The Swift Programming Language (Swift 5.3)

The Swift Programming Language (Swift 5.3) by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Swift is a programming language for creating iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps. Swift builds on the best of C and Objective-C, without the constraints of C compatibility. Swift adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier, more flexible, and more fun. Swift’s clean slate, backed by the mature and much-loved Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, is an opportunity to reimagine how software development works.

This book provides:
- A tour of the language.
- A detailed guide delving into each language feature.
- A formal reference for the language.

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The Swift Programming Language (Swift 5.3) (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- Then call it1 star


- Yes5 star

Yes sir I’m gonna call your cell number

- Fantastic guide5 star

So clear. So well organized. Everything is revealed in a holy order. I came from JavaScript to Swift and this book has been a fantastic guide.

- Update5 star


- Great book5 star


- App5 star


- Great5 star

This book is useful

- Great5 star

Simply Great !!! I tried to read a lot of books but this books is really helpful . It gets from the bottom and rise to the top . I do recommend anyone who wants to dive into iOS Dev’t .

- Thanks you for support best app5 star


- A5 star


- Thank5 star

Nice appbook

- Boi3 star

♿️You are the next

- Great book4 star

I love it

- Great book5 star

The simplest, clearest programming languange and book ever. Thank you all for your hard work.

- Go Directly to Language Reference: The Basics5 star

I previously posted a negative review based on students becoming confused and frustrated while reading the Welcome to Swift section which varies in page count based on your device. Roughly, the first 50+- pages should be avoided if you are completely new to programming. It is a good section for those who have prior programming knowledge but not for beginners. It can confuse beginners so much to cause them to give up all effort on learning Swift. With that said, if you are relatively new to programming, skip to the Language References in the contents and you will get started on The Basics subsection. Follow the book from that point forward, and this book is well worth the read. Kudos to Apple, Inc. for offering this book to the public free of charge. “Code is merely a steady flow of subjection and reinvention.” 01-13-2018

- Overall nice book but code snippets not visible on iPhone4 star

The code snippets seem to go outside of the screen on the iPhone and there is no way to see it. Please fix it.

- A perfect book for mastering in swift5 star

If you want a book to better understand Swift this is it

- Wonderful!5 star

Looking to get into swift programming; so far so good!

- Great Guide to get started4 star

Learning to develop apps for iOS this was the book right from the start to strengthen my core concepts and practise swift for better app developement. I recommend this book. Thought I wish one could increase the font size of the book on full screen mode on the mac when reading as the syntax for get is a bit small and have support for single page view. In-addition the only thing which bothers me everytime I come back for reference is that the book doesnt have subtopics listed for each topic so lets say I want to navigate quickly to the subtopic “functions with no return types" in functions topic I can't dive straigh into it from the table of contents which becomes a hassle to navigate from the start of the chapter all the way to the required text. Then again its something to be desired ,but not too bad and i wish apple updates the book soon Happy Coding.

- Good book, but terrible upgrade experience.1 star

I’ve been reading the Swift Programming Language since the beginning, and every time a new update is released, it takes an obnoxious amount of time to upgrade my stored version on iBooks, and the highlighting is destroyed. Now I can’t remove my highlighting at all, and the download is corrupt (with the corrupt version locked on my iCloud). Just give me a PDF, FFS!!!! Inexcusable.

- Cannot Download Swift 41 star

I cannot download Swift 4 because it thinks I have it although I do have older versions. It says I can READ it but it opens an older version of Swift. Rating goes to iBooks ...

- It’s corrupt1 star

It says the book is corrupt. It’s not an isolated case as multiple reviews posted the same problems. Amazingly, it’s not fixed for quite some time! Nice job, Apple!

- Would Be Great If I Can Read It.1 star

The book doesn’t work, or the iBook App in general doesn’t work very well. Basically every time I wanted to navigate to a later chapter, it goes to revision history. Apple is getting worse every year.

- Cool4 star

I'm going to read this again.

- Latest version 3.1 is corrupt2 star

I tried to update to the latest version. I have tried to download several times. iBooks reports that the book is corrupt every time.

- It’s Corrupt1 star

I tried several times to download this new version and each time I get a message telling me the iBook is corrupt. Can someone fix that?

