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Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Meta Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. Express Yourself and Connect With Friends * Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools. * Message your friends with Messenger. Share and connect over what you see on Feed and Stories. * Create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram with Reels. * Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile. Learn More About Your Interests * Watch videos from your favorite Creators and discover new content through Instagram Video and Reels. * Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore. * Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style. Some Instagram features may not be available in your country or region. Terms of Service -

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Book Name Instagram
Genre Photo & Video
Language English
E-Book Size 251.54 MB

Instagram (Instagram, Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Ads even more than before, new update doesn’t allow preview of reels in messages. Ads are all over the feed. That’s understandable, but now ads are popping up on user’s profiles! So annoying! Reels are hidden and need to be clicked on to view within messages. Very inconvenient, especially if you’re at work or out somewhere and perhaps don’t want to view at full screen.

FIX MY HIGHLIGHTS. I love Instagram but y’all keep deleting my highlights and I need y’all to fix it right now.

Best app. Instagram is best

Saved product list bugs???. The saved product wishlist feature only shows 8 items (in one column, instead of the two columns in prior versions). And the only way to see more items is to keep trying to scroll down (shows about 10 more items before you can’t see anything else). Please fix since it wasn’t addressed in the last bug fix update.

My highlights. I’ve been having problems with my highlights. A couple days ago I noticed some of my posts from my highlights were missing and i was like hmmm interesting because i never took them off. Anyway, i put them back on and then they disappeared again. I’ve tried over and over again and the pics just keep getting deleted of the highlight..idk what to do. pls help😭😭

Divertido Instagram ❤️. Muy pero muy divertido

Garbage. Garbage app by garbage developer

I hate mark fkerberg. Algorithm is bad, tik tok is better. Zuckerberg is a trash person.

Can’t unfollow to my amount?. I have been wanting to unfollow a large sum of people, but it often stops me at 50 unfollows. I think the dev should at least make that sum higher, instead of making me wait at least an hour to unfollow again, because it will temporarily deactivate/ban my account for a certain amount of time. Please fix!!!

Archive stories. Archive stories disappearing all the time

MY HIGHLIGHTS. my highlights keep disappearing every single time its either story not available or its not showing everything and i don’t know what to do because I have the newest version and Ive restarted and it’s still there

give me my insta back. i lost my access to insta notes & replying and reacting to messages after updating the app. my insta highlights have been tweaking as well. please fix this asap.

highlights need to be fixed. fix the highlights. it deleted stuff from my highlights and only kept like 4 things so i tried to add them back and it just kept deleting more things. I deleted the app, updated it, and logged out, it still isn’t working.

Happy with Instagram. I am over the moon happy that Instagram allows me a venue to just share beautiful photos . Nothing need be said just see all the pretty. The world is so beautiful . Thank you instagram!

Fix bugs please. Please fix the bugs and everything about this app

Highlight Bug. I have 5 highlights Me,family,friends,sky pics and dark areas and Instagram or a bug is happing where they’ll take all my highlights down or remove all or most of the pictures I have in that highlights and I add those highlights and pictures back and it will still be taken down.

are you kidding me?. i have had instagram for over a year, but for some random reason, a few weeks ago, insta has been acting weird and removing my highlights, and no matter how many times i add them back, they remain there when i add them back again, and once i close and reopen them again, i have to add them back. it’s agitating because first it was with one highlight, but now it’s with all of them. it’s really annoying and i would like instagram to go back to normal and fix that issue for me please. it’s really really REALLY annoying to keep looking for my highlights over and over again and adding them back. at this point, i’ve given up.

Rate🐝🐝🐝🐝. It's so fun to see what your favorite celeberties do and to check on your friends too!!..AWWWESOME!!

ivy. bro don’t get Instagram , they are gonna delete your accounts for no reason AT ALL , even if you post a quote like it’s nothing sexual or anything they are going to still ban it .

Instagram. My instagram keeps on going to the old one. No chat theme. No reacting to messages. None of it. Can’t even put music on pictures at times. It’s 50/50 chance I’m going to get the newest and freshest update on instagram. Even after updating it doesn’t work half the times. Very disappointing.

Highlights issue. My story highlights keep disappearing and won’t show up on the highlight when I add them back

highlights glitch. some of the pictures i have added to my highlights people cannot see from their accounts.

