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Megan Hart is a New York Times best-selling American author of over thirty romantic and erotic novels. She also writes psychological suspense novels under the pseudonym Mina Hardy. Hart became interested in writing after reading the Ray Bradbury short story "Homecoming". Moved by this work, she rewrote her own version and began creating stories. She was inspired to write professionally after reading Stephen King's The Stand. After a long break Hart resumed writing in 1998, publishing her first book in 2002.Hart has a degree in journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She lives in Dayton, Ohio. Selected books Dirty (Harlequin Spice, 2007) No Reservations (Virgin Books, 2009) Collide (Harlequin Spice, 2011) All Fall Down (2012) Every Part of You (St. Martin's Griffin, 2014) Don't Deny Me (St. Martin's Griffin, 2015) Forbidden Stranger (SMP Swerve, 2018)Awards 2009 RT Reviewers Choice Award—Erotic Fiction (Winner): Deeper 2013 Published Weekly Starred Review: Tear You Apart 2013 RT Book Review Top Pick: Tear You Apart 2013 RT Reviewers Choice Award—Book of the Year, Winner: Tear You Apart 2013 RT Seal of Excellence: Tear You Apart 2016 RT Book Review Top Pick: Little Secrets 2016 RT Seal of Excellence: Little SecretsReferences External links Official website (Megan Hart) Official website (Mina Hardy) Fantastic Fiction: Megan Hart . Discover the Megan Hart popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Megan Hart books.

Best Seller Megan Hart Books of 2023

  • The Forbidden Heart synopsis, comments

    The Forbidden Heart

    V.C. Andrews

    The Forbidden series continues in this thrilling enovella, as Emmie must reinvent herself in Paris after her older sister, a highpriced escort, suddenly disappears.Emmie risked eve...

  • My Secret Life synopsis, comments

    My Secret Life

    Various Authors

    Pursuing a secret liaison that you dare tell no one about, ever, is an enduring sexual fantasy. ‘My Secret Life’ is a collection of sexy erotica including new stories by Megan Hart...

  • Feel Like Making Love synopsis, comments

    Feel Like Making Love

    Megan Hart

    A Perfect Fit Audrey and Joel have been study partners for a year, but when Audrey spies Joel dancing in a local allmale revue, she learns a whole lot about human sexuality never c...

  • Shattered synopsis, comments


    Megan Hart

    Joe Wilder has never had a longterm romantic relationship. He’s a cheater, a rogue, a flirt, a womanizer. He ruins everything. Until he meets Sadie. They fall into an unorthodox fr...

  • The Escape Room synopsis, comments

    The Escape Room

    Megan Goldin

    "One of my favorite books of the year." Lee Child“Cancel all your plans and call in sick; once you start reading, you'll be caught in your own escape roomthe only key to freedom is...

  • Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy synopsis, comments

    Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy

    Caitlin Crews

    A game of pretend with the highest stakes of all in the latest novel of breathtaking romance from USA Today bestselling author Caitlin CrewsTy Everett ran off to the rodeo when he ...

  • Megan Owlet synopsis, comments

    Megan Owlet

    Beth Anne Maresca

    Megan Owlet doesn’t want to play basketball, learn karate, or practice the violin. Every day she goes and cheers her brothers on as they participate in their own activities, but on...

  • Selfish Is The Heart synopsis, comments

    Selfish Is The Heart

    Megan Hart

    For Annalise Marony, taking her vows as a Handmaiden isn’t a matter of faith –it’s a matter of the heart. Betrothed to her childhood companion Jacquin, Annalise finds herself facin...

  • Not Quite Over You synopsis, comments

    Not Quite Over You

    Megan Hart

    The one that got away. The one who wouldn’t stay. Second chances. Hot romances. Love finds a way in this collection of four complete novels, FLYING, HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE, PERFECTL...

  • Hurt the One You Love synopsis, comments

    Hurt the One You Love

    Megan Hart

    She likes to watch. Simone's been spying on Elliott through her office window for a few months, delighting in vicariously dating the handsome businessman who likes it a little roug...

  • E-Pack Megan Hart 2 febrero 2023 synopsis, comments

    E-Pack Megan Hart 2 febrero 2023

    Megan Hart

    Pack 339 La distancia entre nosotros Tesla Martin vivía plácidamente sirviendo cafés en la cafetería Morningstar Mocha, disfrutando de las idas y venidas de sus clientes favoritos....

  • Precious and Fragile Things synopsis, comments

    Precious and Fragile Things

    Megan Hart

    “For readers whose diversionary tastes lie on the dark side.” – Publisher’s Weekly She can’t stay. He cannot let her go. Gillian Soloman is not a perfect mother, but when a strange...

