Pride and Prejudice Book Reviews

Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

Jane Austen’s beloved classic opens with this witty and very memorable line: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” With all the twists and turns of a soap opera, Pride and Prejudice chronicles the drama that ensues when the wealthy bachelor Mr. Darcy moves close to the Bennet family home in the English countryside. The news of his arrival sends the socially ambitious Mrs. Bennet-whose main concern is finding suitable matches for her five daughters-into overdrive.

The book’s main character, the high-spirited Elizabeth Bennet, is a strikingly modern heroine: a woman who refuses to lower her expectations or transform herself to suit society’s norms. Austen’s novel achieves a remarkable balance, serving up barbed criticism of the obsession with money, status, and matrimony even as it draws us into a swoon-worthy love story. At its heart, Pride and Prejudice is a romantic comedy, and a darned great one at that. It’s so much fun to turn the pages and wonder about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy: Will they or won’t they overcome their excessive pride and initial prejudices to make a happily-ever-after connection?

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Book Name Pride and Prejudice
Genre Fiction & Literature
Language English
E-Book Size 467.75 KB

Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) Book Reviews 2024

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Failed to impress. I’m not averse to writing from this time period, but finishing this book felt like torture. Characters felt flat and lifeless. To me, this is just a “pretty” book, with an embellished writing style and interesting insights into the time period, but the plot and characters just lacked depth or meaning. Also, I can’t exactly place why, but I found Elizabeth to be such an annoying main character. I know a lot of people like this book, but it was just not for me.

Good book a masterpiece!!. Austen never fails, never misses, love the read!

Cool. The writing was cool. I think the one with the zombies was cooler but this is fine too.

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Pride and Prejudice. Was never much on classics but took a chance. Very glad I did! What an unexpected pleasure! I’m in awe!

Pride and prejudice. Beautifully written, timeless

A bit tedious, but well worth it. For this to have been written in 1813 and is so easy to understand still amazes me! I now see why it’s such a classic. The whole book was very aesthetically pleasing, but some parts were unnecessarily detailed which made it take longer to finish it. Overall it was a really sweet story and the ending was very wholesome and left no questions unanswered.

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Worth every read. I could read this book over and over again. The storyline is realistic and filled with humour

Met, even exceeded expectations. I’ve always wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I’m glad to report back that this classic novel surely did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations. The story is charming, and incredibly well written. It’s not very long so not very intimidating. I definitely recommend it!

Pride and Prejudice. This book was a great read its always been a favorite of mine i love the plit and how well this book was wrote!

How Can on Go Wrong. A classic page-turner that’s a joy to read. Highly recommend it.

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The O.G. of Romance Novels. This one started it all and it’s still the best. Lively, full of activity and fun, this is one of the most satisfying stories ever! Please read it at least once.

My favorite classic of all time. A wonderful read!

Pride and Prejudice. Maintains greatness and delight no matter how often read.

I am going. I’m going back home now

A bit boring. Not really interesting

Must read. Beautifully written

Stands the test of time. I seem to read this novel every 5 years or so. It’s one of my favorite reads!

Atrocious. The worst kind of “chick flick” book, where highly loquacious individuals become mute when necessary to further its flimsiest of plot lines. Example: after her refusal of marriage, Elizabeth is overwhelmed by Darcy’s letter of confession. Even after the letter has entirely overturned her opinions, she writes no reply, never brings it up again until after his second proposal. After she learns of his generosity regarding Lydia, she’s unable to violate confidentiality by thanking Darcy? Even by speaking privately? Lydia disappears, yet Elizabeth cannot write the person most likely to know how to locate Wickham - and in fact does locate him...Darcy? None of this makes any sense, except in a world of air headed romance.

Great for lit, great for leisure. For a book considered one of the classics, this is one of the ones that are easier and more entertaining to read.

