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Sun Tzu

The Art of War by Sun Tzu Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

It’s believed that Sun Tzu wrote this Chinese military primer during the 5th century BC-hundreds of years before the Bible. The book’s 13 chapters explore principles that statesmen around the globe have employed for centuries to defeat their enemies at war.

Sun Tzu starts by mapping out the five fundamental factors that lead to war. He then covers a wide range of topics, from avoiding conflict altogether to strategically positioning soldiers, pulling off tactical maneuvers, and putting spies to use.

Despite the technological advances made since The Art of War was published, Sun Tzu is still considered one of history’s foremost military strategists, and his methods still ring true. While he wrote the book as a manual for those who would literally wield swords, it has reached a much broader audience in this day and age. Warriors of all kinds-like corporate leaders or athletes-seek out Sun Tzu’s wisdom in their quest for success.

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Book Name The Art of War
Genre Military
Language English
E-Book Size 341.12 KB

The Art of War (Sun Tzu) Book Reviews 2023

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Great Book!. Juan Alfaro Estrada

Very enlightening. Eye opener

A good read!. The art of war is quite relatable to other aspects of human quest, it brings a good sense of indulgence while exposing one to military activities. A good read!

Really fun read and very insightful. I can say I really learned a lot from this book it’s an understanding that levels on the border line insane as some things that are and do not change

I love it. I think that this book is very useful in both everyday situations and for combat and I just love it in general



TECHNO!!!!. I freaked love how half of these comments are about techno’s potato war

Decent. Got bored 3/4th way throughout the book. It becomes severely repetitive at some points, even if Sun Tzu or the commentators are attempting to emphasise a point, it is, often, not necessary. It mentions a lot of good points and the commentary is all in all very helpful and somewhat entertaining when they tell stories of generals using the points/methods mentioned by sun tzu. It gives a live example of the method or the mentioned point in the working and shows it’s effect and what principles lie within it. Although sometimes, the comments are rather excessive or extremely long. All in all, 3/5 or 6/10.

Annoying format. The notes in the middle of the chapters are too disruptive and make it easy to miss things if you try to skip over them.

Knowledge @ It’s Finest. This book is extremely full of mental tactics. It’s a dry read but the information is a continued life lesions. This should be a mandatory read for schools.

P O T A T O E S. Dang he must be in the top 5 when it comes to potato farming, that is below Technoblade.

Sun Tzu is the GOAT. GOAT

History never dies. I have read this book every couple of years for the past 20 years and I am always able to get something new from it. Ancient wisdom that reveals itself as I get older and wiser.

good book. Not the easiest names to read and/ or pronounce. Interesting and informative slice of history.

Whatever you do don’t reveal all your tactics in a YouTube video. The blood god pig told me to read a historical book so here I am finishing in a few days

A Bit Repetitive. Liked the examples in the footnotes though. Kept it just interesting enough to keep going.

Felling. The best

🥳 After 7 years. I’ve finally finished this after 7 years. Book has a lot of interest points… Brought the war out of me. *rawr* Though, I find it some parts more informative then not. Would recommend to someone.

Useless annotations make this 292 pages. The Art of War is 13 chapters about strategy, applicable to not only war but many other facets of life and endeavors. This edition somehow balloons that simple and short treatise to two hundred and ninety-two pages with meandering anecdotes, useless and redundant rephrases of the previous statements, and lord knows what else. I really hoped the annotations would just be things like historical context or clarification on anything vague that came up, and while some of them are, most are not. I’m just going to read it on a website. I didn’t want to because I wanted a nice ebook format, but I guess that’s not really how this is going to go.

Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Techno never dieeees

Art of War Review. Reads easy but a few illustrations would’ve helped better. Definitely a read again.

Nice.. Very useful data.

Good for Military; Bad for Business Ethics. I read the whole thing while I was doing Convoys in Iraq. However, its bad for the sake of Humanity, when considered against employments within the corporate world. In my opinion, its one of the biggest reasons that the world economic equilibrium is failing. Counterintuitive to the infinity of our existence.

Potato. These tactics are great to win a potato war

Good. Good

Love. I love this book I’ve read it many times a true classic

Great Book for All 14+. Attention parents! Must read for any adolescent child who is getting to the stage where they think they know it all. Lots of life’s lessons here!

HE NEVER DIES. I also, in fact, got here from Techno

Soldier TF2 Moment. “If fighting is sure to result in victory then you must fight!” Sun Tzu said that, and I’d say he knows a little more about fighting than you do pal because he invented it! And then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor! Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth. And then he herded them onto a boat, and beat the crap out of every single one. And from that day forward anytime there are more than one animal in one place it’s called a zoo! Unless it’s a farm!