  • A Dream Upon Waking synopsis, comments

    A Dream Upon Waking

    Megan Hart

    The time has come for Noa to find her ahavatara and gain full use of her magic, but the man she's chosen to take her virginity has other ideas. Riordan de Cimmerian's the most powe...

  • Whispering Hearts synopsis, comments

    Whispering Hearts

    V.C. Andrews

    A desperate young woman’s bargain with a wealthy couple is not what it seems in this gothic tale of big city dreams gone wrong from the #1 New York Times bestselling author and lit...

  • On Top of Him synopsis, comments

    On Top of Him

    Megan Hart

    She had never been more beautiful to him than when she was making him hurt.Again, the ruler cracked down on his knuckles. A schoolboy punishment, fetishistic the way a cane might’v...

  • Wanna Be Yours synopsis, comments

    Wanna Be Yours

    Megan Hart

    It’s not supposed to be love. Eric has been looking for the right woman – one who will keep him in his place. Lists, tasks, discipline. He wants it all. Madeline, cut deep by a pas...

  • Nothing in Common synopsis, comments

    Nothing in Common

    Megan Hart

    It's all fun and games...until someone falls in love. Burned in the past by a handsome man who'd made her feel ugly, Lila Lazin's not interested in Tom Caine. Tom looks like he ste...

  • Beg For It synopsis, comments

    Beg For It

    Megan Hart

    She had never been more beautiful to him than when she was making him hurt. Corinne was young once. Reese wasn’t her first lover, but he was the first to submit to her. For a while...

  • Each Step Like Knives synopsis, comments

    Each Step Like Knives

    Megan Hart

    An erotic retelling of the Little Mermaid with a gender swap… Helena has come to the sea to escape the past and the cheating lover she left behind. Jeenai has left his home in the ...

  • Pleasure and Purpose synopsis, comments

    Pleasure and Purpose

    Megan Hart

    Three women, bound to serve so that they might bring their patrons absolute solace. Stillness, Honesty and Determinata, all Handmaidens in the Order of Solace, and all women in the...

  • Stumble into Love synopsis, comments

    Stumble into Love

    Megan Hart

    When Laila Alster hires klutzy LoveMatch escort Hal Kessler to pose as her fiance, it's not to impress her family. She plans an explosive breakup to convince them she's better off ...

  • Anything You Want synopsis, comments

    Anything You Want

    Megan Hart

    Her new toy has something extra she hadn’t counted on. A souland an attitude. Only one week, and Milla Sulay will start her lonely new life on the Homestead planet Selkca. In antic...

  • Girl on a Wire synopsis, comments

    Girl on a Wire

    Libby Phelps & Sara Stewart

    It wasn’t until Libby Phelps was an adult, a twentyfive year old, that she escaped the Westboro Baptist Church. She is the granddaughter of its founder, Fred Phelps, and when she l...

  • Beautiful Thorns synopsis, comments

    Beautiful Thorns

    Megan Hart

    Tenacity and Eamon... Ten years ago, she was his Handmaiden, and she left him. No Handmaiden has ever been returned to a patron and no patron has ever been granted a second chance ...

  • A Market of Dreams and Destiny synopsis, comments

    A Market of Dreams and Destiny

    Trip Galey

    Enter the bazaar of the bizarrewhere fate and fortunes are for sale just beneath Covent Gardenin this highstakes historical fantasy debut set in 19thcentury London, perfect for fan...

  • Always You synopsis, comments

    Always You

    Megan Hart

    Jack and Josie have a game. Ten points for correctly predicting which lame comeon the next person will use to hit on you. Fifteen points for getting asked for your phone number. Tw...

  • No Greater Pleasure synopsis, comments

    No Greater Pleasure

    Megan Hart

    There is no greater pleasure than providing absolute solace. For Handmaiden Tranquilla Caden, each new assignment brings the chance at leading one more patron into solace.  Fo...

  • Coming Up For Air synopsis, comments

    Coming Up For Air

    Megan Hart

    I’ve loved Tom Williams for most of my life, but always in secret. He was my brother Bohdan’s best friend, and we’re the reason Boh is dead. Years have passed, but the truth about ...

  • Heart Song synopsis, comments

    Heart Song

    V.C. Andrews

    From #1 bestselling author V.C. Andrews (Flowers in the Attic, My Sweet Audrina) comes the second book in the captivating Logan series...Melody Logan was as alone as a solitary gul...

  • Buried Deep synopsis, comments

    Buried Deep

    Susan Wilkins

    ‘Compulsive and thoroughly captivating… I found myself unable to tear myself away and as a consequence read it all in a single tense sitting… bags of suspense and action wrapped up...

