The Survival Kit

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The Survival Kit Book Summary

This comic is a great resource for building your own Survival Kit.

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The Survival Kit Book Comments

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The Survival Kit - John A. Heatherly Reviews

  • Elaborate

    By Make it longer please!
    This is far to short, how am I supposed to enjoy it? Teach not tell!
  • Nice and simple

    By Con Fallwic
    This presentation reminds us of how simple a kit needs to be.
  • Basic Book

    By Pa1944
    Shows you in pictures what you need but not how to use it or why to pack it. Very basic but pictures very clear and right to the point of what's needed.
  • Thumbs-up

    By Wippodon
    I like it. Simple, but helpful!
  • Quick and simple info

    By Nate88_2004
    Very simply laid out information.
  • Pretty useful

    By Dy8
    Wouldn't dought downloading.
  • Short

    By Californada
    Only 13 pages.

John A. Heatherly - The Survival Kit E-Book

The Survival Kit - John A. Heatherly E-Book coming soon..