Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire Book Reviews


Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire by Temu Book Summary

Shop on the Temu app for exclusive spring sale and enjoy up to 90% off! From fashion to home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more, the products you’ll love are just a tap away. You can always count on the Temu app to have the perfect things for you to live the life you desire. Download the Temu app today and enjoy the best deals every day. SPRING SALE Shop gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy up to 90% off! WIDE SELECTIONS Discover thousands of new products and shops daily. CONVENIENCE Fast and secure checkout. Free shipping & returns within 90 days. *Other conditions apply Visit temu.com or follow us on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoptemu TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@shoptemu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoptemu

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Book Name Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire
Genre Shopping
Language English
E-Book Size 64.55 MB

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire (Temu) Book Reviews 2023

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You are The Best ever. -> You know how to care about your Customers, all Items derived on time. And All together . For really I find my happiness in you ™️. We are family now . I never worry again. You say after 5 days, I get it Yes, you did . Thanks again. Feel great 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩, you deserve my 5 🌟

Read the description thoroughly. 90% of what I have ordered has been great quality, a few items have been different from their descriptions, but overall I think this site is awesome! 😊

Everything is rigged.. The games to earn free things are so ridiculously rigged that I’ve managed to predict, with accuracy what was going to happen before it happens. I even got my boyfriend to get the app to test my theory and alas! They will never let you win anything off the bat- they make it seem like you picked something sososo amazing but it’s always the same outcome and that’s that they’ll get you down to $4 or $2 to cash out and then you gotta share if you wanna get anything, and even then you only get like 1 cent bro. A SCAM!!

Rip off. This is app is awesome great things and they come not in good quality except that they sort of rip off the games like bunny hat trick they make you win the two first items and the third item they make you lose on purpose. Please fix this problem I don’t contact a ton of people so I can’t win anything. Another thing I was really excited to but things for cheap until I saw the minimum price and it was 15 dollars, I don’t have a lot of money

Love Temu. Everything we have ordered has been great quality! Love this app!

Word is out. Love this site. Only trouble is delivery. They got too big so fast they are having a difficult time keeping up with orders I’ve placed 5 orders since March 11th and received my first order on the 17th. My main problem is my husband noticed the charges to our account and I’m currently ban from placing orders until I have received all my other orders.😂

Rigged. I love the temu app don’t get me wrong and the things I’ve purchased so far including getting 2 freebies but the games are soo rigged. Like I get they want more users but it’s not fair when the games start giving us .1 cents and stuff when we’re so close. It makes me wanna stop using it in general. I have a suggestion tho!! How about we make the games that give u less money and easier to be less rigged and the games that give you more money and higher discounts harder to get. I think people would be happy with that.

Watches. I’m glad I ordered two of these because one stopped working right after I got it

Me encantan los productos. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Cute. Cute but really tiny. But still great Easter basket fillers.

Amazing App. I usually don’t leave reviews but this seriously surprised me. Ive been online shopping for years and Ive decided to give Temu a go since I saw some cheap stuff there that was expensive on Amazon. To my surprise, the item i’ve ordered was in perfect condition and was high quality, which I did not expect what so ever because these apps usually sell knockoffs. Very pleasantly surprised with my order and loved that I saved basically 50%.

‘Free’ gifts. The free gift games feel like a scam. Every single time they give you the ‘ultimate prize!!’ And then dangle the reward infront of you when you get close to the end, the only way to win is to get more people to join the app by inviting them. A good shopping platform shouldnt need that just to get more people to join

Awesome. I’im satisfaction

Horrible. Extended my delivery to 4 weeks

A lot of great products!. However, shipping is very slow, but the price is pretty reasonable! So that’s the trade-off!

Surprisingly fast shipping and well made items.. I’ve only had one issue with an order—they shipped it a couple days late because of a preorder item. I got a $5 credit because of it. Great customer service! Search fav61964 for 30% off first purchase!

