Bundle of Love

Bundle of Love by Erin Wright Book Summary

The love he needs might be the last thing he expects…
Adam Whitaker has loved and lost more times than he can count. His father died before he was born, and then a tragic accident stole his high school sweetheart from him. But as the town’s vet and the director of an equine therapy camp, life is going great nowadays.
All right, fine – it’s plenty stressful, and at the end of the day, it’s also turning out to be plenty lonesome. 
And then, in strolls Kylie VanLueven, his very new and very pretty receptionist. The first time he met Kylie, she was just a kid. Now, she’s all grown up, with curves in all the right places. She's doing a good job at the clinic, but he won’t ever let it be more than that, despite the longing she stirs in him. 
Besides, he’s sure that she’s hiding a secret…
The secret she carries won’t stay secret for long…
Kylie has come home to Sawyer on the heels of a bad break up. She kicked the abusive loser to the curb to protect herself and, more importantly, her unborn child.
The job she takes at the vet clinic is just supposed to be a way to pay her bills. She never expects Adam Whitaker to be so handsome, so kind and so exasperating, too. The way he looks at her with his whiskey colored eyes? It makes her heart race, while his touch and gentle teasing make her yearn for more. 
But she never imagined the danger from her past would come looking for her and her unborn baby…

Bundle of Love is the seventh novel in the Long Valley series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!

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Bundle of Love (Erin Wright) Book Reviews

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- Bundle of Love2 star

This was not one of my favorite books. Just had to skip over a lot.

- Veterinarian in love5 star

Amazing story of a pregnant woman meeting a veterinarian she goes to work for. As they meet the first time they are both falling in love with the other. A bittersweet story of betrayal and past encounters of each comes to a beautiful birth of a daughter.

- Bundle Of Love5 star

A wonderful story of love. Keep up the good writing! Always appreciate the cleanliness in the story. JAK

- Bundle of Love4 star

Very good read but a little far fetched....would recommend however.

- Funny5 star

Loved the story of Adam and Kylie. Funny, sweet and a cute story. Couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

- Sweet story4 star

The tale of the vet and the much younger receptionist (though an old soul at heart) is sweet and romantic. It’s well written and you will enjoy reading it.

- Bundle of love4 star

This u likely love story develops quickly into a relationships that mends hearts. It is a fun story with interesting character development as challenges develop and are resolved.

- Hilarious!5 star

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout and I am voluntarily reviewing it. OMGoodness! This was hilarious. I laughed so hard at times that I had to put the ereader down!! I just love this series. Each book has been fantastic and they just get better. I have loved Dr. Whitaker since Overdue for Love. I am so glad that his story has arrived. What a great male protagonist he is. Kylie was wonderful in her own rights. I loved the dual POVs that the book was written in. It really makes one understand the thoughts and actions of the characters. I also loved the appearance of many of the prior characters! This is a must read. I so look forward the the continuation of Long Valley series.

- Bundle of love4 star

I have had the pleasure of reading all of this series so far, even-though they are best read in order they can be read as a stand alone as well. I love how even though there is a decade of difference in their ages Kylie and Adam cannot deny the feelings they have for each other. Together they help each other through their troubled pasts. Then Kylie has one night with Adam and fonds out later she’s pregnant with his baby and he couldn’t be happier. I voluntarily review an Arc copy of this book.

- Awesome read!!!5 star

Erin Wright hit another home run with this book. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a great read. I read this in about 3 hours. It was so good I just couldn’t put it down. Definately a must read & if you haven’t read the series I definitely recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

- Bundle of Love5 star

Realistic storyline, relatable characters that were well written. Dr. Adam Whitaker is the town vet and in need of someone to take over the office duties. Kylie VanLueven returned home unexpectedly to her mothers surprise with some news. Erin Wright has added another book to the Long Valley series which you won't be able to put down until the very end. I absolutely adore this series and the different characters we get to read about. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- Another amazing love story by Erin!!5 star

Amazeballs!!! To find someone to love when all your defenses are down. When you’re down on your luck. From getting a job, a house, and a car almost given to you by your new boss then falling in love with him. Finding out he has his own demons helps her to share her demons. Amnithe fantastic book by Erin Wright!! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- Good series5 star

This is again a good story with lovable, entertaining and enjoyable characters and don’t forget the sizzling chemistry between them I Volunteered to review for an arc copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- Superb read!5 star

I always love visiting Long Valley! I’m going to live there when I grow up!😉 Adam and Kylie’s story is a heartfelt journey through love and loss. A great addition to the Long Valley series.

