Kites, Practical and Play

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Kites, Practical and Play Book Summary

Kites, Practical and Play gives you full step-by-step instructions for 18 amazing kites, kite-powered vehicles, and accessories.  Learn how to make a box kite, a fire kite, a hand-held skating and snowboarding sail, a kiteboarding bar, sand and ice kite buggies, and even how to do kite aerial photography!  All projects come from, are written by kiting experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily do it yourself. Get in the air!

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Kites, Practical and Play - Authors and Editors of Instructables Reviews

  • Let's go... you know

    By wadewilgus
    This is an awesome way to get into kiting for big kids (human-sized box kites, anyone?) or regular kids. Need a kite for little Timmy and Debbie? Grab some printer paper, some tape, and a straw. Need to know how to make a personal sail for land, sea, or ice? Read these how-tos and become the Eolus of your block. Great pics, easy-to-follow directions, and info from kite enthusiasts and experts. Plus, it's free. Pretty much unbeatable. Edit: instructables has a bunch of other awesome ebooks out there, too. All free or nearly-free. Check 'em out.

Authors and Editors of Instructables - Kites, Practical and Play E-Book

Kites, Practical and Play - Authors and Editors of Instructables E-Book coming soon..