Willy the Whale

Willy the Whale by W.L.Cripps Book Summary

When Willy the Whale gets his tail caught in a fisherman's net, will he receive the help he needs or will he meet an undesirable fate?

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Willy the Whale (W.L.Cripps) Book Reviews

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- I love this book5 star

It’s a great book because it has rhymes.

- Toddler size5 star

Perfect bedtime story for my toddler. Im so glad it has prayers in there and the ending was funny.

- Ok book3 star

I’ve read this book a few times. It’s a good book for a 0-4 year old. Just some stuff in it didn’t make sense. Perfect for an old-style reader.

- Made my 5 yo cry lol4 star

It’s cute with nice meaning behind it but at the end my 5 yo burst into tears and cried for a while when he saw the end ... he’s a little sensitive lol he likes sharks

- Great book5 star

Has a very good lesson

- We love these books!5 star

Such great lessons! My five year old and I LOVE reading these amazing books. Job well done!

- Inappropriate for kids 👎👱‍♀️1 star

This book was great but a little to short and the problem is that Willy prays which some parents forbid and also the shark gets killed in the end I mean more kid like would be better.

- Willy the whale5 star

Love this book

- Great5 star

Great and good meaning.

- I like it5 star

It was a good book

- Horrible1 star

It is a bad non creative story

- Willy the whale5 star

I really liked the shark and the story.

- Willy5 star

I loved it

- What a great book!5 star

Loved it! Such a cute book with a great lesson.


The the fishermen killed the shark and fish but saved the whale


Talked about murder and everything

- Cute4 star

Very easy read, cute short store. Thanks

- Willy the whale5 star

This book is a good book for kids i read this to my 4 month old sister she loved it ❤️

- Meh2 star

The end was sad. Why does Willy’s friend die and Willy live. This is how I feel 🥴🥴🥴.

- Not Impressed1 star

Poorly written. Sloppy and thrown-together

- Inappropriate1 star

At the end his friends died not appropriate for a kids book.

- Nice5 star

Good bedtime story

- We thought3 star

We thought it was not a child book as it talks about cops chasing the tuna

- The dark and scary night3 star

Ones upon a time there was a dark and stormy night. There was two girls who were going on a long long hike and the animals where even hiding in the trees. The girls where very scared by their selfs but then they found other people that where lost and on there way back so they worked together and got home safely. THE END Writing by Kenzie 9 years old girl

- I was disappointed1 star

I didn't like that if you don't help your big brother clean his room, he gets eaten by a teacher and the gets a hook in his foot from mommy and daddy💦

- Willy the Whale5 star

As a 20 year old college student, I opted to read this masterful piece of literature. Immediately I was taken back by the whimsical and fun illustrations and the engaging story line. Much more interesting than my Marketing textbook.

- Willy the Whale5 star

good book and good life lesson.

- A whale of a tale5 star

Fun for my young grandkids. A lesson for them to learn, too.

- Wildly the wale1 star

This book is way to inerpropet for kids the tuna and the shark he's should have been punished but not killed please change this.

- Good book5 star

Great book

- Willy2 star

I like this book. It has an amazing plot and I liked the ending, but it's not appropriate for kids. It talks about death and it may scar children for life. But other then that, it is a good adult book.

- Good book with a good message4 star

Short, easy to read with great illustrations and a good message at the end.

- So cute5 star

Very well writen

- Noobs1 star

Dis sucked monkey balls

- We loved it!5 star

A cute short story with a valuable lesson for everyone - karma !

- Willy whale2 star

I like it but at the end I don't like when the fishermen let the whale go an killed his friends

- Willy the Whale1 star

This is the worst book me kids have

- Willy the wale1 star

This book is so boring and it didn't teach me a lesson don't mean to be rude but good for you I like the two other books though.

- Willy the whale5 star

This book is a wonderful book and perfect for children and teaches them that being kind and helpful is always a good thing😃👍

- Quick life story book.3 star

Quick and to the point but lost 2 stars for involving prayer.