Good one. 🤫

READ IT.. I’m not sure what words to use in describing the experience of reading this book other than lovely and exceedingly pleasant. Unlike other books, this one offers an infinite amount of learning, whether regarding to impressive vocabulary or history in general. I read this novel with a constant smile and intense focus; I could never put it down! This is a classic for good reason. Would beyond recommend to young adults especially.

A Timeless and beautiful story. And to think she was even allowed to write about the foibles and folly of the early 19th century. I’m in awe of Jane Austin. Please, do your brain a favor and drift away in this beautiful book that has endured for over two centuries. Then read Little Women for yourself and to your children and grandchildren.

Pride and Predjudice - Kept me interested. Very enjoyable read! I love a good romance that is void of many sexual overtones! I would read this one again

wonderful. It was terrific

I hate it!. hate the movie. Hate the book!

Ok. Ok

Awesome. It took me awhile to finish, but other than that it was a great read and I could picture the characters in my mind. I was a little doubtful about reading classics, but now I can’t wait to read more of them. Can’t wait to see the movie.

Slow but interesting enough. I can see why people would love it and why others would hate it It’s definitely a historical fiction book and is rather mundane It does allow one to see the elegance and flourish of the time but can be slow and even uninteresting Obviously if you like fast paced, action packed books with a lot of romance, this might not be the best for you But if you just want to sit down with a good book and you have a lot of time on your hands or you want to see what it was like during older times then this is a perfect selection Overall I found it surprisingly enjoyable and much less potent of a read than most classics are but it does get redundant and tiring at times

Loved this book. This book was so good it took me less than a week to finish! Now I understand why they book has stayed so popular for over 200 years!

Fantastic as always. This book is of course, a classic. Wonderful as always to read.

It was great. It was great

Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂. Great book mr.Darcy Jane just it pulls you in and it’s like your in their world.😃😃😃

Narrator is beyond this world. Love the way the narrator presented this great classic, thank you Apple.

Romantic. Most romantic novel written

Wonderful story !. This would probably make a good movie 😁 😉 But read the book first.

Changed Gender. It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a husband

I just got back home to go home and. I’m not going back in the house until now

Cold fingers & Cold again. A time of a classic. I wonder the hype about the book. It was one of the best books I’ve read. Would recommend to. Any friend.

My childhood favorite book. I wanted to reread my favorite book and still hold up today.

Just great. Had me so on the edge of my seat I finished it in 3 days

Amazing. I loved this book and it was easy to understand. It was very well written and kept me interested until the end.

Pride and Prejudice. Very enjoyable. GalwayGuy 306

Pride and Prejudice. Excellent novel!

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Pride and Prejudice. The first half of the book, although I did enjoy, I found a little slow. The second half of the book makes it well worth the read. Elizabeth Bennet is a brilliant female character, her only fault and constant companion being prejudice, which influences how we view certain characters from the very beginning. Mr Darcy is much loved (by the end) because of his growth in character and surprising reveal of character. However his fault, pride, could now be credited to being antisocial and uncomfortable in social situations, thus because of his large wealth, it is assumed to be pride. There are subtle themes of sexism in the book, though that is to be expected in a book written in a time such as this, but odd considering the strong female characters and their treatment, for example; when Mr Darcy learns that Elizabeth is aware that he paid a large sum to Mr Wickham for Lydia’s marriage, he immediately assumes it was Mrs Gardiner who told her, and though it was, it could easily have been Mr Gardiner, as he is just as close with Elizabeth. This being so subtle, that it may suggest that Jane Austen (the author) may have been prejudiced herself. Overall, it was a great read, I recommend.

Charming!. It is of a book that deserves the most loved. I am so much in love with this book.

Peak fiction. It was the most amazing journey

Amazing Book. Great Book! Full of excitement!

Simpler times. A simple yet captivating tale portraying love, misunderstandings and arrogance. What more can a girl want...

Not the best. It was a good book but a little slow

Loved the book!!. I could not let go of this book!

Fantastic. The joys this book brings is really superior. It doesn't only "happy occassions", but offers a deeper, more intense story in which you are left questioning the outcome. Honestly a great work of literature and would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a tale with a happy ending and endearing characters.

