101 Kids Jokes

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101 Kids Jokes Book Summary

101 Kids Jokes with added push and play laughter!

Fun fun fun!

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101 Kids Jokes - Jack Jokes Reviews

  • Terrible

    By Bobo123456789
  • Wonderful but...

    By Applebee29881
    Great book full of jokes but some kids from four to ten might not get it

    By Mega million 17
    Everybody listen up!!!!! If you are one of the people saying that the jokes are dumb and cheesy then listen to me. The name of the book is 101 KID JOKES. Kid jokes means that they are jokes for....... KIDS!!!!!!. I have not even read the book but think that it will be pretty funny. Also, cheesy jokes are the funniest ones. Btw y'all just got told by an 11 year old so, BABOOM!!!!!🤛🏼(mike drop) 🎤
  • 101 kids jokes

    By Stupidest book inventied ever
    What was the queens father called? King Really that is a terrible joke!

    By #worstbookever #thiswasstupid
    This is the WORST book ever made!! The jokes aren't even jokes. They're just a bunch of badly punctuated and stupid words shoved on a page. I think a baby just randomly thought "hmmm I should make a majorly CHEESY book and try to make it funny." There were only like two jokes in the whole book that were good. I know that I don't change my litter box every day (which by the way, was in a joke comparing cats and babies). There were also some pretty disturbing jokes about whales, cats, and dolphins. I would not recommend wasting ten minutes of your life reading this book or the .1% of storage space it takes up on your phone. I'd rather watch paint dry. It didn't even deserve this rating but half a star wasn't an option. So anyways, DON'T READ THIS. 😐
  • Decent but cheesy

    By Blaisle
    I would say this had decent jokes but some either were cheesy, or not humorous at all but there were some good ones! I would give this a 4 star and I will be sure to use some on my friends.
  • Well

    By CookieLord17
    They're defiantly kid jokes, that I can use to make my friends cringe.
  • 101 Kids Jokes

    By Brookeashlee007
    such a funny book you shold definitely get it
  • Stupid, don't buy it.

    By ScarletPaw27
    All the jokes are stupid and cheesy. Not worth your time. Don't buy it.

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