It is such a great GREAT BOOK I recommend this book to everyone 👍

- Willy the wale5 star

It is a great book I am in school and it is great

- All about whales5 star

Hello my name is all*i* I love whales to death😄👍🐋🐳. I am 12 years old. Whales are the best thing on the world🌏 !! I FREAKIN LOVE WHALES!!🐋🐋. So I HIGHLY recommend it to ages 12 and up

- Willy the whale5 star

I LOVE this book

- Willy the Whale5 star

I liked the book because my favorite animal is a whale

- Willy the whale5 star

This story lets little kids to be kind and caring just like the fisherman and Willy the whale. It teaches you to always stop to help a friend. This book taught my sister that lesson.

- Willy the whale5 star

Bad bad bad Baez. Good but [email protected][email protected]

- Cute story5 star

We enjoyed reading this book which helped explain Karma. Thanks

- Best book5 star

I enjoy reading this to my child !!!

- Very cute5 star

Adorable bed time story for my toddler!

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- It’s Ok3 star

It’s alright. Could be better. But much, much, better then that “superbub” absolute shet

- why5 star

i enjoyed it though

- Cute4 star

A cute little story. Not too sure why one of the fish had a death wish though...

- Great book for young children!5 star

Enjoyed reading this to my son & daughter :)

- Good5 star


- hi4 star

it is good

- willy the whale5 star

this is junk i just hate it jk loved i it was san and a happy endins

- it's an ok book5 star

Short words for beginners. Good plot and moral of the story.

- Very nice5 star

The police fish was very funny

- Outstanding4 star

It really moved my heart so keep up the good work

- Willy the Whale review5 star

It was a great book. It’s very suitable for young children like me.

- It was boring!1 star

It was boring! But I like the story behind it so I gave it a 1⭐️

- .5 star

Awesome book I love Willy he is so kind

- terrible children’s book!1 star

hello, i am sandra cox. my children were looking on my ipad and they said ‘Mummy get this book this one mama!’ i bought it and i DID NOT REALISE THE NAME!!! willy the whale? ha no thank you my children and children of jesus and won’t be exposed to that language until the time is right! that is my only complaint still an amazing book! i would buy if it wasn’t for the name!

- Willy the whale5 star

It was really great and yes be nice to your friends and help when they are in need of help

- Grate book5 star


- ‎everyplay is it on ‎everyplay?5 star

Good baby book

- Superbub5 star

I love it cause it has poo in it!

- willy the wale5 star

this is a rely good book

- Amazing5 star

This book has really entertained and moved me and my 17 year old daughter, love your work.

- Terrible1 star

Just terrible never get it I wouldn’t recommend this at all

- This is awesome!5 star

Willy the whale is the best book to read. Also it has an author’s purpose.

- Willy Whale5 star


- Willy the Whale5 star

I love this book so much

- Silly the wale5 star

This book sent a very nice message to all the young people of this world😻 #loveIt ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

- Silly the whale2 star

It was not that good it had bits in it that was boring but the best book I’ve ever read was HUG THE PUG so I dint like this book From ...

- Willy the Whale5 star

wille gets saved by a fisherman and the shark and tuna dies.

- Miss3 star

It was good my sister liked it but it was a little bit confusing but overall it's a good story and it should be known Thanks

- Not funny1 star

Not funny at all just boring.😞😞😞

- My baby was mesmerised!5 star

Great story! Enjoyed the lesson to boot ...

- What a emotional 😭 story5 star

This story made me cry I loved ❤️ it so much what a beautiful story what an emotional 😭 journey especially when the willy got stuck in the hole of the nets

- Wildly the whale4 star

I liked it because it respects the whales and not being greedy. You wouldn't want to eat a whale.

