A Villa in Sicily: Olive Oil and Murder (A Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery—Book 1) Book Reviews

Fiona Grace

A Villa in Sicily: Olive Oil and Murder (A Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery—Book 1) by Fiona Grace Book Summary

"Very entertaining. Highly recommended for the permanent library of any reader who appreciates a well-written mystery with twists and an intelligent plot. You will not be disappointed. Excellent way to spend a cold weekend!"
--Books and Movie Reviews (regarding Murder in the Manor)

A VILLA IN SICILY: OLIVE OIL AND MURDER is the debut novel in a charming new cozy mystery series by bestselling author Fiona Grace, author of Murder in the Manor, a #1 Bestseller with over 100 five-star reviews (and a free download)!

Audrey Smart, 34, is a brilliant vet—yet fed up by her demanding clients who think they know more than her and who don’t care about their animals. Burnt-out with the endless hours, she wonders if the time has come for a new direction. And when her 15th year high school reunion (and her hopes for re-sparking on old flame) end in disaster, Audrey knows the time has come to make a change.

When Audrey sees an ad for a $1 home in Sicily, it captivates her. The only catch is that the house requires renovation, something she knows little about. She wonders if it could be real—and if she may really be crazy enough to go for it. 

Can Audrey create a life and career—and the home of her dreams—in a beautiful Sicilian village? And perhaps even find love while she’s there?

Or will an unexpected death—one that only she can solve—put an end to all of her plans?

Are some dreams too good to be true?

A laugh-out-loud cozy packed with mystery, intrigue, renovation, animals, food, wine—and of course, love—A VILLA IN SICILY will capture your heart and keep you glued to the very last page.

Books #2 and #3 in the series—FIGS AND A CADAVER and VINO AND DEATH—are now also available!

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Book Name A Villa in Sicily: Olive Oil and Murder (A Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery—Book 1)
Genre Cozy
Language English
E-Book Size 3.36 MB

A Villa in Sicily: Olive Oil and Murder (A Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery—Book 1) (Fiona Grace) Book Reviews 2023

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Loved it. An enjoyable look at a life transformed ! It’s amazing what can happen when you take a chance and have an open mind!

A Villa in Sicily. Great book. Murder,adventure and a cure Fox. Beautiful country. Sounds wonderful and only $1:00.

Fun!. Fun brisk read. No thick philosophy or digression. Just plain fun to read.

Awesome!. A wonderful first book in an exciting new series!

Cat plus fox equals Sicilian majestic home. A little mysterious a times, but all in all a good read. I recommend it to anyone who appreciates animals, a good story, and historical renovation.

Recommended. Cute, quirky tale of starting over in a new place.

I love this Villa in Sicily series so much!. Sadly finished the 6th book last night & now keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more. Of the two Fiona Grace’s book series which I’ve read so far, Audrey, Nick-the-fox & company are my absolute favorites, —actually from any author I’ve read this summer. I’ve got my fingers & toes crossed for more in the near future. 🤞🙏

Can’t wait to read more.... This is the start of a fun series! I enjoyed getting to know the characters, and can’t wait to see which alpha male succeeds!

A very fun read. A very fun read. Simple to share with children to get them interested in reading for entertainment.

Adventurous. I admired the character for going on the adventure of her dream.

A Villa in Sicily. Cute. Easy reading. Good beach book.

A Cozy Mystery - A Villa in Sicily. Cute and entertaining

Can’t wait to read the next two books. I absolutely loved this book! I think the conclusion of who the killer was could have been more creative, but other than that it was pretty interesting & heartwarming :)

A fun read. I enjoyed this book more than I expected. The main character is willing to battle against adversity and what is her as she can with no hope of success or at least no real hope. And I love a happy ending!

Villa in Cisily. I enjoyed very much this book very entretened I can’t stop reading very engaged with the story I like it very much

Well written, easy read. Enjoyed every page! Looking forward to reading more of her books.

From Security to Sicily. Original setting combined with creative storyline keep this book interesting. The mystery is actually secondary in this first installment. Easy read plus surprise ending. I’m anxious to read next in series.

Sweet Sicily. This was a delicious mystery story full of interesting characters and best of all highlighting Italian life on the island. A must read

Cute story. Likeable characters. A fun read.

Villa in Sicily. I love this book. I couldn’t put it down. I’m getting all of them.

Sooo interesting!. Finished it in one day; it’s a page turner.

Fun read. Packed with humor, a dash of intrigue and big dreams. This is a well written book, charming and easy to read. Highly recommended

Olive Oil and Murder. Great book, enjoyed the writing and loved the ending.

Villa in Sicily. Easy light reading. Very entertaining.

Good read. Enjoyed reading this! Enjoyed the story f finding a new life in beautiful Sicily

Lighthearted Cute Story with a Nice Twist at the End. Great storytelling and nice plot. The murder scene was not gory, which I appreciated, and loved the characters including the fur baby. I enjoyed it very much!

A Villa in Sicily. Very enjoyable…I had to read to the finish in one sitting!