Epic. This helped me retake the Soviet Union. Thank you Sun Tzu for helping me retake the motherland!

The new. The new

Good book. I really only read it because of technoblade

Understanding China. I found The Art of War an enlightening read due to its conceptions of war, place in history, and relevance to modern Chinese thinking. Sun Tzu, though his schemas of war are rudimentary (attributable to the lack of contemporary compendiums of military literature we take for granted today), perfectly addresses the realities of how to wage war efficiently and effectively. This work has undoubtably struck a cord that reverberates through history and influences the modern harmony. It can be seen today in how the Chinese Communist Party propagates it’s influence throughout the world by adapting Western ideologies and knowledge, by concealing their ultimate goal of restoring China has the global hegemony, and through the secrecy by which they carry out this goal. They are truly adaptable like “water over various surfaces” and their methods are opaque and destructive without even raising an gun. I came to this book to better understand China, and I’ve found the experience greatly rewarding.

Ambition within my abilities. Different perspective of War tactics between losing and winning or even making subtle progress in what you are battling with to achieve in goals. We’ll recommended if you are completely ambitious in life🔋

Understanding. The naming of wars generals and royalty is confusing without context. A history lesson to proceed the book can enlighten a reader.

So hot. Awesome

Excellent and well explained. This book is very good in explaining the “art of war” and using commentaries and deductions to answer possible questions that con with the reading.

True. He never dies

Content fine, tough format. Well-known book. The formatting of the forms made it a little clunky for me, but probably not easy to do in the electronic format. I would rather see footnotes as links so I can choose when I read them more easily rather than being forced to scroll back and forth.

Exceptional. This was a great book. I honestly got lost in the wisdom interweaved in certain chapters but I got the main points of the chapters as well. I would most likely recommend this book for young adults learning about life and academics. I strongly encourage others to read this book as it is dripping in wisdom and general life lessons.

Ok. Some what difficult to understand.. I’m probably a bad reader or the book was going in and out of the brief lines which held together the communication. All and all, it’s a great book if you want to know more about war. I got some good nuggets out of this book. Great tips for people who are in combat (debates, sports, business, etc.) primarily dedicated on the premise of war.

Amazing book. Great book, but I swear to god you guys need to stop talking about Technoblade.

Excellent title. This book is applicable for all era and for every situation. I only find the English translation little poor.

Beautiful. Ok thumbs up thanks

Not entertaining, Very Educational. Learned a lot of new words from this book and opened my mind to a lot of the strategies still used in war today.

Interesting. War is broken down to its components. A science is killing and violent behavior between people

Great: Tecno never dies. I saw this in a tecnoblade vid and read it through is absolutely worth the effort

Wanna play minecraft?. Potato war would be fun

O.K.. The book was short, I read it in less than 2 hours. If your attention span isn’t long than it can be a little boring. The book all in all could have just been summed into bullet points and made into a book of quotes. Reading this was more interesting in my current life because I am watching Game of Thrones and you can see a lot of strategies Sun Zhu talks about in the show. All the more interesting.

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Art of War. Fascinating insight on literature over 2000 years old. The contemporaneous examples in the history of Chinese wars were engaging to understand the context - sometimes difficult to follow as am not familiar with the players in the landscape.

The Only Business Book You'll Ever Need. Books survive for a reason. The wisdom in this book has been regurgitated thousands of times but never bettered. It is the first and only business book you'll ever need.

Brilliant. A timeless strategical and philosophical masterpiece, with many various opinions and interpretations, making it suitable and easy to read for anyone. You don't need to be training as an army officer to appreciate the endless amount of knowledge, much of which can be transferred to general, everyday life.

Pretty poggers. It is cool. I will now commit many war crimes with this information

Techno. Anyone else come from techno :)

Sun tzu. Great read with some valuable background and surrounding information. I would happily have paid for this- grab it while its free its a steal :)

Boring. Book stupid

Antiques? War?. David Dickenson. True or False?

Technoblade. I’m only here for technoblade

The art of war. This is a slightly odd version of this book. It reads like an academics first draft. The extra notes and interpretations vary from incomprehensible to fascinating. I would recommend it to a casual reader but don't be afraid to skip the odd page.

Great insight. This edition has a wealth of additional notes to contextualise this ancient text to the modern reader with considerations given to the translation. Good read of an often referred to text.

Long and boring. Very long

Fascinating story but bad edition. The Art of War itself is quite fascinating and enjoyable however this free edition is badly edited with many spelling mistakes and many grammer issues.

