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iPad 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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iPad 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners by Jingting Liu Book Summary

22-Oct-2011: Added a new chapter for some iOS5 features. This book is designed and written for those people, who don’t like to read pages and pages of boring manual to learn how to use an iPad. Instead, this book has included some most useful tips and tricks for iPad 2. Each tip and trick is illustrated with screenshot or picture, with short but clear instructions. By naming this book “for Beginners”, it doesn’t mean that it has included those boring stuffs like how to turn on and off the device, or how to download an app. Many of the tips and tricks included in this book can hopefully improve your efficiency; with others are intended to introduce you an alternative way to use your device. If you are reading a topic in this book and feel that “Oh, that is amazing! I didn’t know I could do that!” that will truly be my honour.

iPad 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners (Jingting Liu) Book Reviews

Quick StudyRead the book in less than two hours, had some great tips!.Score: 5/5

IPad2 tips and tricksI found this book very helpful! I learned a lot, definitely recommend.Score: 5/5

IPad tips & tricksThis app showed me more than I would have ever gotten anywhere else.The Apple manual was hard to decipher unless you muddled through it one page at a time.This book is awesome.Score: 5/5

IPad Tips & TricksExcellent iBook for beginners and as a refresher..Score: 5/5

Tips and tricks for beginnersGood and informative..Score: 5/5

IPAD 2 Tips & Tricks 4 BeginnersThis was a very helpful book in getting to know my new iPad. It gave me many new helpful ways of doing things. I really appreciate the quick and easy read!!.Score: 4/5

Thanks!I really enjoyed reading this and it didn't take long to read either. There were a few things I didn't know about and was like "wow". Thanks for sharing these tips!.Score: 5/5

IPad Tips for BeginnersI'm still pretty new with the IPad and read the Apple Book. I learned alot by hit and miss. Sometimes there are new Areas that I come across and this book took me right to those gaps. Right to the point and quick reading, I'm right where I want to be now. I used about 3 tricks from the book, while writing this review. Great book if you admit you don't know It all..Score: 5/5

IPad2 tips and reviews for beginnersThis is a great book espeshally for me to learn lots of new things about this great device..Score: 5/5

Great booksThis book and all of them are so great easy to use and easy to learn I've learned so much thanks.Score: 5/5

Thank U!!!!This app is great 😜😜 Helps u with every thing.Score: 5/5

Fits the billsThis FREE booklet answered this newbie's basic questions perfectly to get me started..Score: 5/5

Great tipsThis is really helpful with the little things you usually learn by trial and error..Score: 5/5

GoodThis boob is very informative.Score: 5/5

Thank youAs an I pad newbie this book has really helped me a lot. I have used just about every tip and trick in it. You have made my life much easier. Thanks..Score: 5/5

Ipad2 Tricks and Tips for BeginnersI found this book to be very helpful although I knew some of the stuff already..Score: 3/5

IPad 2 for BeginnersI thank the person who wrote this book. It's very easy to understand. I learn so much information about my IPad..Score: 5/5

Thank you!I feel sure that this book was written by a young person, due to the language, spelling and content. But don't be offended! I can certainly look past a few spelling and grammatical errors, because I appreciate the way this was written, and frankly, I learned quite a few things. I suppose I could have figured this out on my own, but why? I'll admit I just am not tech-savvy, and just thank you for the information!.Score: 4/5

Clear instructionsA great tool for the new iPad user, also great for the challenged newby,.Score: 4/5

Useful & quick!I learned some great tips. Even taught my wise guy son a thing or two. Thanks Mr. Liu..Score: 4/5

ReviewVery helpful and a good sense of humor. Author could use an editor for English..Score: 4/5

:)I found this book very helpful! Thank you!.Score: 4/5

Great book!Although there were a few things I skipped over after having figured them out by knocking about on my own, I did learn a great deal that was really helpful in a very practical and day to day way. I confess I have has my iPad for several months and still found much of the information a great help to me. I only wish I had found it right after purchasing..Score: 4/5

Very good app.Had quite a few tips that I was not aware of. Very good app..Score: 4/5

IPad 2 Tips and Tricks for BeginnersVery useful book if you are a beginner, and you need to know the basics of the device..Score: 5/5