KSNDISNSOQMSLSMRKFN. fix yo mf app bru i’m bout to go insane😔 it’s removing my highlights for no reason🥲

reels. there is a “click to watch reel” screen that shows up whenever i send reels in dms….not the video im sending… why ? what was the reason behind changing this? i like to know what im watching before i click on it….it makes it so much more difficult to go back and find specific reels in conversations because u cant even tell what is what… im hoping its just a bug, but if it isnt… what were u guys thinking ???

my highlights. i v much like the app i use it constantly to keep up with friends but i’ve recently had issues with my highlights, for example i have one of me wrestling and it won’t show all that i have put in the highlight if i edit the highlight but changing the photo the name or adding or removing a story to it, it’ll bring them all back for little bit but they go away again after a little bit like les than a hour and it happens for all of my highlights besides tha W app

Highlight bug. I add stories to my highlights and they disappear or don’t show up when I click the highlight later. Please fix.

Historias destacadas.. Las historias destacadas se borran de la nada aunq las vuelo a poner se vuelven a borrar automáticamente.

Instagram Highlight. Instagram has update multiples times but hasn’t fixed the issue where stuff is being removed from peoples highlights and just repeatedly remove if i try to put it back.

Go to Twitter. Instagram is directly attacking our 1st & 2nd amendment right’s. I suggest everyone go to Twitter if you like to post freely & not be silenced by commie puppets.

Good. Please stop blocking y instagram please

Insta. Would LOVE if you added a category to show who unfollows you or who isn’t following you back!

My review 👾. Because inlook good 😊

Update not working??. My phone is fully updated and so is the app and I STILL can’t reply to messages with emojis. Any recommendations?

Exemplary service.. Furnace’s carry drugs under rugs without hugs sweeping nugs and bugs

Every time this thing updates…. It just continues to be a bug-ridden mess. Basic texts posts to Stories doesn’t work more than half the time - I just typed things out in Notes, took a screenshot and used that. Also, I’m not recording audio. If I open this app while I’m using CarPlay, half the time my music cuts out. I didn’t unmute anything in Instagram. WHY??!

Problem. Ne mogu da reagujem na poruke niti da ih lajkujem.

ممتاز. الافضل

Please fix. The stuff in my highlights keeps deleting, pls fix it!!

Cool app. Would recommend

MY HIGHLIGHTS. Idk if this has been happening to anyone else but videos and photos would randomly delete by themselves on my highlights but the second I add one picture back all my missing photos reappear and at first I thought I was hacked but I changed my password millions of times and I think it’s just an annoying bug instagram REALLY needs to FIX!!! Insta please fix this bug it’s aggravating

Good photo software. Used for more than 10 years,

Pics from highlights gets deleted. I added pictures to my highlights and the 2 days after they were gone, so i added them back and it happened again Follow me on ig tho😎😎 @Cf9_db

Instagram highlights. Instagram has recently started to remove stories from my highlights, and even though I added the stories back quite a few times, the issue hasn’t been resolved.

Instagram Bots/Deleing Stories from my Highlights. Instagram need to get rid of these very annoying and disgusting bots that have been liking people stories. I hate seeing it, and makes me very uncomfortable. Every time I block them, another one appears and likes my story. It is truly embarrassing for instagram and I will uninstall the app if it doesn’t not get taken care of soon. Very lazy employees that do not do there job. (Edit) I wrote about the instagram bots not to long ago and they still haven’t fix them. Also well as instagram not doing there job at all now with it deleting my highlights without me touching anything at all. FIX YOUR APP AND DO YOUR JOB! Even I can do better then this if I had the job of getting rid of bots and making sure stories aren’t being deleted without the person deleting them!

Highlights. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but my highlights keep getting deleted and when I try to put them back they are gone again I just want my highlights to stay and not disappear y’all should fix this

Reels don’t work!!. The main reason I used to love Instagram is because I was able to scroll through funny reels. Now they no longer show on my explore page. Even when I find a reel, I am no longer able to scroll down. I see 1 reel at a time. I tried to fix it by logging out and deleting the app multiple times. I am very disappointed with Instagram. I even created a new account but there’s bugs in the new account as well!! In my new account I can see reels but I can’t react to a message! 2 accounts and neither of them work well! So disappointing!!

