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Danny Kaye (born David Daniel Kaminsky; Yiddish: דוד־דניאל קאַמינסקי; January 18, 1911 – March 3, 1987) was an American actor, singer, dancer, comedian, musician, philanthropist, and cook. His performances featured physical comedy, idiosyncratic pantomimes, and rapid-fire novelty songs. Kaye starred in 17 films, notably Wonder Man (1945), The Kid from Brooklyn (1946), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947), The Inspector General (1949), Hans Christian Andersen (1952), White Christmas (1954), and The Court Jester (1955). His films were popular, especially for his performances of patter songs and favorites such as "Inchworm" and "The Ugly Duckling". He was the first ambassador-at-large of UNICEF in 1954 and received the French Legion of Honour in 1986 for his years of work with the organization. Early years David Daniel Kaminsky was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 18, 1911 (though he would later say 1913), to Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants Jacob and Clara (née Nemerovsky) Kaminsky. He was the youngest of three sons. His parents and older brothers Larry and Mac left Dnipropetrovsk two years before Danny's birth; he was their only son born in the United States.He attended Public School 149 in East New York, Brooklyn (eventually renamed to honor him)—where he began entertaining his classmates with songs and jokes. He attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, but he did not graduate.His mother died when he was in his early teens. Not long after, Kaye and his friend Louis ran away to Florida. Kaye sang while Louis played the guitar and the pair eked out a living for a while. When Kaye returned to New York, his father did not pressure him to return to school or work, giving his son the chance to mature and discover his own abilities. Kaye said that as a young boy, he had wanted to be a surgeon, but the family could not afford a medical education.He held a succession of jobs after leaving school, as a soda jerk, auto insurance investigator, and office clerk. Most ended with him being fired. He lost the insurance job when he made an error that cost the insurance company $40,000 ($600,000 in 2019 adjusted for inflation). A dentist who hired him to look after his office over lunch and run errands fired him when he found Kaye using his dental drill on the office woodwork. In 1939, Kaye met the same dentist's daughter, Sylvia Fine, at an audition, and in 1940 they eloped. He learned his trade in his teenage years in the Catskills as a tummler in the Borscht Belt.Kaye's first break came in 1933 when he joined the Three Terpsichoreans, a vaudeville dance act. They opened in Utica, New York, where he used the stage name Danny Kaye for the first time. The act toured the United States and in Asia with the show La Vie Paree. The troupe left for a six-month tour of Asia on February 8, 1934. During its stay in Osaka, Japan, a typhoon hit the city. The troupe's hotel suffered heavy damage. The strong wind hurled a piece of the hotel's cornice into Kaye's room. By evening's performance time, the city was in the grip of the storm. With no power, the audience became restless and nervous. To calm them, Kaye went on stage holding a flashlight to illuminate his face and sang every song he could recall as loudly as he was able.The experience of trying to entertain audiences who did not speak English inspired him to do the pantomime gestures, songs, and facial expressions that eventually made his reputation. Sometimes, he found them necessary when ordering a meal. Kaye's daughter Dena relates a story her father told about being in a restaurant in China and trying to order chicken. Kaye flapped his arms and clucked, giving the waiter an imitation of a chicken. The waiter nodded in understanding, bringing Kaye two eggs. His interest in cooking began on the tour.Jobs were in short supply when Kaye returned to the United States, and he struggled for bookings. One job was working in a burlesque revue with fan dancer Sally Rand. After the dancer dropped a fan while trying to chase away a fly, Kaye was hired to watch the fans so they were always held in front of her. Career In 1937, Kaye's film debut came from a contract with New York–based Educational Pictures for a series of two-reel comedies. He usually played a manic, dark-haired, fast-talking Russian in these low-budget shorts, opposite young hopefuls June Allyson and Imogene Coca. The Kaye series ended abruptly when the studio shut down in 1938. He was working in the Catskills in 1937 under the name Danny Kolbin.His next venture was a short-lived Broadway show with Sylvia Fine as the pianist, lyricist, and composer. The Straw Hat Revue opened on September 29, 1939, and closed after 10 weeks, but critics took notice of Kaye's work. The reviews brought an offer for both Kaye and his bride Sylvia to work at La Martinique, a New York City nightclub. Kaye performed with Sylvia as his accompanist. At La Martinique, playwright Moss Hart saw Danny perform, and that led to Hart's casting him in his hit Broadway comedy Lady in the Dark.In 1941, aged 30, Kaye scored a triumph playing Russell Paxton in Lady in the Dark, starring Gertrude Lawrence. His show-stopping number was "Tschaikowsky (and Other Russians)" by Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin in which he sang the names of a string of Russian composers at breakneck speed, seemingly without taking a breath. In the next Broadway season, he was the star of a show about a young man who is drafted called Let's Face It!.His feature film debut was in producer Samuel Goldwyn's Technicolor 1944 comedy Up in Arms, a remake of Goldwyn's Eddie Cantor comedy Whoopee! (1930). Rival producer Robert M. Savini cashed in by compiling three of Kaye's Educational Pictures shorts into a patchwork feature entitled The Birth of a Star (1945). Studio mogul Goldwyn wanted Kaye's prominent nose fixed to look less Jewish; Kaye refused, but he did allow his red hair to be dyed blond, apparently because it looked better in Technicolor. Kaye starred in a radio program, The Danny Kaye Show, on CBS in 1945–46. The program's popularity rose quickly. Within a year he tied with Jimmy Durante for fifth place in the Radio Daily popularity poll. Kaye was asked to participate in a USO tour following the end of World War II. It meant that he would be absent from his radio show for nearly two months at the beginning of the season. Kaye's friends filled in, with a different guest host each week. Kaye was the first American actor to visit postwar Tokyo. He had toured there some ten years before with the vaudeville troupe. When Kaye asked to be released from his radio contract in mid-1946, he agreed not to accept a regular radio show for one year and only limited guest appearances on other radio programs. Many of the show's episodes survive today, notable for Kaye's opening signature patter ("Git gat gittle, giddle-di-ap, giddle-de-tommy, riddle de biddle de roop, da-reep, fa-san, skeedle de woo-da, fiddle de wa.... Discover the Kaye Blue popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Kaye Blue books.

