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Grimm Book Summary

23 fairy tales are lovingly illustrated by Gestalten favorites. Childhood friends such as Hansel and Gretel or Cinderella are featured in addition to less well-known but no less wonderful protagonists. The visual updates underline the relevance and timeless language of these all-time classics. 
These new images will delight all ages. Each and every one of the illustrations was drawn with a loving, magical touch and infused with that secret yearning for bygone innocence and simplicity. Some are painstakingly drawn, some roughly sketched; others are madly detailed, cartoony, playful, romantic, imaginative, captivating, dark, trendy, stylised, strange, psychedelic, impish or enigmatical. Each and every chapter opens up a new realm of magic and color, and readers will be tempted to skip ahead to rediscover more fairy lands. 

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