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Katherine Grace Cosme Abad-Castillo (born May 17, 1982), known professionally as Kaye Abad, is a Filipino actress. Abad started in 1993 and is a member of ABS-CBN's Star Magic. She was launched as a member of Star Circle (now Star Magic Batch 3) in 1996. Career Kaye Abad started since 1993 in the Philippine entertainment industry was being cast in the Youth Oriented show Ang TV. She also starred in numerous teen-oriented films and TV series, notably paired with John Lloyd Cruz. The tandem of Cruz and Abad is best remembered in the television series Tabing Ilog which ran from 1999 to 2003. In 2006, Abad plays Cynthia in the prequel fantaserye Super Inggo opposite Makisig Morales followed by its sequel in 2007 Super Inggo 1.5: Ang Bagong Bangis. In 2009, Abad returned to television via Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Bud Brothers Series. She took over the role originally intended for Roxanne Guinoo, who was supposed to play the lead role opposite Guji Lorenzana. In 2010, she played her first antagonist role in the drama romantic series Precious Hearts Romances: Alyna as Lilet Cenarosa-del Carmen. Lorenzana and Abad were given the lead roles in the third installment of the Precious Hearts Romances series. Abad played a supporting role as Jenny Ambrosio in Angelito: Batang Ama and its sequel Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto on its weekday afternoon program. In 2013, she played an antagonist role in the family drama series Annaliza as Stella Celerez-Diaz and in 2014, Abad appeared on Two Wives as Yvonne Aguilluz-Guevarra. In 2019, she played Ella in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit, marking her comeback to showbiz. Personal life She is the sister of former child star Sarah Jane Abad. Her family hails from Cavite. She became the ambassador of Manila International Airport Authority, the government agency for Ninoy Aquino International Airport, since February 13, 2008. Abad started dating businessman-athlete Paul Jake Castillo in 2014. Abad and Castillo became engaged in May 2016, with the latter proposing on the former's 34th birthday. They married on December 9, 2016, at a ceremony in Castillo's hometown Cebu City. In July 2017, Abad announced that she is expecting the couple's first child, due in December. Abad gave birth to their first son named Joaquin on December 22, 2017. On September 2, 2021, Abad gave birth to their second son Iñigo. Filmography Television Film Awards and nominations Notes References External links Kaye Abad at IMDb. Discover the Kaye Blue popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Kaye Blue books.

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  • His Prize synopsis, comments

    His Prize

    Kaye Blue

    I do. I said the words to the vicious, beautiful stranger who claimed me as a prize in my father’s war. My duty is clear: play the obedient mafia wife I was raised to be. He demand...

  • Something to Live For synopsis, comments

    Something to Live For

    Kaye Blue

    The end came in the blink of an eye. For me, nothing changed. The emptiness that was my life before was the same after everything was gone. Until I found her. It should have be...

  • His Bride synopsis, comments

    His Bride

    Kaye Blue

    HER: I ran. Leaving him was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The only that would have been worse? Staying to watch him become the monster he was taught to be. Living with the fact...

  • Two Weeks in Geneva synopsis, comments

    Two Weeks in Geneva

    Kaye Blue

    An unplanned work trip to Geneva, Switzerland puts Quinn Jeffries on a collision course with the rageinducing, sinfully handsome Alexander Montague. Quinn intends to stay focused o...

  • Blue Blood synopsis, comments

    Blue Blood

    Andrea Vance

    'A political bombshell book' Sunday Star TimesBeginning with the shock resignation of John Key, Blue Blood reveals the reasons behind one of the most dramatic falls in popularity ...

  • Where You Least Expect synopsis, comments

    Where You Least Expect

    Kaye Blue

    I moved to a small Southern town for peace, quiet, and a break from my hectic, dangerous military life. But instead of peace, I got her. Verna Love. The curvy, foulmouthed wait...