Best Seller Kaye Blue Books of May 2022

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Lies have bound us. Truth might tear us apart. Amy Running was my only choice. I thought he'd forget about me. Instead, he hunted me down.

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HER:I should have kept my mouth closed. Speaking up almost cost me my life.Aggravating a vicious drug lord is bad enough, but falling for the mobster who ...

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Obsessed King


Her plea was simple: help me. But in my world, nothing is free, and I know exactly what I want. Her body is currency, a trade of flesh for favor and nothing more. ...

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An unplanned work trip to Geneva, Switzerland puts Quinn Jeffries on a collision course with the rage-inducing, sinfully handsome Alexander Montague. Quinn intends to stay focused on her job...

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Ultimate Capture book summary, reviews and downlod

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The past he wants to forget…  Nearly two decades ago, mercenary Marcus Saint left home and never looked back. But when Saint’s mentor is murdered, he does the un...

His Bride book summary, reviews and downlod

His Bride


HER: I ran. Leaving him was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The only that would have been worse? Staying to watch him become the monster he was taught to be. Living with t...

Keep: The Wedding book summary, reviews and downlod

Keep: The Wedding


HER: He loves me.Every day, every night, he shows me...but always, there's distance between us. He won't let me in. He says it's to protec...

Mark book summary, reviews and downlod



I’d never leave a mark on her. Not intentionally. But the past has marked us both… She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted.  Grace. Sweet curves tha...

Tease Me book summary, reviews and downlod

Tease Me


Sometimes friends make the best lovers…and sometimes sex ruins everything. Dallas is a stereotypical artist: passionate, creative, and flighty. She’s also not g...

Summer of Love: William book summary, reviews and downlod

Summer of Love: William


When I delivered a package at midnight, the last thing I expected was to wind up as the assistant to a reclusive, brooding billionaire. His mirror tells him he’s hideous. ...

His Prize book summary, reviews and downlod

His Prize


I do. I said the words to the vicious, beautiful stranger who claimed me as a prize in my father’s war. My duty is clear: play the obedient mafia wife I was raised to be. He...

