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iPad Pro Guidebook Book Summary

With a massive 12.9-inch display, increased performance and support for both Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, the iPad Pro promises to enable millions of users to create and engage with their content in entirely new ways.

iPad Pro Guidebook is here to help you you discover everything you need to know about iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. It’s packed with knowledge, in-depth tutorials and tips that uncover its apps, user interface and settings. You’ll learn about the history of the iPad, how the Apple Pencil can be used to draw and write, how to stream music via Apple Music, edit photos, troubleshoot common problems and more.

With colorful screenshots, concise text and helpful tips, you’ll soon be a master of everything iPad Pro with this in-depth guidebook.

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iPad Pro Guidebook Comments

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iPad Pro Guidebook - Thomas Anthony Reviews

  • iPad Pro Guidebook

    By WBlakedog,Jr.
    A thorough look into the obvious and hidden aspects the iPad Pro. An intermediate level of depth and difficulty. Best of all, an ideal research tool. Dr. Kaye
  • Totally great

    By dienamite80
    Some really ace tips that I never knew about. Didn’t realize the iPad could do so much.
  • Basic info for newbies

    By Southpaw02108
    This author needs a good editor and proofreader. Typos and inconsistencies pervade and are distracting. But if you are new to iPad and iOS you may find the guide helpful regardless. However, when I pay for content I expect it to also be vetted and carefully prepared and this one reads like a draft that was raced into the market when another review pass or two would easily have caught and refined the reading experience.
  • not very helpful

    By wanted to do beatlemania but it was taken
    mostly an iOS guide
  • Not as advertised

    By Hungrymind50401
    Just got this book with high expectations. Shows 281 pages when actually 131 in iBooks. Stuff is pretty basic. Billed as more advanced. It could be but is not now. Essentially an iOS 9 guide with a few references to iPad Pro. Maybe it will get more robust with time.

Thomas Anthony - iPad Pro Guidebook E-Book

iPad Pro Guidebook - Thomas Anthony E-Book coming soon..