He Loves Me, He Loves You Not

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He Loves Me, He Loves You Not Book Summary

It's been years since their parents were murdered. Twin sisters Shia and Leigh are trying to readjust to life, while caring for their baby sister Remi. With the exception of Leigh s angry, dramatic mood swings every now and then, everything seems to be going great. That is until Demetri; the mysterious stranger enters their midst, and falls right in the path of the newly single Shia. After dating Trent for so long, she is looking for a man to treat her like a queen, and Demetri is heaven sent...until inexplicable things begin to happen. When one of her sisters goes missing, and was last seen with Trent and Demetri, Shia suddenly realizes no one is who they appear to be. The seemingly normal world she and her sisters recreated is destroyed. Shia begins to realize that her parents' past deeds are coming back to haunt them all and no one can be trusted. It is unclear to Shia which man truly has her best interest - and safety - at heart. Staring at the wilted flower she calls life, she is slowly pulling back the layers to try to understand if He loves me, he loves you not...
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He Loves Me, He Loves You Not Comments

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He Loves Me, He Loves You Not - Mychea Reviews

  • Very good book

    By 3bg4lyfe
    I think this was a very great book I read it in one day while I was at work coving for the receptionist on vacation! However there were many grammatical errors in the book and misspelled words. Maybe a better editor next time over all I liked the book will be reading part too
  • He Love Me, He Love You Not

    By ms.karnotty
    slightly uninterested and confused in the beginning. Turned out to be a great book.
  • Good Book!!

    By Chh11nn44
    I read it twice. Very good story, some grammar mistakes. Over all a good book. Moving on the read the next ones !!
  • Page turner

    By (Mrs. Rogers)
    This was a good book minus the many grammatical errors. I'm ready to read part 2!
  • I Love It

    By MissAviGMommy
    This was a great book had me on the edge of my seat... It a very juicy and interesting story
  • Omg

    By 🎉🎉 Special Kay
    Like every good book, you can NOT put this down. It has so many twist & turns, and all that good suspense that it makes you go crazy! Read this book, you won't regret it. Good job Mychea!!
  • Potential Not Fulfilled

    By LitbugTX
    This could have been a very good book but parts were unrealistic and some topics were not fully developed. I was frustrated while reading it because I could see where the author was going although she missed the mark. I would definitely suggest having someone edit the book as there were a lot of typos. Although there is a book 2 and I'm interested to see where it will lead, I refuse to torture myself.
  • Needs a lot of work

    By TricieG
    The plot line is far-fetched and unrealistic. The characters are flat and underdeveloped, and the grammatical errors are plentiful. It wasn't worth the few hours I devoted to reading it. Try something else.
  • Please consider

    By Aurtrivic
    Hello, First I would like to say I did like the story, however; it was very real but fake. For the characters to speak so ghetto but have amazing educational background and still speak like they're living the thug life is what got me. Second, there was a lot of typos( misspelled words). I believe you have a lot of talent in writing, just like anyone who would like to get in the door for that type of fame. But the monologues are not too terrible but will pose as a deterrent. Especially if you're trying to branch out to the avid reader. I tried this book on a lark, I did enjoy it but I would not purchase anymore in the series. This is not a put down by any means, just a heads up to you if you want a larger fan base. Good luck on you future endeavors... Sincerely A.
  • Decent

    By Sierra E
    The book was alright but saw some misspelled words.

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