10 Fun Things to do With Your Microwave

10 Fun Things to do With Your Microwave by Authors and Editors of Instructables Book Summary

10 Fun Things to Do With Your Microwave gives you full step-by-step instructions for fun projects you can do with your microwave.  Learn how to make peanut brittle and dye wool, and all about what will or won't blow up when nuked!  All projects come from Instructables.com, are written by home-microwaving experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily try it at home.

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10 Fun Things to do With Your Microwave (Authors and Editors of Instructables) Book Reviews

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- Sample2 star

The sample was horrible. There were no hints of any recipies which could lead to people not wanting the book. It adds the impression that it was to bad for the readers to see the recipes.

- Morning route in1 star

Wake up in the morning then I dab have to pull up on the block then the day I get to whip and you know I talk jock and my cars name is nae nae wake up in the morning it's a good day

- Humorous but potential for someone to get seriously injured.4 star

I found many parts humorous, but I could not help hearing that voice in the back of my mind saying "Oh my God ! Someone who is not mechanically inclined or one who does not follow directions thoroughly ( which covers most of the population of average people ) is going to try this and end up in the hospital or dead !" I hope I am wrong. Anyway, there is the right to freedom to print this and they do have the disclaimers in place so I guess it will be up to the reader/ user to be aware and if someone is not mechanically inclined or has the least bit of uncertainty they should not attempt any of the microwave oven modifications at all ! !

- Microwave3 star

Pretty good, I wish it had more recipies though.

- Awesome5 star

I LOVE this book ;D

- 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍5 star

Gives me life

- Misleading2 star

I was expecting that it was to do ten food to do in microwave not kill my microwave and pull apart it. I was very disappointed that i didn't even read it . Wish they showed a picture of experiments not cake . Than I wouldn't be as much disappointed :(

- Ok4 star

Some of it is boring and some is good I would really read this book if I had a worn out microwave but I don't so it was ok I can't wait to try it out!

- Worst book ever…1 star

This is by far the worst book I have ever opened. I expect and a nice cute and easy book with little cute recipes that you can make in 5 mins. Turns out I got a stupid book on random things you can do with a microwave like will shoes on a pizza box and stuff like that. It really just looked to me like a 200+ page essay that had to receive a D.

- Might have been good at one time...1 star

Many video links are dead. Kind of a waste of time.

- Don't waste your time!!1 star

At first when I seen the title I thought that it would be a good book. But its not. The videos are just pictures.

- Nothing but boring.3 star

The book rarely didn't have anything to actually do. Not that fun.

- Wish More baking4 star

Not much baking stuff in here was expecting more but other than that good

- Awful1 star

Do not buy this there's no videos it's just a bunch of photos

- Best thing to do is throw your microwave in the trash, just like this book!1 star

There is a reason microwaves are banned in other countries! Radiation the put in your food is not only unhealthy, but dangerous! At a hospital someone used a microwave to heat blood for a transfusion, putting the microwaved blood back in the person killed them! You really want to put something that harmful into your food, your loved ones and into your own body?! Insanity!

- New app5 star

I just bought this book. I can't wait to try it. If the pic on the front is cocoa, I see that a lot in the winter.

- Complete waste of time!!!1 star

This was a complete waste of time. If you want to learn how to disassemble your microwave then maybe you would like it, but if you are looking for recipes then go elsewhere.

- Too many "ads", too many external links1 star

There are a lot of video elements, but activating the video just opens a browser to the web page that originally held the content (and my iPhone doesn't seem to think there's even a video there). Each section also ends with "you might also be interested in..."s which are again links to the website. Nothing about this is a "book", it's just a half archived website.

- Well.......1 star

This is a terrible book, except for the cake recipes. I don't really think you should get it, nice you can probably get the same recipe on the Internet. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but that's the truth.

- BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!1 star

Don't waste your TIME on this BOOK!!!!!!! It is a WASTE of time!!!!!

- Cake4 star

I will try the cake recipes

- Stupid1 star

What ever you do don't get it.... I wish I could rate it 0 stars... One pic looked like vomit.... WORST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!

- Cool.5 star


- Supercalafragileisticexpaladotois5 star

I luv this book it's. Supercalafrgileisticexpalatios

- Ugh!!!1 star

This book is so Stupid you should never get it!!! The videos don't work and the pages are stupid!!! Never in your life should u waste your time on a book like this!! DONT GET THIS BOOK!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- 10 ways to waste your time with your microwave1 star

i was looking at the reviews like they're all haters i mean how bad could it be? TERRIBLE! HATE IT! I WAS WRONGGG! i mean who wants to take apart thier microwave? STUPID WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK! plus spelling mistakes, written by a 1st grader look at the cover closely i mean what is that it looks like dog droppings with mushrooms floating around in it !i mean really? we can do better!

- Neat info. Poor format.2 star

Not much different than what's on the site. Lots of external links and poor formatting. I wasn't too impressed.

- Videos don't work, but has potential3 star

If they can update this book and actually embed the videos into the book and fix the layout, it will be a very fun book.

- Boo1 star

Not much fun plus no video

- Videos don't work1 star

Not really a book. This 'thing' consists of videos, crude pictures, and website links. Well the videos and links don't work so ur left wit crude pictures. Garbage.

- 10 fun things to do with your microwave1 star

Horrible book!Don't waste your time reading this book ! It might seem like a good book by the cover, but your wrong! It doesn't even deserve 1 star!

