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Hug by W.L.Cripps Book Summary

Hug (the Pug) tells the tale of a cute little pug who is on a quest for friendship, however, will his bladder problem prevent him from making friends?

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Book Name Hug
Genre Animal Fiction for Kids
Language English
E-Book Size 2.99 MB

Hug (W.L.Cripps) Book Reviews 2024

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Problem and Solution. The problem was dog had no friends, but when he saw a strong human and he sneezed he was not mean about it and they got along and became friends.

Hug. Me and my Pug love read hug

Hug the pig. I love pugs

Great book. It was such a good book, does have some scenes of things that are not something that should be done on the ground!!! 🤣Love this book

Mentions choke on a leash and die. I don’t think it’s appropriate for kids

To all the parents. dear author, You are the worst author I have ever read in my entire life you are a terrible person to write about death wishes and choking someone to death. I have been wishing that one day this book will be deleted and everyday I check it is still here! Don’t buy this for your kids because they will be terribly sad and hurt. If you want your kid to read this, might as well let a 2 year old play call of duty

Funny. Me (28) and my daughter (8) loved it and had a great laugh!

Come on!. This was the worst, laziest, crass, yet somehow boring kids book I’ve ever read. Do better. Even our pug hid in the corner with disgust. Out comes 1 star in a rushing flow of me.

Gross. Don’t recommend unless you are into a book about bodily functions.

This was a great book. This was a great booking it shows how you can my friends even though you can be different from each other

Hug is and cute name for him. It shows that at then end you can find someone just like you .You just have to wait like me right bow I’m sad my hest friend elyshia and me right now

hug (the pug)👈🏻🙁🙁🙁👎🏻👎🏻. I wish it gave more on the staple than just the cover. 😉💗💗💗 from: Anna kate (I never give bad comments on books unless they’re really bad ,so trust me this book is horrible.)

Funny. This is a funny book a must read for children

Hug the pug is a very kid friendly book. My daughter loves this book she goes achoo psssssss

Really inappropriate please do not read. So I was looking for free kids books and this popped up hug the pug I looked at the reviews and again because I was nine I thought it would be a good book to read and it had 4.1 stars. The drawings were not very good and the dog Peed everywhere and one other dog bully said. Go choke on a leash and then the dog wishes it could die it is bad don’t get it for a little kids.

My son loved it!. I like how some of the words are big and bold, it helps kids better at reading

Great for little kids. This book is amazing for if you’re ever baby sitting a little kid

Hug (The pug). It was good but it was just repeating and i’m not a fan of that but otherwise it was pretty good!

Good. Good soup

Hug the pug. I highly recommend this book.bc it teaches a lesson the lesson is that we all can find a best friend anywhere.

Not a big fan. I personally feel like some of the things they write in this book may be a bad t harsh for kids under 5 or 6 but you do you

1. Not good for kids because the dogs just pee on each other.

Cure and fast read. My daughter loved it!

Okay. It’s okay, confusing to read

Not for my kids.. Not a kids book I would recommend.

Absolutely terrible.. My children agree on this with me. It's terrible! It has way too many mentions of death and bad stuff for a childrens book. I have a niece with an uncontrollable bladder. She read this book years ago when she was 9 and she was terribly hurt. Way too much suggestive material. Really hate this and would rate it 0 stars if I could

Wee that’s sus. Flushing wee

Just why. Die totally meant to be in a kid book

Bad. Bad


That is a 5 Star. I like that book i give it a 5 Star Leia

Wow… I kept reading cause it was a train wreck.. Would not read to child talks about suicidal thoughts, bullying, and death wishes. On top of that it tried to rhyme and clearly did not.

Wow. This was wearied

I guess it was OK. This book I guess it’s good I think it could be better. other then that I guess it’s good but it could get better. maybe you can add some other animals than just dogs maybe like farm animals and stuff like that. Enjoy your day😊

! :). I love this book

My children loved it. It has a very interesting story line

???. What die is the for kids??

Not kid friendly. Mentions choking on a leash and going to the corner to die? What on earth?