  • Ultimate Surrender synopsis, comments

    Ultimate Surrender

    Kaye Blue

    CEO and mercenary Lucian Silver is desperate to keep his defense company afloat. Taking on meddling investors was his last resort.  But the mere presence of Cassandra Porterso...

  • Keep synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    "Are you afraid of me, Fawn?" he asked.I met his gaze and lied. "No.""You should be."He's right.I should be afraid, even more afraid of him than I was of the man he took me from.I ...

  • Ultimate Capture synopsis, comments

    Ultimate Capture

    Kaye Blue

    The past he wants to forget…  Nearly two decades ago, mercenary Marcus Saint left home and never looked back. But when Saint’s mentor is murdered, he does the unthinkable and ...

  • Wicked Debt synopsis, comments

    Wicked Debt

    Kaye Blue

    When Elias Petrosyan came to collect what his family was owed, he gave me a choice: pay or forfeit my father’s life. It was no choice at all, and now I belong to him. For years I...

  • Fight synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    HER:I should have kept my mouth closed. Speaking up almost cost me my life.Aggravating a vicious drug lord is bad enough, but falling for the mobster who saved me? Madness.He looks...

  • Avenge synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    HER:I've infiltrated the mafia.It's insane, but I'll do whatever it takes to exact the revenge I've dedicated my entire life to.Now I've gotten close enough to strike. Everyth...

  • Mark synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    I’d never leave a mark on her. Not intentionally. But the past has marked us both… She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted.  Grace. Sweet curves that I long to touch, a soft, ge...

  • His Target synopsis, comments

    His Target

    Kaye Blue

 Someone’s sticking their nose where it shouldn’t be. My orders: shut it down.
 Easy enough...until the trail leads me to her. 
Just by existing she changes everything. 
I hav...

  • His Captive synopsis, comments

    His Captive

    Kaye Blue

    His code was simple: no witnesses. He broke it for me, saved my life. Kept me by his side, but never made me his. Now I want more. Want the only thing he would ever deny me. His he...

  • Wicked Claim synopsis, comments

    Wicked Claim

    Kaye Blue

    When I gave myself to the mafia, I swore I wouldn’t bend. And I didn’t. I broke. Betrayed all I believed in. For him. Now he wants more. He demands my hand in marriage. ...

  • Lies synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    Lies can be painful. The truth can be fatal. Amy I always knew my coworker was dangerous; some dark corner of my mind whispered it to me. But I ignored my instincts until it was ...

  • Tease Me synopsis, comments

    Tease Me

    Kaye Blue

    Sometimes friends make the best lovers…and sometimes sex ruins everything. Dallas is a stereotypical artist: passionate, creative, and flighty. She’s also not getting any younger. ...

  • Wrath synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    Vengeance is my sole desire…until she comes along. I’ve spent years plotting revenge. No one can stop me from carrying out my plans.   Not even Jade.   I thought she was ...

  • Prey synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    “I’m a Murphy. I protect what’s mine.” A nice, sensible woman like me should have never spoken to a man like Patrick Murphy. And I really, really shouldn’t have spent the most reck...

  • Who You Least Expect synopsis, comments

    Who You Least Expect

    Kaye Blue

    Orderly. Efficient. Controlled. That’s how Blakely Bishop likes her life and the people in it. The instability of her past has ingrained in her the hard lessons of a life lived in...

  • Cruel King synopsis, comments

    Cruel King

    Kaye Blue

    He hates me. Every look, every word tells me so. Maybe it’s my weakness, my scars. Whatever his reasons, he’s determined to drive me out of the Brotherhood. If his taunts and insul...

  • Ultimate Redemption synopsis, comments

    Ultimate Redemption

    Kaye Blue

    Their secrets could end themor be their salvation. Five years ago, disgraced exNavy SEAL Damien Silver lost everything: his medals, his reputation, his freedom. But nothing hurt w...

  • Redeem synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    HIM:Almost dying will change a man. There's no redemption for me, but I sought her out to make amends. Except now I can't bring myself to tell her who I really am. A...