- I luv dis book more Dan plaiboi5 star

Le buk wash da besht in tah wurldz like da Turdz

- Willy whale is swag5 star

I love this book so much I hope they make another book of willy whale😀😍

- Amazing5 star

This is amazing and really funny I love a story with a sort of moral at the end it really creates a good book to read

- Willy the whale2 star

Txjgdkcstxgfhfuvydyctxthocuggcicigyhufguggfohhisduz gdirbvoctufudj

- Legendary book5 star

This book is just the bomb . Com I cried when the willy whale got trapped in the hookers old fish net stockings I love how there is no pornographic images because that's the kind of stuff 12viez look at but beside all of that its a fabulous book and receives 5/5 Mountain Dew bottles from me 🎈

- This book2 star

I really liked this book it shows me that you need to love life everyday because who knows when it will end

- Willy the whale5 star

This book teaches you to never give up!😉

- Chlo is the only thing that could have been5 star

The only way to go back to sleep in my room is so cute when you get to see my baby girl in my room for a long way from my iPhone and iPad version of this is a very good at the same thing over and over again in my room for improvement of the year before the update it crashes every time you have a great day for me and you

- GREAT5 star


- Good book5 star

Good book

- Willy the whale3 star

Teaches people to be really nice to each other. Willy gets a bandage from the fishermans net

- Mrs Keegan5 star

Love the flow of the rhymes in the stories my twin babies love them too I hope more come out soon we are addicted

- nothing5 star

its awesome

- Willy the Whale4 star

I love this book, plz, write more!

- Willy the whale3 star

Is was great !!!😏

- Cool rhyming book!4 star

Willy the Whale is a wonderful tale!

- Best book ever5 star

Best book ever

- Hug (the pug)5 star

It is a funny book

- Great5 star

I think it is a great book for all ages up to 12 I really enjoyed it and some time I'll read it to my little sister I hope that all of you will love it to I rate it 5/5 thank you for reading :) 8)😃😀😘😜😝😍

- I Am A Banana5 star

I once looked at a banana and thought to my self should I eat it or not and then I looked where it was and there was nothing there he said "You'll never catch me I'm the Banana Man!!!"I was afraid he would get his friends and try to make me a chocolate so they could EAT ME!!!!!!! I said "NO don't eat me I'm just a kid." And I said "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!" The End

- Whale wow🐳4 star

Lovely app/ book

- Willy the whale 🐳5 star

Lovely ❤❤❤

- great pictures3 star

the pages looked a little busy with the hand written font. my kids liked the pictures and the story

- Love it!!5 star

I really think that your books should get an award or something cause they have really good morals of the story I'm so happy that it was free!! Keep writing!! ❤❤

- Willy the whale3 star

What a great moral for a world where people pass by others in distress and just think its just not my problem I don't want to get involved😃

- Willy the whale5 star

Send a copy!!!!!!!!!'

- Willy the whale...what a tale5 star

my 6 year old daughter loved this, great rhymes.

- Outstanding 🤩5 star

I would like to thank WL Cripps for all his FREE online books, I have really enjoyed this one especially. Xx

- Perfect5 star

My little sister loved when u read this to her defo recomendable

- A nice book!5 star

A very nice book!

- Solid novel5 star

Would recommend, decent book club book.

- Catgirl4 star


- It’s ok3 star

It’s just a very short book put more effort into it otherwise.......... it might be a boring book that you’ve read for no reason.

- You can learn of the book5 star

It is a really good book and it can teach little kids to always be a kind and helping friend also it is a good book for anyone around under the age of 18 I loved it myself and I am 9 years old nearly 10 amazing and teaching story

- Willy5 star

Your book is amazing !!!!'!!!!!!!!!

- Willy the whale4 star

This book was pretty good except the fact it was quite short compared to hug the pug . As well as the beginning hadn’t introduced Willy enough . Apart from that it was a good book just needed that little boost of making it longer and introducing Willy.

- Awful1 star

Poor rhymes and grammar and a horrible ending.

- Willy the whale5 star

Thank you I loved the book I have to try and find another book but I don’t think I can because your one was to good.

