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Jamie Lynn Spears

Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears Book Summary

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In this intimate memoir, actress and musician Jamie Lynn Spears opens up for the first time, telling her unfiltered story on her own terms.
You’ve read the headlines, but you don’t know Jamie Lynn Spears. The world first met Jamie Lynn as a child star, when it was her job to perform, both on set and for the press. She spent years escaping into different characters on All That and Zoey 101. But as she grew up, faced a teen pregnancy, raised her daughter on her own, pursued a career, and learned to stand on her own two feet, the real Jamie Lynn started to take center stage– a raw, blemished, and imperfect woman, standing in her own power.

Despite growing up in one of America's most tabloid-famous families, Jamie Lynn has never told her story in her own words. In Things I Should Have Said, she talks frankly about the highs and lows, sharing what it was like traveling the world as a kid, how she moved into acting and performing herself, what life as a child star took from her, and the life-changing reality of becoming a teen mom. She talks about how she finally found love and how the mistakes she has made have taught her more than anything else. She also shares vulnerably about how the ATV accident that nearly took her daughter's life brought her back to her faith and caused her to reevaluate and redirect her life.
Frank, courageous, and inspiring, Things I Should Have Said is a portrait of a wife, momma, sister, daughter, actress, and musician doing the best she could to show up for herself and teach her daughters to have the courage to love every part of themselves, too.

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Book Name Things I Should Have Said
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Language English
E-Book Size 32.26 MB

Things I Should Have Said (Jamie Lynn Spears) Book Reviews 2023

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I love it!!!! Great job jamie Lynn . ♥️. Well can’t put it down . That’s the kind of books I like. 🙂♥️

Liar. Liar

DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. Buying this book is supporting the same people that abused and trafficked Britney Spears for 13 years. This book is nothing but Jamie Lynn’s attempt at playing the victim when really shes a lying manipulative narrcist. Her book is full of lies and inconsistencies. This is her last ditch effort to make some money since she can no longer steal her sister’s money. Things I Should Have Said is trash just like the author.

No thanks. 🐍

Wait until it goes on sale in the $1 bin. For a book that ‘isn’t about Britney,’ there’s certainly a lot about her. The book is also a rambling mess. Somewhere in the writing you go from barely forming sentences to extremely verbose, someone stepped in to finish the book? Has some interesting tidbits but most everything is playing out in the tabloids. Save your money!!

Wasn’t What I Anticipated. I started this book, like many, to get a glimpse of Jamie Lynn’s side of the story. When the book started out, I was concerned this was going to be more of a self-argument of how talented she believes she is, and it was hard getting through the first third of the book. I also was a little frustrated at the lack of complete sentences, split infinitives and grammar mistakes. However, once she got into her life as mother is when the book really had meaning. I honestly feel her story about being a teen and single mom to marriage and her daughter’s accident is where the story really is. I was brought to tears by the events that occurred during and after the accident, and I admire her strength and resilience to have made through those moments. However, I think the ending of the book would have been better served if it occurred after the resolution of Maddie’s incident. She has a quote at the end of her book about how she would never blame anyone else for her mistakes, and how the public may hear more about Britney’s situation, but it won’t be from her. The problem with that is she spends most of the book talking about how some mistakes she made were a direct result of her parents’ actions in how she was raised, and goes into detail about her rift with Britney. She also said things about her father, brother and ex that I think probably should not have been aired to the public, especially given her stance on keeping family issues private. In summary, her personal triumphs as a teen mom, wife and adult mother really are where she shines in this book, and I wish it had been kept to just that.

#freebritany. just no

Don’t bother. Yikes. Her sister has always been the one with talent.

Ehh.. This book was not at all as good as I hoped it would be. I get that it’s a memoir and all, but it’s incredibly repetitive. It’s almost like she ran out of things to say and kept saying the same things in different ways over and over again.

Brave and honest. After being silenced her whole life and then cyber bullies trying to silence her again, but she bravely stood up for herself and shared many personal moments that will surely help others!

10/10. y'all be putting one star just to put one star. so determined to hide behind the screens and you know you didn't read the book. i commend you JLS for putting it all in the air for everyone to see. talent.

She need no make more money in the name of her sister. #FreeBritney

Not interested. Did not enjoy the book. Sounds like just lies and made up stories.

Snake. Shame

Reads like a 13 year olds diary. This is not a memoir. I felt like I was reading a 12 or 13 year olds diary 🤦🏽‍♀️. The book would have been ok if she wouldn’t have spend such a significant portion talking about Britney. Very Ill timed and insensitive considering what has just transpired in the sisters life.

