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You Make Me by Erin McCarthy Book Summary

I fell passionately in love with my foster brother, Heath, before he left without a word and broke my naïve heart. 

I’ve reinvented myself, put the past totally behind me. I’m no longer Cat, the wild child running free on an island off the coast of Maine. I’m Caitlyn, with the perfect boyfriend, and the perfect life, all based on lies.

But then brooding Heath appears out of nowhere, honorably discharged from the Marines, the night I get engaged. He is determined to win me back, and I have to resist him. I have to, or all my secrets will be exposed.

But when one love allows me to breathe, and the other feels as essential to my life as air, how do I choose between them…   

You Make Me (Erin McCarthy) Book Reviews

Really liked it !!Good characters and story!! I liked it!!!! She does good job of bringing characters out & grabs your attention!!.Score: 5/5

"You Make Me"Never have I ever been an avid reader but let me tell you this book changed me as a reader. Cat and Heath are two strong personalities with a bond that I can't imagine ever being broken. Cat finds herself torn between a great guy and the right guy and it's an amazing, gut wrenching story cover to cover. Since I read this book about two months ago, I finished this whole series, the blurred lines series, and the fast track series. Erin McCarthy, you are a true literary genius..Score: 5/5

Ripping off the classicsThis is clearly the plot of Wuthering Heights, right down to the character names, and Book 2 is obviously the plot of Jane Eyre. I don't feel like I can even call this woman an author. She needs to stop copying the works of the great writers who have gone before her and come up with some original concepts of her own..Score: 1/5

You make meI could not stop reading! I downloaded the book off iBooks this morning and read the whole thing today. Really good story line. Would love another book about Cat and Heath!!!.Score: 5/5

Awesome readLoved the book easy read. Great love story with some family drama..Score: 5/5

EhNot.Score: 1/5

Did anyone even proofread this book?I really wanted to like the story. But all of the grammatical errors are so distracting. I was trying to ignore them until I got to page 131 or so. They go from talking in her room to magically being in the car. With no explanation. I even reread the three pages again to see if maybe I missed it. But no sadly it just magically skips from them arguing in her room to arguing in the car. I just can't deal anymore with this book I'm so done..Score: 2/5

Couldn't put it downAmazing and heart felt story that I didn't want to stop..Score: 5/5

Absolutely AmazingBest book I've ever read! I went threw a lot of emotions reading this, happiness, sadness, and so on. This books was amazing! And made you feel every word written. The ending was phenomenal, I could tell it was ending but didn't want to except the fact, lol. I enjoyed every second reading this book, and highly encourage everyone else to read it. Words can't explain how much I love this books! Everything about it was amazing. The love was so true and made me melt..Score: 5/5

LOVED ITThis book pulls at your heart strings. Erin really knows how to pull the reader in and make them empathize and relate with the characters! It was an easy read but full of emotion, spark, intimacy, and love. I would read this 100x's over again! Well done!.Score: 4/5

Great in love !I've never really been the GURL to read a book after the 3rd chapter but this book is so lovely and inspiring. Please read. I hope they make a movie soon !.Score: 5/5

Amazing!I read this book in one day! The passion kept me engaged until the end. Cat and Heath were meant to be. I would definitely recommend this book..Score: 5/5

Best book I'veI read this book over a year now, it was a good love story I love the relationship with Heath andCat ❤️.Score: 5/5

GreattttAbsolutely wonderful !.Score: 5/5

One of the best books ever!!!Read it in one day! Couldn't stop reading it!.Score: 5/5

Did not finishThe beginning was okay but I wasn't hooked at all. I hate not finishing books but I just couldn't continue this one. By the middle of the book, I could no longer turn a blind eye to the heroine annoying personality. Thank goodness this was free on IBooks. I would be really mad if I spent money on this. Don't think I'll be reading any books by this author in the future.Score: 1/5

