All About Dogs Book Reviews

Oleksandr Kotenko

All About Dogs by Oleksandr Kotenko Book Summary

Are you getting a new dog? Do you want to know more about training them? This is the book for for you!

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Book Name All About Dogs
Genre Pets
Language English
E-Book Size 786.98 KB

All About Dogs (Oleksandr Kotenko) Book Reviews 2023

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All About Dogs. I thought this book was okay. The drawings could have been better, and the information was too simple. Even after I removed the download of it, this book was still stuck on my phone and now I can’t get it off. Sorry

Crap no.. OMG. Why would you put that cute puppy on the front of the ugliest drawing and hand writing EVER. I bet the kid who wrote that is just as ugly as his drawings. Also the person who wrote in their review that people were being mean and we know better than that, frick you whoever you are. Your a miss perfect goody two shoes and you probably his mom or sis.

Dog. Was horrible because it was a kid drawing the pictures

Nice tips. Drawings were a little awkward, but the information is great for people who are unexperienced dog owners. Another thing is that if your dog won't sit, pat his rump (that's what works with my dog).

Haha. Oof

I really liked this book. It was short but it was informal :)

all about dogs. i like this book📕 because i love dogs🐶

Hi people. A good book and could help you but I wish there was more pages then 9

Not What I was expecting 😐😶😓. Before I even think of buying the books I preview them. So I did. It only let me preview the Table of Contents so I decided to give this book a chance. Since it was free I got it. Unfortunately it didn’t really deserve a chance. What I experienced was something I wouldn’t have expected. It definitely is informative for a new dog owner, but because I already am a dog owner I know all that. The drawings are simple but understandable. The sentences could use a little more detail, but overall super informative. 😬🤗

All about dogs. Get

😕. It wasn't the best I thought it will show pictures ,but it was some good tips

Dogs. Dog for a pet is wonderful

Not good. The drawings are bad and are terrible you are bad never write a book again that is not even what you do I am a animal trainer I thought this was going to be good it’s not🤬😒

Bad book. Don’t download

I love dogs. I love dogs

Cute. This is a good book if you have a dog and have kids in the house.

Dog. This book was awesome I like it it's good to people who built this book the people who published the pictures in this book they were young and I like the pictures you were very young. I want the dog said he'll help the Deauville he said it is very good let the dog no they said help help.This is so good you know what this book is like so I know kids really love those I have a dog peanut but we Boston and we never found him a bone going to find him soon really love that dog pad I really think that people should have a dog like peanut so you could experience the love in infection of love it's good to make people love people that love you like your mother you dog you cat anything can help you anyway you still know you can be loved by anyone anyone the dog loves you and you love your dog everyone can love you but all you know is you love your dog you love your whole family and is not Fail if you're not loved by your father said anything. Dogs are loving young people can write these books that Joe pictures that you're beautiful pictures look in the dogs of the people who take their dogs and you cannot find your dog he would everywhere so I told him and you really want him back and you really really want to wash the need to feed anything to do you're going to take it away from you.

Good. Has good dog tips.its cute and fantastic.

I dislike this book. I think in my opinion it is cute but I think it needs to have real actions like if the dog waits by the door before you leave then that would be a better sentence.

A. nonny mouse PRO. This book needs better illustration and needs to be (way) longer

ALL ABOUT DOGS. This was by far the worst attempt to get a persons name on a publication, for the sake of having a count of "published" books. Some inadequate writers need to do this in order to have a qualifying amount. However, of this is not the case, and this book was written with sincerity, if you did your best work, I say BRAVOE. Thank you, I.M.K.

Sorry. To short but it like it, I guess

Great book. It's tells us about dogs and to keep your dog safe

Sorry. Sorry I didn't really like this book

Dog. Wow that was so good!:)

Great job. This book is so cute the pictures were to there was one sentence that made no sense other than that my son read this and now he knows what to do and what not to do.

Not so good. Poor grammar and usage. The tips about a dog are too simple, and it is not "All about Dogs". Just the simple facts that most people would know. For example, make sure the leash isn't too tight or too loose. Many people would already know not to make the leash too tight. The images are messy and hard to understand. They use unrealistic colors too. A purple dog, grey human, it doesn't make sense. I didn't learn anything from this book, but it gets 2 stars for effort.

This is not good. This is not a good book sorry thanks for trying though

Adorable. Some of your comments are so mean you should be ashamed your better than that!!! Ps your book was adorable 😍

So cute. I loved the pictures

Dog. Not to be mean but I would give you a 3

Awesome. This is a wonderful book. This kid is adorable. With these cute tips. 5 stars.

No, just no. This book was pretty terrible. The drawings looked like they just got a random kid to draw. I also noticed that instead of once the author put ones. I don’t really recommend this book but not to bad. The information wasn’t that good either.

My opinion. I think this book needs better pictures but I love the lessons

cool!. Did a kid write that? I study dogs and this is quite correct.

