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Give Up the Ghost by Angie Fox Book Summary

Some secrets should stay buried
Ghost hunter Verity Long is no stranger to scandal. In fact, it seems to follow her around like her pet skunk, Lucy. But Verity is as shocked as anybody when a town relic discovered in a time capsule unleashes a torrent of secrets that lead to murder.

Trouble is, the only residents in Sugarland who know the truth behind the scandal also happen to be very dead themselves. With a killer on the loose and a town in crisis, Verity braves a side of Sugarland she's never seen before. From a booby-trapped haunted mansion to a run-in with the spirit of Sugarland's most notorious blackmailer who may hold the key to setting mob ghost Frankie free...for a price.

But when a live killer gets an inside track on Verity's investigation, will she live long enough to give up the ghost?

Give Up the Ghost (Angie Fox) Book Reviews

A Tale of Reckoning and RedemptionBook 11 in Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter series delivers her usual humorous take on some serious subjects. This story finds Sugarland’s citizens sweating bullets and trying to flush out a murderer with a decades old motive. Unexpected alliances are formed to solve this case and no one is more surprised than series protagonist Verity Long, who might have gone too far in the ghostly realm to make it out alive, this time. Verity’s unconventional entourage surrounds her as she delves into forgotten secrets and ends up exposing ugly truths about some of her most powerful enemies, bringing about a comeuppance long overdue. Fox’s brand of light-hearted humor, the lush landscape of Sugarland, and a well-crafted who-done-it make for a great little escape. Her writing style keeps the reader engaged, but is not so intricate as to make it difficult to follow. The Southern Ghost Hunter series is a delightful collection of both heartwarming short stories for a quick read, and well written novel length tales ideal for some serious relaxation time. Although Give Up the Ghost can more than stand alone, it’s a great addition to this series. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, this book is definitely for you. However, even if that’s not a genre usually on your reading list, this book might just change your mind. Adventure, light romance, a sprinkling of the paranormal, laugh out loud humor, rich characters, a quirky small-town setting, just the right amount of details, and a perfectly complex mystery make for a highly recommended addition to everyone’s reading list..Score: 5/5

Verity & the gang are back and better than ever!I discovered Angie Fox when I ran across her Accidental Demon Slayer series and read every one of the books. When I got through with those, I moved on to her other books. The Southern Ghost Hunter series is fabulous! I’ve read all of them as soon as I can get my hands on them. This is the 11th book in this series. And while she does a good job explaining the premise in each book so that you “could” technically read as a stand-alone book, I highly recommend reading the full series! In this latest book we catch up with Verity, her hot cop boyfriend, her pet skunk, and of course you can’t forget her ghostly sidekick/mystery solving partner Frankie (don’t call him Frank, lol). Scandal has hit her small Southern town of Sugarland in the form of a long lost (literal) “book of secrets” that a hairdresser kept all the towns secrets and scandals that she heard while cutting hair. And she’d use the secrets she kept so carefully in her journal to blackmail fellow townspeople. After her death the book disappeared and everyone thought they were safe again. Until a time capsule from 1985 was unearthed early and it surfaced just long enough to have everyone worried about their secrets coming into the light of day again when the daughter of the hairdresser that kept the book claims it as hers. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to keep it long as someone murders her and the book goes missing again. The Sugarland police are on the case, but Verity with Frankie’s help are the only ones who can get valuable information from the ghostly plane. As always this is a fast paced, well written, and funny mystery that will keep you reading “just one more chapter” even if you should be doing something else. And for readers that have been following the series, there may be some pleasant surprises in store!.Score: 5/5

Love this series!I have loved everything I've read by Angie Fox but aside from the Biker Witch series, the Ghost Hunter books are some of my favorites. This is a continuation of the previous book with the town getting to find out what was placed in the time capsule that had been buried near the school football field. Unfortunately, some things were better left buried. Secrets are uncovered leading to blackmail and murder. Now it's up to Verity and her ghostly sidekick Frankie to find out who did it and find the book causing all the problems along with the murderer. There is a lot of fun antics going on in this story including Verity's pet skunk Lucy developing a crush on some ghostly farm animals that Frankie has decided need to live on Verity's porch. Ellis's mother Virginia is causing more problems for everyone but maybe she will learn her lesson this time? Could there be a solution to free Frankie from having to live at Verity's home? Love reading this one - can't wait for the next book!!.Score: 5/5

Best in the series so farI have read all the books in this series and although they were all very good, this one, exceeds expectations. I really enjoyed all the unexpected twists and turns to the plot. I’m looking forward to the next new one..Score: 5/5

Give Up the GhostGive Up the Ghost by Angie Fox Southern Ghost Hunter mystery series book 10. Cozy mystery style. Best read as part of the series in order. The opened time capsules reveals an infamous blackmail book owned by the late Emma Mae, owner of the local hair salon. As salacious scandal get released, Verity investigates with the help of Frankie and her ghost sight. Verity’s soft and generous heart has her helping a woman she never would have expected to need support. Ghost hunting and scandal. Another fun adventure with Verity, Frankie, the pet skunk and the rest of the towns recurring characters. A step back from the scary and horror a couple of books back, this is more small town and Frankie antics that we’ve enjoyed through the series. Amusing and a bit of comeuppance for one character that needed it..Score: 5/5