NO INSTSGRAM NOTE. I cannot see the instagram note which is sad, Although I had it for a couple of months sometimes I cannot see it which is a problem.

Smh. I don’t like the fact they said I can possibly lose my account because I shared something in my story that was already on instagram

Hacking issues no support from Instagram. My account was hacked and I contacted them many times. At least if they take my information and ask other people to submit the id or any other proof they realize the account is hacked and they can block it. Very poor customer support

Love But... I love being on insta seeing what people are up to and posting what I’m up to. However, my highlights keep disappearing and it’s really irritating. Please instagram fix this error!

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New Update. Since new update I cant load or find music for my stories or reels ! Anyone can help ??

Lift to pause. I hate the new update. I use the lift to pause to read tx on the screen. Now I have to touch the screen and that will open up the reel. Then touch it. By now the text has gone.

Tragic piece of software. Always has to make things difficult. Seems every few weeks there’s some stupid feature that has to throw a spanner in the works.

i am full of hate. it was fine UNTIL i got auto updated and now i can’t react to chats or pick a specific one to reply to. i am full of hate. the note feature has also vanished. i am convinced that instagram is targeting me specifically

Highlights. Im very confused as I had instagram highlights in the past and now they have disappeared. Each time I try to add them back the same ones disappear again

Audio/Music. Why is the audio you add to photo when posted is fine but not long after it says audio unavailable on the post? The song is still there when checked to post another photo. This needs accessing asap

Instagram messenger. I have Lot of Friends who have Instagram Messenger I’m the Only one Who have ig msgnger, Cuz everyone can Be able To reply specific messages and All It has It’s Privileges but I don’t, I’m waiting for this Update to My account From ever since…but I’m not getting any update Literally it’s annoying, why do You have To Divide Messenger to Some People and Not for Many People? I don’t understand

highlights. BRO, que pasa con las historias destacadas!????? se borran solas cada segundos literalmente, da rabia 😭

Notifications bug. I’m not getting notifications even after delete/reinstall and checking notifications settings.

Global community !. I really enjoy sharing my life and being part of this huge global community. As an artist it’s been a fun way creating reels especially to share my art and practice with others. Learning all the time and it’s so simple to use. Looking forward to more new features !!

This latest update ain’t it. Since the update I am no longer able to view my reels! I have looked everywhere to find the reel button and it’s no where to be found. I have done everything to try and fix it and still nothing…Instagram please please help!!!

Can’t log in on a new phone. I love this app however changing phones I am now unable to access my account making it impossible to use with no helpline to try get back in. Absolutely irritating a big company should have a direct help line.

Highlights. Instagram keeps removing photos out my highlights and deleting my highlights

New update. What is this I cannot see what post I am watching on my group chat, like I wanna reply to one that my friend sent me (after 10+ posts) and I want to reply to one of them but I cant since I cannot remember which I clicked.

-. Great app, so happy I didn’t have to use it

Terrible update yet again. As with everything from META, there’s loads of issues which I’ve been reporting to them repeatedly for years, but they can’t be bothered to actually fix them. They bring out stupid new features rather than fixing simple issues, such as commenting. If they can’t get something as simple as a comment feed right, why bother with anything else? Start with the basics!

Best apppppp. Best app

Great app!. I just recently got instagram as I used to have an old account and lost it coming back in and realising how good it is 😊

DMs stopped working. I have a Photocard trading account and about a month ago my DMs randomly stopped working and haven’t worked since. If I message someone first or the chat already exists, it’s fine. But if someone new DMs me I don’t receive it (which is kind of important as a trading account). It’s nothing to do with my settings. Thought this would have been fixed but apparently not.

Suddenly deleting a lot of audio on previous reels!!!. Deleting all my audio from past reels, Why?? What are you achieving instagram? seriously! Just allow people to use the audio that they want don’t spit your dummy out because people are choosing their own audio! Grow up instagram absolute bizarre behaviour

Love it. Great app.

Issue in Reels. Despite updating my app and trying on multiple devices, the reel feature is still not available on my account. This seems to be a very weird issue and everything was working fine 1 month ago. I’ve reported the issue multiple times but no action has been taken and this is very unfortunate that I’ve to report the issue here.

