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What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

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What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam Book Summary

Mornings are a madcap time for many of us. We wake up in a haze—often after hitting snooze a few times. Then we rush around to get ready and out the door so we can officially start the day. Before we know it, hours have slipped by without us accomplishing anything beyond downing a cup of coffee, dashing off a few emails, and dishing with our coworkers around the water cooler. By the time the workday wraps up, we’re so exhausted and defeated that any motivation to accomplish something in the evening has vanished.

But according to time management expert Laura Vanderkam, mornings hold the key to taking control of our schedules. If we use them wisely, we can build habits that will allow us to lead happier, more productive lives.

Drawing on real-life anecdotes and scientific research that shows why the early hours of the day are so important, Vanderkam reveals how successful people use mornings to help them accomplish things that are often impossible to take care of later in the day. While many of us are still in bed, these folks are scoring daily victories to improve their health, careers, and personal lives without sacrificing their sanity. For instance, former PepsiCo chairman and CEO Steve Reinemund would rise at 5:00 a.m., run four miles, pray, and eat breakfast with his family before heading to work to run a Fortune 500 company.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast is a fun, practical guide that will inspire you to rethink your morning routine and jump-start your life before the day has even begun.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast (Laura Vanderkam) Book Reviews

Great Read!!!Such a great, short read. This is truly a new way to improve your life. I highly recommend reading this!.Score: 4/5

Lazy morningsThis book has inspired me to take control if my mornings, and more importantly, my evenings!.Score: 4/5

Short & sweetFast easy read. Great concepts that I have lived by. Was a good refresher and motivator to get me back on track. Only read if you are or want to be a top level performer..Score: 4/5

Very helpfulThis is a simple read that can really impact your life in a positive way..Score: 5/5

Short and sweetDuring my constant battle of time-management, this booked unleashed the importance of my personal time..Score: 4/5

Very inspiring!Really loved this book! I will be able to use its information for the rest of my life! Looking forward to getting up early tomorrow!.Score: 5/5

Low DensityI agree with one of the other reviewers—wondering where the rest of the book is. I've received more from magazine. I was hoping that its size would be belied by the density of its content; I was mistaken..Score: 2/5

This book tells you the obviousThere is really nothing much to this book. It pretty much tells you mornings are awesome. That's it. I just saved you 3$. Wouldn't recommend it..Score: 2/5

There's always a butt.Thank you for this book. It has helped inspire me to better use my time. It's content is terrific! The examples are great, and short reads can always go far. ... But, I felt the writing style ran on a little. If I am to give an honest review, then I must include this. I am by no means a good writer, but as a reader it felt as though there were some run on sentences or paragraphs. Thank you anyway this is my only critique..Score: 5/5

Good Read!I was on a 12 hour ride from HHI to Indianapolis and decided to download this book. I really enjoyed it..Score: 5/5

FantasticGreat read and confirms what I've been starting to hear from my co-workers! Starting my change tomorrow morning :-).Score: 5/5

A great read to start the new year!This is actually my 2nd time reading this book. From the 1st time, incorporated many ideas, the 2nd has been a nice refresher/reinforcement.Score: 5/5

Cheap book pleasent readJust got into reading regularly. This is my first book since the choice and I'm glad it was. delightful..Score: 5/5

Nothing new.Short quick read, nothing I didn't already know..Score: 4/5

Not what I expectedThe content of the book is pretty basic, I thought there were more sophisticated suggestions in it..Score: 3/5

Good bookShort read though the author makes some solid points regarding how much one can accomplish in the morning .... The biggest question is if you can wake up and motivate yourself to take advantage..Score: 3/5

Quick and easyWell written with lots of ideas! Definitely inspired me!! I was up at 7:30am now getting up at 6am!!!.Score: 5/5

GoodThe book was good. A bit repetitive for my taste..Score: 4/5

RefresherShort and simple message. Good read..Score: 4/5

What successful people do before breakfastAwesome book!!!.Score: 5/5

An OK readNot too much sophistication... A simple read with not too much inside....Score: 2/5

Quick read with good ideasEspecially recommend for fathers and mothers. While some was obvious information, other things were presented in a different manner which made sense. Worth the $3..Score: 4/5

When life gets crazy this is a must readIt is easy in our fast paced demanding lives to let life get away from you. This book is a priceless reminder of keeping perspective and delegating what's important. A quick read I will surely read over and over as life throws obstacles and throws me off course again and again..Score: 5/5

Before BreakfastExcellent! A simple and quick read with truly great insights to help you make over your mornings..Score: 5/5

Common Sense RevealedI'm glad I stumbled on this book. So much of it just makes sense. Doing the important things early in the day ensures that they don't get lost in the shuffle. Great takeaways and action items..Score: 5/5

