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Jet Tilakamonkul, known professionally as Jet Tila (Thai: เจ็ท ติลกมลกุล; RTGS: Chet Tilakamonkun), is an American celebrity chef, author, restaurateur, and restaurant developer. Early life Tila was born in Los Angeles to Thai Chinese parents who immigrated to the United States separately in 1966. His family traces their ancestry to the southern Chinese island province of Hainan. Restaurant and culinary career Jet Tila is the chef of the restaurants The Charleston and Pakpao Thai, located in Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas, respectively. Tila is the restaurant developer of Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. with three locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Tila has acted as a restaurant developer and minor partner for the chain restaurant Pei Wei Asian Kitchen (also known as Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC). Tila was given a ceremonial title of a "culinary ambassador" for Thailand, appointed by the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Los Angeles. Tila has also been part of several novelty food-based records, including world's largest stir fry, world's largest seafood stew, world's largest fruit salad and world's largest California roll. Television and other media He has appeared on television series including Beat Bobby Flay, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Tournament of Champions, and Guy's Grocery Games. Tila is a regular on the Food Network television channel. He was a contestant on Iron Chef America but lost to The Iron Chef. In 2018, he returned to Iron Chef America as the floor reporter. Tila appeared on Gods of Food, a satirical food mockumentary by CollegeHumor. his appearances, Tila won $20,000 as the victorious competitor in Guy's Grocery Games "Delivery: All-Star Noodles" (2021). Tila is one of the co-hosts of the new Food Network show, Halloween Cookie Challenge. Personal life Tila is married. He and his wife Allison have two children: a daughter, Amaya, and a son, Ren. Publications Tila, Jet; Fukomoto, Tad Weyland (2022). 101 Thai Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die: The Essential Recipes, Techniques and Ingredients of Thailand. Page Street Publishing. ISBN 9781645673675. References External links Official website Jet Tila at IMDb . Discover the Sarah Peis popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Sarah Peis books.

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  • Some Call It Devotion synopsis, comments

    Some Call It Devotion

    Sarah Peis

    What would you do if you found out that you're married but can't remember your wedding?Kinsley Fitzgerald thought the hardest part of getting married was planning the wedding. Turn...

  • Contents May Catch Fire synopsis, comments

    Contents May Catch Fire

    Sarah Peis

    There's only one thing Malena Cortez dislikes more than cold coffee and that's Thad King.They've worked at the same law firm for almost seven years. She even once thought they were...

  • Some Call It Love synopsis, comments

    Some Call It Love

    Sarah Peis

    "The best feelgood romcom you need right now." Goodreads reviewerA mistaken arrest, an unpaid debt, and a trip to Vegas.Living in a small town where everyone knows your business is...

  • Sweet Dreams Box Set Part One synopsis, comments

    Sweet Dreams Box Set Part One

    Sarah Peis

    This steamy romantic comedy box set contains the novels Some Call It Love, Some Call It Temptation and Some Call It Fate. It also includes two bonus epilogues, only available in th...

  • Some Call It Temptation synopsis, comments

    Some Call It Temptation

    Sarah Peis

    Some temptations are too hard to resist.After fleeing her controlling family, Stella is ready to experience life to the fulleststarting with moving to a city that has more than one...

  • Sweet Dreams Box Set Part Two synopsis, comments

    Sweet Dreams Box Set Part Two

    Sarah Peis

    This steamy romantic comedy box set contains the novellas Worship and Spark (exclusive to this collection) and the novels Some Call It Devotion and Some Call It Attraction.WorshipW...

  • Adult Supervision Required synopsis, comments

    Adult Supervision Required

    Sarah Peis

    There's only one thing Nora Lindberg dislikes more than running out of chocolate, and that's Sebastian York.It wasn't always that way. Because not too long ago, she thought he was ...

  • Some Call It Attraction synopsis, comments

    Some Call It Attraction

    Sarah Peis

    "This book was once again the perfect mix of the author's sweet and quirky characters from the small town of Humptulips." Goodreads reviewerGrayson Jones was always certain that Ra...

  • Some Call It Fate synopsis, comments

    Some Call It Fate

    Sarah Peis

    Will the billionaire be able to convince her that they're meant to be?When talented dressmaker Maisie Slater discovers her fiancée in bed with not one, but two other women, she set...