Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide Book Reviews


Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide by MobileReference Book Summary

Boost Your grades with Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide. You will use this guide from an undergraduate school all the way to medical school.

The Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide was successfully integrated into curriculum by a number of colleges and universities including Boston University and St. Petersburg College. Ask your program coordinator if your school is participating.


Intended for everyone interested in human anatomy and physiology, particularly undergraduate and graduate life science students, medical students, nursing, and dental students.

Fully illustrated anatomical diagrams. Detailed description on physiological mechanisms. Search for the words or phrases Navigate from Table of Contents or read page by page Add Bookmarks Text annotation and mark-up Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. Use your down time to prepare for an exam. Always have the guide available for a quick reference.
Table of Contents:

Circulatory System: Heart | Aorta | Arteries | Arterioles | Capillaries | Venules | Veins | Vena cava | Pulmonary arteries | Lungs | Pulmonary veins | Blood

Digestive System: Mouth | Pharynx | Esophagus | Stomach | Pancreas | Gallbladder | Liver | Small intestine | Duodenum | Jejunum | Ileum | Colon (large intestine) | Rectum | Anus

Endocrine System: Adrenal gland | Corpus luteum | Hypothalamus | Ovaries | Pancreas | Parathyroid gland | Pineal gland | Pituitary gland | Testes | Thyroid gland

Immune System: Humoral immune system | Cellular immune system | Lymphatic system | White blood cells | Antibodies | Antigen | MHC

Integumentary System: Skin | Sweat glands | Sebaceous glands | Hair | Nails

Lymphatic System: Lymph nodes | Lymphocytes | Lymph vessels | Thoracic duct | Immune system | Bone marrow | Spleen | Thymus | Tonsils

Muscular System: Muscular tissue | Cardiac muscle | Skeletal muscle | Smooth muscle | Muscle contraction

Nervous System: Neuron | Brain | Spinal cord | Central nervous system | Peripheral nervous system | Somatic nervous system | Autonomic nervous system | Sympathetic nervous system | Parasympathetic nervous system

Reproductive System - Female: Cervix | Clitoris | Clitoral hood | Fallopian tubes | Bartholin's glands | G-spot | Hymen | Labium | Mammary glands | Ovaries | Skene's glands | Urethra | Uterus | Vagina | Vulva | Menstrual Cycle

Reproductive System - Male: Bulbourethral glands | Ejaculatory duct | Epididymis | Foreskin | Frenulum | Glans penis | Penis | Prostate | S*****m | Seminal vesicles | Spermatic cord | Testes | Urethra | Vas deferens

Respiratory System: Nose | Nasal cavity | Pharynx | Larynx | Trachea | Lungs | Conducting zone | Respiratory zone

Skeletal System: Human Skeleton | Skull | Middle ear | Throat | Shoulder | Ribcage | Vertebra | Arms | Hands | Pelvis | Legs | Feet

Urinary system: Kidneys | Nephron | Ureters | Urinary bladder | Urethral sphincter | Urethra

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Book Name Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide
Genre Study Aids
Language English
E-Book Size 2.86 MB

Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide (MobileReference) Book Reviews 2024

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Anatomy and Physiology. I bought this ebook so that I could get some of the basics down before taking some college Anatomy and Physiology classes. I found this ebook to be excellent. It is easy to read, and interesting enough to keep on reading. Overall, this ebook served my purpose and I feel I have a good foundation for my college classes. Pretty much anyone with a high school level of education should be able to follow this material.

Excellent Reference Material. This is a very organized book and explains each topic in great detail. The guide is complete with labeled illustrations and diagrams. Perfect for students and teachers alike! Having this eBook is much easier (and lighter) than lugging around a fat anatomy book.

Has some errors. This book contains some errors, it does not acknowledge that has 7 different kinds of bone and sighing those 7 remain sub-sections. A tarsal is not a bone! Calcaneus, cuboid, talus are in the tarsal sub-section! The book also doesn't acknowledge that toes along with fibers are phalanges! If I had to rely on this book solely to pass my college anatomy class I wouldn't do so well. The diagrams in this book are nice and accurate though.

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Very good!. I am very interested in medicine, and this book has proved to be incredibly useful! Definitely worth the money

Very useful. This book has been a great reference that has helped me greatly

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Summary of Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide by MobileReference

The Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide book written by MobileReference was published on 01 January 2010, Friday in the Study Aids category. A total of 131 readers of the book gave the book 3.5 points out of 5.

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