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Anna Karenina Book Summary

Described by William Faulkner as the best novel ever written and by Fyodor Dostoevsky as “flawless”, Anna Karenina tells of the doomed love affair between the sensuous and rebellious Anna and the dashing officer, Count Vronsky. Tragedy unfolds as Anna rejects her passionless marriage and thereby exposes herself to the hypocrisies of society. Set against a vast and richly textured canvas of nineteenth-century Russia, the novel's seven major characters create a dynamic imbalance, playing out the contrasts of city and country life and all the variations on love and family happiness.

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Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy Reviews

  • Anna Karenina

    By pudsings
    All you have do to truly enjoy this book to its fullest is slow down, savor, and read it on your iPad so that if there is anything you don’t understand about Russia, Russian customs, locations or whatnot, your iPad is right there to do very quick, smooth research, understand what you read, and then just read on. This book is a great book, every inch it, written by a true master. I still found “War And Peace” to be even better (6 stars?), except for the out-of-control last chapter on Tolstoy’s religious philosophy on war. I found it redundant after reading the rest of the book. That old man sure could write grippers, though.
  • It is THE novel that so many subsequent books and movies are based on

    By Long legion
    There are limited tales from the beginning of time....plots, themes, characters that appear throughout the ages. This novel is one of the best, if not the best to explore marriage, love, and morality. I do think it's a bit much to introduce to today's high school age students though. Thus, you will find low ratings readily among this crowd. But if you're an adult you've no doubt heard of Anna Karenina and if you've never read it, do yourself a favor and decide to read thirty pages. By then, you're hooked!
  • Whew! Finally finished!

    By CindyH16
    I think this is the longest book I've ever read! I'm glad I persevered, but it was tough going for sure. Overall I think it's a good story, but it did kind of feel like it was rambling on longer than necessary. However, as an American living in the 21st century, I think it was important for me to read it, if for no other reason than for me to see that people who I would have previously been tempted to think of as being so different from me were shown to be just the same. We all battle the same things and we all need Jesus! So, thank you, Leo; maybe you could have told it with fewer words, but I'm glad you did tell it!
  • The best

    By ZazaThriving
    The best novel ever written. I've read it about 10 times and each time I learned something new about the book, about the world, and about myself. The characters, from a time and place I do not know, make the same mistakes I make, feel the same pain I feel, experience the same joy that I feel in life, friendship, and family. A master writer, The master book.
  • Amazing read

    By Allergic Too
    Knowing how old this book is, it came with a great surprise how current and relevant all the concepts of the book are. My suggestion to the readers would be to not read it for story - and there is a great story there anyway - but read it to feel the scenery, the human psychology, the difference between the thinking of men and women, different types of men and most of a philosophy about "goodness" as a religion for all the skeptics out there.
  • A deep reflection on human life

    By catxlom
    A deep reflection on human life and human soul
  • Anna karenina

    By BBrian54
    I lost the point of this book somewhere around page 8 or 9 hundred. Another rambling story about Russia's ruling class jest like Ar mad Piece. Don't waisted your time. Read Tarzan instead
  • Loved it - Great insight into the human Psyche

    By Mac-Chick
    This classic book is beautifully written and goes into painful detail about human interactions and thoughts; what makes us tick and portrays a realistic and interesting view of Russia in Tokstoy’s time. The book really makes you think about the things that are important in life and the human heart and how much it can be pulled yet still provide a resemblance of love. It is also an interesting lesson in social climate and how, when we are separated from love in it’s various forms what can happen to our perceptions and how we live and die. This is not an easy book to read. Between the timelines for which this was written and the translation, I found I needed to read this book more slowly and there parts I would re-read because I wasn’t 100% sure in how to interpret the text. Each section of the book is written through the eyes of a different character. This explains why I loved some sections more than others. Some were so intimate and full of life and other sections I got tired of hearing what was for dinner. There are many symbols in the book as well and how each person lives with shame forced on us by society. The double standards between men and women were likewise frustrating. I’m glad I read this book and there are parts of the book I still think about even though the book is done. It’s a classic for a reason. Stick with it. One final note, there are multiple translations of this book and some people do not like some of the translations. I found this version on iBooks to be very good.
  • Explains the whole of human nature

    By Teegerz
    A truly timeless, brilliant book. The characters' experiences can be directly translated to modern times and each one gives you a lesson in human nature that you will no doubt personally relate to. The most remarkable aspect to me though, is that Tolstoy captured a most profound look into a woman's thought processes.
  • Typical

    By monkygrl212
    If you liked Crime and Punishment, or Metamorphosis, you'll enjoy this book.

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