Mountains Beyond Mountains (Unabridged) - Tracy Kidder audiobook, mp3

Mountains Beyond Mountains (Unabridged) Audio Book

Writer: Tracy Kidder

  • Release Date: 2003-09-19
  • AudioBook Genre: Science
  • ℗ © 2003 Books on Tape

Mountains Beyond Mountains (Unabridged) Book Summary

Pulitzer Prize-winner Tracy Kidder introduces us to a remarkable man who tackles some of the world's most frightening medical and social problems through principled actions. Harvard Medical School graduate and MacArthur "genius" fellow Paul Farmer spent much of his med school years in Haiti, where he created a health care system and clinic in one of the most grindingly poor places in the world. Owning only one suit and living part of each year in a house without hot water, he travels widely and takes a global approach to the interaction between politics, wealth, social problems, and disease. Farmer makes a difference quietly, using his intellectual gifts and his charisma to further his philosophy that "the only real nation is humanity."

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