Caroleah1Amazing ❤️ couldn’t stop reading.Score: 5/5

Loved it!I hate reading and this was the 1st book i have read in iBooks and i loved it!! So much passion and drama. I read the book in 2 days it was amazing and i loved it!! I recommend it ;).Score: 5/5

You make meGreat book! Couldn't put it down.Score: 5/5

You make meCouldn’t put it down... I want to see Cat and Heath on the big screen. The imagery in this book is amazing!!! Drives me crazy that it had to come to an ending 😔.Score: 5/5

Modern version of "Whuthering Heights"Feel it like the modern version of "Whuthering Heights". Similar storyline, but this is the story about Catherine and Heathcliff, no second generation are involved. Characters are gentler and the ending is happier..Score: 4/5

I’m glad it was freeNot a big fan of the storyline nor the characters..Score: 3/5

Love Triangle Story where the past crashes with the present.Love triangle between Cat, Heath, and Ethan. Heath is a foster brother to Cat. They slept together and she fell in love with him, but then he left with no explanation. Heath shows up after four years and now Cat is engaged to Ethan. Heath left when he was eighteen and went into the Marines. Cat is living a lie. Cat wanted to get out and away from her past that she thought she could hide and erase it by not talking about it. Until Heath showed up. Then the crap hit the fan and Cats past is front and center and Ethan is seeing a different side to Cat. Cat did not want people judging her based on her past, she wanted people to judge her for herself. I think Cat had a hard time of letting go of Ethan because she liked the idea of him accepting her into his world and she never had that before. Yet, Cat was torn when Heath returned into her life and reminded her of who she really was and how he accepted her for who she truly is. Cat must decide which she can live with: the idea of being someone she is not-the lie or the person she is-her true self. Cat is going crazy and she continues to doubt herself. Cat is letting the people she once strived to become like change her view point on her relationship with Heath. Cat wanted to fit so badly into the college world with the sorority sisters that she does not realize how paranoid she is becoming. The once laid back Cat is now becoming a jealous freak. Cat is jealous and insecure. Cat did try to blend in and pretend to fit into a world she did not belong in. I wanted to understand how Cat felt trapped, controlled, and betrayed; but Erin never explained how Cat dealt with those issues. I was disappointed to not have that insecurity dealt with, with answers. The last few chapters felt rushed when Cat realized what she wanted and figured out where she belong. But how she determined that was not clear in the story. There was no process for Cat to determine the life to choose in the end..Score: 4/5

👌👌👌👌👌I loved this book!!.Score: 5/5

WhateverQuick read, beginning was good but later it was just plain dumb. Chapter 20 wow like what is wrong with Cat? I rolled my eyes so much. Best characters were Heath and Ethan. I liked Cat but she didn't make sense at all. Her arguments were weak! I'm curious about Ethan book, but I'm not going to waste my time. I loved the story but it was missing more information. And the ending felt rush. Is Cat planning to finish school? If she wants to become a Art teacher and Coach she must get a degree! If she drops out how the hell is she going to pay her loans? And I was a little confused because at the beginning of the book it said that she got scholarship? Hmm.Score: 2/5

OkayThis book started off amazing with all the crazy drama!! I loved it so much I couldn't put it down. But I was extremely disappointed by the ending cause there was no twist no "OMG" moment. So to be frank the ending was boring and could have been better.Score: 1/5

Twists and turnsThis story basically did lots of twists and turns throughout. It was sometimes a bit difficult to keep up. However, overall the storyline had a common thread through it that told of a special love and how the main characters finally worked their way through. All in all it was a compelling read!.Score: 4/5

Glad it was freeThe main character, Cat, was extremely unlikable, as was every other character. Cat did not have a single healthy, non-toxic relationship throughout the entire book, romantic, platonic, or familial..Score: 2/5

This was an amazing book!I downloaded this book to pass the time and found myself not able to put it down. Love the story from beginning to end!.Score: 5/5

Didn't do it for meThis book didn't hold my interest at all. There wasn't much plot to it and the main character was annoying, to say the least. I'm just glad that this book was free and I didn't waste money on it..Score: 1/5

