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Lucia Jordan

Dirty Talk by Lucia Jordan Book Summary

Dirty Talk is the hottest new contemporary romance from bestselling author Lucia Jordan! 

Carrie has always lived her life by the books, especially compared to her outgoing twin sister, Mandy. And even now that they’re all grown up, things haven’t changed much. But when Mandy sprains her ankle and is unable to attend an all-important work event, Carrie agrees, after much nettling, to go in her sister’s place. Pretending to be Mandy isn’t as easy as it sounds though, despite the fact that they’re identical twins—if she screws up, Mandy will certainly lose her job. 

Carrie doesn’t expect much to come of the evening, but she soon realizes that pretending to be the sexy, wild sister is completely exhilarating. As she becomes more caught up in the act, she finds herself in the company of a mysterious man whose dominant touch and allure is all it takes for her to forsake any reservations she’d had about letting loose. Soon, she is pressing her body up against him, moving as one on the dance floor. Will Carrie allow herself to follow her desires, wherever they may take her, and even if it’s only for one night?

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Book Name Dirty Talk
Genre Erotic Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 802.21 KB

Dirty Talk (Lucia Jordan) Book Reviews 2023

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Dirty Talk. Great storyline! Enjoyed the characters! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Dirty Talk. I could not put it down can't wait to read what's next.

Colin My love. I Love Colin! Of all the series this guy is my favorite I read this twice in a nigh. He is every girls dream! Gentleman, dirty, sexy millionaire. This is one of my favorites for sure. Cant wait to read the rest!

Short But HOT!. When your twin ask you to cover for her and you get something extra out of the deal.... who wouldn't. Short read but worth it.

Dirty talk!. Good short read! Can't wait to see what Carrie does....

Dirty Talk. What a rip off! I can’t believe I spent $4 for 500 pages! This was suppose to be a collection! Too disappointing for words.

Dirty Talk. This book was great. It had me wanting more. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

AMAZING!!!!. this book is absolutely amazing. i love it and am curious how it will end up

Good. I like the concept of switching twins a lot. I thought it was very good.

Dirty talk. So far so good ❤️

Dirty talk. Wow that was frivolous and intriguing ! I love this story. This writer is amazing!I can't wait to read more...

Dirty talk. Such a good book has me super excited for whats to come next

Dirty Talk. This was a great book! Can't wait to read the rest!!😁

Dirty Talk. I like stories about twins. I'm loving this one so far.

Double Trouble. Love this story! Carrie aka Mandy her twin is my favorite. She's funny & genuine even using an alias, and also tipsy when Colon finds her. Their instant attraction for each other promises to be only the beginning. As the truth comes out about who's really who, is what I can't wait to read!

Dirty Talk. Definitely an amazing read and so disappointed to have it end in such suspense! Can't wait to read the complete series!

Dirty talk. I take great pleasure reading every single one of your books... I loved dirty talk and I'd love to know what happens next.

Crazy cliffhanger!!!!. I want more! Now! This is just awesome. Cinderella had nothing on this one.

Dirty Talk. Lucia Jordan does not disappoint with this one!! HOT HOT HOT!! She takes a relatable topic--wanting to live a different life for a night (who hasn't) and meshes it with a fantasy you didn't even know you wanted: hot stranger sex!!

Dirty Talk- iBooks. Wow, I can't wait to read how the rest of the story unfolds! How is Mandy going to be able to work after that?!

Dirty Talk👍👍. I loved it. Omg 😲 it was one of the best books of Lucia Jordan. I love the chemistry between the two lead characters it was great. I love the sex scenes it was awesome too. Keep it up Lucia Jordan we love your books so much.

Dirty Talk-Lucia Jordan. Oh My God. She Is Really Giving Her Sister A Rep😩 This Book Is Sooo Great. The Story Line & All. I Read Book One In A Day. Its THAT Good. I Cant Wait To See Whats Next!

OH MY!. This book was great and I can’t wait to read the rest! “Dirty Talk” has me at the edge of me seat the entire time!

Ahhhhhhh I need to read the rest of the books!. Omg, this book is so good. Love the details and Carrie ❤️. I really like how this is different than her other books and it doesn't include much BDMS.

Love it. Lucia Jordan never disappoints! I simply could not stop turning (or scrolling on my phone) absolutely amazing! Can't wait to find out what happens next

Dirty Talk. Another great one! I have to know what happens for Cj and Mandy (Carrie). I think he will not care if she tells him the truth!

Dirty Talk. Fun book to read. A kind of book that makes us think of a fantasy life or 24 hrs we could live if given the chance, how much fun that would be. Always enjoy your writing.

amazing. amazing book cant wait to see if carrie will confess. this is a great start to the series.

Dirty talk. Absolutely loved it

Dirty Talk. Well written and extremely detailed "Dirty Talk" is very much recommend!!!

Dirty Talk. Book1. Downloaded @ IBooks. Dirty Talk, book 1 was a great read and I never wanted it to end. The plot of the book was ingenious! I'm totally rooting for Carrie to come clean and still be able to be a little wild, carefree and spontaneous. I cannot wait to receive the complete series! Grand job as always ;) ~Shireen

Dirty Talk. Just another reason it's great to have a twin, especially when your twin is all of the things you wish you could be. Carrie (a.k.a. Mandy) and Colin (a.k.a. CJ) have more in common than their red hot attraction for each other. They both feel trapped by their own lives. They seem to have found freedom in each other but I'm excited to find out in the complete series if their deceit puts an end to their romance. Or will they realize how perfect they are for each other and forgive and move forward. HMMM!