Not much contentUnfortunately, the book is thin on content. It barely manages to flesh out the introduction. The entire book may have been written before breakfast, in a single sitting. My morning is chopped up by school bus departures beginning at 6:45 am, and the book talks about creating and making use of large chunks of uninterrupted morning time. Some of us have more control over our morning schedule than others..Score: 2/5

Don’t buy itComplete waste of $2.99. Go spend it on anything but this pamphlet!!!!.Score: 1/5

MotivatingI'm inspired. Great read, worth the asking price. Some comment saying they already know what is written in this book, then why are you still searching? If you don't like the book then point out VALID reasons, stop bashing based on your own repeated failings!! Great read if you want that extra push. Many thanks to the author..Score: 5/5

Frustratingly SimpleWay too basic! Nothing worth $3 in here..Score: 1/5

Quick InspirationA great motivation to start of the year right. The suggestions are obvious, but good reminders. Nothing truly special about the book, but its not a bad waste of $3..Score: 3/5

This book was wonderful!!!This definitely made me realize that you can fit more in a day if you would just make that one step to get up a little earlier. And to open your mind to new opportunities. Just make a step to a new you!.Score: 5/5

Not worth the $This short read shouldn’t cost more than $1 if that. It has a nice intention, however it’s written in a manner in which college kids write when they have to meet a word count for a class essay..Score: 2/5

Motivating & Enlightening. A defibrillator for the soulThis book opened my eyes to some things that have been missing in my life, and gave me a basic blueprint for getting back to where I'd like to be. The book reminded me of the power of habits, and made me realize how many BAD habits I had allowed to consume my life. If you are struggling in your life, this book can be an excellent quick read to get you started on a new path. It was the quick shock I needed to get started..Score: 5/5

Pretty goodPretty good book. Learned a few new things about stretching my day and making it seem a little bit longer and my successful..Score: 4/5

Simple and trueThis is a gentle guide for those of us who want to get more out of the day and night by prioritizing what matters most causing us to accomplish more and feel happier about it..Score: 4/5

Good bookI think the book has some good ideas on how to implement change to improve not only productivity but also impact life changes. Good read..Score: 4/5

No experienceVey shallow book. The writer has no experience in what she writes about here.... All theories to the author. While the fact of all the benefits of getting up early is completely true... I just don't like to read books that are written without the authors direct experience in what they write about..Score: 1/5

A 30 minute read about obvious conceptsThis book is very short. It's more like an essay that says if you wake up early, you can exercise, hang out with your family, or work on a project. The author mentions that a few CEOs exercise at 6:00 AM and that you're too tired to work on stuff at the end of the day. Thanks for charging me $3 to tell me that in a 30 minute read. You can't see it but I just rolled my eyes..Score: 2/5

InspiringEverything she writes is obvious, and that is what I like about it. I'm looking forward to changing my habits and start the day (earlier) doing what I like the most..Score: 4/5

Very BriefGreat message however the book does not provide enough substance considering the price..Score: 2/5

Success before breakfastQuick and imperative read!.Score: 4/5

Flash ReadQuick read and great reminders/tips..Score: 4/5

Do not waste money on this book..Score: 1/5

SolidSolid info. Great little read..Score: 5/5

Good but could have been a blog postThe whole message of the book could have been condensed into a much shorter space. But it is quite helpful and inspirational..Score: 4/5

Many grammatical errorsThis book is ok. Good short read..Score: 3/5

I'll give it a tryI'm excited to use my mornings; I feel like I just got an extra two hours a day..Score: 5/5

Very helpfulBook was an easy read, very informative! Highly recommend!!.Score: 5/5

Refreshing and motivating!!It is nice to get a motivating essay (I say this because is a little over a hundred pages) for a small price. It is to the point, captivating and inspiring. 168 hours in a week, with plenty of time left over from sleep and work... what have I been doing?? I have definitely started to take advantage of my mornings as a 2013 resolution. after reading this it has given me fuel to take a closer look at long awaited tasks in my life. in other words, this author puts things in perspective. It is a quick enjoyable read (and reference) and worth the $3!.Score: 5/5

Short & Lousy38 pages of unspecific drivel. Short summary: wake up early and exercise or do something non-mundane. There you go: your $2.99 has been saved. You're welcome!.Score: 1/5

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Easy ReadEasy content to read. Would benefit from more "to do"'s and less "maybe" and "try"'s. Minimal new info. Efficient list of ideas to think about..Score: 3/5

Quick and thought provokingEasy to read in one sitting. I finished feeling motivated and excited to reexamine and make changes to my daily routines.Score: 5/5

Worth the money?It's short, but the book is also cheap. The way I see it is, I can put my money on a $2 game app, or I can invest $2 on a book that can potentially change how I live my life for the better. Either way, good read..Score: 4/5

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