So many adverts. So many adverts and suggested pages that it’s very difficult to just enjoy the things I want to see. It’s just a horrible experience.

Rarely works as intended.. I am sick and tired of this app not working as it should. I constantly have to repost photos as - if I post the max of 10 - it often only posts 4 or 5 of the photos before it starts duplicating them! So 5 of the photos are the same. In addition, whenever I switch accounts, I can’t do things like sharing a post to my story until I close the app down and reopen it. This is equally as annoying. Now, today, I have lost the ability entirely to share someone’s post to my story. Even my own post. This app is beyond a joke with its constant bugs.

Too many adverts. On my feed, for 1 post someone I follow uploaded, there is 3 sponsored or recommended ones which has nothing to so with who I follow. It is really annoying and distracting.

Life Drawing. I organise a life drawing group in London. Instagram is objecting to life drawings by some accomplished amateur artists and declining to recommend the account to like minded individuals. This makes it difficult to expand the group and appeal to artists who want to engage in the perfectly acceptable activity of painting and drawing the human figure. London’s National Gallery, a very popular international tourist attraction, barely has a room that does not feature an artistic depiction of adult nudity. Given the chance would Instagram shut this establishment down! Of course I exaggerate, for the sake of argument, any course of action, given the opportunity, Instagram might take. However, their blanket approach to all depictions of nudity strikes me as unsubtle and inflexible.

Stories deleting writing. Why do my stories keep deleting my writing!!!

Do better with your reports. Every report I have ever sent in gets dismissed even with the large amount of people who also report accounts and comments, get your act together for the safety of everyone on social media, your leaving harmful and hateful messages up on various post is vial on your behalf and Putting many at risk to mental health issues, do better, twitters is doing better and does take action on harmful posts/ comments extra unlike Instagram

Link Button. Generally I’m a fan of the app updates, but not so much this time around, would much rather see the return of link dot button not scan code. ☺️

Too many ads and reels. I’m not enjoying Instagram much any more. I used to love it and preferred it to other social media. But now I don’t see hardly any photos of family and friends whilst wading through ads and reels and “suggested” I’d rather see my friends and family again 😔

حطو لغة عربية ياااا عنصريننن. حطو لغة العربية يا عنصرييننن

Instagram. Can you put the songs back in the Instagram stories please THANK YOU

For an update. I didn’t get updates on my account, I tried to mail the team several times, but didn’t get any response from them. I couldn’t reply to specific messages in my chats.

تيتير. ررطريريت

No reply feature. Why is there no reply feature in my direct messages? My friend is able to reply to direct messages and able to change theme of the chat but I’m not able to do any of that 😐

Saving options. Hi insta Why have you changed the option of saving reels, before we could press and hold on the save icon and we were able to choose where we wanted to save the reel e.g in all reels or in a new collection folder that we created. Loved that version of saving reels.

Hack. Someone hack my account I can’t recover my account

Glitch on filters needs fixing!!. So I was making a video for my account and I favourited a filter and as I went to open my video I could put my filter on my video it would pop up the filter so can u please fix this asap!

NOTES. I have updated and did multiple reinstall but i still dont get to use the notes feature whereas the other account of mine get to use notes features

Activity Status. I haven’t had a working activity status since October, no matter how many updates there have been since then. Something isn’t right and it’s getting really annoying.

ce vreau. sugeți rău de tot

Highlights. I added photos to my highlights and recently a bunch of my photos have been getting deleted from them and I try to put them back on but they won’t work and keeps deleting

Spammers all over. 1 star for me now. Constantly hounded by fake accounts wanting to sell you hot photos. Messaging wanting to sell you crypto, it’s 10x a day now I’ve had to turn off notifications.

I like Instagram but confuses me at times. I do love it due to being able to keep up to date with stuff, I can express myself and it’s comforting However to this day, I still don’t understand as to why I no longer can create reels that show up on hashtags. I al not shadow banned, or have any visually bad videos/images whatsoever, yet they never show up. The 3 stars also come with non existent customer support

Video calling - no sound. Great…..not! Updated new bug fixes 20/3/2023 and now there’s no sound. What’s the point in updating when it makes it worse.

Instagram bio. I’m trying to edit my highlights and it will not let certain pictures and videos in?

