Become A Better Version of Yourself Book Reviews

Ben Leighton

Become A Better Version of Yourself by Ben Leighton Book Summary

This ebook contains golden nuggets on how to motivate, inspire and improve your current situation. It encompasses the holistic view of self improvement from mental& emotional wellbeing, career, health & fitness to love & relationship. 

Most importantly, you will learn to make small daily choices that will transform your life.
- Find your personal inspiration.
- Rediscover your motivation.
- Propel yourself out of an unfulfilling existence. 

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Book Name Become A Better Version of Yourself
Genre Self-Improvement
Language English
E-Book Size 406.55 KB

Become A Better Version of Yourself (Ben Leighton) Book Reviews 2024

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not as it seems. *better book recommendations!!*. i began to read this book for a program i started called 75 HARD. the first thing i noticed is that this book looks to be made up of different articles from the internet, evidently not written by the same people. some of the references it makes to different concepts and ideas are irrelevant and not at all helpful. i found myself counting how many pages i had read so i could finally check that task off. when i first saw this book i thought it may be a helpful tool to help me to “become a better version of myself” but some of the things in this book are also entirely false. for instance the idea of dreams being just that, dreams, that you cannot in fact make come true, is a terrible lesson. and don’t even get me started on spelling and grammatical errors. all in all this book was disappointing. i could not get past the first fifty pages. in 75 HARD you must pick a book and continue to read and complete it unless you fail to complete the 75 days of the program in which case you can start over with a new book. fortunately for me only a few days after beginning, i failed in one of my tasks and had to start over. i do not recommend this. my two stars is generous, only 2 rather than one because some information is slightly helpful. that being said, i still advise you not to read this book. thank you. i highly recommend you read 75 HARD by Andy Frisella and complete the program. a couple other books i recommend are, Think and Grow Rich and How to Break the Habit of Being You.

It’s a great book. It's a good book. But there are quite a lot of incorrect sentences and words. and incorrect grammar.

Loved it!. Easy read!! Very helpful!!

:). Great book :)

Didn’t make sense. Typos and weird grammatical style makes this book difficult to get through.

Couldn’t even read. The first few pages are a mess. I attempted to read and I reread some paragraphs to see if I was missing something. It is a bunch of jumbled thoughts. I scanned a few questions to ask myself to be a “better me”….. “Is the opposite sex attracted to me?” Ew. My husband sure is attracted but what does that have to do with self improvement?

But the first one. Because you know I am

Not terrible. Great insight and ideas but there are alot of missing words in sentences and grammatical errors which actually does make it hard to enjoy the book. Won’t be continuing.

Great book. Excellent

Insights. This book has enlightened my way of my thinking and has a lot of great insights on how to improve ourself for the greater good profoundly

Yo-yo I’m not sure how to. I am going home today to

Waste Of Time. Book sounds like it was written by an 8 year old. The thoughts shared are incoherent and are presented in a way that feels like you just got thrown up on by the internet with bad English.

Don't do it. This is so poorly written one can not even begin to follow along.

Loved it . Excellent way to help you map your future self .. Excellent book

Hit or miss for me. I like how they try to keep it lighthearted but the multiple typos and somewhat scattered layout of the book is a bit of a turnoff for me. Hard to take it serious

Motivational. Good read.

Nice book. Loved

Waste. Don’t even bother

The only thing that makes me. I am going to go ahead

He said that you were. Good morning and good night I

Terrible book. Trying to read this book was like reading a 14 year old girl’s diary. Poorly written. Poorly edited. Just don’t waste your time. There are WAY better books out there. This book had so many grammar errors, absolutely nothing was cited or proof given of things said. You can’t take other peoples’ ideas and just write them as your own. If you say “recent studies say”, you have to actually say what those studies are. Giving health/workout/diet advice without any kind of knowledge of those topics is just wrong. If you do strength training 4 times a week, you do NOT work every major muscle group every time. NO NO NO.

Hard to Read - Good Message. As mentioned in the disclaimer, there are a lot of grammatical errors that make this book difficult to follow. Great message overall

Good book. A good read time

Huh?. It’s was confusing and had weird punctuation.

How to become a better version of yourself. Such a good book!

Very Vague & All Over the Place. This was a very vague book whose topics rapidly switched back and forth. It seemed like the writing was rushed.

I tried. I wanted to like it, I love the concept, however I couldn’t even finish the first chapter though due to errors in the text, typos mainly, we’re driving me insane. If you are the type like me and can’t handle typing/grammatical errors I’d recommend choosing another book as I am now going to do.

First and no regrets…. I loved the content in this book believe it or not this was my first book I’ve ever read. Thank you to the author for all the life lessons in this book.

Disappointing.. Poorly written. Meme-style bullet point “advice” given with no insight on how to apply it.

