A Little Complicated Book Reviews

Kelsie Rae

A Little Complicated by Kelsie Rae Book Summary

Archer Buchanan is perfect. 
He's sweet. Attentive. Passionate.
He's been my best friend for as long as I can remember and when I find myself in a pickle, he's the first to bail me out.
I should've known he'd insist on taking me to prom after my Mystery Man broke my heart an hour before he was supposed to pick me up.
Now I'm moving in next door to my new boyfriend and his twin brother...
The twin brother who happens to be the guy who bailed on me in the first place.
Yeah...things just got a little more complicated.

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Book Name A Little Complicated
Genre New Adult Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 1.71 MB

A Little Complicated (Kelsie Rae) Book Reviews 2024

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This Book!!. I absolutely loved this book! It’s my first Kelsie Rae book and I know I’ll read her other books! It totally wrecked me but in the best way possible! 5 stars!!

READ THIS BOOK. I was not expecting to have my heart ripped out while reading this. I definitely wasn't use to this kind of heartbreak from Kelsie Rae but it was an amazing read. She has a way of writing books that I just can't put down and always wanting more. This book was no exception. I never wanted to stop reading this book because I constantly felt the need for the tension to be resolved. This book had the perfect amount of tension and I really connected and fell in love with the characters. I already can't wait for the next book to come out! My advice for new Kelsie Rae readers is to read the wrecked roommates series, then the don't let me series before reading the little things series, it will make the entire reading experience so much better!

Loved this book!. Was SO good. Couldn’t put it down!

So so so good.. This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, so much so that I wished I could detach myself from it even just a little bit but I get so emotionally attached to the characters it’s nearly impossible. Kelsey has a way of writing that makes you feel like you’re living the story. One of my newly discovered, but easily top 5 favorite authors.

So many turns. This book made me cry made me laugh and gave me all the feels. Kelsie Rae out did herself.

LOVE. I absolutely loved this book! Definitely broke my heart to read but it was still an amazing read. I love all of your books and cannot wait for the next one! I was doing my cardio at the gym when I was reading the part about archer and the heart transplant and was fighting those tears 🥺

Grab a box of tissues and enjoy!. I could not put this book down! I would have finished it in a single sitting had life not gotten in the way. I have read EVERY book that Kelsie has published and this is in my top 3! This book made me audibly gasp, literally laugh out loud, and cry like a baby…. I have never cried from reading a book. She broke my heart and the put it right back together. If this is your first Kelsie Rae book, go back and read the Don’t Let Me series after you finish. You’re going to love having the background stories for all the characters. She ties them all together in this universe I wish I lived in. I literally feel like I know these people!

i’m obsessed with this book!!. I love how she took a risk making this book different than her others..all the twists made it that more good. i could not put this book down until i forced myself at night that i need sleep haha. amazing job and i can’t wait to read the second book :) “This heart will always beat for you, Ophelia Grace.”

WOW!! A must read. Every review I read before starting it said it would rip your heart out, but it would be mended back together. That’s exactly what it did, though the ending was very unexpected.. That was the one thing I did not see coming. I felt every single emotion in this book, I loved it so much and couldn’t put it down! Highly recommend reading, You won’t regret it!

Amazing. I picked this book off of tiktok because of the spice and best friends brother type romance and was absolutely torn to shreds by the end of this book. 💓💓

Heart-wrenching and Heartwarming. This book had me in tears the entire time. From the love to the pain. I want another book on Maverick and Ophelia!!

Not what I expected. When reading this I was like ok sure brother love again buttttt then she puts me through some twists and turns and bammmm hits you in the heart I cried at least twice and a bittersweet ending

A little complicated. This book broke me and put me back together again. Phenomenal writing!

YES. YES. YES.. Absolutely gut wrenching and beautiful at the same time. Such a good read, absolute page turner. First book by this author and I WILL be coming back for more!

The ending. I CRIED!!!! I was not expecting that ending!!! Here is a warning!!

What a rollercoaster. In all honesty I wasn’t a fan in the beginning… but Kelsie Rae is an incredible author because she was able to turn me into a sobbing mess. The events of this book keep you trapped and locked in; I’m not an emotional person but this book got me!

So good. If you are looking for a romance that will pull at all your heartstrings, look no further. This book will make you laugh, make you angry, make you cry, but mainly make you feel. Throughout the book, I never knew what relationship I wanted to work more, Archer/Lia or Mav/Goose. I saw the highs and lows for both. I’ll let the readers decide if it was the outcome they hoped for. It wasn’t the outcome I was expecting!!

