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Nicole Zefanya (born 24 January 1999), known professionally as Niki (stylized in all caps), is an Indonesian singer-songwriter. She is currently based in the United States and signed with the record label 88rising. She has released two full-length studio albums, Moonchild (2020) and Nicole (2022). Her debut headlining concert tour, Nicole World Tour (2022–2023), visited over 40 cities across North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. A multi-instrumentalist, Niki wrote or co-wrote her own songs. She is the most popular Indonesian female artist on Spotify with over 2.5 billion streams. She has seven songs with over 100 million streams on the platform, including "Lowkey" and "Every Summertime". In 2020, Niki was listed among Forbes magazine's list of 30 Under 30 Asia. Early life Niki was born on 24 January 1999 and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. At nine years old, Niki taught herself how to play the guitar. At 13, she began writing original music. Although her music is partially influenced by her mother, who exposed Niki to soul, gospel, and 1990s' R&B like Destiny's Child and Aaliyah when she was young, Niki's earliest original music skewed towards the folk and indie genres. Career At 15, she was the opening act for Taylor Swift's The Red Tour in Jakarta after winning a competition arranged by Swift and the ice cream brand Wall's, called Ride to Fame. Niki maintained a YouTube channel throughout her teenage years, on which she uploaded original songs and covers, which were eventually released on Spotify under her birth name.In 2017, Niki moved to Nashville, Tennessee to study music at Lipscomb University. She released two singles, "See U Never" and "I Like U" under the American mass media company 88rising as an artist under their label. She released the song "Vintage" in May 2018 as the first single for her debut extended play, Zephyr.On April 24, 2019, Niki released a visualizer of her single titled "lowkey," which became one of 88rising's most popular videos on its Youtube channel. In September 2020, Niki released her debut album, Moonchild. In December 2020, Niki released "Hallway Weather", a holiday single.On 12 August 2022, Niki's second album, Nicole, was released. Influences Niki's music was influenced by her favorite pop, folk, R&B and indie artists, including Taylor Swift, Boyz II Men, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Kirk Franklin, and Aaliyah. She grew up exposed to music as her mother sang church gospel music as a backup singer. Niki has also said that she listens to and is influenced by all musical genres. She cites growing up in Indonesia as influencing her worldview, and in turn, her music. Discography Studio albums Live albums Extended plays Singles Guest appearances Tour Headlining Nicole World Tour (2022–2023)Opening act Taylor Swift's The Red Tour (Jakarta only) (2014) Rich Brian's Australia & New Zealand Tour (2018) Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour (All Asia dates) (2018) H.E.R.'s Back of My Mind Tour (All US dates) (2021)Awards and nominations See also Rich Brian Stephanie PoetriNotes References External links Niki at IMDb. Discover the Nicole R Taylor popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Nicole R Taylor books.

Best Seller Nicole R Taylor Books of 2023

  • The Witch Hunter synopsis, comments

    The Witch Hunter

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Ancient witches. Duplicitous vampires. Blood feuds and curses don’t stand a chance against her…Zachary Degaud was twentythree when he died. The problem was, he didn't stay that way...

  • Young Blood synopsis, comments

    Young Blood

    Nicole R. Taylor

    The day Liz Evans went for a run in the forest, she didn't expect to die.She didn't expect to turn into a vampire, either.Her world is turned upside down in an instant, and her dre...

  • The Power Within synopsis, comments

    The Power Within

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A vampire with a thirst for revenge. A witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch. In this small Australian town, darkness is waiting to rise…When Holly Burke’s eccentric aunt dies, she’...

  • The Unhallowed synopsis, comments

    The Unhallowed

    Nicole R. Taylor

    The King is dead…Long live the King.Nye Saer is four hundred year old vampire. Bad guy, one time leader of the notorious Six who's trying to turn over a new leaf and grow a heart.W...

  • Wolf Called synopsis, comments

    Wolf Called

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A werewolf and a vampire walk into a pub…and embark on a road trip from hell.Sloane is trying to make the best of a bad situation.She’s spent most of her life trying to hide from h...

