Protecting Fiona Book Reviews

Susan Stoker

Protecting Fiona by Susan Stoker Book Summary

Sweat clung to every inch of her body and her legs were aching. But after the hell she’d been through, she welcomed the pain.

Hunter “Cookie” Knox was good at his job, infiltrating behind enemy lines was one of his specialties. His SEAL team relied on him to do his job, just as he relied on them to do theirs. Ever since two of his teammates found a woman that completed them, their dangerous Ops seemed a bit more intense. Cookie knew if he had a woman who belonged to him, he’d never let her go. Little did he know the SEAL team’s latest mission to Mexico would change his life forever.

Fiona Storm resigned herself to the fact that it was highly unlikely she would make it out of the jungle alive. Kidnapped by human traffickers, abused, and without family or friends looking for her, Fiona knew wishing for rescue was as realistic as having a big, juicy hamburger fall from the sky. Unbeknownst to Fiona, the SEAL team, including Cookie, were on the way, but their assignment didn't consist of rescuing her.

**Protecting Fiona is the 3rd book in the SEAL of Protection Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s recommended you read the books in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the series.

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Book Name Protecting Fiona
Genre Suspense
Language English
E-Book Size 1.6 MB

Protecting Fiona (Susan Stoker) Book Reviews 2023

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Unrealistic timeline. The idea of the story is good, and I like that Hunter and Fiona found a way to be together. The intimate scenes so soon after her rescue were hard to handle though, especially Cookie’s need to “mark” Fiona.

How sad. I wish they would have killed the kidnappers. The story was so good and overwhelming. She never got justice.

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Fiona's strength is amazing!!!. Book 3 is Hunter "Cookie" Knox's and Fiona Raine Storme's story. This is another totally different but just as emotional story in this amazing series. The strength, physical and emotional, that Fiona showed was extraordinary. All that she's been through and she always put everyone before herself. A truly amazing woman and totally deserving of a man, a SEAL, like Cookie. Julie, I just want to strangle her for her selfishness. You definitely won't be disappointed in this third book of the SEAL of Protection series. Again, highly recommended! Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own.

Wonderful story. Great characters. Definitely a page turner that I couldn’t stop reading till the end. Book is filled with action, drama, passion, and romance. Fiona’s story had me in tears,smiling and cheering her bravery towards reaching happiness.

Protecting Feonia. Wonderful story of care, love and strength. Great insight of human sexual trafficking which is so real in our world. One word of as vice to all DON’D drink any drink you left alone, get a new one. Don’t trust strangers.

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Love this third installment!. As a victim of rape this story was very accurate as to what a person goes through. Most rape stories never tell about the aftermath of such abuse. This is something she will live with for the rest of her life but she can live a normal life with the right person. This author did not shy away from this unpleasant topic like so many others do. We need more like this showing a man being supportive towards victims.

Cookie to the Rescue!. Susan Stoker's novels are something I've quickly become addicted to, much like any drug. They are well written, and keep me glued to my e-reader from start to finish. This one even had me in tears a few times because it was so emotional. Lucky me, I still have quite a few books to go, and I promise I'll bring everyone along for the journey! Hunter "Cookie" Knox is on a mission with his SEAL team to rescue a privileged Senator's daughter from human traffickers in mexico. But when Cookie goes to leave the filthy hut with the spoiled princess, he finds another prisoner at the far end of the hut, in far worse shape than the one he's sent to rescue. Fiona wasn't expecting to be rescued, even when the big, handsome man came to rescue the other prisoner, she figured he wasn't there for her. But he took her anyway, and she manages a trek through the jungle in horrible shape, impressing Cookie to no end. He never knew he'd end up needing her. When they are safe at home, the terror for Fiona doesn't end there. But this time, she has Cookie in her corner. Cookie just can't leave Fiona's side, and he doesn't want to. But what happens when he has to? See all these answers and more when you read for your very own. Just another truly remarkable book in the SEAL of protection series, and since I skipped Abe's book, I'll be going back soon! But this book definitely gets a 5 Orgasm SEAL of Approval!

Great read!!. I enjoyed "Protecting Fiona". As the 3rd book in the series, I love that it could easily be a stand alone or as part of the series. I tend to be a "read and delete" reader but have kept this series around. I enjoy rereading the first and second books in the series as well! I have even recently started another book from another series. As a trauma survivor, I found the book to be believable and genuine.

Great story about a horrible crime on humanity. This story brings light to a despicable crime being perpetrated on mostly women around the world. I would give it five stars except for the constant use of people’s names instead of using pronouns in conversations and dialog.

Protecting Fiona. Another great SEAL story about their bravery and the women they love. This one takes you into the dark world of kidnappers and sex trafficking and the horrific toll that takes on a person’s life.