- So far so good5 star

Im so glad i found this book so i can learn everything about the swift language & so far it's doing so. Hopefully i'll be able to write code on my own when i'm finished the book.

- Awesome book5 star

This book is awesome. It explores the depths of swift programming language, starting from the core part and building step by step. I've found some typos, but I didn't know where to report them, so I'm adding it here - Function Call Expression in the second code snippet the comment and he code using different names, but the general idea is clear. It would be cool if this is fixed in next release! Great job with the book!

- Corrupted file1 star

Once the book gets downloaded iBooks says the file is corrupted and cannot open the book. Tried multiple times to delete and download it again, but it keeps saying file corrupted. Does anybody experience this issue?

- Rating5 star


- Language app5 star

Very good app.

- Very well written5 star

Incredibly thorough introduction to the Swift language. There were many examples and clear explanations about why things are a certain way. Highly recommended

- Nice book5 star

Very good

- This is so great!5 star

It is so quick that Apple publish this 3.0.1 edition,and It’s been so great.

- really good.5 star

Greate intro to new swift language!

- Corrupt File1 star

This file is corrupt. I have downloaded 3 time and all 3 times it is only one page.

- Very Nice Startup for Any Language5 star

Hello, I have 7 years of Objective C exp. And after i decided to lookup the swift as well now then this books really help in just syntax too quick guidance just for syntax and few things… that’s really good .. It’s abstract and it’s also helpful for newbie of any languge developer ! Fabulous efforts by Apple !! Apple I Love You forever !!

- change review5 star

I've changed my review from one star to 5 stars. Now I do like the book and language :)

- Confusing Version4 star

Detail section says it was updated along with Swift-ObjC book, yet the title still says Swift version 2.1. The cover image says 2.2 edition as well. So which is it, Swfit 2.1, or 2.2?

- Well written document, nice design5 star

The book is organized neatly. There are enough examples for the coders to learn about programming with Swift easily.

- Nice documentation3 star

I want to have previous version of this documentation, kindly help me to get it.

- I love swift5 star

Definitely a must read for anyone wanting to learn iOS development. I also really appreciate that the book is free!! Lots of great stuff in here. I especially enjoyed the stuff on ARC.

- What1 star


- Just want a PDF1 star

I really just want a PDF of the latest version, but if it’s out there I can’t find it. I want a PDF for portability and so I can scroll in iBooks. (On a Mac, the only way to view this book is the page-flip method, which is ridiculous for a coding guide.) So yeah, I’d like either the option for PDF or the option to scroll this book in iBooks, or both. It’s a terrible User Experience otherwise. Hence 1 (or 0) stars.

- Re-Inventing Applesoft Basic: Mission Accomplished:5 star

BASIC of 2015 is SWIFT. You can create any program with just 6 commands, in a Turing Machine, like Pong, Pacman etc.

- Remove the DRM Encryption1 star

Please allow for exporting this again. Adding encryption after the fact is just so annoying given that you’re stuck using iBooks to read this.

- Missing Swift 1.2 Changes2 star

This book is out of date and no longer reflects the current state of the language.

- got corrupt warning on latest update4 star

I updated right after its update of Swift 1.2, but I can’t open it on my Mac any more, cause it pops out “This Book Can’t Be Opened: The book is corrupt” warning, then it closes itself. No matter how I redownloading it, it just kept doing this. It works fine on my iPad tho, but I need to read it on my Mac, so please fix this!!!!!!!

- Ffcc5 star


- need update for 1.2 change~please4 star

need update for 1.2 change~please

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- Nice! Not bad!4 star

Would like it to be a separate download per version, i want to use swift 2.x

- Book Version Updates5 star

Last installed book language swift 4.2 not able to update to swift 5.0. Every attempt open 5.0 results in opening 4.2 and the option to update is missing since a release was published ….

- Book Download Issues On iPhone5 star

Shows in books with download bar stuck no options on right side, can only remove from reading now, can’t remove download on that tab either. iPhone 6.

- For pros only I had no idea what was going on4 star

If you are a noob at code I recommend a different book

- superr4 star

ses tres bien detailler

- It is a good guide for programmers but needs to show some demo projects5 star

It is a good guide book for Swift iOS programming but to make it better and more intresting to practice at the main time on xcode need some demo projects and funtions demo on xcode simple demo app for basic programmers.