- I love it5 star

I love it because it is about friends helping each over and I have. Read you over books like pug the hug I think From Freya xxx

- Best book5 star

This books names were a little inappropriate for me and I'm 10 years old .but the book was ok and interesting.and it taught me something. From crystal ❤️

- Epic5 star

I have to say that this book is amazing 😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


See it was a good book but I think you could improve by making a little bit longer some people have different opinions but that’s mine I think if you could make it longer it would be a very great story and would probably get me to sleep to while I’m reading it to my little brother From me

- My opinion5 star

I think this will be great of kids under 5 because it is not scary and I am onely ten years old and they will love it

- Nice4 star


- Noice5 star

Good story

- Love it5 star

I read this to my little brother and I loved it and I’m ten shows that kindness is to be thankful for and family. just shows when your an older kid you can still enjoy stories like this ( not sure weather my brother enjoyed it though )

- Shark5 star


- 0 stars5 star

The book is bad

- Lw w qrkze3 star

Zoozokap piece

- Willy the whale is a really good book5 star

Good bood

- Ok4 star

It was ok but not the best book

- IGN4 star

8/10 too much water

- My kids love it5 star

It’s a nice quick read for when I need bedtime to go very quickly.

- Willy the whale4 star

Good ❤️😂💕

- Nice rhyming skills3 star

It was meh it could be better but who am I kidding I’m just an idiot being bitter.

- The only reason why3 star

Once apon a time a little girl called Annabelle was going to give her friendly naber a Christmas gift and card for being so nice to her that year.

- Wily wale2 star

A bit to short

- Hug the Pug5 star

Very very funny !! My great grandson Ollie loved this book 👍 And rates it 10out of 10

- Whales pray3 star

It would be good if he didn't pray

- Not really.....😶3 star

Well for my 2 year old, 5 year old and twins (girl and boy) they love it! But for me....well why would you let a kid listen to a shark getting killed. One of my children now love sharks. And I have no problem with that just a umm.....little off. Better then some books and worse then others. But my children still love David Williams more though. Great book could use some changes but good.

- Willy the whale 🐳5 star

It's great 👍🏻 and brilliant its the best book 📚 I've ever experienced and it's great for 2 years olds to12 years olds 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😄I LOVED THAT BOOK 📚 it was great 👍🏻 and brilliant and amazing 😃😃😃😃😃👍🏻😃👍🏻😍😍😍😍😍😘😎😎and cool 😎 and little bit funny 😂

- willy whale5 star

The best book I've read in my life this book has the best vocabulary and has inspired me to write amazing books like this thank you willy whale

- Willys5 star

Loveeee this !! Fave book of all time . All about Willys and whales . Absolutely brilliant:)

- YAS5 star

YAAAS gurl I read this to my daughter and she proper loved it my dudes

- Willy the whale3 star

My son said....."it's good because it's quite a fun book and it tells you that you should help your friends."

- Very good book about Willys and whales5 star

I like willys

- Brilliant5 star

I rate this 5 stars because it was sad and it was good, it was bad because the whale was caught in a net and no one helped him and it was good because the man helped him when the whale got pulled out of the water and put a plaster on his tail where he got hurt so I thought it was really good.

- Nah1 star

Good rhyming but don't bother reading

- What I thought on this book3 star

I think this book was an awesome book and showed the the feelings of the fish I really liked this book and I would defo read it again and I will share this book toy little cousins.!

- Willy the whLe2 star

It was a bit boaring and fun at the same time

- Dreadful1 star

Awful book. No sense or understanding of rhyme or rhythm and really horrid ending, Truly the nastiest children’s book I have ever read.

- Willy the whale5 star

It was a poem book and it was so awesome like this book so much

- willy the whale2 star

I think this book is a good example for young children, it tells you that you need to be kind to each other like the good Samaraton did to a Jew. I reccomend this book for children aged 3-6years

- Willy the whale5 star

It is a very good book to read to my daughter and sons as it teaches them to be kind as things come back round to help you if you help them

- Bad1 star

Bad. Just bad

- Bloody awful1 star

I read this to my daughter and I had to explain what the net was doing in there in the first place do not read this to your children because it has death in!

