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Monique Martin (alias Gabrielle Vincent; 9 September 1928 – 24 September 2000) was a Belgian writer and illustrator of children's books. She is most famous for the children's book series Ernest & Celestine. Biography Monique Martin was born in Brussels on 9 September 1928, and died there on 24 September 2000. Her nom de plume is derived from the first names of her grandparents, Gabrielle and Vincent. She worked as a painter of water color before beginning a career in the 1980s as an illustrator with the series Ernest et Célestine, adapted for cinema in 2012. Works Un jour, un chien (1982) Brel : 24 portraits (1989) Carnet du désert (1992) La Petite Marionnette (1992) Lettre à une amie (1993) Papouli et Federico - Le Grand Arbre (1994) Papouli et Federico - A la mer (1994) Papouli et Federico - Dans la forêt (1994) Au bonheur des chats (1995) Je voudrais qu'on m'écoute (1995) Au bonheur des ours (1995) J'ai une lettre pour vous (1995) La Montgolfière (1996) Nabil (2004) Le Violoniste (2006) Désordre au paradis (2008)References External links Site de la Fondation Monique Martin (Gabrielle Vincent) Lambiek Comiclopedia biography.. Discover the Monique Martin popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Monique Martin books.

Best Seller Monique Martin Books of 2023

  • In Time for Christmas synopsis, comments

    In Time for Christmas

    Monique Martin

    At a time when interest in the Christmas holiday was waning, Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol and inspired the world.  But now, history is changing, and the book is nev...

  • When the Walls Fell synopsis, comments

    When the Walls Fell

    Monique Martin

    Professor Simon Cross and his assistant Elizabeth West have returned from their accidental journey into the past and are adjusting to their new life together as a couple. But an un...

  • Yarn, Yarn, Yarn synopsis, comments

    Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

    Susanna Zacke & Sania Hedengren

    Are you crazy about yarn? Of course you are! Follow interior decorators Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren as they redesign their world with vivid colors and playful patterns. Their...

  • Sands of Time synopsis, comments

    Sands of Time

    Monique Martin

    The Crosseshighspirited Elizabeth and her brilliant Professor of the Occult husband, Simonfind themselves, along with Jack Wells, in 1920 Cairo on a special assignment for the Coun...

  • Out of Time synopsis, comments

    Out of Time

    Monique Martin

    Professor Simon Cross has spent his life searching for evidence of vampires and avoiding emotional entanglements. When a mysterious accident transports Simon and his assistant, Eli...

  • Fragments synopsis, comments


    Monique Martin

    Simon & Elizabeth are back in book #3 of the Out of Time Series! Professor Simon Cross and his assistant, Elizabeth West, thought their time traveling days were over. That's be...

  • Revolution in Time synopsis, comments

    Revolution in Time

    Monique Martin

    A sudden change in Council leadership puts not only the Crosses but the timeline itself at risk. The new Council no longer wants to protect time, they want to reshape it starting ...

  • Christmas in New York synopsis, comments

    Christmas in New York

    Monique Martin

    TimeTraveling adventurers Simon and Elizabeth Cross return for another Christmas novella!  Along with their young daughter, Charlotte, the Crosses travel back to 1937 New York...

  • That Time in Paris synopsis, comments

    That Time in Paris

    Monique Martin

    Who doesn’t love a World’s Fair? Well, some murdering psychopath doesn’t. Simon and Elizabeth time travel back to 1900 Paris, a time when ToulouseLautrec sips cognac at a corner ta...

  • The Christmas Curse synopsis, comments

    The Christmas Curse

    Monique Martin

    When the Cross family decides to spend their Christmas holiday at Grey Hallthe family estate in Sussex, Englandthe only ghosts they expect to find are the shadows of Simon’s unhapp...

  • Expedition in Time synopsis, comments

    Expedition in Time

    Monique Martin

    Simon and Elizabeth Cross are enjoying a romantic mission in 1936 Miami when things go southliterallyto Rio de Janeiro. The mysterious artifact they've been tasked to retrieve isn'...

  • Secrets in Time synopsis, comments

    Secrets in Time

    Monique Martin

    When Elizabeth and Jack settle in to binge watch their favorite schlocky tv seriesInto the Shadows: Secrets Uncoveredthey expect to see a Muppety chupacabra and a very iffy reenact...

  • The Christmas Express synopsis, comments

    The Christmas Express

    Monique Martin

    The Cross family is enjoying the perfect Christmas Eve until someone from the Council for Temporal Studies arrives. A timetravel pocket watch lost by one of their operatives has be...

  • A Rip in Time synopsis, comments

    A Rip in Time

    Monique Martin

    The Crosses are back in book 7 of the Out of Time Series. An old enemy returns threatening to destroy not just Simon and Elizabeth but the timeline itself. To keep that from happen...

  • Christmas in London synopsis, comments

    Christmas in London

    Monique Martin

    Are angels real?  Simon Cross, professor of the occult, scoffs at the idea but accepts the challenge when he's invited to London to study an artifact purported to be the key t...

  • Race Through Time synopsis, comments

    Race Through Time

    Monique Martin

    This time, they're the ones who need saving.  When Simon and Elizabeth's twentyfouryearold daughter Charlotte makes a sudden appearance from the future to rescue them fro...

  • A Time of Shadows synopsis, comments

    A Time of Shadows

    Monique Martin

    It's been a few months since Simon and Elizabeth returned from their adventure in 1888 London. Jack is back with them and all is as it should be, until a knock on the door changes ...