  • The Night Swim synopsis, comments

    The Night Swim

    Megan Goldin

    “A blistering plot and crisp writing make The Night Swim an unputdownable read.” –Sarah Pekkanen, bestselling author of The Wife Between UsIn The Night Swim, a new thriller from Me...

  • Stay Awake synopsis, comments

    Stay Awake

    Megan Goldin

    A murder she doesn’t remember committing. A killer she doesn’t remember meeting. Megan Goldin’s Stay Awake is an electrifying novel that proves memory can be deadly.Liv Reese wakes...

  • Beneath the Stairs synopsis, comments

    Beneath the Stairs

    Jennifer Fawcett

    In this spinetingling, atmospheric “nailbiter of a novel” (Shelf Awareness), a woman returns to her hometown after her childhood friend attempts suicide at an alleged haunted house...

  • E-Pack HQN Megan Hart 1 julio 2022 synopsis, comments

    E-Pack HQN Megan Hart 1 julio 2022

    Megan Hart

    En sus manosNo pienses. No preguntes. Actúa.Aquel anónimo no iba dirigido a mí. No te equivoques conmigo, no tengo la costumbre de leer el correo ajeno, pero era un simple pedazo d...

  • Excommunicated synopsis, comments


    Craig Hoyle

    A heartwrenching multigenerational family memoir by an excommunicated member of the Exclusive BrethrenAfter coming out as gay, Craig Hoyle was excommunicated from the New Zealand E...

  • Virtue and Vice synopsis, comments

    Virtue and Vice

    Megan Hart

    Years ago, Jarron Bydelay’s mercy allowed Notsah Mevoot to flee the House Bydelay and find her way to the Order of Solace. To prevent the need to take a queen he’s called for a Han...

  • Letting Go synopsis, comments

    Letting Go

    Megan Hart

    Each Thursday night Colleen orders a drink at the bar Jesse tends, and every time, he spends the evening noticing everything about her. When a sudden blizzard closes down the stree...

  • Tell Me Lies synopsis, comments

    Tell Me Lies

    Carola Lovering

    Now an original series on Hulu! YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR WORST.“A twisted modern love story” (Parade), Tell Me Lies is a sexy, thrilling novel about that one person who still haunts y...

  • Moments of Disarray synopsis, comments

    Moments of Disarray

    Megan Hart

    Alex Kennedy knows he's a rascal. A rogue. An arrogant bastard. He wreaked havoc on his best friend's marriage by falling in love with his best friend's wife, and now he's trying t...

  • Flying synopsis, comments


    Megan Hart

    Pack your carryon, buckle in and put those tray tables up Flying is a soaring ride of desire and determination, of the relentlessness of grief and the power of love to heal – when...

  • Unrestrained synopsis, comments


    Rhyll Biest

    A guarded recluse, some dirty pictures and a spark of curiosity that leads to a dangerous attraction.  When the reclusive Holly accidentally finds some very naughty photos, bo...

  • Broken synopsis, comments


    Megan Hart

    This month, my name is Mary. Every month, Joe tells me a different story, and every month, I listen. He doesn’t know that I imagine myself the star of his every onenight stand, and...

  • Drowning on Dry Land synopsis, comments

    Drowning on Dry Land

    Megan Hart

    Some doors stay open until you close them. Moving on from a past love, Bette Douglas has discovered a whole new world of satisfaction and contentment with her boy Damian...but when...

  • My Trip Down the Pink Carpet synopsis, comments

    My Trip Down the Pink Carpet

    Leslie Jordan

    A hilarious romp from smalltown USA to the pink carpet of Hollywood with beloved Emmy Award–winning actor, playwright, popular and laughoutloud funny Instagram icon, and gay legend...

  • Crossing the Line synopsis, comments

    Crossing the Line

    Megan Hart

    Caite Fox knows just what her boss, Jamison Wolfe, needs, even if he doesn’t – or won’t admit it. He’s never been good at giving up control, but when passion flares between them, i...

  • Dark Corners synopsis, comments

    Dark Corners

    Megan Goldin

    "A gripping story that is equal parts shocking, unnerving, and thrilling. Goldin takes the ‘true crime’ trope to new and unexpected territory.” Karin Slaughter, New York Times and ...

  • Fallen Hearts synopsis, comments

    Fallen Hearts

    V.C. Andrews

    Now a major Lifetime movie eventthe classic story of the Casteel family saga continues with this third installment. Proud and beautiful, Heaven came back to the hillsto rise at las...

  • Bachelor Number Four synopsis, comments

    Bachelor Number Four

    Megan Hart

    Is the bad boy back to break her heart? Twelve years ago, Arden Walsh let Shane Donner break her heart before she walked away from him for what she thought was forever. Now, widowe...