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Elizabeth Chihaia Kesar (born May 13, 1991) is an American professional wrestler, model, singer and ring announcer, better known by the ring name Scarlett Bordeaux. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Scarlett (shortened from her longtime ring name), alongside her real life husband, Karrion Kross, and is a member of the Final Testament stable. She is also known for her time on Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, Ring of Honor (ROH), and Impact Wrestling. She has also competed in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) as well as the independent circuit such as AAW Wrestling, Chikara, and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW). Early life Elizabeth Chihaia was born on May 13, 1991, in Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois. Her parents are of Romanian origin, and she lived with her grandparents in Romania until she was four. She returned to the U.S. and participated in choir while attending Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois. After high school, she became a full-time college student, majoring in musical theater, and graduated from Columbia College Chicago. She trained at a conservatory as a mezzo-soprano. Chihaia then made her professional wrestling debut in 2012. Professional wrestling career Independent circuit (2012–2019) Chihaia made her debut on April 27, 2012, at a CSW Southside Showdown event, as Scarlett Bordeaux defeating The Angel. During this time, Bordeaux adopted the heel persona of superficial prima donna. Bordeaux made her debut for Chikara where she began hosting "The Throwdown Lowdown", on her first one she interviewed 2 Cold Scorpio. Since then, Bordeaux continued to host "The Throwdown Lowdown". Bordeaux returned to Chikara on March 13, 2013, as "The Throwdown Lowdown" hostess replacing Natali Morris. It is new clips from CHIKARA's vast video vault showcasing high-impact hits and brutal spills as well as interviews. On July 9, 2016, Bordeaux pinned Joey Ryan to win DDT Pro Ironman Heavymetalweight however Bordeaux lost the title due to forfeit when Bordeaux traded the belt for Rhyno's autograph. Bordeaux (kayfabe) quit AAW when she grew tired of objectifying herself in order to please the audience to get herself noticed causing her to be mistreated. At the AAW's "One Twisted Christmas" event on December 29, 2012, Shane Hollister defeated Colt Cabana. A stipulation of the match was if Cabana won, he would get Scarlett for the week. Bordeaux and Hollister got involved in Eddie Kingston's feud with Silas Young by offering Dan Lawrence and Markus Crane as bodyguards in order to get him to agree to be his tag-team partner, which resulted in tag team match at the AAW: EPIC – The 10th Anniversary Show event on March 24, which they would lose despite Bordeaux and Jordynne Grace's interferences. Hollister and Bordeaux interrupted A. C. H. at AAW's Bound for Hate event on June 20, delivering some psychological warfare. She appeared at the AAW: Pro Wrestling Redefined's Point of No Return event, interfering in the AAW Heavyweight Championship main event match on Shane Hollister behalf, with her ending up getting speared by Jimmy Jacobs to secure Hollister's victory. Ohio Valley Wrestling (2012) Bordeaux received a tryout for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) on the August 1, 2012 edition of OVW Episode 676, where she faced former two time OVW Women's Champion Epiphany in a singles match. Bordeaux returned to OVW making her televised debut on the October 3 edition of OVW Episode 685, where she competed against then OVW Women's Champion Heidi Lovelace in a losing effort after the match, Bordeaux would show good sportsmanship. Later that event, Bordeaux competed in her second match of the night defeating three-time champion "The (Irish) Redheaded Bombshell" Taeler Hendrix in a dark match to claim her first victory. On the October 31 edition of OVW Episode 689, Bordeaux was defeated by The Queen of OVW and seven-time champion Josette Bynum in a minute to win to determine the last participate for the triple-treat match to face Taeler Hendrix and then Women's Champion Heidi Lovelace despite the interference by Taeler Hendrix. In that same episode, Bordeaux participated in a Halloween costume battle royal; however, she failed to become the number one contender to the OVW Women's Championship, which was won by Jessie Belle. Bordeaux made her final appearance in OVW on the November 22 edition of OVW Episode 692, where she was defeated by new OVW Women's Champion Taryn Terrell. Ring of Honor (2013–2017) Scarlett made her debut for Ring of Honor appearing in 11th Anniversary Show as a heel, accompanying the new member of The House of Truth Matt Taven alongside the heel Truth Martini for his match against Adam Cole for the ROH World Television Championship. Since then, she and Seleziya Sparx–known collectively as the Hoopla Hotties–began accompanying Taven to his matches. Bordeaux made her in-ring debut on the April 6 episode of ROH, where she competed in a Four Corners "Women of Honor" match against Cherry Bomb, MsChif, and the eventual winner Athena, when she pinned Cherry Bomb with her "O-Face" finisher. On April 20, 2013, episode of ROH Wrestling, she aided Taven in a victory against ACH by distracting the ref, allowing Taven to get the victory. At the Border Wars pay-per-view, The Hoopla Hotties accompied Matt Taven to the ring where he successfully defended the ROH World Television Championship against Mark Briscoe following the distraction by Bordeaux. At the Best in the World pay-per-view, The Hoopla Hotties once again accompied Taven to the ring where he successfully defended the title belt against Jay Lethal and Jimmy Jacobs in a Three-way match. During the match, Bordeaux slapped Lethal in the face, causing him to rip her top off in retaliation, leaving her completely topless in the middle of the ring with her breasts briefly exposed. At the "Night of Hoopla" pay-per-view, Bordeaux was featured in number of "Hoopla Hoties" segments including "Take Your Pants Off Dance-Off." as well as performing the H.O.T. national anthem and interfering in the triple-treat match on Taven's behalf. On the September 14 episode of ROH Wrestling, Scarlett was unable to manage Taven in his Ring of Honor World Championship Tournament match when commentator Nigel McGuinness revealed that Bordeaux didn't have proper managers license forcing her to sit at ringside. At the Glory by Honor XII pay-per-view, Scarlett and Kasey Ray attempted to persuade Jay Lethal during Champions vs. All-Stars 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match but failed leading to Ray going through a table. After losing the title to Tommaso Ciampa, Taven turned face and fired Truth Martini ending their services with Bordeaux and Martini. Ever since The House of Truth broke up at the start of 2014, Scarlett was no longer a 'Hoopla Hottie' and began to share ring announcer duties with Bobby Cruise at ROH television tapings and live events. As a part of her ring announcing duties, Scarlett a.... Discover the Scarlett Finn popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Scarlett Finn books.

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