  • Arcane Revenant synopsis, comments

    Arcane Revenant

    Nicole R. Taylor

    When the black sun rises…nothing is as it seems.The one place Elspeth Odhweine thought she’d find herself, another world wasn’t it.As an honoured guest of the Fae court, she finds ...

  • Crescent Rogue synopsis, comments

    Crescent Rogue

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Lost memories. A sleepy village with an explosive secret. Welcome to Ireland…where creatures of magic are hunted.The first memory Boone has is running.Hunted by magical forces beyo...

  • Demon Bound synopsis, comments

    Demon Bound

    Nicole R. Taylor

    They thought the war was over… Now the Dark is back with a vengeance.Madeleine Greenbriar has everything she ever dreamed of…and is about to screw it all up.Five years after the wa...

  • Wolf Fated synopsis, comments

    Wolf Fated

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Hunted by vampires. Challenging for alpha. For werewolf Sloane, the real battle is about to begin.After being pursued by vampires and hunted by rival wolves, Sloane and Chaser have...

  • The Chaos Inside synopsis, comments

    The Chaos Inside

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Enemies become allies. Allies become enemies. And the broken are remade…Holly Burke’s life is falling apart. In the aftermath of disaster, her true enemy is unmasked and its change...

  • The Thrice Divided synopsis, comments

    The Thrice Divided

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Trapped ghosts, evil witches, and tormented vampires. With ultimate power at stake, can newly awoken witch Holly keep it together long enough to survive? Holly Burke has a big...

  • Arcane Rising synopsis, comments

    Arcane Rising

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A secret past. A forbidden power. Someone’s got some serious explaining to do.After her secretive father dies, Elspeth Quarrie embarks on a quest across the world to discover her u...

  • Sunset Dreaming synopsis, comments

    Sunset Dreaming

    Nicole R. Taylor

    The secret to saving the universe, lies in the dark places amongst the stars.Elemental Eloise Hart has made the isolated town of Solace, Outback Australia, her home, but an ancient...

  • The Awakening synopsis, comments

    The Awakening

    Nicole R. Taylor

    I have seen empires crumble and kings and queens fall.I have seen mountains of fire and the bowels of the earth as it was ripped asunder. I have seen plagues of death claim good al...

  • Demon Sworn synopsis, comments

    Demon Sworn

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Demons, Druids, and buried secrets. The Camelot Archive is open for business.When Madeleine Greenbriar finds herself the custodian of a mysterious new power, the timing couldn’t be...

  • Crescent Legacy synopsis, comments

    Crescent Legacy

    Nicole R. Taylor

    The clock is counting down to midnight…Can Sky save the witches of Ireland before it’s too late?Averting disaster is Skye Williams’s sole job description.As the last Crescent Witch...

  • Crescent Prophecy synopsis, comments

    Crescent Prophecy

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A newbie witch. A thousand year old curse. Skye Williams is on a crash course with disaster…Of all the things Skye Williams ever thought she’d be, a witch wasn’t one of them.Now he...

  • Sunburnt Country synopsis, comments

    Sunburnt Country

    Nicole R. Taylor

    An ancient curse. A forgotten promise. When the past comes knocking, maybe it’s best to keep the door closed.After a lifetime of searching, elemental Eloise Hart has found a new ho...

  • Demon Eternal synopsis, comments

    Demon Eternal

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Deadly secrets. Murder and revenge. The end of the world is nye and Camelot is the last bastion of hope…Madeleine Greenbriar has returned to Earth, only to find a world on the brin...

  • Dark Genesis synopsis, comments

    Dark Genesis

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A knight in shining armour. A secret buried in time. Arondight has never been closer to being found...Scarlett Ravenwood is at a crossroads.After suffering their biggest betrayal y...

  • Demon Forged synopsis, comments

    Demon Forged

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Relics from another world and ancient pacts. It’s just another day at Camelot…Six years ago, the world Madeleine Greenbriar knew almost ended.As the Naturals come together on a day...