- Da Best m85 star

Wonderful! This book has a great intro! I am only 9 years old and learning this. Swift is absolutely lovely to learn! 5 stars! -Joaquin. ㊗️㊙️🎹 So ambitious for my futures!

- User Friendly5 star

I am new to programming and found this guide to be extremely user friendly. In Apple-style fashion, complex terms are explained in language that is friendly to novice programmers. Finally, the layout is pleasing to eyes.

- Très bon livre5 star

Livre très bien fait, facile à lire et il est possible de faire les exemples en simultané avec le playground pour apprendre le langage. Un livre dans le même genre serait un plus afin d'acquérir les subtilités du storyboard.

- Excellent book!5 star

Very usefull and complete! Great book, helped me a lot to learn Swift.

- Wonderful5 star

Great job with this guide.

- Swiftness5 star

That book is so easy to read. I loved it.

- Not Bad! Not Bad At all!4 star

I have always been on the look out for a much friendlier language to develop iOS apps in and this is probably what is going to make me finally do the jump. The guide seems detailed enough, and it is good that Apple has created such a detailed book to help everyone learn the new language. I would have appreciated at least _one_ chapter on how to use Swift to create a reference "helloWorld" type app that involved using storyboards, MVC patterns and how it all fits together using the new language. Once that is added to this book, I will give it that last 5th star! :)

- I’m loving it!5 star

@postfix func ++ (inout str: String) { str += "!" } var result = "Swift == " + join(" ", sort(["blown", "mind"], >)) result++

- A Must Read5 star

I enjoyed reading this so much… I couldnt put it down. I now am confident in my abilities with Swift.

- Great introduction5 star

A very friendly and unassuming intro to a new language.. I look forward to using this as a reference until a later version surfaces. Great pace and detail.

- I guess I'm oldschool...2 star

This is like taking every scripting language I know, Objective-C and Java, and smooshing them together. Then removing all semblence of structure, scope, and end of line(no semicolon). It could definately catch on, having switch statemnets that don't fallthrough automatically is nice– but it doesn't seem to impose enough order for my liking.

- nice !!5 star

semi geek as a hobby wanting to learn how to code, now with a new language and a solid platform to code and make apps for, perfect for developers and beginners alike, thank you apple for making this guide !!!

- Language1 star

You could add more language ! Like French..

- Awesome5 star

believing the code change the world…

- A well written introduction and reference guide5 star

I’ve often wished that there was a native language for IOS development that wasn’t burdened with Objective C’s odd syntax, and its backwards compatibility with C. This book starts with a nice overview of the language, which should be enough to get experienced developers going. Further chapters expand on the material presented in the first chapter, and the book finishes with a language reference that is reminescent of BNF, but easier to read. The language itself is much like Java or C#. Apple promises run-time compatibility with Objective C binaries, which would be a welcome alternative to Java’s JNI for integrating with code written in C.

- Ths is the best language ever!5 star

I loved the book! It explains the concept very well and is extremely well written!

- 04396616115 star


- Easily understandable4 star

Recommend to all level of swift users, from my own experience, the more you know about swift, the more you can learn from this book.

- The book as interesting information5 star

Wow!I can tell there understanding book I was thinking well but it took long but it’s actually Took me ages to solve but a really good program book but one thing it’s kind of confusing but the book disvered better

- Awesome5 star

Im only 11 and I understood it very easy to read I’m on my way to becoming a swift programmer Thank you Apple I must note at fist the tour put me off only because of the protocols and extensions.

- learnt a lot5 star

very helpful book to learn swift

- The Swift Programming Language5 star

Masterfully written reference outlining to the nth degree every aspect of the Swift Programming Language. The comparisons to earlier similiar languages is useful and acts as a conduit to those with previous programming experience. This is a very clear and concise explanation of how the language is constructed and acts as a valuable ‘Free’ tool that any beginner intending to create an App will be more than interested in.

- Different things between site’s documentation and the book3 star

one of the thing I found is under `optionals` and they way they are used in `if…` conditions, the playground says I need to use `if variable != nil {` where as book says `if variable {` should work. good documentation but not sure if its better reading documentation of the dev site then getting the book.