Decent read. A lot of good points and interesting, engaging content. However halfway through it gets repetitive and feels like multiple different pieces thrown together.

Love it !. Very insightful.

Specific and General advice. Some part of the book was a little boring. However, some tips were very useful. It is a free book. Thank you

I really recommend it. I love this book because it’s motivating and tells you what to do lest.

My Preference. It just wasn’t for me. But grateful for the author’s works.

Ok. Ok

Maybe for you, but not for me. There’s probably some wisdom here for the right audience, but the steam of consciousness writing voice doesn’t land for this reader.

Inspiring. Loved the book. Makes no judgement. Helps one to seek help without shame

do not read!,!!,!. I got this book thinking I was going to actually get help , but no , all I got was unhelpful information and grammatical / spelling errors .

👍. Good book

Ok. Ok

Read If You Want To Change Yourself!. Fantastic read if you actually take steps to apply this to your life. He lays it out like a map.

Bad!. Like more than 5 pages read and it doesn’t talk about anything that may look like the title..

AI Generated Garbage. As best I can tell from reading the first 3 pages, this book is AI generated, not proof read, and in general just not recommended. How it made it into the top Apple books, I have no idea.

Collection of musings. It's kind of a cliffs notes on self help. No research, or in depth analysis. It's fine for a free book, or you could just ask your uncle about the meaning of life.

Great book. Great book

Visit to the bank. I’m not doing that but

Love this. It is soo up li. So I went to school this year and I said I am going to have a fun time this year the minute I walked in class I stared to cry people where calling me face and said " What do you think you are doing here the barn is down the street." that day I became. Insure about me I worked out and starved my self I did not eat for 10 days this book helped me it taught me I don't need to look cool to be cool be yourself It does not matter of what people think about you it is about how you love yourself. Later in the school year I started like boy clothes (I am a female) and they made fun of me I would get in trouble by the teachers because the the girls would scream when I walked in the girls restroom because they taught I was a boy and I would get detention. Then I went to the school therapist and I went and said hi she tried not to scream then I went back to class and all I did was cry and the teacher said it would get me in trouble of was still crying in 6 minutes and I did not so mv mom was called then she pulled me out of that school and went to my other school and the same thing happened I was pulled out of 3 other schools then this one school no one was mean to me I love my school now. I am going to 6th grade so it was crazy this year if 5th but that is where i met my boyfriend he is the best he found this book for me and I love it.

Loved. Absolutely loved every word of this. Have made some real changes for myself!

Ok. Ok

No editing. I made it through about four pages. I don’t think they had anyone edit this book.

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Let me edit this please. The amount of spelling errors on the first 2 pages hurts my brain… who edited this thing?!

Great improvement in self belief and acknowledge myself. This book give me a great sense of belief in my self. In a time where I found my self confused and lost, it provided me with patience to think and re evaluate myself. A great read to help improve your self belief and acknowledge yourself to become a better person in yourself. Recommended 👍🏼

Easily one of the best books I’ve read in 2023.. This book is one of the basic keys written to find your better self as a person , it’s straight dead to the point with actual practical things you can use in your own life to help level you up. I recommend anybody who’s into this kind of genre of reading material to get yourself a copy of this here whether it be physical or digital.

Perfect book. 100% recommend.

Excellent. The book I’ve been looking for!

7 - 10. Has some spelling and grammatical mistakes but keeps every chapter like an a short, quick, easy-read book.

Not amused. I found the ideas pretty boring, grammatical errors meant reading was not smooth at all

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Needs a review. A lot of grammatical mistakes made it hard to read. No real flow, just seemed like a bunch of blog posts stuck together.

Eye burning. Terribly worded. I wouldn’t even call this fluent English! High school student write better!

The grammar is bad.. The grammar is really bad, it is like he is talking to his mate in the pub. There does not seem to be any evidence behind the advice.

Cool read.. Easy to read. Some good insights.

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Don’t bother. Poorly written and full of unoriginal cliches. Grammar and sentence structure needs a lot of work.

Grammar Issues. Horrible grammar and spelling. Couldn’t get through the first chapter.

this is a great book with a lot of learnings and life advices to empower self.. superb!

vulgar if you ask me. I did not expect to read about drunkenness, and sex and contraception in the first few pages of a book that is supposed to be about self improvement

Absolute rip off. He copy and pasted works from others into chapters and chapters of steps. 10 steps to this, 10 steps to that… no cohesion to the book and he basically ripped off a bunch of quotes and poured it all haphazardly into this book. Not worth the read if you are trying to learn self discipline which is the keyword I used to search for a self help book, and this popped up.

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Summary of Become A Better Version of Yourself by Ben Leighton

The Become A Better Version of Yourself book written by Ben Leighton was published on 22 February 2015, Sunday in the Self-Improvement category. A total of 2,279 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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