This app is a scam. All the games are rigged and bad they tell you to get a limit and share to friends but they make it so you can’t get it.

Thieves and fraud. Charged and never shipped.

Scam. I had orderred a tool on temu after watched an advertising on facebook. After a week, I received a thing like trash. THIS APP IS SCAMMER.

PERFECT. Everything ive ordered from Temu is great ive gotten great deals and all my stuff comes in as advertised its never late and if it is they offer you refunds etc! I love shopping on Temu!

First order. The thimble and the 2 rings are super nice. All came well packaged and in the 10 days time limit. Very nice site with so much to look at and the prices are low but great quality. Have ordered again.

Excellent service!. I am so happy not only with your goods, but most especially with your very exceptionally good services! Am a very happy and satisfied customer ! Thank you for the importance you are giving me!

Mi primera compra. Me gusto que el tiempo de llegada fue en menos de 15 días. Gracias

Great Prices. Like Wish and Alibaba, Temu offers items at wholesale prices without having to order wholesale quantities. The selection of items available is fairly large, not as big as Alibaba. The only thing I don’t like about the app is the invite based reward system. This would work great if they also had incentives for purchased as well as invite based rewards.

Awesome site, always get my purchases before the time . I recommend it!. Awesome site a

Love it!. Love this site. Like Wish but faster on delivery and great customer service

Fabulous finds at Excellent Prices!. I have made 4 orders from Temu & the quality of the items is fabulous! The prices are so absolutely wonderful. I would also like to say that they have a fabulous customer service. I needed to return some items because they were the wrong sizes. They made it so very easy to take care of it & the refund was done very quickly. I am a fan of this site can’t wait to find something new every time.

Smoking items. They are so awesome and cute can’t wait to see the faces for Christmas!

First time buyer. Excellent quality cheap price products you can find

temu. awesome app recommended!

All in one app!. I’m enjoying my TEMU app for shopping and keeping track of my purchases! It is easy to maneuver and find just what you are looking for! Plus the TEMU team keeps my informed of new items being added daily!

Quality + More. This is such a great app, new users get so many exclusive thing and I have 15 coupons right now, I have already ordered 9 thing for $7.45!!! I have a free gift thing running and I’ll get a free iPad and a free Bluetooth iPad pen all for free. I only have $7 to narrow down before I get both for free! There are so many cool things to get on this app and a HUGE selection of items from nails & self care to video games and clothes!! This app has so many buttons to go places and so many chances to get coupons and rewards!

I like it. Pretty good app and the products are good

Shipping. The first time used it and ordered things items came soon than the shorter estimated time wich was great. Soon, it became popular among others and the shipping and packaging has become slower and slower. Ive made orders on the 11th, 12th, and 14th and nothing has came and its the 21st. Its a great app though with good deals and even amazing deals just hopefully items come sooner then later.

Changes. It was really amazing at first but then they made it were you can not order with out it being a certain amount of money which dropped it most people don’t want to spend more then they want to if they just want 1 item for let’s say 2 dollars they can’t get it ordered because its not over a certain amount of money

Amazing deals !. I was skeptical about the app because I used to order from SHEIN and Ali express and wish and sometimes my packages got lost or never showed up but I risked it and placed a $300 order with Temu, I am a happy satisfied customer, I just placed another $200 order with them 🙌🏽 I’m excited, they have cool stuff and gadgets!! Check them out for sure ! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Quite surprised, in a good way. To all those who are hesitant about buying products from Temu, give them a try. I was quite surprised, in a good way, with the things I have ordered. I have purchased a variety of things. A lot of craft products, little storage containers, a few pieces of jewelry and other miscellaneous things. My advise to you is watch some Facebook demos of people who have ordered and their reactions. I also had a few items that weren’t exactly what I wanted and they were very quick with sending a refund….I find them a good company to buy from.