- Mr5 star

Best Cookbook from apple!

- Spectacular5 star

WOW it's so simple

- Need more demos4 star

Need to be more demos oriented , looks like only a reference book

- First!4 star

Swift is a cool language. First!

- New5 star


- Amazing5 star

Thanks Apple

- Elegant5 star

Swift looks really elegant.

- Yes5 star


- Not fully updated...3 star

The very first code example: println("Hello, world”) doesn’t work anymore…. Doesn’t give me a lot of hope that this has been properly updated for Swift 4.

- Corrupt1 star

Updated this from 2.2 and every time I open this I get a message saying book is corrupt. re-donloading it doesn’t solve the problem

- It's a good book5 star

It was a fantastic book best one I have read

- Not complete3 star

Not covering NETWORKING, Sockets, I/O, etc.. Feels incomplete.

- Out-of-date with respect to web version5 star

The book itself is great but it’s not kept in sync with the web version available at the Apple’s developer site. As of today, the web version’s most recent update was in April 2015 wheres this book’s most recent update was in October 2014.

- perfect! really well written.5 star

unless your already familiar with programming languages, it makes much more sense to read the “Language Guide” section before the “Swift Tour”.

- A classic5 star

This book serves as a masterclass in clarity and approachability. The language is explained with genuinely relevant examples to the topics in hand, not artificial examples. This means you can glance the source code examples quickly and then flip back to the motivation and explanations. This is the greatest strength of the book. The tone of the book is of a highly approachable tutor with practical advice. When other languages are referenced, its always to add color and contrast to the approach used, and is never unfair nor superior in its tone. This book will sit well in amongst the existing pillars (The C Programming Language, The Java Programming Language, The C++ Programming Language) in the computer science cannon, and readers will be able to see the influence of these prior works.

- Like it5 star

so simple , so readable , so scitifical

- Some examples don’t work at all.1 star

For example, the declaration of empty array with specific type is incorrectly described in this book. I have tested in xcode. I believe there are more in the book.

- Very helpful5 star

This book has a wrong title, the title should be Swift Bible. I love it. But its only fair to mention there isnt that many other books to compare this one with yet.

- Incredible!5 star

This is going to be so helpful! Amazing language!

- Brilliant Book and Language!5 star

I’m really enjoying the book and learning Swift, thanks Apple!

- Great read5 star

Still reading but absolutely LOVING writing Swift and learning about it with this book.

- AMAZING5 star

An amazing introduction to Swift. I'm still in shock from yesterday's announcement!

- Swift is an answer to my Prayers5 star

I could never get to like Objective C. It always grated. Thank goodness somebod(y or ies) realised that Obj C needed updating and simplifying.

- Can’t wait!5 star

Can’t wait to get my hands on Xcode 6 to give this a test-ride… looks amazing!

- Seems good5 star

I’ve not finished reading this yet, but so far the langauge and examples seem really clear. I’m looking forward to making my next app with this. The language seems to have been really thought through, with all the goodies you would expect in a modern language. So far from the high level I’m looking at this I love it!

- Awesome5 star

Superb book.

- Really useful and clear!5 star

It's quite a good book, explores everything.

- Good start5 star

Go Go Go

- Dream Code5 star

Apple have refined the toolset and given developers an unparalleled opportunity to speak a new language. This guide is well thought out, comprehensive and sufficiently robust to keep seasoned experts and newcomers fully engaged.

- Exciting stuff5 star

Looking forward to reading this !

- Great read.5 star

Nice of apple to provide this on day 1. Defiantly going to read this during my spare time.

- Shisha App will be built using swift5 star

Let me announce here that the new Shisha App will be built using Apples new Swift Programming Language.

- Where do I start3 star

This book assumes you know a fair bit about C; if you do, it should be child's play to find what you want.

- Great introduction to powerful language5 star

Just started reading this book. No matter, you learned C or Objective C before, this book is suitable for you. Very easy to read. Many experiments and examples.

- First5 star


- Awesome5 star

Loving it

- First !!!!!!5 star

Great read!

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- Not up-to-date1 star

Need to read online for the latest version.

