The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Reviews

Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han Book Summary

Now an Original Series on Prime Video!

Belly has an unforgettable summer in this stunning start to the Summer I Turned Pretty series from the New York Times bestselling author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jenny Han.

Some summers are just destined to be pretty.

Belly measures her life in summers. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer, a place away from the beach house, away from Susannah, and most importantly, away from Jeremiah and Conrad. They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer—they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one wonderful and terrible summer, the more everything changes, the more it all ends up just the way it should have been all along.

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Book Name The Summer I Turned Pretty
Genre Coming of Age
Language English
E-Book Size 14.5 MB

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Jenny Han) Book Reviews 2024

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The best series. I watched the show before I read the book! The book has so much detail it’s great. I will forever be team Jeremiah tho. 😮‍💨😮‍💨

Amazing book and completely reccommend. I love how descriptive this book is. It is one of those books where you can just imagine the characters and it’s as if you are there in the story. I have seen the prime series that is based off this book and even though there are lots of differences, I would say that the book is better. Personally l, I think that all of the books in this trilogy are very good and I completely recommend reading them. Once you start reading, you get sucked up and can’t stop(in a good way though)!

Kind of Underwhelming. I decided to read the series because I binge-watched TSITP and loved every second. As someone who usually prefers books to their film adaptations, I was actually kind of surprised to find that the books were a bit uneventful. If I had read the books first, I would’ve been shocked that it was made into a show. With that being said, the first book in the series isn’t a bad read. However—I hate to say it, but by the third book, I grew to hate Belly (the main character). She makes rash decisions on a whim, and she’s indecisive down to THE last second, which makes it incredibly hard to feel connected to her. Like, half the time I felt like I was thinking “Why????”. Overall, I’d check out the first and maybe the second book again, but the last one was a hard finish for me 🥲

Team Con. Really good book:)

TSITP. Cute, easy read

LOVE IT. I love this show and book! It’s fantastic!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Good book. I’m excited to watch the show

Classic. It feels like the same plot of a lot of romantic books - girl loves boy, boy doesn’t care (understandingly, considering the age gap and how they were just kids) and eventually the boy comes around. I honestly wish though that the plot could have been slightly different, so that it felt more original to me but I doubt that could even be possible and I don’t blame Jenny Han, considering how well the book was written. The characters really come to life, the good and bad. Often in books, the point is to highlight the good but in this, the bad was also given a spotlight.

Interestiiiiing. Omg any age literally though there is some words that are prooooobably not for ages 11 and under, BUT still awesome book. It is sPiCy, and RoMaNtIc, I may or may not have cried at some sappy parts , bUt it’s truly cool. If you ask me Conrad is a lItTlE annoying but he is the ULTIMATE bad boy, and I think that he and belly have cHeMiStRy. So if you’re someone who’s not boring and bland and likes things that are not boring and bland READ THIS BOOK, if you don’t, forget you ever saw my review, you don’t dEsErVe to read it. I honestly admit Conrad is a TaD bit toxic but I can’t help myself I mean for real, it’s CONRAD bad boy for life It’s kinda annoying that they kept treating her like a kid and I kinda wished that she would make them apologize for it at the end but wHaTeVeR, MOVING ON. I mean was I the only one who pictured cam as a K-pop boy, the way the author was describing him I was thinking about K-pop weird right? aNyWaYs, the people kept on talking about how she looked so pretty and how they never said that to her before, not trying to be annoying here, but I honestly believe that all people are beautiful in there own way and people shouldn’t say someone’s pretty based on their own idea of beauty people should just grow up and accept the fact that everyone’s beautiful so deal with it. Btw: good book - person who likes this book I ain’t telling you my identity but my name is Belladonna, cool name I guess my parents couldn’t decide between Bella and Donna LOL

Title matches book perfect. I love the series on Amazon prime video so I decided to read the books after hearing my friends and everyone else saying the books where so much better, and I can agree! The series is great but the books go into so much more detail that the series misses. If you love the series I recommend reading the book. I hate reading and never read and I finished this book with in 4 days of buying! Loved it, can’t wait to read 2 and 3!