  • Dark Illusion synopsis, comments

    Dark Illusion

    Nicole R. Taylor

    An ancient war with demons. A lost sword with the power to end it all. And a woman with purple hair is the world’s only hope.Scarlett Ravenwood’s life changed the day she found out...

  • Wolf Hunted synopsis, comments

    Wolf Hunted

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A werewolf civil war. A vampire blood ritual. To stop both, werewolf Sloane will have to go to war.Barely escaping with their lives, Sloane and Chaser are on the run.The Fortitude ...

  • The Return synopsis, comments

    The Return

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Can the immortal truly die? Nothing is as it seems in the world of the Witch Hunter…Zac Degaud’s afterlife is just going from bad to worse. He grew a heart only to have it torn out...

  • Dark Crucible synopsis, comments

    Dark Crucible

    Nicole R. Taylor

    An ancient power. A demon horde from a parallel universe. The world is ending and the only person who can help Scarlett Ravenwood stop it is missing.Scarlett Ravenwood has done the...

  • The Keeping Place synopsis, comments

    The Keeping Place

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Vampires and conspiracies. Witches and curses. It’s just another day to the London Vampires…Nye Saer is a vampire with a big problem.Rescued from the clutches of The Unhallowed, he...

  • Outback Spirit synopsis, comments

    Outback Spirit

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Opal, snakes, and supernatural beings. In Outback Australia, there’s more than one thing that’ll kill you…and it’s not entirely human.Deep in the harsh and unforgiving Australian O...

  • Arcane Spirit synopsis, comments

    Arcane Spirit

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A prophecy of doom. A destiny she cannot escape. When the black sun rises, death will choose the hand of fate.The real Elspeth Quarrie has awoken, and with her comes a prophecy of ...

  • Walkabout Dawn synopsis, comments

    Walkabout Dawn

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A failed rebellion. An ancient black mountain. For Finn Oreah’anza, his walkabout may lead him to his death…or to the salvation of an entire world.Solace, Outback Australia, is hom...

  • Desert Flame synopsis, comments

    Desert Flame

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Vampires, convicts, and revenge plots. Who knew small town living could be so complicated?The Australian Outback is a vast landscape rich with natural resources, but it’s an ancien...

  • Blood and Starlight synopsis, comments

    Blood and Starlight

    Nicole R. Taylor

    An impossible enemy. A terrible struggle. Under the starlit sky, the hunter will become the hunted.Grace Atkinson’s life is in turmoil. After discovering that shapeshifting black p...

  • Arcane Mythos synopsis, comments

    Arcane Mythos

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Witches guard the way. The Fae hold all the secrets. And a woman from another world has three days to stop a devastating war…Elspeth Quarrie has embraced her powers and her new nam...

  • Dark Abandon synopsis, comments

    Dark Abandon

    Nicole R. Taylor

    A high school doover. A plot to take out a whole generation of Naturals. And Scarlett Ravenwood is in the thick of it… again.Scarlett Ravenwood never though she’d end up in the cen...

  • The Ruin Beneath synopsis, comments

    The Ruin Beneath

    Nicole R. Taylor

    An ancient malice. An unknown legacy. Just when things were looking up, the world begins to crumble…again.Holly Burke is haunted by the legacy left behind by not only the Trine, bu...

  • Dark Descent synopsis, comments

    Dark Descent

    Nicole R. Taylor

    With demons ravaging London and humanity in danger, it’s up to the sassy and reluctant heroine Scarlett Ravenwood to protect the world from falling into the clutches of evil.When S...

  • Crescent Calling synopsis, comments

    Crescent Calling

    Nicole R. Taylor

    One reluctant witch. One hot Irishman. One epic battle to save magic from extinction.When Skye Williams receives news of her estranged mother’s death, she must go to Ireland to cla...

  • Moonlight and Storm synopsis, comments

    Moonlight and Storm

    Nicole R. Taylor

    Shapeshifters, conspiracy theories, and an urban myth brought to life. Welcome to the Australian High Country, where secrets and magic lie beneath the melting snow.After Grace Atki...