Absolutely perfect. My favourite book, ever. I just love the underlying humour and the strength of characters. Brilliant.

Eleanor. Elizabeth bennet needs to chill

Loved it. Really easy to read and funny too

Pride and Prejudice. Amazing book. Sometimes it can be a little hard to understand some concepts, but Jane Austen is a wonder !

Nice to read. The novel is best practiced in this piece of art.

B.O.R.I.N.G. I had to read this for school but got so incredibly board of it I've skipped it and I'm googling about it instead!! It's ridiculously boring !!

Mr.. A very enjoyable work.

Chapters missing - don’t buy. Chapters 7, 8, 9 are midding completely, the reading style doesn’t flow easy. When listening the book doesn’t keep playing like music does when the device goes to sleep but stops meaning you have to keep touching the screen and there isn’t easy to listen to when wanting to rest.

Amazing. my favourite parts of the book was the walks of Elizabeth and fitzwilliam Darcy. These really made my heart pounce.

Pride and prejudice. I absolutely loved this book so much! A wonderful story of a headstrong female! Cre

Just beautiful !. A beautiful, timeless, book.

Orsi. Orsi

Pride and prejudice. Wonderful. Never have I enjoyed conversation both friendly and the latter of two people, and eagerly anticipated it's return as with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.

Pride and Prejudice. We have all seen TV and film adaptations of this wonderful story but Jane Austen's written words are pure joy.

WOW. This book is amazing. You have to read it.

Brilliant. A fantastic read. Recommended.

Mr. I couldn't put it down, I got lost in the world of Lizzy and enjoyed every moment. One if the best romance books I've come across.

Amazing. This literary classic continues to warm heart with its good humour and intriguing ideas. Well-structured and beautifully written this novel remains a favourite.

Chawton. Providing a review of this most famous novel by Jane Austen would be audacious indeed, but let me state that my interest in Miss Austen's work was sparked by my recent visit to her house in Chawton. I enjoyed reading (perhaps re-reading) the novel so greatly, that I drew out the experience by rationing my sessions, absorbing and savouring the skills of this infinitely accomplished author. Thank you Miss Austen.

Jane’s finest. Probably the best book ever .

5 star. Absolute classic!

First chapter. Absolutely fascinating first chapter, captured me right into the depths of the book and am sure I will take a great amount of concentration into the rest of the book!

Pride and Prejudice. The beginning was rather slow and tedious but as you prevail through the course of the book, the tension and longing to understand Miss Bennet and Mr Darcy’s feelings for one another becomes almost unbearable to the point in which it is always on your mind. It has truly revolutionised my ideas of romance.


My favourite story. This book is the perfect comfort read and just brings the warmth of romance and family affection. It is such a sweet tale and it’s one I’ll always come back to through the years.

I hate this book so much. One of the worst books I’ve ever read and didn’t even get past first chapter :)

Gloriously good read. I return to this novel every few years and find more detail within than I can recall from previous visitations. Primarily it is the wonderful exchanges between the characters which I find so enjoyable and rich. The phrasing is extraordinary and so descriptively rich, beyond anything heard or written today, that it takes me a few chapters to adjust to the tone and detail in the narrative. It's wonderful and so enriching.

Excellent. Always the best of reads

Timeless Classic. Honestly, Austen's Pride & Prejudice is simply irreplaceable. The story, the characters, the feel of the book, it's just amazing. Must read!!!!

Pride and Prejudice. I've read this book so many times and still savour ever word as if I'm reading it for the first time. Glorious!

Worthy of being one of the world’s favourites. Timeless, witty, charming and sublime.

Mr darcy. Great book. Greatest English writer!

One of my favourites !!. Absolutely adore them, my Elizabeth & Mr darcy

Great Austen. Jane Austen at her witty peak.

