrigued by his current target, Maggie White, especially when she greets him with a loaded shotgun.  A notorious drug cartel is using her pr...

  • Saving Stephanie synopsis, comments

    Saving Stephanie

    Kathy Ivan

    After riding herd on the testosteronefilled agents at Carpenter Security, Stephanie Barnes has earned a little R & R. Too bad her luxurious Costa Rican holiday gets turned upsi...

  • Second Chances synopsis, comments

    Second Chances

    Kathy Ivan

    A firefighter in Denver, Ryan Jackson still grieves the loss of his brother who died almost two years earlier on Christmas Eve. He thought he'd gotten past the loss until he began ...

  • Shiloh synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    Renee O’Malley has gotten very good at using assumed names, living on the run, and hiding from people who want her dead. When Shiloh Boudreau drops everything to follow a lead on t...

  • Antonio synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    Tasked with locating a missing government witness, FBI agent Antonio Boudreau jumps at the chance to work closer to his home town of Shiloh Springs, Texas.  Ever since somebody tri...

  • Brian synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    On the trail of a suspected serial killer, FBI agent Brian McKenna finds himself back in Shiloh Springs with the Boudreau clan. All Harper Westbrook wants is to leave her boring j...

  • Sex, Lies and Apple Pies synopsis, comments

    Sex, Lies and Apple Pies

    Kathy Ivan

    Wendy Cunningham, the Princess of Pastries, has been recruited into being a judge on the National BakeOff Championship.  When the exflame she left behind turns out to be a fel...

  • Heath synopsis, comments


    Kathy Ivan

    In the ER after being shot, Camilla Stewart can’t remember what happened. When Heath Boudreau hears the woman he cares about is injured, he drops everything and rushes to her side....

  • Saving Savannah synopsis, comments

    Saving Savannah

    Kathy Ivan

    Recovering from a horrific ordeal that nearly ended her life, Savannah Sloane feels she’s finally moving forward with her life. But when reminders of the nightmare she survived be...

  • Fatal Intentions synopsis, comments

    Fatal Intentions

    Kathy Ivan

    “Kathy Ivan’s books are addictive, you can’t read just one.”  Susan Stoker – New York Times Bestselling Author Secondincommand at Carpenter Security, the last thing JeanLuc Bo...

  • Spies Like Us synopsis, comments

    Spies Like Us

    Kathy Ivan

    When someone in New Orleans has a problem, Gator Boudreau is Mister FixIt.  Discovering an elderly neighbor has been swindled by a con artist, there’s no question he’ll deal w...