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Lila Monroe

Get Lucky by Lila Monroe Book Summary

Fall for the hot and hilarious rom-com spin on 'The Hangover', perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey, Ali Hazelwood, and Emily Henry!

What happens when you wake up in a hotel suite next to a gorgeous naked man with absolutely no memory of the past twelve hours?

I guess it's true what they say: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Or at least I hope it stays here. The Romantic Style Book convention was meant to be a weekend of raucous fun with friends, sun, and enough poolside margaritas to forget about my ex. But now, instead of meeting my fans and signing books, I'm stuck with cocky divorce lawyer Nate Wexler. He's arrogant, infuriating, and I can't keep my hands off of him. Judging by the state of our hotel room, last night was wild. I just wish I could remember it.

A pair of matching tattoos. A half empty box of glow-in-the-dark condoms. And a… wedding veil?

What the hell just happened?

Discover the hot and hilarious world of the BILLIONAIRES IN LOVE series from Lila Monroe!
1. Get Lucky
2. Bet Me
3. Lovestruck
4. Mr Right-Now
5. Perfect Match
6. Christmas with the Billionaire

"I laughed my ass off. Let me know if you find it. I wish I'd written this book."  
-- Kayti McGee

"I've NEVER had SO MUCH FUN while reading a book! This was insanely good" 
-- Shayna's Spicy Reads

"Get Lucky is an enchanting, steamy, delightful read I never wanted to end" -- Angie's Dreamy Reads

"One of the funniest, light hearted, free spirited novels I have ever read... An absolute joy to read." - Bloggers From Down Under

"This.Book.Is.SOOOO.Funny! What is the best way to describe it? It's like a cross between The Hangover and...a steamy romance novel...hahaha. SO SO steamy. I'm surprised my kindle didn't start smoking. But more importantly, it was funny and endearing." -- Micah Liesel's Book Blog

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Book Name Get Lucky
Genre Contemporary Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 2.23 MB

Get Lucky (Lila Monroe) Book Reviews 2024

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Get lucky. Fun easy read

A fun read. Made me laugh out loud!

Get lucky. Wonderful story, laughed a lot. Good ending TY

Get Lucky. Best book I've read in a while! I was dying of laughter through it all. Definitely worth a read

Funny and Steamy!!!. Wow!🤩 I know I might sound like a broken record but who knew romantic comedies told on either in IBooks or paperback could be so hot, steamy and funny at the same time!!! From the first chapter to the very end, I couldn’t stop reading and actually finishing it in one night!!! I couldn’t stop laughing and swooning on how Nate and Julia try to navigate on how they ended up in bed together after a crazy drunken night filled with hilarious adventures in Las Vegas of all places!?? You take an seemingly hot but sort of domineering but upright divorce lawyer like Nate and an headstrong and successful but vulnerable romance author like Julia meet and not like each other at first but after one drunken night & ending up in bed together the next morning, from there they began the most hilarious, steamy hot journey together leading up to their happy ending. It had the twists and turns with a lot of hot steamy sex in certain chapters that made me swoon and drinking plenty of water 🥵🥵🥵!!! I would definitely say Nate and Julia know how to make romantic comedy very hot!!! Awesome story!!!👍👍👍👍

Say No to political views in a romance book. This was a mediocre commute entertaining book until the author decided to squeeze her/his personal political opinions about a president she/he doesn’t like. Why??? No one buys silly romance books for political opinions.

Fun. Loads of fun

Oh What a Night. Nate and Julia literally bump into each other in Vegas. He’s a divorce lawyer there for his best friend’s wedding and she’s an author there for the romance convention. Both have been burned by love but while he’s a bit bitter, she’s still hopeful that she’ll find love again someday. One drunken and rather hazy night later, and a host of hilarious events on the road to unraveling the mysteries of that night leave them both questioning just what’s between them and where could it go from there.

Wow. Interesting story in Las Vegas.

Fun read!. This book was super fun to read. Grouchy Nate and fun Julia. I enjoyed their chemistry and the way the book was written!

Great!. One of the better books I’ve recently read! Held my attention, unique plot, well-written, and extremely hilarious!! Loved the chemistry and interaction between the main characters. Definitely would recommend!!!

SUPER FUNNY. I really enjoyed this book it was funny, upbeat and sexy!

Surprise. Such a sweet, fun, happy surprise.

Love This Book!. This is one of my favorite Rom Coms. The characters are easy to love and witty. I’ve read this book multiple times - it’s one of my go-tos when I need a pick-me-up.

Cute .. cute. Loved the book and I love Las Vegas my hubby and I were married there almost 30 years ago… Was not as crazy as these characters but had some fun wild times If you love Vegas and love The movie Hangover then this is the book for you !

Get Lucky. I thought it will be good at the beginning but was just boring, too much of screwing over each other and little of adventure

So Good. What a wild ride

Hot AND Hilarious!. I loved it and so did my husband! Soooop funny but hot, hot, HOT in the right spots! Heh, spots!

Pretty Good!. This is pretty good read. I love the twist and turns in the book. It's really funny and sweet.

Not worth the money. When you write books leave your political views to yourself... I will not recommended this author... Conservative 2020

Lot of sex and I couldn’t feel it.. This plot li e was pretty great. I felt like the memories were sex on sex…. The whole time. I’m not against it but it took away from the “fun” of the story.