- Please Update Book3 star

Please include the features from 1.2

- Great Book5 star

This is a great book that is comprehensive and clear on everything it talks about.

- Erroneous samples1 star

This is just crap. Even the most basic examples stated in the book dont even compile in XCode 6.2

- An Evolving Book5 star

This book is a real “no-brainer” for anyone interested in programming Swift. I have many of the currently available books on Swift, and this one is simply the best overall reference and guide to this new and interesting language. I teach programming to high school students who work on various projects in our district’s Innovation Center. This puts me in perhaps a unique viewpoint: we use a variety of languages and frameworks depending on the client’s needs. Because of this, I find myself scrambling often to learn as much as possible about new languages, frameworks, and tools used in software development. When it came to Swift, this book was the first thing we got to see—and it turned out to be a real gem. The focus is on Swift—not on using Swift to creat iOS apps, but on the core language itself. The book can be read away from the keyboard, as it features syntax highlighting that perfectly prepares the reader for using Swift Playgrounds in XCode. As an educator, I can’t imagine a new language being introduced in a manner more conducive to being used in the classroom.

- Great5 star

The book is great

- This is a great resource5 star

Thank you Apple Inc

- Please update this book4 star

Overall this is a great book for learning Swift. One thing I found pretty annoying is that as the Swift programming language evolve, a lot of contents in this book become outdated. The doc in the Apple developer website has been updated from time to time, but this book never receive any such update. Would be great if this book could be kept up-to-date.

- The book is good5 star

The book is good, but after reading about 8 pages I realized something: it said that you don't use semi colons in this new swift program, but this sounds like bad training for newer programming apps. You won't get used to putting the semi colon, and I don't know many things about this new program and how many things are taken out, but that's just something I wanted to say. I do see some similar things to other programming languages though, so it's probably still ok. I'm a 13 year old who wants to be a programming, I'm a girl and for some weird unknown reason, girls don't go to programming classes, at least not in my school. Well there are 2 which are my friends who are very smart :) thank you for reading this far.

- About time!5 star

I started with "The Swift Tour" and it was confusing. When I then began at "The Language Guide" all that went away. Clearly written and all spelled out so far (80 pages into it). The language itself looks great, it just makes sense. The compiler now does most of the syntax hoop-jumping for you. I thought I might be done with programming but this looks like fun.

- Great ebook5 star

Thanks u so much

- The Swift Programming Language5 star

This is one of the most well written books I have ever read for any programming language. (And I’ve been at this since the original book on C was written). The examples provided for each language feature are well designed and the associated descriptions to the point and extremely clear. I really appreciate being able to so quickly and efficiently learn a new programming language. My compliments to the authors!

- Beautiful Language5 star

Very easy to learn from the ground up. Very well done, the book and the language.

- Good5 star

Good utility

- Excellent Examples5 star

I’ve been dabbling with Obj-C over the last two years and haven’t made it as far as I would like developing some of the ideas I have in my head. Many of the books I've purchased tend to jump around a bit asking you to have faith in the example and then explaining what is happening at a later point in the book. This book seems to be written as a true introduction, not expecting you have an extensive amount of prior knowledge. The examples are short, relevant, and well explained. This is one of the better resources I’ve come across, considering it is also free, getting this book as an introduction to Swift is a no brainer!

- When's the update?4 star

Great stuff but I'm looking for an update so that it's more in sync with what's going to be released.

- content updated yet?5 star

I noticed the book was published on Jun 2, 2014. But the swift language has been changing, but the book’s content didn’t update with it. When will the book be updated?

- In Depth5 star

Covers a lot and in depth. Appreciated humorous sample code such as the rick roll and Firefly reference.

- Great5 star

Thanks apple

- Why Do I Need a Mac To Use Xcode?4 star

I always wanted to learn how to program. I think that Xcode is a great tool to use when writing games, yet you can program applications via Swift. But why do I have to have a Mackintosh to use Xcode. I have Windows 8 at home, and I enjoy it a lot, but why need a Mackintosh computer instead of Windows 8? I want to use Xcode to program my own games via Swift, but not on Windows 8. Other than that, this book is very useful. Thanks for putting that up on iBooks!

- good5 star


- Kae5 star


- Really good5 star

It's a really good book explaining about how to make apps with the new swift programming!