Carousel edit bug. Every time I create a carousel and edit those pictures in it, when I eventually post the carousel, none of the edits are then reflected in the published carousel. Read on Reddit there are others who have been having the same problem for years. YEARS! It has been happening to me for over a year, I kept thinking IG will eventually fix it but frustratingly they haven’t. Please fix it or at least bring back that ability to download photos from the editor as that would be a way around it.

Simo. I enjoy Instagram more than any other social media, but I am frustrated about the fact that you can only put likes and not neutral or dislikes. It just doesn’t make sense to me.


Highlights are glitching. Tried to change highlight covers yesterday, but when I did that, half of my highlights disappeared. So I added them back. The more I added back, the more disappeared. Now I can’t even open the highlight. Went on other accounts to see if my profile was okay, the highlights had disappeared for others too. Please fix this bug???

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Don’t pay for subscription, it’s a scam. Verification does NOT work!!! Error message when trying to complete the final upload of id

Reels option not showing. Recently, I updated my Instagram, but still I have not received reels option in my account. Please fix this issue even I have already using Instagram for many days still my option not showing.

?. ???

Hey Instagram, my message show me let and message sending late. Please solve the problem.. My network is properly work but is Instagram message show me lead and when I will send message sending late Please help ! And please hello my Instagram. Please solve my problem and update my future. Thank you so much Instagram.

Kicked me out. My instagram account keeps getting kicked out

أشتراك ميتًا. متى يوصل اشتراك ميتًا لى العراق و لماذا الشرق الاوسط دائمآ اخر الناس في التحديثات و المميزات ؟؟

Suggested. Sick of only seeing ads and suggested posts. Used to love this app before crapbook got its hands on it and now I rarely open it

Disappearing highlights. I think it may be a bug but when I try to look at my highlights some are missing and when I add them back they get removed again I don’t punch anything but they are being removed from my highlights there is no new update and I’ve refreshed it many times

no.. Please allow us to turn off memories!!!!!!!!!!

Great App. Great App, could use improvements

Life’s good. Cheers for the page

Improve iPad version. Improve the clarity/resolution of picture quality. I use the iPad to edit photos as it is easier to see than on the phone but the quality of photos is lacking.

highlights disappearing??. love using it, but recently if i look at my highlights, some of them aren’t there and when i try to add them back, they disappear again. it’s so weird idk what’s happening w it.

Seriously?. Why tf does every notification and message open the camera in the app

Bad. Highlights keep being deleted annoying as

instagram please reply i’m begging cuz i need help. hi, when people do stories it comes up with like “national best friend day” and it says “add yours” and when my friends click that it goes to a story with that sticker so they can make their own. But when I do it, I can’t click it. It takes me to the next story like it doesn’t work. I want to delete Instagram and then get it again to see if that works except I’m scared I wrote my password wrong to sign into my account so how can I check what my password is for that account? Or how can I fix this issue?

Instagram. This sucked well for me cause I can’t change the color of the text and I can’t reply to specific texts and it’s annoying cause when I write smith they think I’m saying okay to what they said but I’m saying okay to another text before that it’s annoying and I hate it but other than that I would recommend this

kya faltu app h yarr koi ladki reply hi nhi krti 🥺. 🥺🥺

i can’t get themes. when i try and get a theme in my dms it won’t come up

delete instagram or keep it. I’ve been a user for this app for so long and i don’t have problems with posting on my story whatsoever but lately I’ve been experiencing problems when i try to post on my story. It comes up with can’t post try again later and i go to refresh it again and it still comes up. It’s getting annoying and i don’t know whether to keep the app or delete it. Instagram please look at this problem and hopefully get it fixed. Thank you .

Removed my account for no reason at all. I will not be recommending instagram to anyone ever again. I had an account that I have been using for over 4 years and had it built up to where I wanted it with the pages that I follow with what I’m interested in and out of no where 3 weeks ago, they wanted me to verify my account and proceeded to remove my account. Will not be using instagram again unless I get my account back. Screw you insta 🤬

Stick your algorithms where the sun don’t shine. Can’t see friends posts because they don’t use the app enough, it’s all about ‘pumping out content’ to be relevant. Reels are just copies of the last person who made them, hearing the audio from them on replete making adults into toddlers watching the same thing over and over. It’s turned to junk.