Loved it!. Great read! I LOL’d a bunch. Love this fun romantic story

Very cute. I loved how the story was put together. Very fun!

Fun story. Sassy, light hearted woman, withdrawn man...what could go wrong? A romance story written about a romance writer, good hook. How much is true and how much is imagination?

What a Who-ot, if you will.... Such a fun and funny book!! Being a whovian myself I was OBSESSED will all of the Doctor Who references. Honestly I wouldn’t mind a weekend like that sometime haha.

Get Lucky. I enjoyed this book very much. Funny story line that is so clever & entertaining. Loved Julia’s use of her experience & word usage as a “Romance Author” to relate to Nate & the predicament they found themselves in. Loved Julia & Nate’s interactions.

Not so lucky. The premise was different. I had hope. But I ended up skipping through it to get to the end.

HILARIOUS. This book was unbelievably funny, dramatic, and just the right touch of romantic! Loved Julia so much. Really relate to her on a geeky level.

Get Lucky. First time reading this author. I have mixed feelings about this book. It had the potential to be an extremely funny love story, but all the bad sex language didn’t do it for me. A little goes a long way, in my opinion. I have noticed a lot of “romance authors” have gone in this direction. I am not a prude, I like a good sex scene, a little dirty talk. Just not in every chapter.

Get lucky. Loved the general plot & all the adventures & humor & characters. However I wound up skimming the “sex” scenes. Too graphic and not enough left to the imagination. A bit of a turn off for me.

Hangover the movie…staring a romance novelist. Could be an in-your-face, fun, unbelievable read…I was on the outside of all the Dr. Who and Star Trek references…and the sex scenes, while hot, dragged on so much that I skimmed through them. Overall, a fun (funny for some), overwhelming (in the Vegas-sense) read that lacked any depth or connection that might make the end satisfying.

Guess I need to go to Vegas😚. What are the odds? And it just proves the point that opposites do attract…they tend to have that missing piece that Julia and Nate needed in their lives. I’m a sucker for reads like this 😉

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sexy. this book brings out the inner me 😈😈😈😉💦💦

❤️ it. Oh my. When you get to around pages 240 onwards I was laughing so much I cried!!! So funny. Great story - would be even better with a follow up. C’mon Lila you know you want to!

Brilliant. Loved this book

Brilliant read. Had me giggling, also steamy! Everything a girl needs in a book is in it!

Kinsella with a side of James ‘!. Light quick easy read but laughs throughout!

Get Lucky. A laugh out loud sexy read, highly recommended. Now on to book two.

Not my thing. The constant tv and movie references was extremely distracting for me. The fact the two main characters got together was obvious but it took so long to get there.

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The first one I got from. The new rules would require that all of

Love and comedy. Great read. Found myself laughing out loud a lot. Can't wait to get stuck into more of your books.

*3 Stars*. This one took me a fair bit to get into, and even then I wasn't completely engrossed. I'm not too sure that I connected with the characters, and I was sort of just plodding along to see what would happen. Interesting story, if a bit over the top at times, but hey, it is set in Vegas! I'm others will enjoy this more, it just wasn't overly fabulous for me at this time.

Sorry but I’m sorry. Sorry but I’m

Lucky in love. Really enjoyed this book

Atrociously bad. The writer should either take an English writing course or give up trying to write books. Poor sentence structure, questionable grammar and typos are just some of the issues plaguing this terrible book. Also you don’t need to bring your woke opinions into fiction books. They’re supposed to be an escape, not a chance for the author to show how ignorant they are.

This book a amazing. This book is so good I highly recommend it to young adults

I’m going back to the gym and then. We will have to get the first thing

Love and laughter. A fun read..thanks

I’m not going back to the gym. I just wanted you to be sure and it

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Fun. Fun and flirty. Easy read

Full on Belly Laughter. Omg this book was absolutely laughable out loud hilariously brilliant!!! Recovering from major surgery I had to put a pillow over my tummy and take breaks reading as I couldn’t control my laughter. So great I read the classic scenes to my husband! Perfect amount of sass, romance, but comedy takes the upper hand in this can’t put down read! Having a bummed out day, READ THIS!!! This will definitely be re-read again! Witty, sass writing the author grabs your attention so descriptive you feel like you’re there!!!! An absolute must read if you’re a fan of romantic laugh out loud comedies!!! Couldn’t put this one down!!! First time reading this author, now I’ll be continuing this book series!!!! LOVED IT 🤣🤣🤣 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Romantic and fun. Get lucky is cool

Get Lucky. This book was a little hard to stay focused on and keep everything straight, but I did enjoy it. There were even some parts that had me laughing out loud.

Love it!. Good book! Funny, adventurous, and sexy! Good for a quick read!

Funny & Steamy Romance. Loved Julia’s character and how she is unapologetically herself. She balances out Nate in so many ways and the chemistry between the two is palpable. Definitely some hot scenes between the two in this story!

so hot. 10/10 pls read the scenes make the book SO HOT

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Summary of Get Lucky by Lila Monroe

The Get Lucky book written by Lila Monroe was published on 31 August 2016, Wednesday in the Contemporary Romance category. A total of 2,280 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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