Cute but could omit some words. Don’t think telling another dog to choke themselves or wishing to die is appropriate.

Not a children’s book. Inappropriate content for a children’s book. Should not be advertised as a child’s book.

Inappropriate. Not appropriate for little kids, kind of an odd book really…

HUG. This book is so fun and funny to you should read it I think you would love it to.

😂. I really like the book and the pee!

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Nooooo don’t read this. So inappropriate for children and the reason why is because it mentions the Pug lying down and wishing that he was allowed to IDE. Like, what?! Also, although I know that this can happen to some people, why make a book about a Pug that pees when he sneezes and then a “super human” who wears diapers as not to pee everywhere. Plus, this teaches bad lessons to children, such as ‘now I can’t sneeze or else I’ll pee everywhere’ or ‘I should where diapers so I don’t pee everywhere’ or ‘I won’t make ANY friends if I pee on them’. This book was funny, I will admit, but being a kid, this was definitely not on my list of appropriate books for kids.

….illegal. GAAH creepy and choking on a leash and then going to the corner to die? what on 🌎?

Friendship Book. Very odd

If I like it and why. I like the book because it was so funny specially at the end and I also like it because he made a friend that was just like him at the end

My review. This book is funny and gross the gross part I don’t like but I like the rest of it.

Had higher expectations. It was a great concept but a kids book shouldn’t mention anything about wanting.ting to die

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ABSOLUTELY WEIRD. iT was so WEIRD it had wee and POO like bruh…but it was SOOOOOOO funny I liked it a lot! I ish did tho but thx for the book 😁. ♥️.

Funny. This is a very good book I definitely recommend it!!!😆😆☺️☺️🦴🦴🦴🐾🐾

Brilliant story. I love this story I recommend it in my opinion 👍

Pug hug. I really like the dogs but it was kind of short

Pls read. So this book is too good to be free. I like to download free books for my son who is currently three. Pls get more books like this.

Weird but cute :). I found it a bit weird but defo recommend! :))

Cute. Such a cute story.

Nice book.. Nice book

The book. The book was ok but it needs to be bigger but everything else is good


Love this book 📚. I think it’s very funny and cool, I dare say this author is amazing!! 🤩 Probably one of my favourite books on this app as well 💞

WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!. When the poo was mixed with the wee it was so disgusting 🤮.The book is still nice though.

I love it. There’s no other word for amazing coming from a 10 year old and I like how even if your unique it makes you feel like safe and loved and no matter how you act everyone is different and there always be someone there for you

Dreadful. Awful rhyming, terrible story!


Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So this book was a really sweet book! I loved it! So the dog does have this problem, but still it’s a really great book, maybe a bit disgusting though but kinda in funny way lol

Well done. I really enjoyed this book

AMAZING FOR KIDS. This book is amazing for kids to read as it is fun and short and it never gets old !.

So gooood. It was a rhymed book it was funny for my 8 year old!

Uh. It’s ok my 5 year old son loved it yet I didn’t like it so much it was a bit weird

It’s ok.. It is a good book for kids under five but not for me!🤔🤔

Nice idea behind it. The idea is inclusive for children with bladder issue but the story is disgusting, it’s far too wordy, doesn’t follow a rhyming pattern and the inclusion of the poor pug wanting to die led to an uncomfortable conversation with my 4 year old who just wanted a story about a dog. Death seems to be a theme for this author as Willy the Whale also has fish dying. Won’t be reading again!

I really like it. I really like it but I’m looking forward to read more of your books!

The top of my list. It is one of the best books I’ve ever seen because it is good for all ages and it is free

Amazing 🤩!. This book is a short but really nice book. I really like that *spoiler alert* in the end hug finds a friend . This book contains wee, poo,fleas and a brilliant ending. I really like this book even though it’s a short book that took me a few minutes to read.

hug the pug. I like the book because I like dogs (but hug is a bit disgusting). Also I would recommend this book to someone who likes dogs.

Hug. I love no Noooooooooo

This is great I love it. It’s so cool and funny

So short but really funny. So basically it’s funny because this dog meets lots of pets to be his friend but when he sneezes he wheezes and wees it’s hilarious 5 out of 5 stars brilliant!!

