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Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler (born October 14, 1979) is an American actress and retired professional wrestler, cheerleader, dancer, and model. She is best known for her tenure with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Keibler began her professional wrestling career as a part of the Nitro Girls in WCW. She quickly moved on to a more prominent role in the company as the manager Miss Hancock. As Miss Hancock, Keibler was known for doing table dances, her relationship with David Flair, and a pregnancy angle. After WCW was purchased by the WWF (later WWE) in 2001, Keibler moved to the new company during the Attitude Era, using her real name and taking part in the Invasion storyline, also managing the Dudley Boyz. Keibler also managed Test and Scott Steiner. Before her departure from WWE in 2006, she was affiliated with The Hurricane and Rosey and nicknamed "Super Stacy."Keibler was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars: season two, where she placed third. She has also appeared on other ABC series such as What About Brian, George Lopez, and October Road, as well as the 100th episode of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother as a bartender and on the USA Network show Psych. Keibler has also modeled, appearing in both Maxim and Stuff magazines.Keibler is considered to be a sex symbol and is known for her unusually long legs. She has been known as both "The Legs of WCW" and "The Legs of WWE". During Keibler's time on Dancing with the Stars, judge Bruno Tonioli nicknamed her "The Weapon of Mass Seduction". Stacy Keibler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 27, 2023. Early life Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler was born on October 14, 1979, in Rosedale, Maryland, the daughter of Patricia and Gary Keibler. Beginning at the age of three, Keibler took ballet, jazz, and tap dancing classes at Jean Kettell Studio of Dance in Dundalk, Maryland. She went to St. Clement Mary Hofbauer School in Rosedale for her early schooling.In 1990, Keibler won the title of Miss Maryland Pre-Teen, after competing for the title in Timonium, and went on to win the National Miss Pre-Teen Crown. After attending The Catholic High School of Baltimore, an all-girls school, she attended Towson University, where she studied mass communication. She attended the university on a partial scholarship and had a 3.7 grade point average (GPA). Keibler had minor parts in movies such as Pecker and Liberty Heights, as well as small modeling jobs. Keibler became a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens football team when she was 18. Professional wrestling career World Championship Wrestling (1999–2001) Keibler began watching wrestling with her boyfriend at the time, Kris Cumberland. She can be seen in the crowd on an episode of Nitro in 1997 and the Starrcade 1998 pay-per-view before the television title match, dancing in an NWO Wolfpac T-shirt. In September 1999, Keibler entered a nationwide contest held by World Championship Wrestling to find a new member of the Nitro Girls dance troupe, which was organized in an attempt to boost the show's declining ratings. A total of 300 women participated in the contest; the results were decided by a series of polls on WCW's website, which narrowed down the field to eight finalists. Keibler was declared the winner of the contest on the November 8, 1999 edition of Nitro after receiving the most online votes out of the eight finalists and was given a spot on the dance troupe along with a $10,000 prize. Her winning routine was watched by 4.4 million viewers. Keibler performed dance routines every week on WCW's flagship show Monday Nitro under the name Skye. By 2000, Keibler was appearing on WCW as a Nitro Girl, attending school full-time, and cheering for the Baltimore Ravens.She soon accepted a larger role and became a heel valet using the stage name Miss Hancock (some weeks spelled "Handcock"), briefly serving as an associate for the tag team of Lenny Lane and Lodi dubbed Standards and Practices. Despite wearing business suits, her character was known to climb on top of the announcers' table and dance sensually. It was also during this period that she began using what would become her trademark ring entrance: slowly putting her forty-two inch legs through the second tier of ropes, pausing to let the crowd momentarily see her panties underneath her incredibly short skirts. At 5 feet 11 inches, Keibler was one of few women in professional wrestling tall enough to step over the middle of the three ropes that surround the ring. During 2000, she dated David Flair (both on-screen and off-screen), who was already involved in an on-screen relationship with Daffney. Ms. Hancock set her eyes on Flair and ended up stealing him away from Daffney and continued to torment the woman whose boyfriend she stole, and the two would feud throughout the Summer of 2000. This led to Keibler's in-ring debut at the Bash at the Beach in a Wedding Gown match, which she lost after she removed her own gown. Hancock next briefly feuded with Kimberly Page, but the storyline ended abruptly when Page quit the company. Keibler and Flair then began a feud with the Misfits in Action stable, including a mud wrestling singles match against Major Gunns at New Blood Rising. During the match, she was kicked in the stomach, and she revealed herself to be pregnant the next night, beginning a new angle for herself and Flair. Two proposed endings to the storyline were for either Ric Flair or Vince Russo to be the father of her child. The angle, however, ended prematurely, as she revealed the pregnancy to be false, broke up with David Flair, and was taken off of television.When Stacy returned in 2001, she dropped the name Ms. Hancock and went by her real name. On the March 12, 2001 edition of Nitro, Keibler revealed Shawn Stasiak as her "baby" and continued her role as a heel manager, siding with Stasiak. Shawn and Stacy would feud with Bam Bam Bigelow, with the evil Stacy using underhanded tactics to help Stasiak win 2 matches from a series of 3, including on the final edition of Nitro two weeks later on March 26. World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (2001–2006) The Invasion (2001) When WCW was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 2001, Keibler's Time Warner contract was bought by the WWF. Stacy made her WWF television debut on the June 14, 2001 episode of SmackDown! when then-face, Shane McMahon brought her to the ring to distract then-heel, Rhyno, causing him to lose a match. Not long after this she turned into a heel character as part of The Alliance. Stacy showed herself to be an evil mean girl that had a sadistic side, as she loved watching other people's pain and misfortune, and regularly enjoyed mocking them by pointing and laughing. She originally teamed up with real-life friend, then-heel, Torrie Wilson, and the pair feuded with Trish Stratus and Lita. During this feud the four wrestlers competed in the first-ever tag team Bra and Panties Match at the Invasion p.... Discover the Stacey Marie Brown popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Stacey Marie Brown books.

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