Love it 😭❤️‍🩹. I loved this book, I couldn’t put it down. I would’ve read it all in one day if I didn’t have to actually work. Let me tell you it was HEART WRENCHING.. it made me cry my eyes out, but it always made me laugh and love the characters like I was sitting alongside them. Such a great book, my first of many Kelsie Rae books.

Took me out of the reading slump. I really did enjoy this book! I loved the authors writing. I was so interested in Ophelia and maverick’s story the entire book. I will admit I found the author through tik tok and I’m so happy for it.

Wow, broke my heart in a million pieces. I loved it! 100% would recommend it, and its better if you read don’t let me series first!

O.M.G. I am not a reader by any means but I was seeing Kelsie on TikTok and was like “ok I need to read this book.” I loved it and can’t wait to read the next one!

Teeny bop. That was a tale for a young teen. Extremely repetitive, very little character development beyond the 3. Boring and predictable

to next potential reader. I loved this book it’s a gut wrenching page turning book. I’m someone who has never really liked reading but just read this so fast like I’d say in total maybe 13ish hours and I’m not a very fast reader. If you love a page turner then you’ll love this she did great with this book. I definitely recommend

The ending gets ya!. I thought the DONT let me series was good but I cannot wait to see how all of the little things series Pursues! I cried, I laughed and hands down can say kelsie Rae is one of my favorite authors

Amazing!!. This book gave me every emotion and then some! It gave me whiplash in the best way. I SOBBED and it was so beautiful! This book with forever be a favorite from now on! I thought I had the ending figured out and then BAM it changed and caught me off guard, I love it so much and will definitely be reading more!!

10000/10. LOVED THE BOOK, had me crying but I 100% recommend reading it ‼️

Amazing! 10/10 Will read again. Such a good book, and I love how close you become to the characters. I love feeling connected to the books I read, though I hate my heart being ripped out and stomped on😭😂, this is the first things I’ve ever read by this amazingly talented author and I wish I’d have found her sooner, and read her earlier books first. Though I think this book would have broken my heart even more if I got used to her sweet and happy endings first. Thank you for an amazing journey madam, it definitely had me crying for the last 2 hours, but giggling the rest of the time it took me to read it. 100% will read again, especially if I’m in need of a good cry.

A must read. I had the privilege of reading this ARC from one of my favorite authors that wrote one of my favorite series (Don’t let me series). As expected, this was a beautiful story for this new generation of LAU students. Love seeing some of the old gang w their children. Falling in love is not easy, but falling in love with twins? Well, you need to read this book to find out how that goes. However, the author was nice enough to let us know in advance that your heart will break, even if is mended now, my heart shattered . It was constructed back together and now, I can never stop thing about this book and the characters will live rent free in my brain forever (Opie, Arch and Mav). I Wish I could re-read this book for the first time one thousand times over. It was a well written love triangle with twist and turns that took me by surprise. It was a beautiful emotional rollercoaster. Don’t be afraid to dive into this amazing story, you won’t regret it. I can’t wait for the story on the rest of the group, specially Reeves! Hope to see the new generation soon! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🌶️🌶️ Thank you Kelsie Rae for this ARC and for letting me write my honest review.

Hmmmm. Don’t get me wrong I love Kelsie Rae however I think this is the worst book of hers I’ve read. While the ending was pretty good, the only reason I didn’t DNF half-way through was because I wanted to find out the secret Maverick was keeping. Other than that it was pretty weird.

“A Little Complicated”. I loved this book!!! I couldn’t put it down, literally finished it within a few days. I can’t wait to read more of this series.

Couldn’t put it down!!. Love this book!

This book cover is absolutely gorgeous. May contain some spoilers. I stay up till 3am reading half the book and finished it in 24 hours. I could not put it down. This book has a lot of twists with twin brothers but it also has heart break. It takes you through all the emotions to happy, to on edge, to sad, being mad and heartbroken. With a some of spice. The banter in this book had me giggling and smiling. I love banter between the characters in books. A few of my favorite parts in this book are chiefs kiss! One: the child’s game “the floor is lava” at a college party and they turned it into an adult game, had me giggling. Second: The ice bath between opie and maverick. LOVED IT! Definitely start from the beginning with all the parents books. This book is an amazing and Kelsie always knows how write amazing books.