An all time favourite. Timeless, classic, my favourite

Lovely. Such a lovely story

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!. In tears. I will never tire of reading this book. I cannot count the number of times this makes. I am happily off to now watch the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth to add to my extreme happiness at this moment. If you've never experienced the delights of Pride and Prejudice. Read it now! You won't regret it.

Greatly written romance!. I just loved every chapter of this novel. It was thrilling and emotional and romantic. Can't wait to read more of Jane Austen. 😊

An amazing read. This book is absolutely magnificent, from the first word all the way to the last it hooks you and keeps you thinking, all the time of Mr. Darcy and Miss. Bennet. Beutifully paced, amazing characters and just enoght tension to leave you wanting more. I reccomend this to 12+ and ALL people 12+.

Astonishing. Couldn’t stop reading it as soon as I started. Really engaging work

One of my favourite books. This novel is one of my favourites of all time. I’m a big fan of Jane Austen novels. The book is beautifully paced. The characters are compelling, the romance is moving and the angst and tension is perfectly executed. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and I look forward to reading more of her works in the future. I’m sure many others will enjoy this book and other Austen work.

Just a really fun book in general. Tbh I don’t even like romance, but I really liked the way the characters transformed throughout the story and all the drama that happened. The movie is so good too, the cinematography of it is so nice! I recommend this book a lot, 1000/10 :D

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Beautiful book. The romanticism in Jane Austen's art of writing makes me believe that should the characters be dull, I would still madly love it for the way in which she writes so beautifully.

Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It strikes me that "teen gossip about boys' and the adolescent angst of working out 'who's who in the zoo' have not changed. Nor has the concept of choosing a societally acceptable partner. Papered over the gender-repressive institutions of the day, Pride and Prejudice almost begs to be read aloud like Shakespeare. Wonderfully theatrical characters. Enjoy!

The first one was the best I ever. The new rules are a step toward a new

Just wonderful!!. This has jumped to my favourite of favourites. It was just magical the way it all unfolded in the end. Thank YOU Jane Austen xx

Love this book!. Best of all her novels.

Pride and prejudice. Read this 3 decades ago….and now again. very soon after watching “bride and Prejudice” on WIN TV..Really enjoyed the book.

Owesome. I love the strory it relates now a days happening in the sociaty

Pride and Prejudice. Enjoyed the book imemsly Also my husbands name is Mr Darcy So I get pleasure reading of him

I’m not going anywhere else to sleep. I don’t think you want me too

10000/10. Great book! Recommend it!

Pride and prejudice - a must read. By far the best of the classics I have ever read. I never tire of the characters and enjoy reading it time and again.

I'm laughing so hard. I noticed this was trending and remembered it being mentioned in a book about a guy who was failing his English exam because he had to read this book. He never finished it though. Poor Mikey.

Timeless.. I read this book every year and still gain much pleasure from it. The characters and their actions remain timeless. His Pride and her Prejudice.

Love. I loved reading this book :)

In love. With love

Nothing happening. Pride & prejudice is so hard to understand! I find myself reading a sentence 4 times just to figure out what it means. I'm halfway through the book, and Elizabeth still barely knows Darcy. There's a new character every five pages and way too many proposals.

Pride & Prejudice. Delightful classical reading! Love this book!!!

Beautiful. Funny, charming, witty....can't believe that I haven't read Jane Austen before. Am reading Sense and sensibility next - I am hooked.

A great romantic read. A period romance, delightfully told. Jane Austen had a real perception of character. This is a truely good read.

A Classic. A timeless tale that is thoroughly engaging and enjoyable to read!

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Pride and prejudice. Lollipop is an imbecile

Pride and prejudice. Absolutely loved it. I want a Mr Darcy!!

Pride and Prejudice. My favourite story of all time, such brilliant characters and such an accurate reflection of human nature! A true classic!

At 30 first time reading the Book! I loved it.. Recommend anyone of all age to read

Laughing and crying. I thought I ought to read an acknowledged classic, but didn't expect to LOL in several places and be in tears in others. Not just a chicks book after all!