Trash. Garbage

Snake. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

JUSTICE FOR BRITNEY. Do not support a proven liar. DO NOT BUY OR READ THIS BOOK.

It was ok. She had some good chapters and some that sounded redundant. Britney wasn’t in it as much as the other reviews said. She does explain her part in the conservatorship which sounds minimal.

…... ….no comment

Trash like her. Forget Jamie, don’t give her anymore validation or your money.

Not worth it. This book had a lot of rambling, seemed to be all about Britney and a got a bit gaslighting. Really seemed like she’s trying to make the few months she was locked away is worse than what happened to Britney. Girl just stop

Shameful poorly written. Not even worth the one star

Terrible. The book spreads lies about people this is so as backwards. F u Jamie Lynn Britney and Alexa were right about you.

Booooo. Tomato, tomato, I’m throwing tomatoes

Not as bad as some say it is, but still has its problems.. I decided to buy the book to see how it really was since I liked JL on All That and Zoey 101. I also wanted to give it a fair chance regardless of what people have been saying about it. I do that with any book, show or movie, so this was interesting to read to an extent. I do like of how she explains her fame as a child actress and how difficult it was and I really liked her explain her experience as a Teen Mom and her meeting husband, having her second daughter and the tragic Maddie ATV accident and how she went though with it (I wish the rest of the book was about this topic) That said, this book still has a fair amount of problems. She didn’t have to mention Britney that much. I get that she is her sister but mentioning her over 200 times is too much, especially if book only has 240 pages. She also had 0 reason to mention Alexa drama, especially if they made up beforehand. She also could’ve fixed some grammar issues. All in all, this book had potential to be great but instead it’s okay some decent parts but has some REALLY huge issues in it.

Horrible Book. 🐍

A book of lies. Claims the book is in about her sisters yet mentions her over 250 times. Make that make sense. A book of lies by someone who stood by while her sister was oppressed. It’s complete garbage.

Unexpected. This was a decent enough but not exactly what I wanted to hear. Lots of sugarcoating and smoothing over. A story seen with the blurry filter of privilege and opportunistic family members. Jamie’s story is decent enough but we were all waiting for the real juicy Brittany info which is severely lacking. A lot of glossed over issued using therapist speak and psychobabble. Disappointing to say the least.

You’re over with. You’re now the most disliked person in the world

Trash 🚮. If this book was about her life and only her teen pregnancy experiences then fine, well thought out book. BUT instead mentions her sister in almost the entire book. So much for it not being about Britney. Just say you want money Jamie 🐍

Love it. Started reading things I should have said and I have to say Jamie I have to commend you I really like the book

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Nope. Don’t waste your time on this one

This book should be placed under the fiction category. This a masterfully created book with a trove of lies against Britney.

Britney > Jamie Lynn. It is imperative that people do not support Jamie Lynn Spears or anything she does. She sold her sister, Britney Spears off to be human trafficked and abused. She’s blaming Britney for things and playing the victim. I wouldn’t be surprised if JL was one of the people who were basically planning to have Britney killed. This book is just a bunch of lies. The Spears family (except Britney) are absolutely disgusting and evil. Don’t read this book or support anything they do, especially Jamie Lynn. Britney deserved a better family. I hope she can continue with her own family now and leave her old cruel one behind. #FreedBritney #JusticeForBritney

Brutal. This book is full of lies.

BOOO. boring

Meh. Hard to support her when you know the backstory

Yikez. Jamie is evil.

Try it, don’t trash it.. Everyone deserves a chance to tell their own story. No one has a clue. You’ve read what magazines write, you’ve seen what people want you to see. Give the woman an opportunity to express her own experiences in her own words for once.

Evil. Don’t pay for this shi*

Not worth it -just gossip. Illiterate stories that contradict Reality

Full of lies. I’m not ever going to read this, but I know without a doubt in my mind, that this book is filled with lies. Jamie Lynn and her whole family do absolutely nothing else but lie. Constantly!! Leave Britney alone! Quit telling her story! Quit lying!! P.s. don’t buy this book!

jamie lynn spears is a leech. don’t read this book its a waste of time, jamie lynn is just trying to make money by insulting her sister britney.

Don’t even try. She’s just the worst…

It’s too late to act like You cared. FREE Britney. It’s too late to share your story aka lies. You were never a real sister to her.

The worst. Sad and desperate

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Summary of Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears

The Things I Should Have Said book written by Jamie Lynn Spears was published on 18 January 2022, Tuesday in the Biographies & Memoirs category. A total of 259 readers of the book gave the book 2.5 points out of 5.

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