- Erin Wright Perfection!!5 star

I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book, Bundle of Love by Erin Wright. This has got to be her best one yet! I was hooked from page one! Such a beautiful coupling of words. They flow off the page filled with passion, love and heat that you want to never end. For 9 years Adam loved a woman that was destined to love another. Kylie came into Adam’s life just looking for a job but she may have found a whole lot more. Can these 2 find love and happiness together?

- Bundle of Love4 star

Another great story in this collection. Written as a stand-alone, it picks right up where the previous book ended (although you woudn’t have to have read it prior). We have Adam, the town vet and classic ‘over-commiter’, who hires Kylie, a single pregnant woman to be his office assistant. Sparks fly, secrets are revealed, and resistance is overcome along the way to our HEA. It’s a great story, with both humor and tears in the well-written characters and plot. The writing is rich and full, making for a very satisfying read.

- My vet5 star

Kylie come back home pregnant and down on her luck. Adam is vet who tried to manage his office and see clients and it is not working Kylie’s mother finds out that Adam need to hire someone so she send her . Kylie gets the job . She is 22 living with her mom and pregnant . After she get a check her mom tells her she need to find a place to stay. At that same time Adam has a farm he needs someone to live on. Adam then got her a car to drive . The sparks fly between them , he didn’t know she was pregnant until it came out by someone else. He was made at her for not telliing him but that what made him realize how you felt. So they talked about their past that night and that is how their relationship started. You will enjoy learning what happened with Kylie. And how Adam will be in her life I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- Wonderful, heartwarming story!5 star

Bundle of Love is the 4th story in the Long Valley series, a series which continues with wonderful characters, some we are familiar with and other new ones. While Dr. Adam Whitaker, 38-year-old veterinarian, was introduced earlier in the series, he really was deserving of a story of his own, especially after Chloe, the woman he loved for nine years, finds her own happily ever after...with someone else (Overdue for Love is her story). When Kylie shows up at his office looking for a job, he never imagined he would be interested in another woman since Chloe, but... And speaking of deserving, Kylie VanLueven, 22 and pregnant, certainly deserves her own happily ever after, but she knows it won’t be with the man whose baby she is carrying. Although Adam hires Kylie on the spot, it seems she cannot catch a break - even her own mother wants her out of her home even though Kylie is pregnant and has only just gotten her first partial paycheck since returning to Sawyer. Kylie is ashamed of the circumstances that have brought her back to Sawyer and was hoping that her own mother would understand and be supportive. Instead, Adam is the one who truly is a knight in shining armor. Given his previous history (avoiding any spoilers here), he truly shines as a caring, compassionate man! Although there are a lot of poignant moments, there’s also a lot of humor in watching Adam and Kylie’s story unfold. This is a wonderful, heartwarming love story that you will enjoy whether you’ve read others in this series or not. Once you’ve read this one, you’ll want to go back and read the others to discover many of the supporting characters’ happily ever after, as well!

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- A good read4 star

4 Star Review of Bundle of Love by Erin Wright Erin Wright is a new author to me and I am not sure why. Although this book is part of a series I was able to read without too much trouble. Returning to her home town Kylie VanLueven ends up working for Adam Whittaker, the town’s vet and the director of an equine therapy camp. adam is great with the animals but not so great with running the business side of his practice. However Kylie has a secret which will soon be known, she is pregnant and unmarried. Adam has been hurt in the past when the woman he loved, left him for someone else. Can Adam and Kylie support each other? It turns out the mother she thought would help and support her, wants her out of the family home. Adam seems to be the only one ready to swoop in and help her. No one is more shocked than Adam when he realises he is attracted to Kylie despite the difference in their ages. This was a well written story which had humour, suspense and tears. Told in dual pov’s it tugged at the heartstrings and I will be looking at other books in the series.

- Beautiful love story5 star

4.5 Stars for Bundle of Love which is book 4 in the Long Valley Series it may be book 4 but it certainly can be read as a stand-alone because each book is about a different couple and I haven’t read every other book in this series yet I still loved this book. Kylie VanLueven has come back home with her tail between her legs hoping her mother will support her and let her stay whilst she gets through her unexpected pregnancy, she is 22 years old struggling with what way to turn and when her mother says she needs to find somewhere else to live it just about breaks her but as the saying goes when one door closes another door opens and that’s exactly what happens when she applies for a job at the local vets office working with Dr Adam Whitaker. Adam not only offers her a job he offers her a home in return for looking after the animals on his small holding but what will happen when he finds out the secret she kept from him........ I loved the characters I loved the town and I loved the storyline, Bundle of Love is a sweet easy to read love story with a few twists and turns along the way and I will be going back to read the previous books in this series because I can’t wait to meet more inhabitants from Long Valley.

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