So good love it. Such a drama and scary

Pride and Prejudice. Enjoyed this book once I got into the characters

I don’t think I’m a fan. I just wanted you to

Still relevant. a great lesson for us all.

Pride and Predujice. Very inspiring.

I’m not going back to the house. Sorry for your reply I just wanted

Pride and Prejudice. Honestly, one of the best books ever written! There should have been a sequel. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

More enjoyable every time I read it. A little bit of history, a little bit of vocabulary, wonderful characters with so much realism. Knowing the endings simply makes the journey to get there more pleasurable. I recently watched the Keira Knightley film (awful) and again watched the Colin Firth tv series (so true to the book), so I thought it was time I read the book again. Whilst reading I found a treatise online regarding transport in Jane Austen’s time, which added to my enjoyment and knowledge. I understood what a phaeton was, and a chaise and a postillion.

Worst Romantic Book Ever. This is a boring book that doesn't have anything to do with the title the end of this comment

An excellent read!. Jane Austen has a particular way with the olde English language. She writes in such a way that one has to focus while reading, however it is really worth the effort to get the most out of each scene. First impressions so easily made and so difficult to alter. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and plan on reading other works in her catalogue. Thank you Jane. Well done.🎶💞

I just got home from work today. I’m going home and I’m going back

I have a lot more to learn and then. The first one was a good one but it didn’t

Pride and Prejudice. Really enjoyed this book. Only problem I had was that some names weren't included, eg: a street name was left blank or a line was in its place. Other than that it was great.

P&P. I read it every year at Xmas then watch the mini series. Never fails to make me happy and wish that I might be another Mr Collins.

Love!. Pride and prejudice is my all time favorite classic followed closely by sense and sensibility and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Mr Darcy...

MarlieH. Absolutely love this book and read it quite often.

Pride and Prejudice review. Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" is a wonderful, thrilling, heartbreaking book from cover to cover. Although this book is difficult to understand, because even though it is in Old English, the story's plot is heartwarming, and interesting. The main reason I rated it 3/5 is because I couldn't make out the text inside the book. Overall I loved this book. Thanks Jane Austen!!! (I like Lizzy)

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Great book!. I didn’t know what to expect when I started this book. I heard of this title a long time ago but thought it was about something different...boring actually.... but I was quite surprised after I started it that I couldn’t put it down. I loved the old language, sometimes having to re-read a paragraph to understand what I just read. I would definitely recommend it. It was a great read.

Nice. Great

Real good. I’m surprised that a book written so long ago could bring out so much emotion in me over 200 years later. Excellent.

Amazed to be engrossed. I was told a long time a ago that this book is good but I resisted in reading probably to many people told me to read it, but now I truly was engrossed in it and enjoyed reading immensely.

Always a pleasure. I have been reading this book at least once a year for the last decade. I still get emotionally attached to the characters, and it brings a peacefulness while I read it. I recommend it for any historical romance enthusiasts.

Like. Like

Liked it!. It was a good book. A little hard to follow at times due to the old english way of speaking, but I really liked how I got to know parts that were dropped with the movie.

great. What is a great book!

Beautiful. This is one of the most beautifully written love stories of British litterature. It is delicate, sensitive, fresh, and true. Funny, exhuberant, and unpredictable, I so very recommend it. If you have read it and enjoyed it as much as I, you might also love Sense and Sensibility (same author). Wuthering Heights as well as Jane Eyre, two of my favourite books, are also masterpieces and are written by the Brontë sisters. Enjoy!

Not after watching the movie. I recommend reading it before watching the movie!

Prude and Prejudice. Fine writing. Superb storyline

Simply charming. Read the book!!!

Wonderful. Finally read this book and I devoured it!

Romantic. Excellent!

Great book! Love it!. It's a really good book to keep you busy for a couple of weeks. And since it's not written in modern english (and english is not even my first language), it was a little hard for me to understand some parts... But overall it's a great book.

