Southern Ghost Hunter Series 5th Anniversary Special Edition Book Reviews

Angie Fox

Southern Ghost Hunter Series 5th Anniversary Special Edition by Angie Fox Book Summary

New York Times bestseller Angie Fox celebrates 5 years of the Southern Ghost Hunter series with a limited edition boxed set of the first three stories in the series, along with never-before-seen additional content, including deleted scenes, original art, an inside look at the characters, and a behind-the-scenes peek at how the series came together.

Southern Spirits
When out of work graphic designer Verity Long accidentally traps a ghost on her property, she’s saddled with more than a supernatural sidekick—she gains the ability see spirits. It leads to an offer she can’t refuse from the town’s bad boy, the brother of her ex and the last man she should ever partner with.

A Ghostly Gift
Verity Long doesn't want to see ghosts, and she'd rather not let anyone know her little secret, either. But when a restless spirit stirs up trouble in her friend's resale shop, Verity and her very new, very dead gangster friend team up to learn what is really happening.
The Skeleton in the Closet
A haunted library is no place for a girl who can see ghosts, but when Verity Long stumbles on a dead body in the middle of the main reading room, she has to believe someone…even a dead someone…must have witnessed the crime.

*This edition contains never-before-seen material and will be available for a limited time.

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Book Name Southern Ghost Hunter Series 5th Anniversary Special Edition
Genre Short Stories
Language English
E-Book Size 12.54 MB

Southern Ghost Hunter Series 5th Anniversary Special Edition (Angie Fox) Book Reviews 2024

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Wonderful read or reread. I’ve never been one to read a book twice. However, rereading Angie Fox’s first three books in the Southern Ghost Hunter Series was a JOY. It was almost like a reunion with old friends. New ghost hunter, Verity, her ghostly sidekick, Frankie, Verity’s sweet pet skunk, Lucy and Verity’s new sweetheart, Ellis ‘where it all started’ stories. They, along with a supporting cast of very interesting heroes, villains, and everyday ‘folks’, form an exciting, mystery-packed, and entertaining story line that’s well written and none are composed by formula. Reading the extras in this edition was really icing on the cake of the most excellent Southern Ghost Hunter Series. Now I’m off to reread them all because they're so good!

Loved it!. I can't believe it's been 5 years since this story came alive! I'm so happy it did and it was so nice to make a re-read about Verity, Lucy, Ellis, and Frankie along to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. I loved to revisit how everything started and to know all those tidbits about Verity's house and the deleted scenes. It's nice to remember where everything came from and to know Angie's view of things. I have to say if you're new to the series, this is the perfect way to start! It's the beginning and it has the first two novels and one novella. A quick recap of what you can find: (1) Southern Spirits = Verity Long has lost almost everything she has, all on the hands of the mother of her awful ex-fiance and it's on the verge of losing her grandmother's house when by accident she traps a ghost on the property (Frankie) and gains a gangster sidekick that lends her the ability to see spirits. With this new supernatural power, she gets a 'job' that could help her save her house working with Ellis, brother of the nasty ex, which could mean more trouble that she wanted in the first place. (1.5) A Ghostly Gift = Verity doesn't want to see ghosts, much less to let anyone know she actually does, but when a friend has some paranormal problems at her shop she teams up with her gangster friend to help those in need. (2) The Skeleton in the Closet = Verity is helping out her sister at the library with a display when she uncovers a dead body in the middle fo the main reading room. Inadvertently she puts herself in the middle of the investigation and under the killer sights. The bonus at the very end of the book includes a floor plan of Verity's house, an image of the whole property, 5 deleted scenes, previous versions of the art cover and preview of the next book on the series!! I have to say I loved it all. It's a nice addition to my library and can't wait to know more tidbits and obviously about our beloved characters!

Southern Ghost Hunter Series 5th Anniversary Special Edition. Great!!! I’m looking forward to more books

Fun bonus materials. I am huge fan of Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter series, to be honest I’m a huge fan of all her works. This box set holds the first three stories and some bonus materials, like drawings, deleted scenes, and character information. My favorite part was looking at all the diagrams. I felt like I could really picture Verity’s house, helping me shape the scenes in my head. And I loved reading the character info and deleted scenes. I felt as if the characters were coming alive to me. Verity is one of my favorite heroines due to her wit, intelligence and confidence. Anything Verity is a win for me! I really enjoy these stories and esp the bonus materials!