You Make MeI loved this book! The characters are so real & had me feeling all the emotions of each of them. I stayed up until 2 am reading until I finished. I knew I couldn't go to sleep until I found out what was going to happen..Score: 5/5

Loved it but....This book spoke to me hardcore but the ending lacked proper transition. They are kissing in the rain on campus on Thanksgiving then suddenly at her parents house putting up a Christmas tree, it skipped over the change of setting. That’s why only 4 stars..Score: 4/5

You make meI love this book.Score: 4/5

You Make MeCat had turned herself into a girl named Caitlan and Heath didn't like the new her. Specially as Caitlin had a new fiance named Even. Didn't she realize she belong to him! Had belonged to him since she was sixteen. He'd had to leave but had thought she would wait for him. Cat saw Heath just as Evan was putting the ring on her finger. Her world turned up side down. She didn't know what to do, she only knew one thing the man at her side was the wrong man. Great read it's a good story when you have to face themselves and deside what is real..Score: 5/5

A Must Read Romance 📖Fabulous book! I almost didn't read it because I always find it unsettling to read novels containing heroines with my exact first name. I am so thankful I did, though! I read tons of romance novels, but this one contained so much character develop and true, vivid emotions. It felt real, and the characters were so genuine. How could I not get sucked in? I read the entire book in a single day! I recommend this to everyone!.Score: 5/5

Modern WritingHashtag, really? You are going to use "hashtag" in a book? Ugh, that's deplorable *Sigh*.Score: 3/5

Cute storyOverall, this one was the best of the series. Cute romantic story. Easy and captivating to read..Score: 5/5

Love it!!!!Very good book!!!.Score: 5/5

You Make MeGreat read! Loved it!.Score: 5/5

You Make MeThe book is amazing! It so full of emotions, it will make you finish the book all in one night! It will seriously make you feel like your right there with Heath and Cat! The book is so great, I would ready it again, one of the best books I've every read!.Score: 5/5

THE BEST!!I read ALOT and this book tops my chart! So well written, full of emotion and simply enchanting!.Score: 5/5

SwoonBest romance I have read since Fifty Shades!! So real and strong Cat and Heath's love is. Read!!! You won't regret it.Score: 5/5

Amazing!A really great book, definitely worth reading..Score: 5/5

I was warned... I read it in one night!I downloaded this book and ignore the review that said I would read the book in one sitting, but I did! I would suggest reading this when you can sleep in the next morning. This was a page turner and I just downloaded the next book in the Blurred Lines series..Score: 5/5

You Make MeA fantastic read and a great love story! You won't regret reading it!!!.Score: 5/5

You Make MeErin McCarthy is a very good writer. The book flowed well and kept you wanting to keep reading well past your bedtime!.Score: 5/5

SadEveryone fell apart in this book, to me so much was left out..Score: 3/5

A beautiful loves story!!!4.5 Stars This beautiful love story is book one in the Blurred Lines series and it features Heath Deprey and Caitlyn Michaud. They fell in love as teens but were torn apart for years. They meet again but circumstances have changed and she's engaged to someone else. So many twists and turns, unexpected events that one or the other didn't know about. I love witnessing their journey. It was emotional and heartbreaking and very beautiful. I am looking forward to book 2..Score: 5/5

FantasticI love romance books and this is by far my favorite one. Loved it from beginning to end..Score: 5/5

Love!I loved this story! I felt this story! Cat and Heath were made to be together. I'm so happy that in the end they stayed together. Thank you Erin McCarthy for taking me away for awhile. I just love "You Make Me". Getting ready to read "Live For Me"..Score: 5/5

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You make sure you read this bookLove is patience - this story proves it well. I am hoping for Ethan's story too..Score: 5/5

You Make MeEnjoyed the story and characters. Would love to read more about Heath & Cat and would love to see Ethan get his own story..Score: 4/5

