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This page is a list of the episodes of The Outer Limits, a 1995 science fiction/dark fantasy television series. The series was broadcast on Showtime from 1995 to 2000, and on the Sci Fi Channel in its final year (2001–2002). Series overview Episodes Season 1 (1995) Season 2 (1996) Season 3 (1997) Season 4 (1998) Season 5 (1999) Season 6 (2000) Season 7 (2001–02) Story arcs and connected episodes Innobotics Corporation s. 1 ep. 2 "Valerie 23" s. 2 ep. 2 "Resurrection" s. 4 ep. 15 "Mary 25" s. 4 ep. 26 "In Our Own Image". It includes footage from s. 3 ep. 1 "Bits of Love", as well as footage from s. 3 ep. 7 "The Camp". These timelines do not match, though this is partially remedied by the android's statement that the footage from The Camp comes from a prison camp during the Second Balkan War.Major John Skokes/Earth Defence s. 1 ep. 13 "Quality of Mercy" s. 2 ep. 18 "The Light Brigade"Alien Infiltration s. 1 ep. 20 "Birthright" s. 1 ep. 21 "The Voice of Reason"Time Traveler Dr. Theresa Givens s. 2 ep. 1 "A Stitch in Time" s. 6 ep. 21 "Final Appeal"Genetic Rejection Syndrome s. 2 ep. 3 "Unnatural Selection" s. 4 ep. 1 "Criminal Nature"The New Masters s. 3 ep. 7 "The Camp" – The last humans are kept by the android guards, simply because the guards are following the last orders they received. s. 4 ep. 21 "Promised Land" – The remaining humans must interact with aliens still on Earth.Geneticist Dr. Martin Nodel s. 3 ep. 12 "Double Helix" s. 4 ep. 23 "Origin of Species"The Eastern Coalition-Free Alliance Cold War / War s. 4 ep. 24 "Phobos Rising" s. 7 ep. 21 "The Human Factor" s. 7 ep. 22 "Human Trials"Jack the Ripper s. 5 ep. 11 "Ripper" s. 5 ep. 22 "Better Luck Next Time"Time Traveler Nicholas Prentice s. 5 ep. 12 "Tribunal" s. 6 ep. 17 "Gettysburg" s. 7 ep. 15 "Time to Time"USAS s. 4 ep. 13 "The Joining" s. 7 ep. 5 "The Vessel" s. 7 ep. 11 "In the Blood"See also List of The Outer Limits (1963-1965) episodes List of The Outer Limits episodesReferences . Discover the Sara Claridge popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Sara Claridge books.

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Stealing Hearts book summary, reviews and downlod

Stealing Hearts


Stealing back her necklace was easy. Keeping it is an entirely different problem. Evie's life changed irrevocably the night her grandmother's ruby pendant was bruta...

Chasing Lies book summary, reviews and downlod

Chasing Lies


Kate Jackson had never been on the wrong side of the law… Until the day she met Etienne Castel. The billionaire whose face graces the cover of gossip magazines while his...

Gathering Storm book summary, reviews and downlod

Gathering Storm


Love is an illusion… Or so it seems to Madeleine. Stranded during a storm while chasing down her mother's boyfriend and the money he stole only confirms her ...

Scandalous Affairs book summary, reviews and downlod

Scandalous Affairs


Gatecrashing a high-society wedding at Chateau Vauquelin wasn't Celeste's finest hour. Although being caught by Nick, the sexiest best man she's ever met, has its perks…

Ruinous Designs book summary, reviews and downlod

Ruinous Designs


Chantal is in love… With a rundown chateau. There’s just one snag. The new owner is planning on turning it into a bland monstrosity for the rich and famous. Winn...

Best Seller Sara Claridge Audio Books of September 2021

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