I love it,. I love it it make me laugh I enjoyed all the characters I had so much fun reading this thank you.

Great read. Love the characters and easy dialogue between them. Enough plot twists to keep you intrigued and enough romance to make you say”Awh”.

Entertaining Read. Didn’t want to put the book down. Loved the main characters and the paranormal stories. I look forward to reading more!

Fantastic Compilation. This Anniversary Edition of the Southern Spirits Series comes after 5 years and 9 books. This compilation contains the first 3 books, Southern Spirits, A Ghostly Gift, and The Skeleton in the Closet. These books set the scene for the series as we are introduced to the main characters, setting, and story behind the adventures. Verity, a woman who left her rich fiancé at the altar due to his cheating, attempts to look forward after his mother strips her house and personal belongings of all valuables to reimburse for the non refundable wedding. Frankie is a gangster from the 1920s who has a hard exterior and a soft interior. He became a ghost at the peak of his endeavors in life. Now, in death, Verity and Frankie work toward solving a myriad of problems in Verity’s small town life and the ghostly plane. This is a very interactive and exciting mystery series with Lucy, the pet skunk, as a lighthearted contrast to the seriousness of the plot at times. This special Anniversary Edition supplies the reader with the first 3 books and plenty of exciting extra scenes not included in any of the previous released books. These scenes give the reader more insight into Frankie. Frankie reveals secrets about the Wydells. The author discusses her reasons for certain descriptions concerning Verity and why each cover was chosen. We get to see examples of different covers for some of books and some pen and ink drawings of Verity’s house. Prepare to be amazed by this Anniversary Edition. I received an ARC for review and just loved reading it for the chance to immerse myself in the stories again. When I got to the extra scenes, maps, musings by Angie, and covers, I kept reading them over and over again. It was just so good. I would highly recommend it for both new and loyal readers.

Wonderful read!. Hello! This 3 book collection is amazing! It contains the 1st 3 books in the series. Angies mysteries are funny, exciting and a good read. There are surprise extras that were not in the original version. There are wonderful drawings that put a visual aspect to the story. Love them! In the deleted scenes we learn insights into the beloved characters. I think you will enjoy this special set as much as I have.

Southern ghost hunter series 1-3. Excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed each one. I like them enough to purchase all of the series.

Just delightful!. Southern Ghost Hunter Series: 5th Anniversary Special Edition by Angie Fox features the first three novels in the series along with special bonus content. Southern Spirits, A Ghostly Gift and The Skeleton in the Closet are the three stories in this special edition. For newcomers to the series, this is your opportunity to get these three charming tales in one handy volume. For fans and neophytes alike, you will enjoy the special content which includes sketches (the layout of Verity’s house is one example). We also get a more in-depth look at the characters along with deleted scenes that feature our major players (Verity, Frankie, Ellis and Lucy). There is a juicy scene that did not make it into Southern Spirits will hopefully appear in an upcoming book. Frankie shocked Verity with some surprising information. There is a sweet deleted scene featuring the adorable Lucy. We also get a look at early book covers. I must say I liked the third rendition of Southern Spirits better than the final version. I especially appreciated the author’s insights. All three stories are delightfully entertaining. I laughed often while reading these paranormal whodunits (which is high praise from me). There is a preview of The Haunted Heist included at the end. I cannot wait for Southern Bred to come out this year. Southern Ghost Hunter Series: 5th Anniversary Special Edition has a gangster ghost, a dashing deputy, a malevolent mama, a sweet skunk, a rocky romance, and a feisty female protagonist.

what a great anniversary present!. Southern Ghost Hunter Series: 5th Anniversary Special Edition by Angie Fox is Delightful! Ms. Fox has included diagrams of Verity's home in Sugarland and some deleted scenes from the series. These first three books are a reader's introduction into the ghost hunting advenature's of Verity Long, who knows how to show her southern charm to the living and all the ghosts she encounters. The mysteries are fun and light-hearted, the ghosts range from terrifying to sweet and kind, and Verity's life is very interesting. She meets all sorts of ghostly characters, some scary and some humorous. She handles each situation with Grace and style. This anniversary edition has the first few books and lots of extras that are entertaining and enlightening. From a floor plan of Verity’s historical home, to deleted scenes and the creation of the covers, the extra content is an appealing collection that you won’t want to miss. This is the perfect anniversary addition!