- A Decent Introduction4 star

This book is suitable for people who have never programmed before. That’s good in that it provides a lot of explanation. But it is bad in that it is a bit verbose. I wouldn’t rate it up to my standard bar of excelence as The C Programming Language by Kernigan & Ritchie. But few books obtain that lofty bar. I would say that this book is necessary if you wish to learn Swift. There should be no need to buy books from other publishers. For some reason, my copy has many blank sections in it. I don’t know if this is a bug from the markup or what. That is a bit annoying. If so, I hope an update can be released.

- Amazing new language5 star

This is an amazing new programming language. Thank you Apple.

- Too hard1 star

apple should make a little easier programing language like Python

- Best Apple Documentation I have read yet4 star

Granted, I have not read everything that Apple has written. For instance, I have not been able to try my hand at the SpriteKit Documentation which looks like it takes a tutorial approach (I would love it, if it is). That aside, Apple’s documentation is, usually, really cryptic and filled with “read this first” then “no this one” and finally “go back to the first one first” and when you finally pick one, you don’t really feel like you’ve learned anything after reading it. THIS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND AWESOME!!! I have read this cover to cover and feel like I really understood what Swift is about, how to use it, and why I should be excited to start using it in my programs. The caveat is that, though I felt like I understood the language after reading this book, that does not mean that there were not some confusing moments that eventually panned out. For instance, each major language feature is revisted several times throughout the book. This made it a little hard to read than need be. You would be reading and think, “Haven’t I already seen this… no that’s different there…” then as I kept reading I would realize, “oooooh, there just taking a previous concept from many, many pages ago and taking it further”. This is fine, but would have been a LOT easier and more concise to NOT breakup the concepts quite so much. You want to tell me about protocols? Let’s talk about them--all about them. Oh, now some extensions? Ok, let’s cover all of that, too. Instead, it was a little let and var, then classes, then protocols, then back to let var, now extension, oh wait, I had more to say about those protocols… Really, this is just a style thing. By the end of the book, I still understood Swift (resonably well for a first read-through without Xcode6/Yosemite). I look forward to seeing how the language evolves from here. I’m very excited about it and I hope that “The Swift Progamming Language” is updated appropriately through the years (something Apple’s documentation has NOT done well in general and leads to confusing, out-of-date material). Here’s hoping Swift and it’s documentation do great things for programming.

- It’s format is a copy of 3 star

It’s good, but I think it’s too like , and also most like c++. Swift just copy properties from this language..that language and some other language. It’s not new. There is no breakthrough progress. Makes me being disappointed

- Müthiş!5 star

ObjectiveC öğrenmek isteyenler ve İngilizce bilenler için kaçınılmaz fırsat. Ben de öğrenmek, iOS için uygulama geliştirmek istiyorum. Fakat maalesef İngilizce bilmediğim için öğrenemeyeceğim. Bu kitabın Türkçe çevirili olanı da yüklenseydi müthiş olurdu, öğrenirdim ben de. Umarım Apple bunu dilkate alır 👍✌️

- Amazingly well writen and easy to uderstand for new programmers!5 star

i’m a farily new programmer, I only got two months in to learning objective-c before this came out, i am glad to say this language is at least ten time easier to learn for new developers then odjective-c. Also this is one of the reasons i love Apple, when they do something like this they dont just leave you hanging, no, they give you every thing you will ever need to learn and under stand this new language with the two books in this series, if you are a new programmer like me I highly recommend reading this book, Apple has pretty much laied every thing in front of you, all you have to be willing to learn!

- Wow!5 star

I had just spent the last year getting up to speed on Objective-C and iOS programming. The announcement of Swift just blew me away. Here was a clean and modern programming language I could start using right away. I had gotten use to Objective-C, but felt the learning curve on it was a bit much compared to past experience I had with other languages. Granted, Xcode6 is still in beta, but everything is definitely in place to start learning this great new language right now! This book is the place to start. It's well written with plenty of detail and examples. The Swift Tour is great too. Be sure to download the playground file for it and start doing the experiments!

