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William, Will, or Bill Robinson may refer to: Academics William Robinson (fl. 1670), founder of the Robinson's School in Penrith, Cumbria William Robinson (benefactor) (1794-1864), American school founder William Callyhan Robinson (1834–1911), American law professor at Yale William I. Robinson (born 1959), professor of sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara William P. Robinson (born 1949), American educator, former president of Whitworth University William S. Robinson (1913–1996), American statistician who defined the ecological fallacy Bill Robinson (scientist) (1938–2011), New Zealand scientist, inventor of the lead rubber bearing W. C. Robinson (educator) (William Claiborne Robinson, 1861–1914), mathematics professor and president of Louisiana Tech UniversityEntertainment William Robinson (painter, born 1799) (1799–1839), English portrait-painter W. Heath Robinson (1872–1944), British cartoonist and illustrator Bill Robinson (1878–1949), American tap dancer known as Mr. Bojangles W. C. Robinson (1884–1942), actor known as William Robinson Bill Robinson (author) (1918–2007), American nautical author Willie Robinson (1926–2007), American blues singer Bill Robinson (jazz singer) (born 1929), American jazz singer Smokey Robinson (born 1940), American R&B and soul singer born William Robinson, Jr. Will Robinson (music producer) (born 1967), British music producer William Robinson (painter, born 1936) (born 1936), Australian painter and lithographer William Ellsworth Robinson (1861–1918), American magician who used the stage name Chung Ling Soo Will Robinson, a fictional character in the Lost in Space television and film franchise, recognisable by his companion robot’s catchphrase “Danger, Will Robinson!”Politics United States William Robinson (Rhode Island official) (1693–1751), deputy governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations William Robinson Jr. (1785–1868), American politician and businessman William Erigena Robinson (1814–1892), United States Representative from New York William Whipple Robinson (active 1874–1906), Los Angeles City auditor William Robinson (Wisconsin politician) (1825–1895), English-born Wisconsin politician William F. Robinson (1913–2008), American politician in the Erie County Legislature William Edmond Robinson (1920–1992), American politician in Missouri William G. Robinson (1926–2011), American politician in Massachusetts William P. Robinson Sr. (1911–1981), American politician in Virginia William P. Robinson Jr. (1942–2006), American politician in Virginia William Russell Robinson (1942–2020), American politician Lee Robinson (politician) (William Lee Robinson, born 1943), American politician in Georgia Will Robinson (Florida politician), (born 1975), American politician in Florida William P. Robinson III (active since 1988), Rhode Island Supreme Court justice William M. Robinson, American politician from Mississippi William N. Robinson, member of the California State AssemblyUnited Kingdom William Robinson (by 1515-55/58), MP for Worcester William Robinson (1534-1616), MP for City of York William Robinson (fl. 1559), MP for Bath Sir William Robinson, 1st Baronet (1655–1736), English Member of Parliament and Lord Mayor of York William Robinson (died 1717) (1668–1717), MP for Denbigh Boroughs in 1705 William C. F. Robinson (1834–1897), British colonial administrator and musical composer William C. Robinson (politician) (1861–1931), British Labour Member of Parliament William Edward Robinson (1863–1927), English merchant and Liberal Party politician William Albert Robinson (1877–1949), Welsh politician, member of parliament for St Helens William Robinson (Walthamstow East MP) (1909–1968), British Labour Party MP, 1966–1968Other countries William Benjamin Robinson (1797–1873), Canadian fur trader and political figure William Robinson (runholder) (1814–1889), member of the New Zealand Legislative Council William Rose Robinson (1822–1886), Governor of Madras, 1875 William Robinson (Ontario politician) (1823–1912), Canadian politician in Ontario William Robinson (Governor of Hong Kong) (1836–1912), British colonial governor in the Caribbean and Hong Kong William Alfred Robinson (Australian politician) (1852–1927), South Australian politician William Robinson (Tasmanian politician) (1879–1960), member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council William Walsh Robinson (1888–1972), farmer and politician in South Australia William Alfred Robinson (1905–1957), Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons Bill Robinson (Australian politician) (1907–1981), Australian senator Ken Robinson (Canadian politician) (William Kenneth Robinson, 1927–1991), member of Canadian parliament from OntarioReligion William Robinson (martyr), Quaker martyr William Robinson (priest) (died 1642), Archdeacon of Nottingham William Robinson (theologian) (1886–1963), British theologian William Robinson (bishop) (1916–2002), Canadian Anglican bishopSports Football and rugby William Robinson (American football) (born 1984), American football player William S. Robinson (active 1896–1899), American football coach Bill Robinson (American football) (1929–2016), American football player Bill Robinson (English footballer) (1919–1992), footballer for Sunderland, Charlton Athletic and West Ham United Billy Robinson (footballer, born 1925) (1925-1953), English footballer for Stockport County and Accrington Stanley Bill Robinson (footballer, born 1880) (1880–1967), Australian rules footballer with Essendon William Robinson (footballer, born 1880) (1880–1926), English footballer for Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Hull City Bill Robinson (footballer, born 1908) (1908–1968), Australian rules footballer with Melbourne Bill Robinson (Australian footballer, born 1919) (1919–2007), Australian rules footballer with Hawthorn Billy Robinson (Australian footballer) (1890–1969), Australian rules footballer for Carlton Billy Robinson (English footballer) (1903–?), English football centre half for Darlington, Southend United and Carlisle United Will Robinson (rugby league) (born 1971), Australian rugby league footballer of the 1990s and 2000s Bill Robinson (rugby league) (1934–2005), English rugby league footballer of the 1950s and 1960sOther sports Bill Robinson (basketball) (1949–2020), Canadian basketball player Bill Robinson (outfielder) (1943–2007), American baseball player and coach Bill Robinson (ice hockey) (1921–2008), Canadian ice hockey centreman Billy Robinson (1938–2014), British professional wrestler and trainer Bobby Robinson (baseball) (William L. Robinson, 1903–2002), American baseball player Will Robinson (basketball) (1911–2008), American college basketball coach William Robinson (cricketer, born 1847) (1847–1929), New Zealand cricketer William Robinson (cricketer, born 1863) (1863–1928), New Zealand cricketer William Robinson (swimmer) (1870–1940), British breaststroke swimmer in the 1908 Summer Olympics William Robinson (boxer) (.... Discover the William R Robinson popular books. Find the top 100 most popular William R Robinson books.

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