Bad book. Disappointed about the amount of information I don’t recommend it so don’t wast your time on it

All about dogs. You should have more facts about all your stuff and add more because i do what your books says👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

It's a kids book,. Make sure parent reads it to child, it's hard to understand if young

>:3. I AM A CHILD thank u VERY much miss/mr I❤️duggies and I must say ur comments aren’t the nicest, I’m gonna give this kid 5 star rating just to spite u cause they deserve support. They r probably just learning. Be nice! :b or my cat Sussy will come for u >:3 dont u dare start insulting me to or I will get all worked up and start arguing now no more cussing and swearing and be more supportive, I’m sure this person will appreciate it and u should know that I wrote this review while I was SUPPOSED to be eating dinner but no I❤️duggies, ur comment was too mean for me to sit there. I just HAD to show it to my sister and she agreed I should give this kid 5 stars just for support. That is all I have to say, goodbai. - Sunny

5 stars. I liked that the person or persons child drew the pitcher

Cute. And I’ll have dogs one day when I am a parent

Its so cool and so creative. Its like me drawing 2 years ago when I was eight, and It doesn’t have too many words in one page so I like it and I think too should do one about cats they are special too

Ella's dog book. I like dogs my Grama has 1 but here is a sad part she had 2 but 1 died his name was Blake he was a good dog he was a sheltie he got to old .

What even are the drawings?!. The drawings are ugly it look like some asked some random 3 year old to draw a pic for it and they said ya and they drew those pictures I mean I guess there are some good tips maybe like one but other than that it’s horrible it seems like a 6 year old wrote that!

Ok. This book is short and I personally like that the pictures are not that amazing. But it is very informal if you want a pet

Dogs. I like the book how to train it but the drawing can be improved keep working

its stupid. all it is is pics that little kids drew and there terrible dont get

WHAT?!. Was this book WRITEN by CHILDREN!!!! There were ALOT of typos AND sentences that made NO SENSE!

All about dogs. If you want to train your dog it takes like a month. When walk your dog make sure the caller is not to tight but not loose either and a make sure dat him or her is not chewing on the leash.

STUPID. IT IS STUPIDITY! First, about the pictures. Did you just go out somewhere and say to a kid, “Hey, you look five! Do you wanna draw some stupid pictures for me?” “What does stupid mean?” Says the random kid on the sidewalk with his mommy.

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Basics. This is all about the basics so could you do a more advanced one pls

Cool. This book is awesome

All about dogs. I like this book because there is a lot of interesting facts and it is very simple to read

Really good. This book was very helpful, it was simply but carefully order with great illustrations to convey the message.

How to after a 🐶. I have injoyed this because my favourite animal is dogs my favorite one is pugs it was really fun thank you so much 😊.

Mimi. Great book. It helped me with my 5 dogs here they are. Ebony Annie Goldie Millie Stella

:(. I didn’t like it sorry. But it was very boring and I have a new puppy and it isn’t helping . 😕

Rubbish. This book was to short it was nothing I don't know and I would not recommend it to anyone. No offence to the person who drawled but they where terrible


Keep your dog safe!. The book that this person done was alright but you just need to add a bit more information ok? Also you could ask your parents to help you with this book. It wasn't that bad. Maybe you could add more pictures and make them clear but they were Good!😊😀☺️😌 From Kerry

If I had payed I would want my money back. This book looks like it has been written by a 5 year old. The drawings(yes drawings not photographs) are of abysmal quality and the coloring isn’t in the lines and on page 2 states”a dog is a popular pet in the United States.” This can be said for Britain or Ireland or anywhere really. Do not buy.

I have a dog but not that helpful. Very basic stuff here folks I mean it’s okay but could be way better

Well done. Hi my name is Evie you are the only won who write a book about dogs I love dogs and you to. Just to let you now I’ve been trying them but my dog is a little bad sorry for my complaint but if your dog is still not doing it what will yo do Wall you just give up or not. We have not been fussy but my dog is acherly doing it. From evie

O my days man 🤦🏻‍♀️. Im an owner to 2 dogs I put my dogs bowl next to the door never been a problem I have a pond full of fish and they haven't eaten one of them! This book makes looking after a dog hard but as its so short it would also be easy. The book said nothing about picking up there 💩 so an owner could read this book and think it would be alright to just leave it . Xx

How to stop your puppy from biting. You can use different methods to get your puppy to stop biting you can use, 1)Give him/her a little tap on the back side. 2)Hold his/her mouth and say NOOO!!!. 3)Make sure him/her knows who's boss. 4)Just stand there and do nothing and then his/her will stop biting because they will get board. They are many.....many more.......10,000,000 they are hope this help your puppy's growth.