I love y’all. Best app ong I love love love getting shoes clothes and accessories from here y’all are so much cheaper then SHEIN but have the same items and don’t charge for shipping this app will forever by my go-2 when it comes to anything

Tim B. This site has a great selection for the most inexpensive prices!

Loving it. I love shopping from Tem. Easy and ships faster than I thought If it would.

Bulb Camera. Great works well, I will buy another one!

Uh oh…. This app is a problem… I’ve been purchasing a lot of items at great price points… it’s getting difficult to hide the packages when they are delivered.

Love Temu. I was very skeptical about ordering stuff from them but I’m glad I did. Everything I got was great. Especially there flowers. Their gorgeous. Waiting on my second order. Can’t wait!!!

Temu is AWESOME. I ordered 11 items and was only disappointed in one. What I like though -is the fact they offer assistance if you want to send your item back. Most things are just as they appear in the photo. Was very satisfied with the ease of the app. Would order or purchase items from this app again I love the fact that they send you an incentive and a deal for ordering. Fun stuff!

Temu is amazing!. I can’t say enough about this company. It blows wish away. Their shipping is ridiculously fast. Their return policies are incredible. And they are honest. I sent back some of the items I needed to return and did not include it on my return list and they told me about it and gave me credit for that as well. their notifications are incredible and they will let you know if your order is going to be late and will issue you without asking five dollar credit. I can’t stop ordering. Help! Oh I know

Temu. Me personally the app is just overall good cheap and easy and doesn’t take long I recommend

idk. honestly i love it but when i do the little games it never works and honestly gets on my nerves and makes me not wanna do that anymore

La mejor app. La mejor aplicación todo de muy buena calidad y los envíos súper rápido

Games are impossible to win. In order to win as any of the games for free items or credit, you have to get new users to download the app from your link. That is pretty much impossible to do. The app has been downloaded by 25 million users. These games only benefit the influencers with huge numbers of followers. You waste your time playing because it looks like you might win but you can’t unless you get someone new to get the app. The games are all just a scam.

Nothing free. Ok but have never made the free it’s always money spent

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Please make it available in the UK. I’ve seen so many tik toks about this app PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it available in the Uk.Thank you💗

UK VERSION. this is such a good app please please please make a uk alternative !!!!

Please deliver to the uk. Please I beg you deliver to the UK please

Upset. I enjoyed using this app but I was disappointed to find it doesn’t ship to the UK

A. Why doesn’t it ship to the uk and I’ve been seeing this activity on tiktok which also isn’t available in the uk.

If you’re not in the “correct region”. If you’re not in the correct region, use a VPN (such as proton vpn the one I use) it’s completely free and you can connect to USA Japan and Netherlands, only those places though but it’s enough for this app to work

Good. It’s an ok app with some good items but I’m upset that they do not deliver to the uk and do not have a wishlist where you can save items for later so I have to search for them. Definitely not a step up from shein because of that but if they made these improvements they would surpass shein

They need to ship to the uk. They need to ship to the uk

…. Waste of space, it doesn’t work for uk

.. It’s a really good app they don’t just ship to Europe

no international shipping. this app would be cool but i live in the uk and sadly (once again like many online shops 😒) it only ships to north america.

Disappointed. Bit upsetting they don’t ship to the uk cant rlly use it hopefully they change it to worldwide 🤷🏻‍♀️

i. It has good stuff and things they are really cheap aswell but the bad thing is it only ships in US and Canda

Amazing app. Such a good app! Unfortunately not available for uk but I have family abroad and can send them nice items

No shipping. This app should ship everywhere in the world please make this happen

temu. it looks rlly good sad it doesn’t ship to uk but the free items are really good would buy if it shipped to uk would 100 percent recommend

Discord moderate. I got invited from discord and tbh it really help and it’s a good app I recommend

Trash. Giving it a 1 out of 5 simply for the sheer number of bots on social media promoting this app everywhere

Didt let me buy from uk. Hi

ship to the uk !!!. the app is great but i wish you could order stuff to the uk !!