His Captive book summary, reviews and downlod

His Captive


His code was simple: no witnesses. He broke it for me, saved my life. Kept me by his side, but never made me his. Now I want more. Want the only thing he would ever deny ...

His Target book summary, reviews and downlod

His Target


 Someone’s sticking their nose where it shouldn’t be. My orders: shut it down.
 Easy enough...until the trail leads me to her. 
Just by existing she changes eve...

Redeem book summary, reviews and downlod



HIM:Almost dying will change a man. There's no redemption for me, but I sought her out to make amends. Except now I can't bring myself to...

Rise book summary, reviews and downlod



She’s the one person who could ruin my revenge... I don’t feel. Emotions are for the weak. I left them behind the day cruelty shattered my childhood. Now I liv...

Covet book summary, reviews and downlod



He’s terrifying…and irresistible Hope is a stranger to me. I exist. I survive. Waiting for the day it all ends. But now everything has changed...

Avenge book summary, reviews and downlod



HER:I've infiltrated the Romanian mob.It's dangerous, insane, but it's the only way to get the justice I deserve, the vengeance I've dedicated my life to. So I...

Keep book summary, reviews and downlod



My family. My duty. It's all that matters to me.Until her…One glimpse, and I see the innocence in her eyes.And the torment.Taking her...

Summer of Love: Daniel book summary, reviews and downlod

Summer of Love: Daniel


This isn’t real. I keep telling myself that. My job as Daniel Stone’s fake fiancée is simple: camouflage his ruthless bad-boy image (and just so you know, he’s earned that...

Bind book summary, reviews and downlod



We fit together in all the ways that matter. I’ll show her that—and heaven help anyone who tries to hurt my newfound family. Family’s everything to me. When a one-ni...

When You Least Expect book summary, reviews and downlod

When You Least Expect


Five years ago, Ariel Mallick experienced a devastating loss, and for a time, she didn’t know if she’d recover. It took a while, but the widowed mother is in a good place now...

Ultimate Surrender book summary, reviews and downlod

Ultimate Surrender


CEO and mercenary Lucian Silver is desperate to keep his defense company afloat. Taking on meddling investors was his last resort.  But the mere presence of Cassandra Porterson and her ...

Beneath the Boss book summary, reviews and downlod

Beneath the Boss


Layla Grayson loves her job, but she never intended to let it consume her life.  Her boss Leighton Means cares nothing for her intentions, her boundaries, or her sanity, and Layla finds...

Resurrected King book summary, reviews and downlod

Resurrected King


Ten years ago I died. Since then I’ve lived as Ghost, existing in shadows, caring for nothing but my business and the Brotherhood. But she’s changed all that. Remin...

Ultimate Engagement book summary, reviews and downlod

Ultimate Engagement


When the lines between make-believe and reality blur, danger moves in... Mercenary Adam Reins needs a woman—and fast.  The only way to get the intel he needs on a&#...

Reap book summary, reviews and downlod



Her stubbornness challenges me. Her curves tempt me. She’s mine—whether she knows it or not. And when danger calls, all bets are off... My brother thinks I’m ...

Fall book summary, reviews and downlod



HER:When my best friend fell in love with a mobster, I thought she'd lost her mind. Until I met his brother…HIM:Love is a lie, a fairy tal...

War book summary, reviews and downlod



HER:I should have known better. Just a wedding, they said. Double my usual pay for a few hours' work. Easy money. Easy enough—until the...

Consequences book summary, reviews and downlod



Lies, Truth, and now Consequences. The final chapter...

Lies book summary, reviews and downlod



Lies can be painful. The truth can be fatal. Amy I always knew my coworker was dangerous; some dark corner of my mind whispered it to me. But I ignored my instincts unt...

Lust & Leverage book summary, reviews and downlod

Lust & Leverage


The woman who broke my heart is going to pay.<br> <br> Becoming a billionaire wasn’t enough; I’m using all my wealth and power to make Mia submit. It’s a simple u...

Crave book summary, reviews and downlod



The job is simple: find out what she knows, then make her disappear. Same thing I’ve done countless times before. When I see her, I know this job is going to be diffe...

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