This book gave me no help. I am a dog owner and I was needing some help so I looked for a book at his book gave me no help at all you do not feed ur dog 3 times a day you feed ur dog 2 times a day once at night and once at morning

It's ok. This book is good to read if your a child but as an adult people would not like to read it.the pictures are very childish and confusing to understand !!!i have only rated this book 3 stars because I would not read this Again

Bit to short. I live your book it just needs a bit more information

Dogs. This is a load of rubbish although at least you tried

This book is ok. I think you should use images from the Internet instead of home made because they are slightly hard to follow

It was quite a good one. This book was okay and it had a few mistakes and the full stops were quite in the wrong place but it was still a nice book.

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boring. not very good pics looks like a little kid had drawed that and very short

Good Job. Great book. - It seems to be wrtten by a child who knows a lot about looking after a dog. As was written in the end - dogs are hard work!!!

Don't get. This book is absaloutly terrible. The drawings are nasty, too. I know the cover looks cute but don't let it fool you.

All about digs. Hbbjvfchvgxgccgvgvvgj gbjvgvhgggrgygyfkhcxrcvgubuvfuf fuffy valley giving vi

Really Bad. Bad grammar and spelling. Not a lot of information and the drawings were terrible. I Suggest you get a better book. Also the facts are wrong. You can’t just tell a dog to sit and expect to do anything if you haven’t taught it to yet.

Amazing. I can tell this kid is going to be an amazing writer when he/she is older

This is soooo bad r u a baby or no who wrote this book. Ya I guess u are

More pages. More pages because there's only one page people could get bored of reading that page over and over again.

It’s alright. And that’s all I have to say.

THIS BOOK IS FOR BEBES. this book is very child like and the drawings are from a 2 yr old it doesn't give me any well GOOD information about dogs soooo DONT GET DIS BOOK

Guud Buok. Soch greut Buuk I higly recumend it, it su guod it meke me cri Ery tiem, I in yur 13 and it hulp me

Not enough. I don't think there's enough information in this book good for a beginner reader

Better drawing it looks like tuna. TUNA TUNA TUNA

Hi. This book is amazing

Best book. I love your book

Boooooooooooooo!. I hate it the drawings are horrible

Thumbs up. Great way to get me to train my dog. A nice and easy way to keep my dog safe

Training your dog. This book seems like it is written by a five year old. It would’ve been easier to read if the author had have used the correct grammar and spelling. It was a good effort though and the pictures were very nice and I could easily understand what the page was about because of the picture. Being able to understand a book by its pictures is a very good skill to have when writing books and I think the Author will go on to be a great author. I just think that the author needs a bit more experience and should get an adult to help edit their book before they publish it.

All about dogs. This book has no pictures and information that is not very helpful. It still provides information for beginners though.

Loved it. This book is amazing...

Bad. Really Bad


Make it longer. It's a nice book but can you please make it longer and I give this a 5 star review

Good effort. There may not be much info in this, but, it is so cute and the drawings even make it BETTER. 👍🏻 keep up the good work.

I ᒪOᐯE ᗪOGᔕ. I ᒪOᐯE TᕼE ᗷOOK ITᔕ ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎG I ᒪOᐯE IT TᕼᗩᑎKᔕ ᖴOᖇ ᒪET IᑎG ᑌᔕ ᖇEᗩᗪ IT💟💌

Lol. Very funny

Please respond. This book is amazing MAKE MORE

Everybody Get this book!. This book made me moist, more moist than a moist onion. I felt this book could get a rating of 69/10. Great stuff kid keep the money rolling in Make a book about me ;)

Was It Bad, Or Was It Bad.. This “ book “ must’ve been written but a 4 year old. The vocabulary is so poor, a sentence isn’t a sentence. The book doesn’t deserve a rating but i gave it a small one. TIP: don’t read this book!!!

All about dogs. Did a six year old write this??

Hello. Great book But make it longer

This book blew ma mind. This book is so amazing it blew ma mind and lachlans of coarse

Bad book. Bad book ever because the pictures were none see able

It's great. This book is amazing and helps me control and help my dog

The Title is not true. Do not get this book AT ALL!!! The pictures are bad they look like a 2 year old drew it and the facts about dogs aren’t even correct.

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This book I got was awful. It was not a book about facts on dogs it was like persuasive writing and it was probably done by a five year old I wish I did not get that book

Needs work. It was a good book but could use some work like more info and illustrations also need work

All about dogs. This book is very important and helpful I have 2 dogs and I will read this book a lot and I would never want my dogs to get hurt so I am so glad that I saw this book 😃🐕🐩🐶

All about dogs. It's a good book but it needs more pages . I got read it in 1 min.i love dogs

This book sucks. It’s not a book and the drawings are crap I would of gave it a 0 but I can’t

Short book. To short of a book

It is really bad. It only has a few pages I mean dude

Awful. Horrid book it wasn’t even anything about dogs are two pages about weird things it was squiggly writing 😡

All About Dogs. This book is THE WORSE

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Summary of All About Dogs by Oleksandr Kotenko

The All About Dogs book written by Oleksandr Kotenko was published on 22 April 2014, Tuesday in the Pets category. A total of 2,521 readers of the book gave the book 3.5 points out of 5.

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