Disappointed. Does not ship to uk

Ship to UK. Please start shipping to the UK and you will definitely surpass shein

o. I’m wondering if they ship anywhere else except US & Canada, Are you working on shipping to another country like panama, Mexico or more

disappointed. It is a good app but I was sad that this doesn't deliver to the UK. Can you lot make this app worldwide???

Please change. Temu was an amazing app at first, I had added many thinks to my basket and I had even saw on YouTube that people were buying off it so I wanted to aswell. As I was about to pay for all of them I had realised that it doesn’t deliver to my country (uk) im really looking forward for maybe another update where we can change the country to others, now don’t get me wrong Temu has such amazing stuff but only this bugs me the most. I had went on other apps but they had them for more expensive so please, make more options for other countries if possible. 🙏

Bad. Available in the uk but doesent let you add a uk address or phone number. Stupid

Good selections but one problem. The app has good selections of items that I would like to buy but it does not ship to the uk, why is it on the app store in the uk region if you can't ship to the uk?? How did this get approved onto the apple store

NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK. please make this available for the UK!!

Potential but needs work. only ships to USA not even UK which could rly benefit them but oh well. Don’t bother downloading the app if you are from UK or anywhere that is not the states.

TEMU SEE THIS. What I’ve seen so far TEMU is a great app but they don’t deliver to the UK so is TEMU sees this please can u deliver world wide!!

Shipping. This app is amazing getting yourself free gifts and amazing opportunities to earn luxurious rewards but there’s a problem is that the shipping isn’t worldwide so it won’t give other people opportunities to earn rewards. Please fix this issue

disappointed. i would’ve loved to order from this app but they don’t ship to the uk

It was good but. I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND ITS SO AFFORDABLE!!! But it DOESNT ship to the UK 🙁 If it did this would be five stars. Please make this worldwide!! 🙁

Doesn’t ship to the UK. FIX THAT!

Add to Europe. L love this app and even find it better than Amazon but it sad that is doesn’t ship to the Uk or even Europe. Hopefully they add that feature, a lot more people who have access to this app

disappointed. It is a great app really but doesnt ship to the UK😓. Would have really loved the app can you guys make it worldwide? Could help a lot of us.

Wish it were better. This app looks really good and i defenitely want to buy but it only ships in usa and canada please make it worldwide and uk if will be amazing and you will get more buyers!!

There’s only 4 regions and why no UK. Please can you add a UK region option

shipping. the app has everything i want but they don’t ship in the uk if they online shipped in the uk many ppl would actually buy it but oh well

Mad. I was happy first then I’m not happy anymore bc I can’t ship it Finland o just make it worldwide pls

No shipping. It doesn’t ship anywhere other than the Us and Canada and it has good deals but is extremely disappointing to see that it doesn’t ship anywhere else.

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I want it to be shipped to Australia. Please make it come to Australia it would be good for ecomny and would have large sales so I really hope you can ship to Australia.

Add games to earn credits for Temu Australia. Add ganes to earn credits for Temu Australia and also get rid of the “only new users can accept the invitation” its really annoying

Nice gifts but ship to australia!. It’s sad to see it only ships to Canada and us I really wanted to buy something, bc I really don’t buy anything from anywhere.

Codes. I was very excited to use this app until I found out that codes don’t work in Australia :( I would love to use this app if codes worked everywhere ☹️

shipping. they finally ship to australia i am so happy

Temu. can you ship to Australia I really wanted to get some Stuff until I found out it only ships to Australia and Canada

Temu. Yhesss!! They ship to Australia and New Zealand now 🥰🥰🥰Can’t wait to order from them and see if they are any better than Shein.