TipsExcellent app. Great tips for all users...a very helpful app. I would highly recommend this for all users..Score: 5/5

Just enough info!Thank you so much, great tips!.Score: 5/5

Something for everyone!This little book has all kinds of practical, useful little bits of information that make life easier. (Wish I could find a few typos to be corrected.).Score: 5/5

Ipad 2 tips and tricks for beginnersGreat book and easy to read, I highly recommend it..Score: 5/5

IPad 2Tips and Tricks for BeginnersI did find myself saying " I didn't know that"! Really useful book. Thank you. I am a beginner and this was so necessary for me. Anyone can benefit from this..Score: 5/5

Good instructional book FOR BEGINNERSA good book for anyone who JUST started using the iPad. Like the title says, this book is for beginners and should probably come with the iPad but it won't teach you any even slightly advanced tricks. That really doesn't matter because it says it's for beginners, although it does teach you a few tips and tricks you might not of known. It goes only to IOSS5, so it's not the most recent guide..Score: 5/5

It is okIt is simple, well written and easy to understand... I just hope it had more content.Score: 2/5

AppSeem's to be a simple way to use find info with out carrying a book with you..Score: 5/5

Some helpful hintsLots of typos!.Score: 5/5

Good to knowAll of the info whether I will use it or not was very helpful..Score: 4/5

RateNot real Happy with Apple right now. I have 2 Ipads and 1 Mac Air, and all of a sudden it says my User ID is disabled, have tried everything and ow wishing I didn't get Apple products! And also all of a sudden the keypad part it in the center, HATE THAT, AND SPLIT.Score: 1/5

Good bookStraight forward tips and tricks. easy to understand explanations. recommend!.Score: 4/5

IPad tips, tricksThis is very helpful, useful and well organized. Thanks for your great help..Score: 5/5

THANK U!!!!!I was skeptical at first, then got to reading and it's simple to follow, didn't know my iPad could do so many different things... Especially loved the kiddies restriction section where they can't accidentally download apps.... Thank you again..Score: 5/5

Very helpfulThis was very helpful. I would rather read this than the manual. Plan on keeping it to be able to reference back to..Score: 5/5

GreatEasy to use, helped me to enjoy the ipad.Score: 5/5

Very good instructionsEven though I have used iPad for awhile now, I still learned new tricks. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Easy shortcut to reading a long boring how toI loved this book because it is a short very concise but very useful and RECENTLY updated/newly written book. I am a mom to a large family, in graduate school and well you get the picture that I do not have time to read six chapters to get three tips out of it. This author gives you the guts really easy and fast as well as optional modifications too. Very useful I thought..Score: 5/5

Ipad 2 tips and trick for beginnersThis is a good book if you are new with a ipad2 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀.Score: 4/5

IPad 2 tips and tricks for beginnersWonderful! I've had my iPad for three months and just learned so much more about it in the last 15 minutes!.Score: 5/5

IPad: Tips and Tricks for BeginnersThis book was a big help for this 68 year old in understanding how to use all the IPad initially. Thanks..Score: 5/5

The little tricks I knew I was missing!This was the perfect quick read that I should have picked up and read a month ago. It has all the little tips and tricks that I needed to make my easy iPad even easier!!! This should have come on the home screen..Score: 5/5

Very helpful!I received my iPad 2 as a gift 8 months ago, and always use it multiple hours every day. I read this book tonight.....it's a fast, easy read, and I leaned a lot of tips that I didn't know about. Thank you, great info!.Score: 5/5

BaxtersmomVery helpful! Simple instructions and very easily understood by this Apple "Novice.".Score: 5/5

Great sourceEasy to follow. Even though I have had an Ipad for 2 years, I learned some helpful things and it did not take all day to read it because of the way the chapter are set up..Score: 5/5

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IPad for BeginnersBeing new to iPads,I found this very useful..Score: 4/5

Not too badEasy to read, but pretty basic stuff, users can figure out the most of the things by just using their iPads..Score: 4/5

Tips and tricksGood was helpful and can review anytime.Score: 3/5

Mrs.Loved it! Short and sweet and to the point..Score: 5/5

GoodGood book lots of tips and a few things I haven't heard of but most of it was just review and pretty basic..Score: 4/5