Hug the pug. Very good for my child she loved the writing and the pictures. My only concern is it is a bit disrespectful with poo and wee but apart from that is is a amazing book.

Cool. It’s funny and Makes me laugh a lot

Brilliant. I think this book was as brilliant because it was awareness for people with bladder problems and about how people can be judged by how they look but it should be all about there personally

Hug. Amazing

NOT FOR KIDS OR ADULTS. The rhythms do not match its RUDE Disgusting for kids and it will teach kids to wee themselves PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD I read it and it’s horrible

Berry good. It was amaz

AMAZING. Very good book

Hug the pug. It is okay

👍love. Good book it’s pretty funny I loved it

Great book. Kids love story like these great book

Awful. Grim story. Will not be reading to my children.

Good for a 2 year old but not for me. I’m 14 and this book is really good for kids but it teaches them to wee and it’s not very nice I’m sorry for the bad review but please make it a bit less silly because it’s discusting so please make books for 10 year olds?

Ok. Fine not fave

GOOD BOOK. A bit wordy

It wasn’t bad. Well, I liked the book and it had a funny trait but it was strange when the puppy said he wanted to die. And this is because children who read this book could get upset or even ask their parents about it.

Ok to read. Well I give it 4/5 stars coz kinda disgusting but it is a lovely book about friendship and being different read this if u ever feel like u don’t belong to the world which u should never feel like read this book to be happy for… EVER!!

amszimx. absolutely amazing !!!!!;

Cool. This is an awesome book and is good for kids

My first book brilliant. if you like poo and wee it’s great and for envy one with blader problems will love it to

Fantastic my daughter loved this book. Excellent book

Cute. Love it soooooo much

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Best book ever 😉. This book is just amazing for kids like me your going to love this book if your going to read it

Funny and Entertaining!. This is a fun book and is very enjoyable! I highly recommend it!

Terrible. So many inappropriate comments that it makes the main character want to kill himself. Not suitable for young ages at ALL

Ummmmm. I think the book is a bit gross yeah not the best book

Best story. I love this story I think it’s sad he has no friends but then he gets a best friend

Not a kid’s book. Found this under the kids genre but it has language that isn’t kid-friendly such as “I hope you choke and die” among other inappropriate dialogue. Illustrations were great but could definitely do with a more updated writing style

Best book ever. Hug is the best book ever for little children. it’s a nice easy beginner level of reading. and it made my child very sleepy . and there easy words for a child. so yeah. this is what my child thought yawn I’m tired I like that book can I read a new one tomorrow.

BEST BOOK IN UNIVERSITY. I am a kid AND ITS THE BEST IT reminds me of wen I got my friends there the same as me and like the same things 🤗😊😃😄😀😆🙂😊😉🐶❤️🌠

Inappropriate. This book is terrible. It includes very inappropriate comments made by some of the characters such as “go choke on your leash” how is that appropriate for a children’s book! Another comment make is he wishes he could die! That’s horrible!

So funny!. This book made me crack up on nearly every page! My little brother found it hilarious too. 😂

Pug. I love the book it’s so funny

Preschool fun. Perfect picture book for preschooler - loved it!

Good things come to those who wait .. Hug had no friends in the start but every time it got closer to being the right friend . Cute story Freddie . V

The bomb. I like the book it was the bomb 💣💣💣💣😎😎😎😎

Great book! Kids love it. The kids will love this book. It’s funny and has great illustration.

I don’t know if I have a. I’m going to get back to the office

It was good!. I know others are saying it’s inappropriate, but it’s really not! How is “choke on a leash” or whatever it said bad? I think this story’s fun and has a great lesson to it. You should never be afraid of others just because they are putting you down. Anyways this is a great story! Loved it! ✌️☺️🐶

Don’t read this book. This book is really bad! It’s badly written, way to long, mean and unkind and also boring!