- Brilliant absolutely brilliant!5 star

What an extraordinary tale with a fabulous twist. We absolutely love to the child like rhyming, it made it much easier for my eight-year-old to understand the moral of the tail. We love Jehovah and good Samaritans everywhere and we are very very pleased to have shared this beautiful publication! I hope to enjoyed many more of your extraordinarily beautiful books in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift!!!

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- This book rocks5 star

This book is great I can't wait to read it to the first graders.

- Cute4 star

It is a cute book for children

- Love the books!!!5 star

Please make more?!

- Depends5 star

If you like animals dont read

- Hug the Pugh5 star

I loved this book so much. It is so funy.

- Great book!5 star

Great moral to the story of karma!

- willy the whale5 star

i am 12 and love this book

- hug the pug5 star

it was awesome and I am 11 years yea that's right

- Cute5 star

Just read this to my daughter. Nice lesson as well

- Book5 star

I love this book

- Not much too it2 star

And it doesn't read along

- Willy the whale.1 star

Willy the whale got stuck in a fishing net then a busy busy tuna fish came by .Willy cried for help no one answered.And then a shark came by .Willy asked the shark for help. The shark could not he was chasing the tuna fish.Willy the cried and cried. For help no one answered. Willie the whale tried to escape but he couldn't, finally he landed on the boat. The fisherman felt bad for him so he helped him get out of the trap. Willie the whale got back into the ocean & he was so happy to be home. I really liked this book, & would recommend it to my friends.

- Just Right5 star

This was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for my little man, who's a beginner at reading. The illustrations helped keep him engaged, and we were able to practice some of our sight words for the week. The only thing... it was harder for him to make the connection that this style script makes the same block style letters he's used to seeing. But it did make him think a lil' bit before answering, so it's still a great short story! Really cute rhyming, too.

- Willy the whale2 star

It was awesome

- Willy the whale5 star

My grandson loved it and I liked its ending

- Books5 star

Loved this book

- Cute5 star

Very cute book. My daughter loved it.

- G5 star

Awesome book

- 145 star

Im 14 and spent 3 days reading this novel of awesomeness

- Awesome just awesome5 star

Awesome book Tells you a life tip and funny and also get hug the pug that is even funnier 🆒👍😃😝😜😄😊😉☺😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 If u get this book your lucky 🍀

- Book review5 star

Great book cripps :)

- Great book5 star

Short and sweet

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5 star

@Juliannyc901 Why he sound like the killer whale from Free Willy?

5 star

we visited my sister in milwaukee on sunday & she wouldn't stop talking about the disconnect between Free Willy's m…

5 star

@SomeSeal2 @paxchristus0 Who do you think played the whale I free willy

5 star

@All_Things_Mavs: guys the whale is for Free Willy not bc his name sounds like "Whaley" Cauley-Stein 😅

5 star

2003 Free Willy, died in Norway at the age of 27, 18 months after he was returned to the wild. The six-ton whale a…

5 star

guys the whale is for Free Willy not bc his name sounds like "Whaley" Cauley-Stein 😅

5 star

Why the movie free willy so damn good. I still be crying to it like how I did when I was a kid 😭😂 all of that over a damn whale 😂

5 star

gene siskel prefers Rookie of the Year over Free Willy in part because he doesn't believe a whale is worthy of love

5 star

@Betette: The last third of Free Willy is them just trying to keep the whale wet. That’s right, it’s all about everyone wanting... a wet…

5 star

The last third of Free Willy is them just trying to keep the whale wet. That’s right, it’s all about everyone wanting... a wet Willy.

5 star

free willy the whale movie of, is so beautiful I bout cried. 😂

5 star

The directors of free willy after keeping the whale in captivity in a small tank throughout the series and forcing…

5 star

Free Willy is such a heartwarming movie.. I wonder what the whale that portrayed Willy is up to now? Goddammit.

5 star

@sakuraxcheetah She reminds me of that moment in the movie Free Willy where one of the characters pets the whale's…

5 star

Free Willy is a film I love so much that I'm prepared to look past the sheer unrealisticness of it but the voodoo m…

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