So, so…. Like a Hershey bar instead of rich, Belgian chocolate: it’ll do the trick if you’re craving chocolate, but you won’t be as satisfied. The Sicilian setting is appealing, as are the assorted pets and other animals, especially Nick, the fox. The concept of moving to an ancient Sicilian village to fix up an old dwelling is a fun idea. Overall, I have the impression that the author was more interested in cranking out books quickly, rather than taking more time to perfect them. As for the Audiobook versions: The narrators often had the wrong tone of voice for the passage they were reading. They also mispronounced many words, in both English and Italian. And the narrator that took over after Book 3 absolutely ruined the image of Mason with the voice that she used: instead of sounding like a sexy, Southern man, she made him sound like a whiny nobody.

Good!. Enjoyable reading! I’ll keep reading her books.

Awesome suspense of overwhelming life. Loved the story line and jumping out of one life to another. What a great transition from a dreadful day to day life to one of unknown adventures. The murder in the middle led to the best of friends and fortunes.

Enjoyed it!. Sweet story! An easy read - will certainly read more of this series

Kept me reading. I started reading this earlier today and have just finished it. I really liked the characters and the writing was well done. It’s a complete book without a cliffhanger ending.

Nice read. Light, much needed story. Just lovely!

A cute book for anyone who loves animals.... The only problem was the length of time it to for the story line to get started... interesting, none the less. A good read!

Avilla in Sicily. Warm hearted, wonderful characters.

Love it.. What a beautiful story. Loved reading it from beginning to end.

A Villa in Sicily. A fun story with a great ending.

A sweet and alluring murder mystery. Our heroine purchases a one Euro house 🏡 in Sicily and runs into all sorts of trouble including a run down house, an unexpected pet and a becomes a suspect in a murder. Delightful imagery with a sprinkle of humor and adventure.

Only for Nick. A fun read! Especially with Nick...

Unexpected challenges and opportunities. Sometimes the crazy new start is crazier than you think- and sometimes it is so much better An awful few days leads a young veterinarian to take a chance on a one dollar home in Sicily. A whole crazy new world was waiting for her - and some parts of it were not pretty Murder, construction chaos, and more than a little mayhem live side by side with macho Italianos with attitude. Toss in animal injuries, and the mysterious paperwork Italy always seems to require until they make exceptions - all together a fun and frantic read I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

A Villa in Sicily. Enjoyable easy read.

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Review of A Villa In Sicily. I have enjoyed this book very much and look forward to reading the next book in the series

Brilliant read perfectly paced could not stop reading and loved the ending. Loved loved loved from beginning to end could not put down. Will read more of this authors books.

Brilliant. Absolutely loved this book, a little bit of something for everyone with lots of twists. Can’t wait to read the next one

Funny, humorous story. Rushing from one boring, awful day to another. Audrey pays 1€ for a house in Sicily. Ends up a murder suspect and a tame fox who won’t leave her. She continues her rush from thinking who might be a murderer, to actually finding them. Lovely happy ending though, especially for €1

😳. little fairy tale , simplistically written, the plot repeats in exactly the same way in each book, in all the series of books! And entire passages of repetition of previous events bulk out what is a very basic fantasy story over and over.. The principal character is also the same, different names but each a copycat of the other . I was offended by the overly casual treatment and consideration of the heroine’ furry friends, always disturbingly left to fend for themselves in unusual situations and location, given very inappropriate foods …. very very un educational for anyone who does not appreciate the huge load of responsibilities one should feel and practice towards any creature they claim to care for. As there are so many people who are not remotely aware of the level of commitment an animal requires to be kept safe and fed in a species appropriate manner, the example set out in these books is soul destroying in its total blindness to it all. The only way to excuse this is in considering these books as simple fairy tales as mentioned above. If you are looking for a mindless read, you are happy knowing the plot and all its sequences beforehand, can set aside the irritation regarding the furry ‘friends’, these series can give you a stuck in time feeling which can be reassuring in times of difficulty. However, it would be helpful if the author could take the trouble to verify the correct wording of any foreign terms she casually sprinkles in the Italian books, rather than use approximations and mix them up with Spanish at times. It is irritating to those who know the language as well as give rise to unfortunate differences in the meaning. The dog named Polpetto’ (in the Cosy mysteries series of the vet who buys a 1$ house in Sicily) was likely to be intended as ‘Polpetta’ ( a sort of mushy meatloaf type food), as ‘Polpetto’ actually means small octopus!! and Italians don’t say ‘Madre de Dios’, but ‘ Madre di Dio’…. etc etc

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Who can resist?. I love Fiona’s writing . She pulls the reader in to a multi layered story with plot twists , and beautiful described landscapes. Get snuggled into your favourite chair and delveinto the delightful book and its fabulous cast of characters

Great. This is a sweet gentle tale, that is an intelligently easy read.

Villa in Sicily. Fun and quite clean. Good characters. Love the house surprise at the end!

A Village in Sicily. Enjoyable read. Love the fox.

Fun page turner. Was a joy to read. Loved it

A Villa In Sicily Book 1 - great read. Audrey makes the mad cap decision to buy a house in Sicily. She leaves Boston and her humdrum job where no one sees her. Her adventures in Sicily involve murder. Must read I couldn't put this book down. Looking forward to her next adventure.

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Summary of A Villa in Sicily: Olive Oil and Murder (A Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery—Book 1) by Fiona Grace

The A Villa in Sicily: Olive Oil and Murder (A Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery—Book 1) book written by Fiona Grace was published on 01 December 2020, Tuesday in the Cozy category. A total of 2,177 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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