- Crazy kc the smart1 star

Hate it

- Odd2 star

Odd assortment of science experiments and recipes.

- Blah.1 star

Not interesting at all. Cheaply made and words are spelled wrong. Don't waste your time.

- Anoyed2 star

Taking apart microwaves is not fun.

- Misleading1 star

The cover seems like it would be good, right? Wrong. The book is a bunch of pictures of amateur scientists standing around a crappy microwave. Doesn't even deserve 1 star!

- Lol5 star

The thing in the cup looks like dog crap XD

- Ok book, but light on good projects3 star

There was some good ideas, but one project was "put in microwave and turn on for 5 seconds".

- Looks great! Can't wait to try some of this stuff!4 star

I downloaded this because I have a similar peanut brittle recipe and I was curious. I thought if it wasn't worth the space I could just delete it. Some of this stuff looks really neat and I can't wait to try it. I don't plan on taking my microwave apart though..... By the way, I plan to continue using my peanut brittle recipe. Peanut brittle can be tricky and I know that my recipe works and everyone likes it. Times are different on this one and this stuff burns FAST in a microwave.

- Interesting, but videos don't work.3 star

It is a fun collection of webpages turned into a book look. Videos are actually links to the original webpage, that opens in Safari. However, the videos don't appear on that page, and there seems to be no way to view those in iPad. (Maybe they are flash?) unfortunately, some of the experiments do need the video, since the photos don't always show it right, or are taken at a bad angle. Would get 4 stars if videos worked, or 5 if they were embedded in the iBook file.

- Great ideas5 star

Fun for parents and kids - I had lots of fun with these. Easy to follow.

- Fun4 star

Fun reading, but videos don't work.

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- 10 fun things to do with your mircrowave5 star

Loved the book tried it my self and it actually works wow

- j1 star


- Really good5 star

It's a really good book.

- Girls3 star

Well I guess it's okay

- Bad1 star

Bad book, wasted time

- Dumb1 star

Worst book ever in this world spelling mistakes everywhere silly book never read it again that right Aaron

- How Sick (blah!) Is this4 star

There is lots of mistakes REPLACE THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!

- stupid1 star

watse of time

- Cool book5 star

Its good

- 10 things fun todo with your microwave5 star


- Rubbish1 star

Doesn't even deserve 1 star

- Super fun4 star

Super fun.

- Worst1 star

What is this!? The videos don't work, the pictures are useless, and the dull lack of information really does not convey the appropriateness of this book. What it lacks in information, makes up for in the misleading title.

- 10 fun things to do with a microwave1 star

Don't waste your time on this one

- Have to go to a link1 star

Do not buy, buy if you want to waste your time, like I did

- 10 fun things to do with your microwave1 star

Boring .

- Good book5 star

Great book,handy tips and tricks also very funny.😀👍👍😍😍

- Alright3 star

This book is alright but it adds things that you don't want to read

- Good3 star

It makes me want to bake in the microwave

- Crap lol3 star

The related searches on the book of recipes where good I'll try some of them, so thanks for that

- Horrific1 star

Truly laid out, every page is a total mess. Unreadable - no point in getting.

- Hmmm...1 star

Just not that good

- Hmmm...1 star

Very poorly set out needs writing better, more specific instructions, I meen who would want to take apart their microwave and all it does is redirect you to the internet, and even the page it redirects you to is rubbish, please make it have better things to MAKE (not how to take apart your microwave) and set it out a lot better with even better pictures! Deleting now!

- Great book5 star

I love microwaves & this taught me more about them. Thank u 4 this app ur a genius 😃

- Okay ;)3 star

It was average I am a girl and don't really want to take apart a microwave but the cake recipes are good.

- Good5 star

Fun ideas

- Crappy1 star

Not very good and very amateur!

- Videos don't work2 star

Videos don't work on the websites it links to.

- Thumbs up4 star

Little techi but great fun

- Great book, big fun, good laugh!4 star

(+) fun, interesting and cake recipes. (-) kids blew up microwave!

- Top class book5 star

Really interesting little book. Def gonna give some of those items a go

- :)3 star

It was ok i guess :|

- Miss x5 star

I fully enjoyed this book the chocolate cake in a mug was tasty and taking apart the microwave was fun

- Fun?!?4 star

If your idea of fun is taking apart microwaves with a possible chance of killing yourself, then this book is perfect for you... If not then, like me, you might find the two microwave cake recipes useful and quite 'fun' to make! Overall quite a good book, just not for anyone who values their life :S

- Pretty good4 star

It is interesting and good. It wastes a lot of pages disassembling a microwave which your not really gonna do at home! Tells you how to make a cake in the microwave!

- Ok2 star

This is ok. A few interesting things. I can't understand why this is rated to highly tho. Value for money I guess

- What science is for....5 star

Great stuff in here! I loved the chapter on making an arc welder from your microwave. It's what proper science is for! I want to make a microwave laser (maser) and I did read of a bloke who made a nuclear reactor from an old lead block, some luminous paint and old Thorium gas mantles etc. but maybe I'll have to wait for that chapter to come out. This book is free, and fun, so why not get it! I can't wait for the sequel.

- Excellent5 star

Worth it for 5 minute cake recipe alone.

- excellent and compelling ebook5 star

wow, just downloaded this and dipped into the first few pages and just fifteen minutes later finished it. couldnt put it down, thanks. it is funny, well written and really interesting. cant wait for more . . .

- Brilliant5 star

Wafter this Abook, Nme and myK microwave Ehave aR much better relationshipS......

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