Feedback. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm new to Instagram, and I must say that stumbling upon this account has been an absolute delight! The eye-catching visuals and thoughtful content have truly captivated me, and it's clear that there's so much passion and creativity behind every post. This account has quickly become a go-to source of inspiration and joy for me, and I'm excited to continue following along on this amazing journey. Thank you for making my introduction to Instagram a truly wonderful experience! 🌟🌸😊

GIF. can you give me my gifs


Highlights keep disappearing. I love Instagram it’s a great app to post, share and communicate but recently my Instagram highlights have been disappearing, and I don’t know why please fix this problem asap.

Reels. I can’t see reels icon on the bottom anymore. I tried everything but nothing worked

Amy’s review. Best thing I’ve downloaded yet I love Insta I can like post and talk to my friends❤️

duckn. notes aint workin

Feedback. Can Instagram please create a way for us to edit or add photos to a post that’s already uploaded. I don’t see why there is an option to delete photos on a post with multiple photos but no + symbol to add photos. Please bring that option like we can on facebook.

Ads and not much else. This app is going further down the spiral of being an ad gallery, and not a user-content gallery. Ads now appear first, at the top of the feed, and I find it so so annoying. Instagram lost its way years ago; instead of being about the user experience, it has become an ad pusher. Disappointing to say the least. Time to find a different platform

Love. Love sharing our life with others

no replay…. bro i had insta for nearly 2 years and i can’t replay to my dms… and i reported multiple times but they just ignore it…

Bruh where’d the update go. I used to have notes and the chat themes but suddenly it’s all gone. FIX IT

Bad Customer Service. My Instagram got hacked last year on May 28th, 2022. I’ve been to the local police and reported everything through the correct channels. Instagram customer service have not done a thing to stop someone using my original Instagram account: @chisengamusic The account is being used for identity theft by the criminal who has managed to scam a few of my friends for money. I’ve even sent the criminals details to Instagram/Meta and no one has cared to do anything about it. It’s very disheartening that the company finds this ok. When I report accounts to Snapchat, they get removed in 48 hours or less and they even report back to me that the scamming accounts have been removed.

Navuppal786. DEAR INSTAGRAM TEAM' 👇👇👇 Please Instagram Team Help Me ; My Instagram Collaborator Option Is Not Showing In My Instagram Account : So You Fix This Glitch And Work As Soon As Possible And Enable My Instagram Collaborator Option 😥

Excited. Having so much fun with instagram : learning new tools and seeing the results Thanks team 🙌

Instagrams. All my highlights are disappearing and then when I make a story and put it in my highlights they all come back and then when I leave the app and go back in they are all gone again

Call glitch. Hey instagram i spend so much time on instagram but from 1 week i am facing a problem that whenever i call someone on instagram the call automatically cutting and showing report problem i tried every update the app and rather i delete and download it again but my problem not solve please fix this glitch

.. it’s a great app honestly, but recently i’ve noticed that whenever i reload the app some of my stories in my highlights disappear and when i add them back in and reload again, they disappear again 🙄

Love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bug. Fix the highlights.

Can’t use the music on the story. After the update I was not able to use music on my story and replaced with link

Instagram community guidelines. I accedently broke the Instagram community guidelines rules promise you will not make such mistake in future will follow the Instagram community guidelines rules very well please me one more chance and remove this. Community guidelines strike from my account. My Instagram account:- @rival_vaardat

Notes. Instagram is an amazing app that I’ve been using for the past how many years. However, in the past year, I have noticed that my account hasn’t had the new update of notes. I have deleted the app and uploaded the app many of time but still do not have it. Hoping that it will be added to my account soon 😁

Update messenger. Hii Instagram I couldn’t find the update messenger icon on my iPhone

💔💔💔. what is this new update !!!! pls fix i am going insane 🧌

PLEASE HELP :(. Hello, please help. I have evidence my account was hacked following a data breach that has impacted a number of my services, including Instagram. Following the suspected hack, my account was disabled - my appeal was unsuccessful, but I was only asked to provide a code and not the evidence of the hack. I can provide this along with my personal identification and reset my passwords. I abide by all rules and will continue to do so. Please help, I have always been a respectful user and there is a lot of information from people who have passed away that I have lost access to now. Their accounts were private so I will never see it again, even with a new account. Getting my account back is extremely important to me and I am willing to cooperate in any way you deem necessary. Thank you - please, please, please help.