I loved everything. Every part of this book is amazing. I loved everything

Best book ever. I absolutely love this book and reread it so many times. Definitely recommend this one and the rest of the siries

Cliffs Highway. In this bb book bound of deserted and deprived experience of being real a young man is left in the shadows of his brothers and enemy’s forced to burry the only thing that taught him the world was tragically taken without consent . Bound by no one a young and a iron with no no soul no well being of reason

Coming of age !. It was a good coming of age book. It was easy and light to read when I was feeling burnt out and just needed something light to get me back into reading. Totally recommend if you want a fast read !

not overrated?. i LOVED this book! i was expecting this book to be overrated but i was pleasantly surprised. i read it in about two days and it was honestly an amazing read. i was reading some of the comments about this book before writing this review and one caught my eye. it was about how jeremiah is so sweet to belly but instead she chooses conrad who is a jerk to her. i agree with what she commented about how this is a horrible example of love and dating to young girls, but i have a feeling it’s all going to work out in the next book. Happy Reading!

Lighthearted, easy read. Has that wistfulness and summer vibe that teenagers will enjoy. The plot feels like it’s been done a million times before but it’s target audience will be satisfied. As a teenager, I loved this series and pined, along with Belly, for Conrad. 😅

Review:. Overall, I rather liked the book. Enough to indulge in the sequel, at least. I wanted to know what happened to Belly and all of the experiences waiting for her back at the house in Cousins Beach. The only grievance I had was that it was quite slow and didn’t exactly have a point to the book. Yes, Belly had a love triangle but that was pretty much it. There wasn’t much going on with that either. However, something that grabbed my attention was how the author kept throwing Belly back into her past memories, which I found to be quite interesting. I wish Jenny Han had continued to do this in her further books but she didn’t. Sadly. I would recommend reading this book though. For it occupied my time for a good amount of MY summer and so did the sequel. Good luck!

Good read. I enjoyed it. Belly is exhausting though lol. She is so dramatic.

love itt. still one of my favorite books. it was like very happy and the ending continued through the second book

so cute. really cute & heartfelt story. made me feel young again. :)

Very good. This book has everything! I would highly recommend.

The summer I turned pretty. Loved this book!! It was drama and I loved it.

I liked the story. I like this story. Some things I didn’t like the low key body-shaming comments. It was only a couple of times but it stuck in my mind. The story was well written and I cried a couple of times. It was a wonderful coming of age story and I look forward to the sequel.

Yay!. I read the entire book in one day!

I am surprised!!🌟. I didn’t expect much from this book if I’m being honest. My friend recommended the series to me first, and after I watched it I just had to read the books. I’ve only read the first book but I highly recommend it. It isn’t inappropriate and it’s a very realistic story of a summer filled with love and family pain. Thank you to the author Jenny Han for creating another great series than I’ll love forever. ❤️✨

Team Bondrad for ever!!!!. One of the best book series i have ever read!!! 100% recommend!!!!!

The Summer I Turned Pretty 🌟🌟🌟🌟. I really enjoyed this book! I’ve been waiting to read it for a while and glad I finally got to it. People might shame me for this but in the books and the Amazon Prime adaption (WHICH IS INCREDIBLE) I’m Team Jeremiah. Conrad is always dumping Belly and he just can’t figure out how to act nice. Jeremiah is adorable. I gave it 🌟🌟🌟🌟 because it was cute, short, and sweet. I think that some things could be better because there were definitely some plot points in the show that should have been in the book. I also wish that Jeremiah and Belly had kissed in this like how they kissed in the show. 😭 Read it! It’s a cute summer read and (even though I didn’t read it on the beach) it’s perfect to read there. ☀️🌺🐚🌴

Best summer book. I loved it !!!

Nostalgia on to be young and In love again. A book that got me back into reading again since being out of high school for 4 years. Reminds you of the feeling to be young and carefree and in love.

I never like my sister. L o l i l a A n d h e r F r i e n d S h A. Y e. I don’t know who Conrad or Jeremiah

The best book I’ve read in over 5 years. My tummy butterflies are still flying.

Great Summer Read. The readers voice in the audio book is pleasant to listen to and the book is just light and fun and nostalgic.

Summer I turned pretty. I love watching the show and now I love this book Jenny Han did a great with the book

😍. This is one of my favorites books and so fun to read. I love all the characters and how it’s about a girl who finally gets what she wants and gets noticed by a bunch of guys but gets stuck in a love triangle with her moms friends sons. Classic storyline.

Such a good read!. If you liked To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved, you will LOVE THIS. You won’t be able to put it down. I watched the show first and I loved seeing how different it was and yet held the same story line as the book. I was sobbing by the end of it.

Best Book Ever. Best book I’ve ever read. On my way to read the other 2.

The summer I turned pretty. I love this book! It is my favorite book/series!❤️ I am team Jeremiah because Conrad is just mean and doesn’t treat people nicely and kindly!

Girl, leave these boys alone. Maybe I’m just not a romantic. But the way this girl goes back and forth with these guys is exhausting.

Loved. The series was different from the book. I think I liked the book more!