Dosent even ship to Australia. Other countries exist besides America it’s honestly a waste of time


Please ship to Australia. I saw you on Walker fam farm and was so excited BUT you don’t ship to Australia. Such a disappointment ☹️☹️

More countries. It’s a good app just needs more countries to ship to doesn’t ship to Australia which is a bummer

It’s a good app. It’s good but you guys need to make it worldwide or add Australia

Scam. this app is a scam to get ur credit card information, dont install it

lovely but. i love this app! its so addicting for some reason! but i wish there was more ways to earn credits in New Zealand as there are for USA! Other than that! i 100% recommended getting :)

Not bad. Great price and product, delivered in 2 weeks, perfect for non urgent shopping

ship to Australia. How can you say you ship everywhere but than only go to Canada and us bro I would love to buy this stuff but can’t it really annoying please do international shipping actually everywhere

Great. I love it

ship to australia.. i am interested in many items, but unfortunately theres only shipping to canada and the US. please make shipping to australia available.

Lost Temu credit. I was on lucky flip and I got it completed, it took hours and i didn’t receive my credit. I spoke to customer service but they said I hadn’t completed it but that was because when I won it reset the actual game. I won’t be recommending this app to anyone as it is unhelpful and in truthful and I didn’t get the credit promised in the game.

more shipping to countries. good app but needs shipping to australia.

Amazing app 👍. At first I thought it was sketchy but I had a look an It was amazing so much things to fulfill your curiosity 🥰

Australia Shipping. Not a bad app, amazing items. But it’s not worldwide. It’s only US and CANADA as always. they don’t make this clear till you checkout either. You’d make a lot more money if you shipped worldwide, that doesn’t mean to make shipping prices high.

First orders. I’m really satisfied with the items I got for the price range they where advertised. Icl I thought it was a scam at first so i tried making a small order and it came at the assigned shipment date so I’m really happy with that. 2nd order came in and there was a delay for the item but it’s fine since they offered a refund and eventually shipped it

PLEASE READ THIS. i really think u should make temu available for Australia please 🥺

The free rewards. I’ve invited 2 ppl and the Temu said I’ll get 100 dollars free if I invited 2 ppl i did and they signed up but i never got my rewards and I’m super upset

ship to australia. ship to australia.

Finally shipped to Australia but half my cart is unavailable?. I had the app since it started getting popular and was waiting to buy so much stuff I was excited just for my whole cart except 1 item was unavailable? I find it unfair that some products are only shipped to America as they were the only thing I did want to buy 🙁😭

Jed. Downloaded app, spent ages ddi g items to my cart to then get to checkout and find out it does not ship to Australia. What a waste

Ship to Australia asap. After spending all day at school waiting to come home and order I realised it doesn’t ship Australia 🫣😭it would be the best if it shipped to Australia

shipping to australia. i absolutely love everything on this site but you don’t ship to Australia, please start shipping to Australia a lot of people want it. I really hope you listen to my review and begin shipping to australia xx

ship to australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺. yaya

Really cool app needs to ship Australia tho. I spent a few days looking for stuff on this app which btw is amazing, but as I was about to order I saw that it didn’t ship to Australia. I hope soon u guys start shipping here.

SHIP TO AUSTRALIA. You’ll get more money trust just ship to Australia

.. I was just about to pay and realised that they only ship to the us and Canada. It’s just not right or fair. Maybe start shipping to other countries except for Canada and the US and you will get more customers

BEST APP RIGHT NOW. Temu is currently everywhere online Everyone needs to get their hands in this app before its too late for their current deals

Bro. Y’all would make sm bag if you shipped to other countries, why y’all selling urselves short Edit: sell to australia or I’ll intervene

Ship to Australia. I got everything I needed was about to pay and realised it doesn’t ship to Australia. please make it available to ship to Australia because I really want the things on Temu! 👍🏽

Amazing app. Works fine so good omg God bless whoever made this app and the free gifts, guys calm down the app is new and you can’t expect them to ship everywhere straight away? Really easy to work and an easy way to get those items that have been on your wishlist for a while!

Good. Love u for shipping to aus

SHIP TO AUSTRALIA. I was so exited to finally be able to get stuff for cheaper than shein but then I realised that it doesn’t ship to Australia.

