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A Misguided Lord

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 447564604954202979
  • Book Genre: Historical
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A Misguided Lord Book Summary

It is time for Clayton Trent, Earl of Bentley, to take a bride.  He knows exactly what he needs and the type of lady who should become his Countess.  His life is orderly, scandal free and exactly the way it should be until Miss Eleanor Westin careens into him, upsetting the perfect balance of his world.  She is everything his father said he should not marry.  Yet, he cannot put her from his mind, not even when a decade old scandal threatens the very foundation of his family.

Miss Eleanor Westin has spent her life in the country on the brink of poverty and raising her siblings after the death of her parents until her grandfather finally decides to do his duty and brings her to London.  Eleanor simply wants to find a gentleman who is willing to take on her family in the bargain.  Love is not even a consideration if she can land security.  Unfortunately, the only gentleman who has made any offer is Lord Bentley, and he will never do.  If only he would stay out of her dreams so she could forget him and his intoxicating kisses.

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A Misguided Lord Book Comments

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A Misguided Lord - Jane Charles Book Reviews

  • A good story, but... (Jenni1976)

    Way too many grammatical errors. The use of than when it should have been then, using fathered instead of father in several places, and the omission of key words to make a sentence flow, along with too many other errors to mention kept pulling me out of the story.
  • Please use correct grammar (Sandymeme)

    I have enjoyed the stories of this series and think the characters and story plots are great. However, at times I cringe when I see all the typos and other grammatical errors in the books. That is the main reason I haven’t rated you more review stars. Please, please have someone who is good with English check your stories and correct them. I am not talking about one or two mistakes in each story, but multiples. Also, please use the correct words. In one passage a character “through” an object when obviously the correct word to be used was “threw”. If you are going to charge for your written words, then at the very least you should use correct grammar.
  • A Misguided Lord (68jiggy)

    Excellent dramatization of trauma experienced by some individuals at the hands of their perplexed parents! The depiction of what appears to be right in the eyes of the disciplinarian inadvertently controls the life of the one the “laws” have been inflicted.
  • Good pass time (livre-el)

    A bit of twist and turns but it all ends well
  • Typos ('vannah)

    There were a few errors and substantial grammatical issues. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and characters!
  • Good Story (ClaudiaS1234)

    The book kept me entertained. The only thing I had issue with were the typos. But it was a good story!
  • Very enjoyable (debwex)

    Predicable but enjoyable
  • The misguided lord (76625471)

    The story had many twists but the poor quality of the proofreading was very distracting. Almost every page had misplaced words, misspelled words or the wrong word. Definitely need a better publisher.
  • A Misguided Lord (*cvg)

    The book was an excellent historical fiction story. The only complaint would be the use of bad language. I wonder is it because they do not have sufficient vocabulary to write without swear words?
  • Correction (Oranges'n'Gnomes)

    Shouldn’t it be Lord Bentley instead of Lord Westin?(on pg. 687 in my ebook’s formatting) Such a good book though!

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