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Free-Wrench Book Summary

The islands of Caldera are a shining jewel in a rather bleak world. A terrible calamity in the past had blanketed much of the world with a toxic "fug." Those who survived were forced to take to the mountains and the skies in wondrous airships. Life has since been a struggle, with only the most ruthless and crafty able to survive. To spare themselves the same fate, the Calderans erected a battery of guns to fend off the airships of the mainland. They isolated themselves from the madness of the world, choosing instead to focus on the pursuits of art and creativity. Few believe the technologically advanced but socially barbarous outsiders have anything to offer. Amanita Graus, though, is hoping that they do.
Nita's mother has lost her livelihood and perhaps soon her life to a terrible disease. Already the black sheep of the family for embracing engineering rather than art, Nita resolves to leave the safety of her home and do whatever it takes to find a cure. For a price, the bizarre crew of an airship called The Wind Breaker are willing to grant her a meeting with their mysterious benefactors, and thus a chance to procure the one thing with a chance to save her mother.
Free-Wrench follows Nita’s adventures in a steampunk world of airships and lunatics. Helping her in her journey are an eccentric crew of smugglers; the gruff Cap’n Mack, the simple but enthusiastic Lil and Coop, the arrogant marksman Gunner, the surly surgeon Butch, and the irritable mascot Wink. To survive and find what she seeks she’ll need to earn their trust, follow their rules, and meet face to face with the people who pull the strings of their society.

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Free-Wrench Book Comments

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Free-Wrench - Joseph R. Lallo Reviews

  • Free wrench

    By LyndyMD
    Superb superb. Some tasks went undone due story. Thanks for a great read.
  • Yeah.....Okay, that's more like it

    By Wez ShorZ
    I read entirely too much bad science fiction, but this was a cut above. The characters were not two-dimensional and the world exposition was revealed without anyone going into long-winded speechifying mode. The story played out in a logical manner even though there were a few cracks that were glossed over to move the plot along. All in all, the author maintained the pacing and kept a good balance between dialog and description in his writing. I enjoyed reading this more than any other science fiction books lately. I look forward to the continuing adventures of Nita and the crew of the Wind Breaker.
  • Free Wrench

    By PantherP71
    What a delightfully energetic Work! Wonderful characterizations, fabulous imagery wrapped neatly in a wonderful story!
  • Love this series

    By Bbhbnhbjnhbhn
    The best book I ever read
  • Quality

    By Hchchxkzj
    Just a great read
  • Really 3 1/2 stars

    By Dr.Bob Tune
    A better than average book, my first in the genre, it was interesting & fun, but had a good deal of predictable outcomes! I recommend it, as it doesn't require a huge commitment and reads generally smoothly!
  • This is a book

    By Slackbanjo
    This good book is a book that is good and a book. In this good book there are many good parts of this book that are good. In conclusion, I think that this book is very good, and if you enjoy good books that are good you should read this book.
  • One of the best I've read

    By Cade sky walker
    For those of us who grew up watching Disney this book gives very similar undertones to Atlantis and treasure planet one of the best things I've seen is it captures the best elements of treasure planet the movie and the original treasure island book with a slow start it has the best elements of the story without being too childish and quirky my one complaint is that the Fug people have descriptions that are very lacking I have mental images of all the other characters but I just couldn't seem to see the fug people in my head
  • Fun read

    By Kaigemo
    While this isn't the deepest or best written novel out there, the characters are quite charming, the action is non-stop, and it's a just a lot of fun to read. Perfect little novel to get you through a couple of flights!
  • Good one

    By mymothersname
    All 3 books are good ones!

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