Blah blah. How come it doesnt ship to australia thats kinda annoying

Good price but never ship. I made an order on the opening day. 5 days later, none of my item is shipped. I have asked customer service many times and I only be told to wait because their warehouse is overload. What is point of you buy a thing with cheaper price but never arrive?

To ship world wide. i know your company is new and your trying, but many other people agree with me that you should make your company world wide. This will help with money and more.

Temu codes not available for Australians. While the app is lovely, Temu codes (used to get discounts) do not work in Australia. Please change this as soon as possible.

Doesn't ship to Australia🙁. This app does not shop to Australia or anywhere others than Canada and USA 🙁

Australia. Why is your app on the australia App Store if you don’t deliver to australia?



Ship to Australia ( please). Love the products ,but you don’t ship to Australia . Any idea if this is going to happen in the near future ?

temu games. please make the games for temu available for australia purchasers i was so excited to play the mini games for coupons and i saw that it was only available for us and canada☹️ please change it soon

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Love it. I LOVE this app. Thanks

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It’s a spy app, total scam. It’s a spy app, total scam

HELP. I just received my free 40$ from inviting people I placed a order I have 17$ left but I can buy anything with that 17$ left from my 40$ anymore

code for free stuff: 88009604. Download Temu and search my code 8800964

card game is impossible. first you get to collect 3 gifts and the to claim them is to pick the right cards and u get two cards right 100% but the third card is impossible u have to send it to 7 new user and that imposable temu this needs to update to 4 new user my opinion

Ty Temu. I do love the delivery process and the tracking info. I am VERY happy with my order. Although I really wish my high waste blk shorts were a different material :( I am for sure ordering ALL my necessities with Temu! Thx!!!

Love Temu 💕. Its a good thing we have Temu now in Canada, great prices,and great finds specially for kitvhen stuffs 😍 they update all the time for the Delivery love Temu 👌🏻

User friendly. Great Apollo order things that are not commonly found here and also a lot cheaper than even Dollarama for some items.

Not many games. For some reason the American app has more games then the Canadian one. It’s stupid, the only way to get free stuff is by inviting people. Such an unrealistic idea.

Tells me unusual or suspicious activity. Made me invite 6 people and when i tried to invite the last person it said due to unusual or suspicious activity you cannot accept this invitation, absolutely frustrated and annoyed.

New users don’t work sometimes. Hi! every time a new friend of mine use my code in the game credit giveaway this is what it says : “this users account was against the community rules and temporary unable to participate in the game” ( the game is credit giveaway) And i read all of the rules and they are against nothing i asked other people who also had this problem and they said that it was bc to many people has used my code so there was a bug. pls fix this problem bc i only needed one more friend to get the credit but it says that there are against the rules. (i’m from canada)

Great site. Very please with the merchandise

i hate this app sm. it said it was gonna gimme 100$ if i get 500 diamonds so i got 500 diamonds and now i need to get 500 more and it’s so annoying

Love it!. But can you guys add Fishland game for Canada users? 😭 please and thank you <3

App isnt a scam they really give u the stuff for free and it’s high quality and I’m not a bot. App i

Hat sizes a problem. Site is actually not bad but it needs to step up and have a size for the selling of hats because not all have the same head size.


Thank you. So happy I have found this app, great products

Okkk. Just downloaded it! Can’t wait to try!!

Amazing company. Cheap but good quality stuff, great customer service.

Temu!. Legit and awesome 👌

Addictive App. I love this app. It’s like a combo of Wish/ Amazon and Shein. They have everything and at fantastic prices! I have not gotten anything I have regretted.

My favourite site. My absolute favourite site to order from! Shipping is pretty fast and free at 20 bucks. Love it!!

Pretty good. The app is pretty good and useful for shopping. However the free stuff is mostly the only reason I downloaded it. There isn’t a lot of items if you search merchandise or some specific things, but since it’s new it is pretty good. The quality is nice. I do prefer aliexpress but the shipping is pretty fast and prices can varie so it’s worth downloading.