Wow. It was interesting to see what scenes were deleted.

Southern Ghost Hunter series - Quirky and Cute!. I loved this friendly ghost-filled novel was a perfect Halloween read. The characters were quirky and cute with witty banter and the book was unique and funny. It’s a thumbs up in my opinion.

Great bonus material from first three books. I have been reading this series from the beginning. I first started reading the Demon Slayer series nearly 10 years ago and can't get enough of Angie Fox. I have kept up with her writing and followed her on Facebook where I had the opportunity to join her review crew about five years ago right before the Southern Ghost Hunter Series premiered. This compilation is well worth your time. It has the first book Southern Spirits, the novella A Ghostly Gift, and the second book The Skeleton in the Closet, as well as some awesome bonus material. Below are my reviews from the books in the series, but here I'm going to focus on the bonus material. There are a lot of deleted scenes, one of which might see the light of day in a future book, which I can't wait for. There are also some book rejected book covers, all of which were great, although my personal favorite had Lucy on the cover, but sine she's not really the "star" of the show, even though she steals the show every time she's in a scene I can understand why she was cut. There's a lot of great background stories from the author too. If you love this series you will love this edition. If you haven't read this series yet, you are in for a treat! Southern Spirits Review: Angie Fox writes awesomely funny paranormal romances, although I might call this one a semi-romance with a hint of romantic possibilities to come. This was a fantastic start to the series and it made me want more! Verity Long is now being haunted (sort-of) by a ghost, Frankie, a 1920s era gangster. The reason she is being haunted is because she locks Frankie to her property because she accidentally dumped his ashes into her rosebushes and then watered them down for good measure. Frankie wants to be free, but he also doesn't want to be stuck on Verity's property, especially since she is in imminent danger of losing it, due to the debt she owes her ex-fiance and his mother, for the wedding she (rightfully) called off. I can't wait to see how the rest of the series plays out! Highly recommended! A Ghostly Gift Review: This was a short-cute story to pass the time between the first book Southern Spirits and The Skeleton in the Closet (Book #2). As with the first book in this series I highly recommend it! The Skeleton in the Closet Review: Angie Fox is an amazing author that I keep coming back to again and again when I need a laugh. I loved the first book, as well as the novella in between, in this series. This is a great murder mystery with some romance, as well as a bit of well deserved karma thrown in. I can't wait to see how the rest of the series plays out! Great, quick read! Highly recommended!

Wonderful. These books were so fun and easy to read. I didn’t want them to end.

Funny, engaging and charming. So engaging, hours pass quickly as Verity and Frankie, a ghost only Verity can see, solve mysteries.

Loved it!. I loved every minute!

Boo. Such an interesting set of stories! The characters are awesome and Lucy is funny but interesting. Where can you have a ghost who helps you solve mysteries and still have some fun. Well read these stores ad you will find excellent reading material. For all the complaining that Frankie does you will see there is a heart in the man and he has special relationship between him and Verity which goes above helping her solve mysteries. Now you have Ellis in the romance department as well as a bit of cohort in crime. Part of what makes the entire book memorable is all the added materials included. I loved the deleted scenes and the covers are excellent and the final choice is my favorite! Must not forget the secret about to be revealed. I will not hint but you will be a bit not a bit but a lot surprised! Enjoy this collection of stories and extra material because there are more books in the series which you will enjoy just as much as what you just read!

Love this series! Happy 5th Anniversary!. This special edition is a great way to get introduced to the characters in this series if you haven't read the books yet, and the bonus material at the end is awesome for those of us that have already grown to love this series! The extras at the end include drawings showing you how the author visualizes where Verity lives with her pet skunk Lucy and resident ghost, Frankie. You will also get to read a few of the deleted scenes from each of the books and find out some additional info on the main characters. Finally you will get to see some of the first original cover art created for the series and see how it changed to get to the final version. I've read all the books in this series and I can't wait for the next book but in the meantime reminiscing is making me think about rereading the series while I'm waiting!