UnreadableThe extremely poor grammar and English usage in this book makes it difficult to put up with. Could have used a translator to help them choose correct wording and words. This needs a complete rewrite! Don't bother..Score: 1/5

Almost mandatoryExtremely useful, even if you already have apple products and are familiar with many of the features. Easy to go through and read fast Afterwards felt like I had a much better grasp about using iPad and was 'inspired' to take advantage of discussed features/applications..Score: 4/5

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IPad hintsWant to get more out of your iPad. Want to learn it all in an hour. Read this and be above the average user..Score: 5/5

Awesome tips and tricks!Excellent work, have picked up heaps of new stuff!.Score: 5/5

AwesumHelped me to get to know my new iPad Mini easier!.Score: 4/5

HelpfulWas quiet handy reading the tips & tricks.Score: 4/5

Useful.Learned a lot..Score: 4/5

IPadSome good tips!.Score: 4/5

Ipad for dummiesVery good should have read this first 4years ago. You never stop learning..Score: 4/5

H.SMost helpful, just what I needed, clear easy to read, so user friendly and informative without being too high-tech. Great deserves 5 stars..Score: 5/5

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Ipad tips and tricks for beginnersWow very interesting I've learnt loads of new tips and tricks! Would recommend. Thank you.Score: 5/5

Really usefulNot an in depth manual, but a hints and tips book with some very useful bits of knowledge. If , like me, you can't be bothered to read the manual, take a look at this as I'm sure you'll find some things handy. Doesn't take long to go through and for an iPad novice it's good..Score: 4/5

Great Little Book!This is a superb little book. I thought I was pretty clued in with the iPad. But this book had a few nuggets for me. I heartily recommend it! Regards. Steve Lipton..Score: 5/5

The pigVery helpful.Score: 4/5

Teach yourself iPadEasy to understand and very helpfull.Score: 4/5

Ipad 2 tip and trick for beginnerThis is a very helpful book. Apart from refreshing my memory for some things, the tips were great for me as a beginner user. Thanks..Score: 5/5

Well DoneTips &Tricks 4 Beginners is a must read for anyone new to the iPad. Plenty of useful info an tips I didn't know. Bookmarked plenty of pages for reference later. An knowledgeable read..Score: 4/5

CoolI read it in one night but i only wish they would update the book like every week with new tricks.Score: 4/5

Very usefulVery useful and easy to follow. Thanks..Score: 5/5

Great!Great book! Learnt some awesome techniques I can impress my friends with! Thanks!!!!.Score: 5/5

Tips and TricksVery clear and concise. Easy to read and understand..Score: 4/5

IPad 2 tips and tricks for beginnersReally useful. Some stuff I knew but lots of things I didn't..Score: 3/5

At last! Just what we all want!This book dose what it says on the packet. Simply put! Direct! Everything you want to know at a glance..Score: 5/5

For beginnersIt's a good read for people who really are beginners..Score: 5/5

A must read for all ipad ownersJust discovered this amazingly helpful book. BUT I now need to practice each hint, time and time again so I use these handy hints in my everyday iPad usage. There are some brilliant things to learn and I will as it will make my life a lot easier and get things done quicker. Well done, a brilliant read.Score: 5/5

IPad tipsVery good app for iPad novices.Score: 4/5

ExcellentStraight forward basics. Really helped me. And free..Score: 5/5

TipsI learned about ten really useful tips and i am not a beginner..Score: 4/5

Very helpfulHave learnt a couple of new things since quickly scanning through this book..Score: 4/5

Great refresher!I've been using my iPad for over a year before I read this. It has given me a reminder of a few things I had used but forgotten or even new things. I doesn't take long to have a read through..Score: 4/5

This Book Is. Must-HaveI've had an iPad for 8 months and got more from this book in a few hours than all the manuals online. In fact, it's how manuals ought to be written. There are so many tips and tricks, it will take me a few weeks to make the ones that I want become working skills. As I also have to e-mail in French and German, the keyboard change tip has already paid off. Thank you so much, Author. It's brilliant!.Score: 5/5

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