Small Town StunnerThis is book 12 in The Southern Ghosthunter Series written by Angie Fox who brings a lighthearted, engaging, and thoughtful approach to romantic mystery. While this book can be read as a standalone, the reader can follow the character development and plot nuances better if it’s read as a series. The opening paragraph grabs the attention of the reader with by revealing the last object in the time capsule that was opened in the closing chapters of The Haunted Homecoming by Angie Fox, book 11 in the series. This object was a book written by a former hairdresser and business owner in the community who collected gossip, secrets, and innuendos that were used for blackmail and favors. While this hairdresser was long dead, her daughter, Twyla Sue took over her business and was an integral part of the community. Virginia Wydell, mother of the main character’s (Savanna) boyfriend was found at Twyla Sue’s murder. Virginia’s suspicious and out of character behavior over the next few days prompted Savanna to start investigating the motives behind this behavior and the murder. Savanna delves into forty years old secrets and untangles complicated ghostly traps with Frankies help. This story provides a great view of the underpinnings of small town life when people are shallow and become focused on prestige instead of goodwill. It’s a great summer read with a romantic ending. I received an ARC. I would highly recommend this lively, fun, romantic mystery..Score: 5/5

Give up the GhostI love this series!! Especially Frankie and Lucy.Score: 4/5

Great read and perfect endingLike every one of the Southern Ghost Hunters books before this, Giving up the Ghost exceeds expectations for a great read. Verity, with “her” ghost Frankie, try to solve another murder. But this one turns into a surprise with Virginia, Verity’s possibly future mother-in-law, found rifling through the victim’s purse with bloody hands. Needless to say, we get to see much more of Virginia in this story. Lucy, Verity’s pet skunk, makes new friends and Frankie has a new hobby. As always, there is a lot going on in Sugarland with its living and ghostly locals. Starting with a little black book of extortion and blackmail on many of Sugarland’s residents that comes out of the Sugarland High School 1985 Time Capsule and ending with many secrets being revealed, this book is a page-turner. Without giving away the ending, Verity sees some very good things come out at the end..Score: 5/5

Very slowThis book was so disappointing. I’m honestly shocked at all the great reviews. The title could’ve easily been Verity and the Ghost Horse. I thought if that darn horse is mentioned one more time I’m done. I did finish the book, but I think I’m personally done with the series. Not a lot to review as I felt not much happened unless you count the fourth or more of the book where Verity complains about a ghost horse on her porch. Sorry for the complaint, but I just really disliked the book the much. I was so vested in the series for yet another let down..Score: 1/5

Loved itOh how I love Angie Fox and her Sugarland crew. I love how the series has progressed and definitely recommend reading it in order, but I really don't think you would be overly lost if you picked it up midway, but you would then want to go read it from the beginning to each their own. I am pumped that Frankie found out the way to break his link...I'm not sure that he's capable of doing what he needs to, or really truly wants to at this point, but at least we're not still hanging. And I must say that this is definitely my favorite book since karma is a B! Loved it can't wait for more!.Score: 5/5

Mama drama!Another fun installment in a series that’s staying fresh and a good look at how seductive bad behavior can be!.Score: 4/5

I love this series!This is Give Up The Ghost, book 11 of The Southern Ghost Hunter series written by Angie Fox. I always enjoy a trip back to Sugarland, but this one was more satisfying than any other. Verity and her gang are always entertaining, but when you throw a few more ghost animals in with the crew, its way more trouble for her! Virginia Wydell has been a thorn in her side since the very beginning, so its going to be really hard to muster up enough "give a care" to help clear her of murder. Frankie is still his cantankerous self and still looking for a way out. Will our Sugarland crew get everything set to rights? Quite doubtful! Although..... Ah! You didn't really think that I was going to write a spoiler review, did you? Nope!.Score: 5/5

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Sugarland Secrets RevealedI absotively posilutely adored this book. It’s my favourite in the series so far. The murder mystery was well written & It was lovely to see things go so well For Verity & Frankie. As for cutie pie Lucy & her new friends, So adorable & sweet it made me smile so much my cheeks hurt :D.Score: 5/5

A fun, and funny, murder mystery that will keep you turning the pagesThe southern ghost hunter series is a long-standing favourite of mine, so I was very excited to read Give Up the Ghost, the 11th book. I was not disappointed! This time around, the trouble is caused when an item is removed from the time capsule that could reveal scandal for many of the residents of Sugarland. It doesn’t take long for things to turn nasty, and Verity ends up helping an unexpected person! I really love this series, it’s always such a joy to come back to a collection of characters that I enjoy so much. As always, the story is full of humour, as well as a cracking murder mystery plot. Frankie really winds up Verity in this one, and it’s hilarious (and involves cute animals). I really enjoyed finding out a bit more about Virginia Wydell and her history, it definitely adds context to the way she behaves. Oh, and there’s a development on the Frankie front too (all I can say without spoilers). Overall, this was another excellent book in a favourite series - a fun, and funny, murder mystery that will keep you turning the pages..Score: 5/5

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