Neserios!. Instagram e neserios,are ceva cu muzicile noastre.Va rog sa rezolvati problema neseriosilor!😤😡

How can an app with so much money behind it be so poor??. Honestly, for such a massive app, it’s such a disappointment. Editing videos on IG is a nightmare and it lacks some seriously basic editing tools. Always freezing and taking forever, this is why everyone uses Tik Tok now, honestly.

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Instagram sucks. No one sees my posts.

So many bugs. It’s good for communication but I’ve had so many bugs, content disappearing from my highlights, my video stopped working, the sticker button wasn’t showing up ect.. also could have better filters.

I have been a igger since 2012. I am so passionate about instagram!!! I love creating and getting feedback from all around the world from all of the friendlowers I made through the years. I cannot believe how you come up with new features constantly! If ever you need a spokesperson please know that I am here for you. Those who only have Facebook are really missing out! Keep up the good job guys! If ever you would like to use me in a focus group to improve or test new features, please let me know also. Nice to meet you! 🤝 @benmoq

My highlights keep on disappearing. 5 of my same highlights are keep on disappearing. I updated to the newest version but it isn’t fixing.

Scammers. The sugar daddys on this app are scammers. #notlegit

No Collaborator , No Ads , No Support. -There is no customer support and there is no way for you to report a bug that your account dealing with , even if you report that nobody’s going to respond or fix the issue. My account facing the issue that I can’t use the collaborator option, but everybody else can and Instagram totally not responding about jt and no one is fixing this. -my add account got limited and asked me to verify it I didn’t and not it’s restricted my ad account and ask me to proof my identity but there is no way to do it -can’t connect my instagram page to my facebook page ( it’s shows a weird error) - Algorithm can’t understand the definition between something which is in favour of the guidelines or against it and there is no way to fix it either for example if you post Anti violence post which just explains to NOT do certain stuff instagram marked is violent act and limit your account

“Not Interested”. All the reports of how Meta causes more harm then good for society is extremely easy to see on instagram. They legit want you to interact no matter how it might affect you. Hit the not interested button? Youve just doomed yourself to now seeing 4x the post of the thing youve tried to get rid of. Not to mention Ads are everywhere now

update. new update sucks

Disappointing. The new app update has made it very difficult to save posts from the explore page to collections in your saved album. When I go to save a video or a photo when scrolling on my explore page, it only lets me save it and it can’t specifically be saved to a collection. Meaning I have to go into my saved album and move every post each time. Why have collections in the saved album if it’s not accessible to use.

Insta. Instagram is blocking accounts for no reason. It’s annoying and stupid

fix it. fix your app bro all of the songs say unavailable when they aren’t and when i try to add a highlight it disappears when i reset the app

Sharing from Facebook. Why is this so impossible??

related to reels. i was not able to watch reels since month and i have reported many times. there is no response from your team. please solve my issue.

Love it but Having Troubles. I love using this app but all of a sudden I can only get in on anything but my phone (other phones, laptops etc all work). When I try opening the Instagram app on my phone it tells me that it can’t load the page and it’s probably due to a technical error. What’s going on?

FLASH WARNINGS. WHY can’t you institute the ability to identify and skip videos with flashing for photosensitive users? TikTok managed it in 2020, for goodness sakes, so clearly there’s an algorithm out there. Even if you allowed people to report videos with this so that a “flash warning” note can precede the reel or whatever, at least we could scroll on past before it starts. Pretty abysmal for 2023, folks.

Feedback. My account gets blocked frequently. Usually while I am in the middle of posting and commenting. Sometimes this lasts for hours sometimes days. This doesn’t happen on other social media platforms that I use. It would be nice if Instagram explains the reason so people like me has a better understanding.