Protecting Fiona. The book was good, but jumped to quickly to the end, the author could have added a few more chapters to include more details.

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Thank you. Thank you for spotlighting the scourge of human trafficking and the men and women fighting the good fight.

Protecting Fiona. I cannot even imagine what these people go through....horrible!!! Wonderful book.

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Great read. I recently discovered this series and love it. These Seals big guys are tough, protective with a heart of gold. The female characters are strong and well rounded. The dialogue is entertaining with a nice sense of humor. The stories are intense with drama with a touch of heart lighted moments. I love that each book is a standalone story with no cliffhangers. As each book changes the main focus from one Seal to another, all the other characters continue to appear and gives you a continuity. This time is Cookie who finds his woman when he least expected, in a rescue missing. Author handles the pain and suffering of victims of human trafficking well while giving hope a strength through all the other characters

Just wrong. I am new to this romance book stuff and I know this is an old book but .....His pleasure first?? Mark her like a dog?? This was just wrong!!! A woman abused in the worst possible ways and you give her a male dog as a hero/lover!! Her lover should’ve been the most sensitive the most passionate and only about her pleasure..... just lost all respect for you as a writer!!

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Protecting Fiona. Very well written book. Page turner so easy to actually feel apart of this story thank you for writing it Kaye

I am so glad I found this. Easy to read and makes me want to find a seal of my own.

Protecting Fiona. Couldn’t put down what storyline what she endured and how she was able to survive move forward with the help of him and friends.

Protecting Fiona. Just like all of Ms. Stokers books she has a way of bring life and true life to each character. Fiona is a very strong and loving person who truly deserves her SEAL Cookie. I couldn’t put this book down until the very last page.

Thank you. I can’t thank you enough for not being afraid to write about sexual abuse and when women are kidnap which sadly is a serious problem all over the world. Not only did you go more in-depth bout it but I was glad that you included what normally we may go through in our head because we can’t believe we are “safe” now so anything can trigger a reaction from the nationality of the kidnappers to even a body oder or cologne they may have had on. The therapist definitely was a good addition to the story because sometimes we try to be strong and not talk to anyone and keep it inside and it exactly makes it worse so the fact also it was a female I believe made Fiona more comfortable bout opening up and getting it out. Thank you again and I loved that Fiona and Cookie had a happy ending. I would be happy to pretend any of your books cause I love to read by the way. My nose is always in a book I read everything lol 😂

Review. I was disappointed in this book. It is obvious the writer didn’t do enough research regarding the military and SEAL teams. I understand writers take liberties, but the basics should be right. In the prologue it states “Wolf is the unofficial leader of the group.” My husband retired from the Navy after 20 years of service. There is no such thing as an unofficial leader. All of the military branches have an official chain of command. Also, SEAL Teams work in “teams”. There would NEVER EVER be a time where a lone SEAL would go on a hostage rescue alone. Anything could have happened to him and they never would have known. This storyline still could have worked if the whole team was sent in or if they sent four SEALS in and two were left behind to pilot the helicopter for the evacuation. It was also very irresponsible for the team to treat her at the safe house in Texas. The SEALS should have flown back to base and taken her to the military hospital. She suffered needlessly because they didn’t have the medicine to help with her drug withdrawal. Not to mention, she was raped repeatedly by numerous men. She needed to be tested for pregnancy and STDs as well as anything else she could have caught being kept in unsanitary conditions. A counselor could have spoken to her while she was in the hospital. Again, taking her to a hospital would still have worked with the storyline and been the responsible thing to do. I was disappointed in this book. The author should have done better research.

Great Book!. This book was intense and exciting with a beautiful romance that blossoms throughout. I was on the edge of my seat reading this. I really enjoyed getting to know Cookie and Fiona!!

Wow. Cookie is an experienced Navy SEAL who gets more than he bargained for when he goes to Mexico on a rescue. Instead of just the Senator’s daughter he’s sent to extract from human traffickers, he also finds Fiona. His life, and hers, will never be the same again. This story deals with the after effects that victims of traffickers suffer, but it is a true love story as well.

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Protecting Fiona. Another great read that touches on a topic that is huge but we rarely hear about it and it is a worldwide topic! Highly recommend reading this and hope you enjoy it as much! Love the military romance books!

Protecting Fiona. This is my second read of this story and it is just as powerful and emotionally charged as the first time I read it. Well deserving of a five star rating. This author has a unique way of dealing with sensitive subjects and weaves them like fine emotional threads into her stories while keeping them romantic with feel good endings. Top notch!

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Summary of Protecting Fiona by Susan Stoker

The Protecting Fiona book written by Susan Stoker was published on 29 December 2014, Monday in the Suspense category. A total of 1,342 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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