  • Something to Die For synopsis, comments

    Something to Die For

    Kaye Blue

    Something bad was happening out there. I tried to pay attention, but I was busy. A doctor at the state prison, taking care of the worst of the worst. People like Lucas Crowe. B...

  • War synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    HER:I should have known better. Just a wedding, they said. Double my usual pay for a few hours' work. Easy money. Easy enoughuntil the shooting started.Now I'm on the run...

  • Consequences synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    Lies bound us. Truth tore us apart. Now we face our consequences. Amy It was too good to be true. After all we’d been through, I thought we’d found happiness. I should have know...

  • Fall synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    Love is a lie. A fairy tale.In my world, all that matters is staying alive.There's no room for people like her.She's pushy, nosy, talks way too much.But I can't seem to stay away.I...

  • Ultimate Adventure synopsis, comments

    Ultimate Adventure

    Kaye Blue

    Five thrilling, suspenseful romances in one sizzling collection: Ultimate Escape: A spurofthemoment vacation lands her in the arms of a mysterious mercenaryand caught in a whirl...

  • Ulitmate Escape synopsis, comments

    Ulitmate Escape

    Kaye Blue

    The vacation of a lifetime? Only if she can survive it… A bad breakup and a worse bout of boredom sent Nola Bailey halfway around the world. But instead of cold cocktails and sandy...

  • Tempt Me synopsis, comments

    Tempt Me

    Kaye Blue

    She’s the ideal assistant…and an utterly inappropriate lover. Sarah Jones can’t help wanting her boss, Leoor His Royal Highness Leonidis, as he’s known to the world. She takes prid...

  • Wicked Reign synopsis, comments

    Wicked Reign

    Kaye Blue

    The first time I saw her, I knew she'd be trouble. I didn't care. I had a point to prove and nothing more. At least that’s what I told myself. Now she's left me. A good man...

  • Ultimate Engagement synopsis, comments

    Ultimate Engagement

    Kaye Blue

    When the lines between makebelieve and reality blur, danger moves in... Mercenary Adam Reins needs a womanand fast.  The only way to get the intel he needs on a dangerous...

  • Conquered King synopsis, comments

    Conquered King

    Kaye Blue

    I built the Brotherhood with sweat and blood, have amassed power and wealth beyond imagination. One misstep, and all I’ve built will crumble. I won’t let that happen. Not even f...

  • Obsessed King synopsis, comments

    Obsessed King

    Kaye Blue

    Her plea was simple: help me. But in my world, nothing is free, and I know exactly what I want. Her body is currency, a trade of flesh for favor and nothing more. At least that’...

  • Dirty Debt synopsis, comments

    Dirty Debt

    Kaye Blue

    I hate owing our local loan shark money. I’m determined to pay him off and run my club as a totally legit business without any outside help.<br> <br> But when I see him...

  • When You Least Expect synopsis, comments

    When You Least Expect

    Kaye Blue

    Five years ago, Ariel Mallick experienced a devastating loss, and for a time, she didn’t know if she’d recover. It took a while, but the widowed mother is in a good place now, foc...

  • Bind synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    We fit together in all the ways that matter. I’ll show her thatand heaven help anyone who tries to hurt my newfound family. Family’s everything to me. When a onenight stand tells m...

  • Resurrected King synopsis, comments

    Resurrected King

    Kaye Blue

    Ten years ago I died. Since then I’ve lived as Ghost, existing in shadows, caring for nothing but my business and the Brotherhood. But she’s changed all that. Reminded me that th...

  • Reap synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    Her stubbornness challenges me. Her curves tempt me. She’s minewhether she knows it or not. And when danger calls, all bets are off... My brother thinks I’m a hothead, and since he...

  • Truth synopsis, comments


    Kaye Blue

    Lies have bound us. Truth might tear us apart. Amy Running was my only choice. I thought he'd forget about me. Instead, he hunted me down. Now our fates are irrevocably en...