Hi. Good book

Coooooooooooooool. Love it make one more

I loved this book. I loved this book but I don’t get people are saying is really bad or inappropriate cause it’s not I totally recommend this book my name is Lily and I’m 9

It’s your mum don’t buy it you will get charged by the Pokémon people at the end. Poke mon

Not sure who this is aimed at. Fairly inappropriate. Not sure which age group this is aimed at.

Good Job!. Hi! To tell you in a nice way I thought that I cud say 4 out of 5 cus ya know what I mean…so anyway I liked the boo. It’s a good on. Okay? Oh and I’m just a big kid. Ikr just 7 and I’m judging! So Like,LOL!

Alright. I guess it was ok.. a bit gross but it nice

Ycg. I think it is good if you are a wife and are reading to a little kid also by the way im gay and im also12

Best book ever. Amazing! Better than pig the pug

Looks good. I liked the fact everyone denied him just because of his little accidents but it’s there’s heaps of wee and a little disturbing. :)

Terrible. Poor rhymes and just a very average story

It was ok. I liked that it’s was cute I didn’t like that it is babyish

Good. This book provides a super funny text and has a great story behind it 😼😸

Not for kids!. Seriously advertising a book as being for kids when the main character feels like killing himself cos he can’t make friends cos he has something wrong with him

Yea not good. This is terrible and’s gross and disgusting kids book.should I even call it for kids.the pug wants to kill his elf DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS

Not bad tho. It was a good book that was free so no worries to read and no money to spend, the problem is the letters are big.. it was annoying but I didn’t like it. Anyways I read it happily…

Loving. Thanks to this book my kids can sleep

Great. It’s great but a little sad

It was good. Hi

Terrible. Awful book for kids, “choke on your leash”. How is that even appropriate

Hug (The Pug). It was really funny

Hug. It was nice seeing the book (8)

The. The

Poor writing style. Mildly humerus but poorly executed.

BAD😡. Never read this book 📖 it is so bad the dogs are mean and it has wee so horrible 👎👎👎

good for kids. really good this will help them if they still have wet the bed

Inappropriate Comments. Some parts of the book include highly inappropriate comments, such as “go choke on a leash”, said from one dog to another, and (of the main character), “he wished he could die”. I find this highly inappropriate for young audiences and I believe this book should be removed from the Apple Books Library, and I am completely sure there are other books which tackle this issue in a much better way.

thank for maaking this book 36 pages long. i loved everything

Hilarious. I cackled reading this to my son He liked it too

Hug (the pug :). This book was aMaZiNg! I loved this book soooo much but it was a little sad because pug didn’t get any friends to play with and be with all the time but on the other hand, it was INCREDIBLE :D (DEEPLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO READ) btw DONT I mean DONT forget to give me more of your books :) bye!

Hug the pug. Amusing until you get to the end and can’t get rid of the damn thing!

Good. Even great book for a 47 year old recommend to everyone of all ages

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Hug the pug. Hug the pug was a great book but I had to give it four stars because I have a pig named Lenny and it made me think of him getting bullied and I love him so so so so so much and I would hate bullies 😜


😧. Ummmm lets just not let kids read it but from what I think lol

Very meaningful. I love this book it is cute I think it was just the right fit for me . It has a good meaning behind it...DO NOT LEAVE SOMEONE OUT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT

Hug the pug. Great story for kids

Wacky but it made me laugh. Thumbs up

💕. Is a great book my baby loved it.

Worst book EVER. ...Ever. No stars for you would be appropriate, you lousy book. Some things you just can't unread.

Not best to read to an infant. Talks about hoping the other dog would die , choke in a leash, and other morbid things . The cover is very misleading!

ADORABLE. This was adorable and so so cute I love pugs don't u?❤️🐶❤️

Daughter liked it. Disgusting but makes her lolll!

Hug. Touching, but gross

Hug. So hilarious!!

So funny. This book is so funny that they should read it in the circes my friend agres

Great except one thing. Very cute and funny. I just don't think the pug wanting to die was very kid friendly. I'm glad my son is way too young to even ask about that!

Good. It was gross

Wonderful book. A funny story and great lesson! We loved reading it!

SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This is so so good book lol I recommend xD

Dat a good book. 10/10

This book makes me cry cuz ppl understand it. The understanding of this book was the most heartwarming story and I love it and I’m so proud of who made the book and I’m so happy to be reading this book

Hug. Kinda sad at first but it picks up!

Wonderfully entertaining. I always have trouble finding innocent and wholesome stories for bedtime for my children. Thank you.

Not recommended. Now, you probably think I am just some hater. But every book I rated I did it with honesty. This book only has 4 PAGES. This book was like $10.99. The only reason I got the book was because I LOVE PUGS. I do not recommend it. Go to you local book store and try to find it there but SINCE THIS BOOK IS SOOOO SHORT you could read the whole book for free because it's so SHORT.

I have blather issues just like hug. Really good I can relate

🐶cute. Cute and funny unless people tell you what happens

Love it. I love this book! WOW:)

👌. Yee haw

Hug. This book is really funny it's really good

This book is lovey. I like this book because it is very cute and the puppy is very cute and I wont that puppy would I get him yes I would so cute 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️AV

Best book ever!. It’s just good

Hug the Pug. This story is about a dog who has a bladder infection, he tries to make friends but can't because he keeps peeing on everything. Then he meets a poodle who pops on everything. The poodle decides to part ways to make the world cleaner. Then the pug gets fleas. Then hug the pug meets a girl who wears diapers and they become besties and fly into the sky wearing diapers.

Hug the pug. This is a Hilarious book I showed it to all my friends and they laughed like crazy, I’m so happy I downloaded it! It was so sweet

Gross. Why did you have to make this book so gross?¿

Cute. I love how funny this freaking book is 😂

Kids laughed out loud. My kids loved the ending. A little crude, but all in good fun.

Good. Job

Cute story. Cute Story

Hug. I love this book!!!! It is awesome to read.I would recommend it in a heartbeat

Wish I could give 0. This book is Terrible! Not for kids at all

This is a nice and sweet stories I would read it 20 times if I coups it OS such a touching storie. This is an amazing book no doubt so you

Hug the pug. It is a very good book. C'est un très bon livre.

Hug the pug. The book had a great moral

Hug. Once there was a pug named hug. He has a problems with some wee. When he sneezes, he would wee. He had no friends. He tried to be friends with 3 dogs but then we hade to wee cause he sneezed. Then a human came. She was dressed as a super hero. She asked him some questions and he barked his answers. Apparently, she knew what he was saying. Weird. Then, he “ barked “ that he had no friends cause he would wee when he sneezes. She said she had the same problem. They became friends. For the rest of their lives. The end

Hug the pug. The book was good but sad

Um. Well it's pretty disturbing.. Haha

Hug the pug rate from me. It has an okay balance of potty humour and the moral. There’s lots of attracting photos and illustrations, I highly recommend.

HUG (the pug). funny book and cute really good book and i like the part about the wee

DEPENDS or ALWAYS, I DON'T CARE!. Great graphic novel to help diffuse the anxiety of embarrassing bladder incontinence. Can be used to introduce children to either their own or their friends' problems with incontinence and the solution. Even adults could use this to 'break the ice' in situations where it became obvious that they were wearing adaptive underwear. I hope the author will not mind if I keep a copy of this short graphic novel in my medical supplies backpack. Perhaps he should draw more novels that have to do with catheter use and other peripherals that spinal cord injured individuals utilize. ****SPOILERS**** Depends or Always, I don't care. When you sneeze and then pee everywhere. Just choose the brand that fits you the best. Then you'll have friends, Hugs, 'cause they won't get wet. Just put on a cape, a mask, your 'undies' then SAY... "I'm SUPER HUG, please be my friends and come play" **********************************************************

It's very cute. It's quite cute and made me chuckle. Recommend for anyone who likes childish humour and pugs.

Cute but disgusting. It’s quite a simple story good for beginners.

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Summary of Hug by W.L.Cripps

The Hug book written by W.L.Cripps was published on 25 February 2012, Saturday in the Animal Fiction for Kids category. A total of 11,102 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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