You Make MeThis book was playing a toll with my poor emotions. I actually book the book down and almost cried when things weren’t going as expected! There was happy sad mad and then thrilled! You kept Me on the edge of my seat!! Thank you!!.Score: 5/5

Lots of drama!Great for people who are fans of soap operas :) Personally, I think Cat and Heath have a toxic relationship, and Cat should get therapy (bi-polar?) ;P.Score: 2/5

Similar to Wuthering HeightsWhile I was reading, I was wondering why the plot seemed so familiar until I realized its similarities to Brontë's Wuthering Heights. If you love reading about the destructive and passionate relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine, you'll love the consuming relationship between Heath and Cat.Score: 4/5

You Make MeThis book is painfully boring even the sex scenes are boring..Score: 2/5

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Nice book pretty compelling readingCouldn't put it down. Surprisingly good book! Nice little story..Score: 4/5

OkWasn't overly keen on this story... Cat just got on my nerves, very child like... Heath was lovely... Ok read gx.Score: 3/5

Addictive readGreat easy read! Kept me up all night till 3:30am!!.Score: 5/5

Great bookReally enjoyed reading this book, thought the story was great and liked the way it got straight into it..Score: 5/5

Great!This book was truly emotional, a great read that I couldn't put down x.Score: 5/5

Lovely & romantic a must readI loved this book! I couldn't put it down! Cried in places!.Score: 5/5

One of the best reads ever!I read this book in one day, that is how gripping and an emotional roller coaster this text is. It is full of passion and all things to make your heart melt. If you're into Romance then this book should definitely be your next read!.Score: 5/5

...I really did not get along with it. Thought the writing base was not very good and found it overall quite dull . Just my opinion though :) x.Score: 2/5

Excellent read, perfectly written.Excellent read, perfectly written. I am in love with this book. I couldn't put it down. So disappointed when I finished the last page, I wanted to read more!!.Score: 5/5

Finished it one night!!Didn't expect much but was blown away. Was completely hooked and couldn't put my iPad down. Finished the book in one night. Absolutely loved it! Sad it ended. Gripping, sexy & romantic!.Score: 5/5

Have I read a different book to everyone else?I found it hard to emotionally connect with any of the characters in this book and found myself despising the protagonist as opposed to empathising with her. Despite being rather unengaged, I managed to read until the end and I'd say the book as a whole was a disappointment; it didn't get better as I had hoped it would. It certainly did not live up to the other reviews, I wouldn't recommend this book..Score: 2/5

The most romantic book I've ever readI love it I wish I could meet a guy from my childhood and fall in love and he would say he's been waiting for me I love this book I've already read it twice in one day I love it so much thank you to the author for writing this book thank you so much it has made my day happy from your number.1 fan Paige Murdoch xxx.Score: 5/5

Great bookWhat a great book, I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the next book in this series..Score: 5/5

Lovely bookReally liked this book. Stumbled across it in the free chart and read it all in one shot. The characters felt very believable and their emotions honest. Highly recommended.Score: 5/5

AmazingLove love love this book. Such an easy read.. Can't wait to read the next one :).Score: 5/5

Romantic, easy readLoved reading the book was gutted when it was over, it's a book where you want to know what happened to them.Score: 5/5

Nice oneLove,love,love.....Score: 4/5

Great book!I loved this book!.Score: 5/5

Wuthering Heights!Well this is just a modern Wuthering Heights (even down to the characters name-sakes) with a happier ending. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, it was an easy read but it wasn't particularly original..Score: 3/5

Real page turnerLoved this book makes you believe in true love.Score: 5/5

A hot mess.This book was beautifully written with a believable story based upon destiny. From anger to love, this book has the reader in all emotions. With heartbreaking backgrounds and unknown futures, Cat and Heath are a true love story. Their personalities are a perfect balance. I definitely can't wait to read the next book and look forward to it!.Score: 4/5

Rhianbs12345Amazing loved the book.Score: 5/5

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