Call issues. Instagram fix the calling every time I’m on call the audio gets all laggy please fix it

Privacy/Security issues. Since Instagram has been updated with “meta”, the app has become much much prone for hackers to attempt to log in to your account. On and off for about two straight months I have been experiencing (almost on the daily; sometimes even twice daily) people attempting to hack my account. I have reported this issue multiple times and of course, there has been no resolve, or any effort from Instagram to contact me back. I have enabled two factor authentication, and thank god I have! This still has not deterred people from attempting to log in. They will use my username and click the “forgot my password” button, once they have tried logging in. I receive texts and emails stating that all my sessions have been logged out and if that wasn’t me, I should change my password. My account freezes every single time this happens and I am forced to close and restart my phone in order to use the box where it asks for my password. I have changed my username and passwords at least one hundred times and I am completely mentally drained from this ongoing persistent abuse and harassment. Instagram needs to make the “forgot my password” button a little less easy to access. After typing in your username/email/phone number, what have you, there should be a set of security questions before allowing someone to use the forgot button. Even I, which I am not a hacker, can plug in anyone’s username and force them to change their information. I am at my wits end. I have been on Instagram since it was first created. I only use it as a personal account, I keep everything private and still this is happening. In all my years on this app, since the app was updated with meta, has these many attempts of hacking occurred.

New bug fix please. The highlights I place keep disappearing and I can’t place them back because they go away every time i refresh please fix

Glitchy. I have to delete and redownload instagram every week Because it stops notifications or sometimes stop working on mobile internet. Its so bad.

smh. they keep removing story’s from my highlights

Please let me download!. I can’t download Instagram. Please allow me to download! Btw, in the ad, the friend Sarah is actually a friend of mine!

Pretty good. Good app, very easy to use, but the community made this review 1 star less.

Brainwash app. Society is messed

Rules to death. Great platform but the censorship and rules are going to ruin it.

Not able to see reels. I am not able to access reels as the reel button from bottom is not showing at all.

Bring back ability to save reels to categories!. You didn’t have this function then you did it for a little and then took it away!!! Bring it back please

Please stop moving the save button. PPEASE i like when I can save to specific video groups I have made so they all don’t get thrown together. Now I have an extra three steps to putting a video in its own designated group I have to go to archive, my saved, then unsave and re-save it to place it in the right group. Please

I absolutely love IG. I feel so safe and I feel like I can freely express my self here without being judged. I love the contents I find here they help me to be a better person.

Feed full of dildos and naked woman.. Why is my feed full of suggested accounts. Almost all the accounts are dildos and naked woman and seriously not want I want to see on my feed. Find I am constantly blocking accounts because thats all I can do. Hardly use instagram anymore.


HELP. My highlights won’t stay up and delete my stories, I have deleted the highlights multiple times and re made them and re added stories. I’ve deleted instagram twice now but my highlights won’t keep all my stories up and it is incredibly frustrating,

Stupid. Insta deleted my highlights

appearance. stop change it back it looks so ugly

Disappointed. 90% of the reels I see are from India or something and there doesn’t seem to be any way to filter them to languages I speak.

Ridiculous App. Cannot receive verification code to log in!!!!!!

Improvements. Please let us add to highlights without having to post on stories. Also have the option to “select all” when blocking people from stories. And block people from lives and highlights

Stop changing so dramatically. I love you instagram But you getting rid of notes and getting rid of the wallpaper background for chat rooms is not cool It was so awesome

update. the new updates aren’t that great, they ruined instagram messages for me

Great and fun app but…. I gave it 4 stars because I keep having to uninstall and reinstall due to the recent glitches and messages not showing up.

Yes. I love all social media’s

Glitchy. Constantly glitching and loosing posts and having to redo it several times

Help me film! Please. I cant Film a reel on my Instagram account , it’s private is that why? Please fix this I got the updated version yesterday thank you!

Can’t save reels into folders. I was so happy when they implemented the option to select in what folders you save the reels but when i saw today that they took that option down i was so frustrated because i use that option very often. So now i need to go into my account, in saved, and manually go over them again just to save them in the right folder…

Too many porn bots. IG NEEDS to get rid of all these porn bots pages and fake bots on IG too many

Don’t answer at all. I got banned for literally nothing and I’ve been trying to communicate with them for 3 whole days in a row and no one is answering and I need my account as soon as possible cause if only they let you take ur data back, no they just remove ur account from you instantly and don’t even communicate with you for days

This app sucks booty hole. Its is just to engaging and sucks away peoples time

Perfect app for pedophile 🤮. Naked kid

recent update. sucks, cant reply to messages and cant react to messages with emojis feels like 2020

No reels option. Since the time my insta got updated.. I am not getting the reels option and have reported to the support team a zillion times now.

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