🤍. such a nice book! great amount of sad, happy, and drama. <3

The Summer I Turned Pretty ♥️. This book was overall four stars, and here’s why: It was pretty uneventful, besides the fact that Belly kept jumping from boy-to-boy. Nothing really happens it’s just an uneventful book. Belly can make you frustrated. I, personally am team Jeremiah and Belly is just too into Conrad. Belly just seemed to be using Cam and giving him false hope it was annoying. But this book is a good book to read on the beach and I finished it in one day. I liked it enough to move to book two!

So Good. Loved this book. I’m not really a romance novel kind of girl, I’m def more a mystery kind of girl. So I was pleasantly surprised when even I couldn’t put this one down. I finished it off in one sitting. It was well worth the hype

Amazing. Such a great easy read!

📖. It was really good.

The summer I turned pretty.. Good read, finished in one day.

oml. i’ve cried too many times for the beck boys help 💀

Love!. I loved this book so much, I finished it in less than 24 hours! It’s one that you don’t want to put down because you have to know what happens next!

Love!. Loved this sweet story! Easy and interesting and satisfying.

Ehhh. Why do women authors continue to write novels targeted towards young girls that perpetuate toxic relationships. Jeremiah is kind, supportive and nothing but loving towards Belly and she refuses him. Instead, pining after Conrad who consistently treats her like garbage throughout the entirety of the book. As an adult I know that this is not acceptable behavior and I would toss Conrad aside in a second, but again this is a book targeted towards younger girls, is this the standard we really want to teach them to have?

Better than the show. I really appreciated this book. It’s wonderful reading the inner thoughts of belly! I love the medium ground that comes with cheese and adorable !

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Buy the book!!!. Who ever is thinking if they should buy the book, you should. It's such a complex book about love. All kind of love not just boyfriends and stuff. Its such a heart wrenching book, I cried so many times :( READ THE BOOK!!!!!!

Lovely book. When you read this book, you feel like you're at the summer house with Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah. I loved the mix of the comedy and drama and it really pulled me in the book. Belly + Conrad forever!!!

The Summer I Turned Pretty. This book is amazing!!

The Summer I Turned Pretty :D. Honestly, THIS BOOK IS ONE MY BEST BOOK OF ALL TIME!!!! You have to read this book and the other 2 books in the series or trilogy!!!!! XD

Team Conrad. Team Conrad for life

Awesome. Loved this book so much

AMAZING. A really good read!

TV show is better. One of the very, very rare instances where the TV show or movie is better than the book. The book feels lacking in developing the character’s relationships and the climax of Belly telling Conrad how she feels felt so boring and anticlimactic. This is a story that definitely translates better on screen than it does on a page. Looking forward to the next season of the show.

Amazing. team jere

I Could not put it down!. Best story I have read in a loonngg time and I stayed in bed till 3 in the afternoon not being able leave it! It is a must read!

Wish I could give it a lower star.. This book is nothing but boring. My friends have been talking about how good both the show and books are. I completely disagree. I thought with all the hype on TikTok it would be something really well written. I don’t know what I’m reading half the time with this book. It’s so anticlimactic. Nothing good happened until like way over half way through the book and not to mention how annoying Belly is. She acts like everything is to be handed to her because she’s so called “pretty” now and all she dose is complain about the lack of “attention” from the boys. I also noticed lots of “mistakes”. For example she stated Belly doesn’t like mayonnaise but later in the book she’s excited to be eating it and there’s a lot of other think like this(at least in my eyes). I feel like I’m reading a “pick me” summer where there is no love interests. She talks to Conrad like once every few chapters and when she does there is no chemistry at all. He just seems like he’s watching his friends little sister. Same with Jeremiah, no chemistry or anything. All I could seem them is as friends but they barely act like that. People always say the books are better than the movie/show so I hope in this case it’s not.

One of my favorite book!. I've read the trilogy twice..

Great read.... I heard about this book from someone online, and thought I'd give it a try! I ended up loving the book, and read it super fast as well as the 2nd one, and working on the 3rd now! If you enjoy summery romances, as well as turning events, I definitely think you'd love the book! Only thing is, I feel it can be a little corny every so often, but loved it either way :)

The Summer I Turned Pretty. I loved this book... It has so much passion, expression and feelings inside. I loved the story and the connections... I felt like I fell in love with the book everytime. I loved Jeremiah and Conrad... I wouldn't know which one I'd be in love with...

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Summary of The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

The The Summer I Turned Pretty book written by Jenny Han was published on 21 December 2010, Tuesday in the Coming of Age category. A total of 7,145 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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