Dirty Talk. Good book! Once again Lucia Jordan has written another great story.

Dirty talk book 1. Probably not the best plan to switch places with your twin. I really hope that CJ and Carrie figure out the mystery and find love.

Exciting. Book one of Dirty Talk was very exciting. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Dirty Talk. Great book! Can't wait to see what Carrie will do next!😍

Dirty Talk. Loved the secret identity angle of Dirty Talk!! How that sense of "false identity" allows you to do something you'd normally never do!! Good read!!

Dirty talk. This is very very interesting. I wanna see how she gets outta this one. Great read!! As usual.

Dirty talk. This book was definitely a steamy suspense......a spicy thriller. As well as one of Lucia's hottest reads!!!! Download it!

Dirty Talk. Well once again a Lucia Jordan book is leaving me wanting more. I have to say this book is exciting because of the story itself and the 2 people that it involves. You have a multi-millionaire meeting just a normal everyday girl. Neither of them knowing their true identities and hitting off from the start. I am so looking forward to the next book in the series. I received this book for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. Receiving this book for free has not influenced my opinion whatsoever to how I feel about this book. It's a great read and would recommend to others.

Great read. So far it moved quick so no slow building up like some books, so it won’t bore you.

Amazing!!!!. This book was amazing I loved it, so suspenseful I have to read the next book!

OBSESSED. I'm a fan of Lucia's work, but this has by far been my favorite! Can't wait to see what happens with Carrie and Collin! Totally hoping Carrie doesn't be a coward and ditch on him without telling him the truth!! Can't wait to get my hands on the completed series ;)

Dirty Talk. Lucia Jordan did it again! A story line so intriguing and characters so hot. I want to know if things develop between these two if they can get beyond the deceit.

Dirty Talk. This book was great! Love Lucia Jordan's books. Descriptive and hot, without being 'nasty'. Great to warm up for time with your significant other!

Live a little. Book does an amazing job of showing the wild side of the normally quiet and shy character. Has you hoping that the character let's loose and just... lives a little

Dirty Talk. I loved this book! I loved the sweetness of the of "CJ". I can't wait to read the rest of this series! I love books that make you want to read more do you can see what happens next and this one does!

Dirty Talk - Hot🔥🔥🔥🔥. What an interesting plot. While I am not a twin I am a very reserved person like Carrie. I really enjoyed the intimate scenes and I can't wait to see how this story unfolds! Tracy

So far so good!!!. I'm anxious to see how this plays out with the twins....cannot wait to read the complete series!!!!!

Dirty Talk by Lucia Jordan. A terrific read about twins. I can't wait to read the continuing story about Carrie and CJ! Very well written and a true page turner. rc

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Super fun to read!. Can't seem to stop reading this book! Can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.

Dirty talk. Yet again another brilliant book can't wait to read the complete series

Good read. looking forward to finishing the series

Great read. Love her books

Absolutely thrilling. Great read, couldn't put the book down!

Dirty talk. Amazing first book

Such a tease. Such a good start to the story can’t wait to read the rest

Interesting. As always Lucia can capture your attention. The book was a light good read and would love to read the rest

Really interesting read. The taster i downloaded was really good, cant wait to find out what happens!

Review. I read a lot of book and nothing seemed to grab my interest until this book. Was fun to read and excited to see what happens next!

Oooohhhhh. Great start to the series: mystery, hot and tantalising

Wow. Great storyline well written can't wait for the ending. Love the hint of mystery with this one!

I wanted to carry on reading!. I absolutely loved reading this book. It reminded me of Cinderella at certain parts. I was rooting for 'Mandy' and hoping she would get a magical evening. I couldn't put the book down. Who doesn't like a good romantic book where the girl gets swept off her feet by a rich handsome guy?! I liked this story because it was different. I was visualise the story as I was reading it and woah what a plot, what steamy scenes! If you like romance with a bit of extra somethin' somethin' then I definitely recommend reading this book! I cannot wait to find out what happens next!!!

Dirty talk book1. I received this book in the mailing list. I have to say I was surprised at how quickly it had me hooked. From start to finish I was gripped by it and not many books can do that. Im so desperate to know what happens next with Carrie and Colin. Love it and it is well deserving of 5 stars. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Helen xx

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Talk dirty to me. This story is quite amazing so far I want to find out more what does Carrie decide to do, the pleasure is worth the stay in my opinion

Amazing. Yet another amazing book that got me so hooked! I really want to know where their lies will lead them.

Hot!. This was an exciting read of Lucia Jordan’s. I love her writing ,and her stories are usually very captivated and engaging. When Carrie stands in for her twin sister at a party she planned, she is set on a mission to impress the guest of honour. While usually shy and well behaved, she embraces standing in her sisters shoes, while flirting and engaging with a sexy stranger. Although she usually stays on the straight and narrow, she cannot deny her unbelievable attraction and decides to do what her sister would do “live in the moment”. It was exciting to go on the journey with Carrie, and you wanted to know if she would back out or continue with her charade. When we find out that the sexy stranger is actually Carrie’s sisters new boss, and eluding guest of honour you cannot put the book down. You want to know what will happen when Mandy and not Carrie shows up to work on Monday morning. Of course book one ends right as Carrie sneaks out of the Penthouse suite… but this is definitely a series you will want to finish!

Dirty Talk Lucia Jordaon. Wow on the edge of my seat!!!

Must read!. Great book, great plot and hot romance. Completely recommend this book!

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Summary of Dirty Talk by Lucia Jordan

The Dirty Talk book written by Lucia Jordan was published on 30 June 2016, Thursday in the Erotic Romance category. A total of 197 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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