10/10. Just finished this book and I WAS BALLING MY EYES OUT!!!! such a good book and laughed and cried a lot. 10/10

Amazing author. I have ADHD and I always thought I couldn’t read, just because by the end of the page I couldn’t remember what I had read. Kelsie changed this for me, I started reading 2 months ago and I have finished 4 books (now I finish one of her books in about a week, I’m a single working mom so I don’t have much time on my hands) but just the way she writes, keeps you reeled in and interested the entire time, and how they all tie in together? Phenomenal

Soo good. I loved this book so much, it had so many good up and downs. Had me bawling my eyes out.

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Emotional but amazing. I read this book in a day (like i have most of your books…) i loved all the don’t let me series and couldn’t wait to read this one… after each book I read I wonder how your next one will be different or will they start to get samey, but they don’t! I love all your stories, i feel connected to all of the characters and I literally cant put the books down I have read 11 total so far! I love reading in general, but Kelsie Rae is pure talent and gifted. Your books make me smile, literally laugh out loud and then with a little complicated, sob my heart out! I have no doubt the work that you put into these stories is second to none, honestly they are amazing! Thank you so much for giving us a space to escape into your world of stories, I never write reviews, but all your books I’ve read have literally just been in the last month and I’m already looking at your other books in different series. Absolutely incredible & highly recommend this author… i cant wait to read the rest of this series… please don’t break my heart as much in the next ones… not sure I can take it! Kate & Macks stories is one of my favourites, but this.. this story is going to stick with me for a long time!

Absolutely Amazing, Emotional and Heartfelt Story. This is book one in The Little Things series and it is Ophelia and Maverick’s story and omg what a start to a new series and definitely a must read. Ophelia had a mystery man who should have taken her to the prom only he let her down so her best friend Archer stepped in to help her not knowing that it was his twin brother Maverick who broke Ophelia’s heart. Ophelia and Archer started dating and now she is off to the university LAU where most of her cousins and friends are and she was looking forward to experiencing college life while playing with the girls hockey team when the new season starts. Ophelia and Maverick now have a love/hate relationship and are constantly bickering and at each others throats but deep down they still want each other but won’t do anything about it because not only does no one knows about their past and also because of her being with Archer but how long will they be able to deny how they feel about each other but keep it a secret about their past before everything is revealed which will break their family apart. Ophelia and Maverick can no longer stay away from each other because there attraction, chemistry and connection is to strong but when they come together again they are absolutely explosive but yet again they see each other in secret but Maverick has kept something from not only Ophelia but also his family and friends. Then something happens that completely devastates and destroys them all and difficult decisions will have to be made and dealt with if Ophelia and Maverick are ever going to have a chance of a future together. Wow Wow Wow this book will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions so make sure that you have a box of tissues ready because you are definitely going to need them as I cried so much and so hard that i ended up sobbing and couldn’t stop with all the pain, heartbreak, raw feelings that come from this book as you turn the pages because you are unable to put this book down as it was so sad but addictive. Kelsie Rae is an amazing author and writer and she certainly knows how to keep her readers attention throughout while reading one of her books and I can’t wait to read the next book in this amazing series.

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All the feels. This is one of those reads you can’t put down and even when you have read the last word you want more. This is Maverick and Ophelia’s heartbreaking and heartwarming story and let’s not forget Archer who stole a piece of my heart. I don’t want to write a review full of spoilers because I feel this book needs to be read first hand with no preconceived ideas. Kelsie Rae has given us a beautifully written story that will break your heart and then put it back together again. It has wonderful characters that you can’t get enough of and a journey that will take over your life.

Emotional. This book is a bit of a departure from what I have come to expect from Kelsie Rae and not what I was expecting going in. I was quickly hooked on the story that Ms. Rae wove. I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for Maverick and Ophelia (and Archer) and she did not disappoint. Kelsie Rae has written a story with characters who she is not afraid to show in all their flawed glory. It is an emotional roller coaster of a read that at times had me sobbing. This book brought me to tears and ripped my heart out but thankfully Ms. Rae put it back together.

OMG Kelsie Rae. This book was such a heart filled tear jerker. I loved it so much and didn’t want to put it down. You have done an amazing job writing this and I have loved reading it so Thank you!

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Summary of A Little Complicated by Kelsie Rae

The A Little Complicated book written by Kelsie Rae was published on 16 November 2023, Thursday in the New Adult Romance category. A total of 508 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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