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Willy the Whale

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 505829335532084987
  • Book Genre: Animals
Willy the Whale - W.L.Cripps Book Score: 4 0 5
4 star
3,063 Ratings

Willy the Whale Book Summary

When Willy the Whale gets his tail caught in a fisherman's net, will he receive the help he needs or will he meet an undesirable fate?

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Willy the Whale Book Comments

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  • robinlil
    1 stars
    Horrible. It is a bad non creative story
  • lil lady 111
    5 stars
    Willy the whale. I really liked the shark and the story.
  • ,jsdfieryivhhrebghujr
    5 stars
    Willy. I loved it
  • CMT_89
    5 stars
    What a great book!. Loved it! Such a cute book with a great lesson.
  • bbyllqmq
    1 stars
    HE KILLED HIS FRIENDS. The the fishermen killed the shark and fish but saved the whale
  • Really it is only me
    1 stars
    TERRIBLE BOOK. Talked about murder and everything
  • G readers
    4 stars
    Cute. Very easy read, cute short store. Thanks
  • hay ~hay
    5 stars
    Willy the whale. This book is a good book for kids i read this to my 4 month old sister she loved it ❤️
  • Robloxname Tiggywiggy_mycat
    2 stars
    Meh. The end was sad. Why does Willy’s friend die and Willy live. This is how I feel 🥴🥴🥴.
  • RAEager
    1 stars
    Not Impressed. Poorly written. Sloppy and thrown-together
  • loyed
    2 stars
    Not much too it. And it doesn't read along
  • 99Karma
    1 stars
    Willy the whale.. Willy the whale got stuck in a fishing net then a busy busy tuna fish came by .Willy cried for help no one answered.And then a shark came by .Willy asked the shark for help. The shark could not he was chasing the tuna fish.Willy the cried and cried. For help no one answered. Willie the whale tried to escape but he couldn't, finally he landed on the boat. The fisherman felt bad for him so he helped him get out of the trap. Willie the whale got back into the ocean & he was so happy to be home. I really liked this book, & would recommend it to my friends.
  • NenaLinda82pr
    5 stars
    Just Right. This was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for my little man, who's a beginner at reading. The illustrations helped keep him engaged, and we were able to practice some of our sight words for the week. The only thing... it was harder for him to make the connection that this style script makes the same block style letters he's used to seeing. But it did make him think a lil' bit before answering, so it's still a great short story! Really cute rhyming, too.
  • Miguel s teves
    2 stars
    Willy the whale. It was awesome
  • OpenGypsyHeart
    5 stars
    Willy the whale. My grandson loved it and I liked its ending
  • Fhxhsjdcu
    5 stars
    Books. Loved this book
  • Glamigal
    5 stars
    Cute. Very cute book. My daughter loved it.
  • Redhead a
    5 stars
    G. Awesome book
  • Puppy dogs assume game
    5 stars
    14. Im 14 and spent 3 days reading this novel of awesomeness

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