Southern Ghost Hunter Series. I love these stories. They make me laugh and try to figure out who dun it’s. A real joy to read.

Great Anniversary Edition with Fun Bonus Material!. I just love a good special anniversary edition, don’t you? And when you pair that with three fantastic tales of mystery, memorable characters, and a little dose of Southern gentility, well, how can you resist? Angie Fox has re-released the first three books of her Southern Ghost Hunter series in a 5th Anniversary Special Edition, and just to make it really tempting, she’s thrown in some extra goodies; in depth character studies, deleted scenes, and some great illustrations. One of my favorite mystery series, SGH follows Verity Long in her struggles and triumphs of putting her life back together after her almost-but-not-so-much wedding, that not only left her heartbroken, but with an adversary she’d rather not have. The first three tales layout a solid foundation for the main characters and recurring settings of this series and set the stage nicely for the adventures to come. The bonus material is a wonderful addition as it adds so much to the understanding of the characters and the overall feel of the series. If you’re a fan of Grafton’s character development, Evanovich’s humor, Harris’ touch of the supernatural, or Gilman’s clever plots, this series is for you. Fox’s writing smoothly and effortlessly takes you through the story. This is the perfect series for anyone who loves mysteries, and I highly recommend treating yourself or the mystery enthusiast in your life with this special edition.

Fabulosity. This book is pure joy! It is fun, fabulous, and some great mysteries thrown in there as well. The characters, even the bad guys, are well developed and larger than life! Great book!

Southern Ghost Hunter cozy mystery series by Angie Fox. Southern Ghost Hunter series by Angie Fox A Southern style, ghost hunter mystery series. I’ve read all the books. They are fun with a gangster ghost, a cute pet skunk and a neighborhood full of characters that Verity helps by clearing out or helping the ghosts causing trouble. These first few are cozy mystery style, while the later books have more depth and haunting situations. This anniversary edition has the first few books and lots of extras that are entertaining and enlightening. From a floor plan of Verity’s historical home, to deleted scenes and the creation of the covers, the extra content is an appealing collection that you won’t want to miss.

interesting. finally, a female lead that has enough sense to get help if needed. kept my attention to the very end with the right level of paranormal and characterization. the author's approach to hypocrisy and generational lies engraved in stone was refreshing

Southern Ghost Hunter Series. I love these books and look forward to reading all of them. Verity and Lucy are are my favorite characters, along with others. Verity gets involved with hunting ghosts and with her pal, Frankie, her personal ghost buddy, solving mysteries and sometimes having fun. I always wonder what they’re going to get into next!

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Southern ghost hunter series. Great reading Angie

Great Series, Lots of Extras. This is A fantastic introduction to the Southern Ghost Hunter-verse, including lots of fun anniversary extras such as deleted scenes, original sketches & A very interesting look inside Angie Fox’s head, As she discusses the possibilities of Frankie’s roots & connections to the Wydell family. We also get a closer look at the Characters, Verity, Frankie (Verity’s sidekick ghost), Ellis Wydell (Verity’s Police Officer boyfriend) & of course the star of the show, the little cutie-pie, Lucy, Verity’s pet skunk (who in my opinion should have been kept on the front cover of the books right from the beginning) This really is a great paranormal mystery series & is a very enjoyable read. So if you haven’t already, (OR even if you have) you should definitely delve headfirst into Verity’s world...

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A fun romp. A bit of murder, a bit supernatural and a few laughs. Throw in concerns for characters and you have a book that keeps you hooked until the end.

A fun read. This book is well paced, delivers a delightful Southern punch and is a great cozy read.

Brilliantly ghostly. Verity & Frankie & Lucy have such fantastic adventures. Kept me guessing til the end. Cannot wait to read more in thus amazing series I absolutely loved the illustrations and deleted scenes. It’s brilliant to get a behind the scenes look at characters. Recommend to all

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Summary of Southern Ghost Hunter Series 5th Anniversary Special Edition by Angie Fox

The Southern Ghost Hunter Series 5th Anniversary Special Edition book written by Angie Fox was published on 16 January 2020, Thursday in the Short Stories category. A total of 675 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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