Great contemporary military application. I found this a very interesting and real-life applicable book and the anecdotes made by the commentator(s) are also interesting as well as factual information :D

Oh my god!! Is the author getting paid by the word??. Way too long.... Why use 37 words when one will do?? ... Try another author

Fractured. Although a lot of effort has gone into translating the text, the book was pretty unreadable as the sentences are continually fractured by references or commenting on what other people have said. I would have just preferred to read what sun tzu wrote, if they want to add a foreword in fine.

Book review for SunZu The Art Of War. I thought this book was hard yet fun to read, what I enjoyed most was the battle tactics of Sun Zu; I didn’t like the many brackets as the were quite distracting but other than that the book was very good!

Brilliant Book. I know now how to crush my enemies to a pulp, bring them to their knees and make them beg for mercy. My troops will bring them to the ground and their pride!

Great read. Great read!

Great. Only a third through it, but it is a really great read. The commentator does a great job of making the chinese proverbs understandable and makes it easy for any age. I am 16 and i found it compelling. I definately recomend this book despite its length.

Great book. Well worth a read.

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.. I dont understand \/(-_-)\/

Chinese superiority over the barbarians. Sun Tzu's Art of War represents one of the many aspects of Chinese People's superiority over the rest of the world, especially the west barbs. The west tries to learn sun tzu but in perill due to their own arrogance and self-worshipping. So the west could forget sun tzu and stick back to their own barbarian way.

Overhyped rubbish.. The hype surrounding the ramblings of a Chinese pseudo-philosopher peasant makes this a complete disappointment. It's actually LESS painful reading Ayn Rand than this drivel. Seriously, save your time. We know we're all reading it for coffee shop intellectual epeen boosting. Just pretend you read it, just like everyone else does.

Told me the art of war. Love it

some odd posts here. "divide overflow". get your head checked because this was one of the best books ever written. p.s general, sun tzu won many battles and was a presteiged general in ancient history. get a life...

This book was confusing. It was rambling about Chinese stuff and generally NOT making sense. You will regret getting this. :(

What is epeen?. I couldn't find a definition for it. Sorry, I don't hang around hipster coffee shops.

Lol. I didn't even read it . I only kept it open so my teacher thought I was reading

Awesome. Not bad for a beginner reader

Great. Good to have it on here for reference.

How big is the book?. Please help

Art of war. Very interesting insight to the various strategies and defences of war.

Ghosts. The best thing about books are not the same as a result of a new contractors something's wrong don't mean you can't have fun and I don't know how to make books

Pog book. Pog champ watch technoblade

Interesting at least.. Somewhat frustrating to read at times, with references/examples jumping from chapter to chapter. Commentary was also a little disarray but there is enough to make for some interesting learning. I would recommend other books of strategy, before recommending this book.

Not bade. Pretty good for free I would say maybe Read it if so bored

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Awesome. Aglabuga del mundo

Art of war. If tupac says this is a good book then it should be a good book


Annotations super annoying. I would much rather have the annotations separate from the text. There are annotations every line or two, and it's impossible to get the flow of the text or process what the author is actually saying with all the interruptions.

The art of war. A good book wether you dream of commanding an army of ninjas or just need inspiration to organize your life style and best of all it's free

Bad narration. I tried to read this book but I could not tell what was the narration, and what was Sun Zhu. Overall, pretty darn BAD!

The Art of War.. This is a time tested truth of man's bloody conquests.

Pretty lame. It was good but very very boring for nothing

Art of war. This book is amazing. Couldnt keep my eyes off of it :)

Ok. It was good but, confusing. You can actually apply this to a lot like sports for instance. I also found some grammar problems where the wrong word was used. Also there are so many Chinese names and there very close to each other which made it hard to understand.

Where's the flow?. Good story ruined by poor commentary. Recommend a version other than this. Very annoying

The art of war. Lovely intro into the arena of battle

Technoblade never dies. nerds

The Art Of War. When Going To Do Battle,... See Battle Win & Win Battle When First Approaching Battle Field In One’s Mind & Win... Decimating Everyone Of Your Enemies & Everything In Your Path... Complete Your Battle Win. This Principle Battle Stance Is Successful In All Projects Attempted. Self Achievement Through Willfully Strong Mental Concentration & Determination All The Way To The ‘Battle’s End Game Completion’... War The Art Of: ...A Very Good Book.... I first read this old Chinese Book when I was only 17. I recommend it for all students from & in any course. Get this. Cheers... Danner

Not bad. I see why it's free. The "commentary" is extremely annoying. I am capable of understanding and forming my own opinion, thanks.

Nna. No I do not like it

Explanations that simply weren’t needed.. Layout is done poorly. It would be nice to read a direct translation without the extra interpretation and notes from whom ever translated.

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Summary of The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The The Art of War book written by Sun Tzu was published on 04 October 2010, Monday in the Military category. A total of 7,683 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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