Very good! Temu is the best!. Amazing commerce platform which offered all different sort of products! Free delivery and free returns. 24hr customer support! The quality of products are really good, and the prices are super cheap!!! I have made more than 10 orders in 20 days already, and I will buy more!

Temu. I am loving this site! Great deals for sure! Only wish delivery was quicker.

Reset my Invite streaks. bro I got like 3 people to use my invite for the lucky flip 100$ and I finished it but I didn’t claim it in time so you basically just wasted your chances and literally have like 0 chance

Love this site!. Easy to use app and shipping to canada is faster than other Chinese shopping apps. Products are good quality and packaged well for shipping

Good customer service. I recently received a faulty item and one of their staff, Jhudiel, was able to solve the problem. Thank you for the help.

Sorry for the previous review. I pressed the app and it didn’t show anything on my cart or order so I thought my progress disappeared but once I pressed my own link invite I discovered my order and progress again very sorry

Terrible for Environment. I was excited about how cheap things were, but when I received the package it was a reality check. The quality of the item was equal to or less than something you’d find at the dollar store (somewhat expected), but each individual thing was wrapped in plastic that smelt toxic and can’t be recycled. It’s embarrassing how much plastic was in this one package. I’m looking at my garbage bin and I feel sick at the thought of how much plastic Temu is producing. I don’t know if I can order again.

Love it. Iii

Arthur in Toronto. I used to buy from Amazon. But not all from your site.

It’s definitely a scam. It’s definaltly a Piraeus sceme they give u stuff for recruiting people to there service do not download

A very useful App. Dependable!

My story. This is the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. They had sent me and email about a $200 credit and they said if I contact them in live chat as soon as they get the message they would give me $200 credit and once I did they said there was an issue with it and there clearly wasn't they just wanted me to go on the app more so they could get more money and for me being on the app and so I was furious and said will I get the $200 credit or not and after 3 days of me wasting my time talking to them they said they can’t provide the $200 credit for me. And honestly they have done it to many many more of my issues.

Spoons. These spoons are so beautiful


Says it’s open to Canada but it’s not. I’m from Canada and it keeps noting that this is not available in your region or country :((

Cute. They have so many cute little things😊

I love it here. Best site ever e better then aliexpress 1000%

keep changing delivery date!. i placed 4 orders. I got the first one but the rest, they keep on changing the dates. Its grand opening and you should already prepared for lots of orders so the customer won’t have issues getting our orders on time. yes, you give credits for the inconvenience but still disappointing not to know when i will receive my orders.

perfect app for shoppers. I got both of my products for free and they were in perfect condition, and they were very patient with shipping sending me emails as to were my package was everyday. I 100% would use this app if you want great deals and amazing customer service.

Waste of time. I spent 2-3 hours trying to send it to my friends and telling them to accept my invitation and at the end I got lots of friends but they were already temu users so there’s no use and such a waste of time u should make the invitation time 48h and make us invite less new users, there are lots of people downloading this app beacause of social media so there’s no use of inviting people.

Canada. Bro I tried to get I free gift and I had to invite 7 friends and I would get my free gift I did it multiple times and it still didn’t work and the and top of that they the audacity to tell me I have a few hours work no thank you

Best app ever. It is the best app ever but I had to order off of my friends phone because it does NIT ship to Canada so I had it shipped to my grandma in the states but overall best app ever P.S can you add Canada?

It’s good app. It’s good app and quality but if they use to uni uni to delivery you will never get your package, will never come to you, if you are live in Canada and the use Canada post to deliver it to you that is good

WISHLIST. I have amazing times on this temu, but PLEASE add a wish list button for this, so that everything doesn’t have to be in our carts and interfere with some interactions, like accidentally buying something.

Great!. I love this app. Use referral code S28RJD2 when signing up for free gifts!

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