- Python is that you?!5 star

The first couple of pages and all I can think of is how close Swift is to Pytho

- Interesting language; so so book3 star

This is currently the go-to reference if you want to learn or use Apple's new Swift language. Overall Swift is a nice cleanup of the semantics of Objective-C (with some C++-like capabilities) with a more convenient syntax and some really convenient simplifying concepts (e.g., forget about pointers; "optional" and "enum" types are the thing now). There are some rough edges still (notable the native array's copy-on-resize behavior), but mostly the language is fund to develop with, and the Objective-C interop story is solid. The book, however, isn't great — certainly no K&R or or c++ ARM. It's starts with a "tour" which is okay (but not great), then an in-depth overview (which often fails to convey the rationale for the design, or even the underlying mechanisms), and finally a reference (which is okay, but a little imprecise for a language reference). Despite the poor writing, I highly recommend reading this volume if you want to learn the language.

- Well Written5 star

If you are a Cocoa programmer, you’ll read this book regardless of the quality. Luckily, it’s very well written, well organized, and cleanly formatted.

- amazing5 star

apple, this new language is amazing. thanks for everything you do

- Excellent Guide5 star

Great intro and excellent guide to the language.

- Im going to be a swift programmer5 star

So well written with a clear focus on objective C and its usage.

- Exceptional clarity5 star

I’m not an Objective-C programmer, but this is the best language guide I’ve ever read. The clarity and presentation are exceptional. The language spec section is as expected. I would’ve liked to see some answers for those curious and without background in Objective-C regarding recursion, meta-programming or concurrency.

- Awesome!! but overwhelming5 star

It’s incredible how far this Swift can take us, but a little overwhelming, anyways, it’s great

- Excellent4 star

Very good introduction to an excellent new language. The Swift Tour is a little difficult to understand, best to skip to the Guide and the code examples build nicely to explain what is a very flexible language.

- Great Resource5 star

Great way to jump start your way into programming. Awesome for students also.

- This looks great5 star

I’m an old C++/C#/Java programmer, and I never liked the Object-C way of handling objects and methods. Just reading the first pages and seeing that Apple finally got on the same train of standards of method calling, I was so happy. The language looks so pleasing and easy to pick up. Great job Apple! There are some things missing, however, from the language. It’s the handling of substrings. I wish there was a way to write: let str = “abc” println(str[2]) or println(str[1..2])

- If you want to learn swift!5 star

Great reference for swift. However, you probably need to know another programming language before reading this. Preferably objective c. Although I suspect that excellent Java, C, C++ programmers will be fine

- More Language Weirdness?4 star

At first I thought, wow, Apple finally came to their senses and got rid of the quirky Objective-C. A few pages into this book I see that the weirdness continues. Let x = 5, really? Let goes back to the days of TRS-80. And that’s one of the friendly aspects of Swift. Clearly even Apple realized that Objective-C was hindering productivity and that it is time. But why not just embrace a language like C# or C++ or any of a dozen or hundred other languages that have had time to evolve and are time tested by the industry? I had high hopes for this language and book, but I see no real world examples of list boxes or any of the other objects that we’ve come to drag to the canvas in Xcode. If you like college textbooks that present you with much theory and items of interest for reference, but little in the way of practical development usage in Xcode, you may love this book.

- Swift !!5 star

You will be mastered !

- Great book about the programming language4 star

It is a great book about the programming language, but what about the API’s? The most important is not to learn the PL it self, that’s a pre-requisite. SWIFT will be an another PL (simpler at no doubts) to develop for iOS and OSX. However, the COCOA and COCOA Touch use is key to achieve any significant result. Apple should focus on a book about it.

- VeryEasy5 star

waw….its very lovely language,,,

- Craig Federighi is right! It does rule the world!4 star

Love objc - but swift - i have to coin a new adjective - that great! Language so succinctly clean in syntax and yet is so much awesome power. Some may plausibly think it is too flexible but one can use the aspects of language and so much better than objc Chris Lattner and the team who built this are awesome..and this is what makes Apple what it is.

- good5 star

a quick read to get introduced to the new language

- Modern Language and Book5 star

Swift seems like a super modern language. It combines the best elements of functional and imperative programming. The book is best suited to programmers with some experience and is beautifully formatted. The content is also clear, concise and easy to understand, unlike most other technical books.

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