Worth it. If you can get into the olde style language, you will be rewarded with great characters and twist of plot.

Loved it. It was really unexpected. I have never seen the movie and thought rather badly of this book (without any valable reasons I admit). But I absolutely loved it! It have it all, it is readable (for those of you out there who are nervous like I was), the characters have a profondness that is very suprising and the story itself is quite fantastic! It is a must read!

Loved it!!. This is my favourite Jane Austen book!!!

Pride and prejudice. Pride and prejudice is jane austens most well read famous novel. This classic tale shows how two lovers overcame the differences and misgivings in their class and character to live in happiness.

Incredible. I don't think I have enjoyed any novel as much as this. Such a beautiful and intelligent plot. I found the old-English language made it a little difficult to read at first but it gets easier and is worth sticking it out. A must read.

Love it. This is one of my favorite books. It is a timeless classic. Jane Austen was a wonderful author and her books are a delight to read

Absolutely Amazing!. The best book I've read so far! The old English takes a little getting used to but this book is completely worth it! The plot and characters make you feel as if you're in the book!

Funny fact. Has anyone ever noticed that Ms. Tutweiller, from Suite Life On Deck, read this? HAHA

Blows. This is a sad excuse for a book, every one should be burned!

Loved it!. I love this book! The love that Mr.Darcy shows throughout and the spunk of Lizzy, makes it one of the best live stories of all time. Not to mention her ridiculous mother....

Timeless Classic. Reading this book for the millionth time (except on my iPhone this time) has made me appreciate it even more. A classic love story, I would rather read this book than any other love story that came out in the past 10 years. Jane Austen's writing might be hard to understand for some people but the story is so good that it can be easily overlooked. I highly recommend it! Whether you are young or old, read it and fall in love with a timeless classic.

Gradual Infatuation!. As I kept reading it, I was getting roped into this amazing story by Jane Austen. Amazing!

Love it!!. This is my fav romance of all time :) I could not stop reading and highly recommend it!

Great book. This book is so worth the time it takes to read, if you're discouraged by the size of a book, think of it as reading two amazing books, because 2 books are necessary to compare to this. The Great Gatsby is the only other book I've enjoyed this much.

Worst. Bad

Pride and Prejudice. So delightful!

Loved it.. Great page turner.

Pride & Prejudice. Simply stands the test of time, and remains a glimpse into the manners of an age and an England before the inevitable degradation of industrialization. An annual read. Delightful!

Tip for readers. I love this story with all my heart, it really just satisfies my soul! •For everyone who doesn’t like it because you don’t understand Old English, just use a dictionary (or for apple, hold down on the word and press “look up”) it’s not that hard and it’s worth it to broaden your vocabulary and learn historical facts! Honestly it’s easy enough to follow, so don’t be afraid, it’s 100% worth it!

Not my favorite. I couldn't relate much with the characters and I didn't see much spark between the two leads... I was really into the novel however I wouldn't recommend it as the best of romance.

Pride and Prejudice. Funny and entertaining!

Must read. An important historical piece of fiction written by an author ahead of her time.

Pride and Prejudice. Very interesting classic of the English literature, especially to know more about customs and patterns of life in England before the era of TV, internet and so on...

Pride and Prejudice. Amazing

Pride and prejudice. An excellent experience to read this book! It is amazing how the characters unfold and the clarity with which their feelings are described are touching and so real. Relatable even in the 21st century!

Pride & Prejudice. This was a most lovely book to read😃

Surely a classic. Who am I to give such a book any less than 5 stars? If you can get through all the back and forth about this man and that manor etc, there are some gems to be found here. Sure, I was required to read it for my university class and I will never read it again. That being said I do not regret it. And I am glad I finally got through it so I can read a good science fiction or fantasy novel.

Pride and Prejudice. This book was amazing, I loved the writing,

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Summary of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The Pride and Prejudice book written by Jane Austen was published on 28 January 1813, Thursday in the Fiction & Literature category. A total of 28,164 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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