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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4763650001327379684
  • Book Genre: Paranormal
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Eternal Book Summary

She will fight for what is hers.

When the king is murdered, Katerina, his only daughter, must flee for her life. She finds herself on a strange and dangerous path. Alone for the first time, she's forced to rely upon her wits and the kindness of strangers, while protecting her royal secret at the same time.

Because she alone knows the truth. It was her brother who killed the king. And he's coming for her next.

Alone and struggling, she finds herself an instant target until a mysterious protector comes to her aid. Together, and with a collection of the most unlikely friends, the group must navigate through an enchanted world just as fantastical as it can be deadly. But time is not on their side.

With her brother's assassins closing in at every turn, Katerina must unlock a secret that's hidden deep inside her. The only thing strong enough to keep the darkness at bay.

Can she find the answers she needs? Will she ever take her rightful place on the throne?

Only one thing is certain: she's running out of time.

Be careful who you trust. Even the devil was once an angel.

Queen's Alpha Series: Eternal












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Eternal - W.J. May Book Reviews

  • The Queen’s Alpha Series Eternal (joforeadsalot)

    Hoo boy! This book is a perfect example of shoddy editing.
  • Eternal (Saffron& Max)

    Wow love reading couldn’t put it down until 2am in morning
  • Eternal (Snakeandmouse55)

    I really enjoyed this book. Has a fast pasted story. Will be looking to read next one
  • LOVE IT (ElDorado147)

  • Good book! (Crazy game player 101)

    I thought this book was good!
  • HiLh (n hnbjhnnunnlbkjnh vtbpibm)

    Or mYou oh no you’re utthat’s b
  • Inspired (Nos18YES16)

    Great style of writing ! 😍
  • Good read! (pris82)

    Finished all 6 books so far in 3 weeks love the characters!
  • Eternal by: W. J. May (Proctorasshole)

    I’m an eternal fan of W. J. May. And have read many of her spellbinding iBooks with the strong female protagonist and stand alone supporting characters that should captive audiences of any genre. This author knows how to keep every reader literally anticipating what happens next when the page is turned. Thanks for the many hours you have kept me your captive and devoted reader. KSW
  • Amazing (Hopeful Jay)

    I was hooked with book one. I fell in love with each character. I wish the bookies weren't so short. I literally finished a book in a day and half. Why does it have to end.

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