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Quiet by Susan Cain Book Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Experience the book that started the Quiet Movement and revolutionized how the world sees introverts—and how introverts see themselves—by offering validation, inclusion, and inspiration

“Superbly researched, deeply insightful, and a fascinating read, Quiet is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to understand the gifts of the introverted half of the population.”—Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY People • O: The Oprah Magazine • Christian Science Monitor • Inc. • Library Journal • Kirkus Reviews

At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over working in teams. It is to introverts—Rosa Parks, Chopin, Dr. Seuss, Steve Wozniak—that we owe many of the great contributions to society.
In Quiet, Susan Cain argues that we dramatically undervalue introverts and shows how much we lose in doing so. She charts the rise of the Extrovert Ideal throughout the twentieth century and explores how deeply it has come to permeate our culture. She also introduces us to successful introverts—from a witty, high-octane public speaker who recharges in solitude after his talks, to a record-breaking salesman who quietly taps into the power of questions. Passionately argued, impeccably researched, and filled with indelible stories of real people, Quiet has the power to permanently change how we see introverts and, equally important, how they see themselves. 

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Quiet (Susan Cain) Book Reviews

EnlighteningAfter reading this book, I understand myself and my family members so much better now. I have two children (one an extrovert and one an introvert) and now I feel I can really encourage them to be true to themselves and find their place in this world. Susan Cain gives so many real life examples, that it is easy to relate the studies and data to your own experiences. No matter what your personality type is, you will learn much from this book.Score: 5/5

AmazedOne of my favorite books. very informative and comprehensible. well done!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant.This book inspires me and for the first time in as long as I can remember, things make sense and I don't have to apologize for being who I am. I'm actually proud of being introverted!!! Good job Mrs. Cain :) the world awaits now ✌✌✌.Score: 5/5

Quiet -- addressing the question of being anINTROVERT at one stage in life and an EXTROVERT at anothI enjoyed becoming enlightened as to introversion and extroversion. As an older woman I question whether a person is exclusively one or the other. As a child I was shy, insecure and unpopular. But was I an introvert? I didn't mix well with others and sought the company of my family members -- I had one or two accidental friends, that is, they lived in the neighborhood and in those days, pre TV even, you went outside to play or you sat inside and read. Period. As I got older I became an extrovert. I loved the night life, I was in the music business and there were places to go every night for fun. I travelled and made friends easily. It felt lonely to be alone -- I was out in the world whenever I could be, and made a whole lot of meaningless small talk. Now, I am an introvert again. But this time by choice. Nothing better than reading, listening to music, having a quiet meal with my husband. Still like people,but just a select few. And what about being an "ambivert" -- wish Ms Cain had touched on that. Thanks for the good and thoughtful read. Will discuss in my book club -- I picked this book. Allegreta Blau that.Score: 4/5

Astonishing!Truly fascinating read. One of the most useful and informative reads I've ever took part. This book will forever be one of my most important texts in my library. Cain opens my eyes to things I could not read of myself before..Score: 5/5

Makes so much sense…This book would’ve made my high school life so much easier. Seeing how and why I am the way that I am. This book can also provide explanations for the behaviors of extroverts. All pretty interesting..Score: 5/5

WonderfulI love this book!! The author supports nearly everything she shares with a study or fact to back it up, too! Very encouraging for people who feel like they don't quite fit in, and that they are too quiet. She reminds us that there are a lot of valuable things about being an introvert..Score: 5/5

Very insightful look into the world of introvertsI loved reading this book. It has helped me understand my personality better but more importantly, it helped my extroverted boyfriend understand my quiet ways and need for solitude..Score: 5/5

Perfect for IntrovertsBefore reading this book I knew that I was an introverted person but this book validated so much for me. It was encouraging to read something very relatable and even give alternative ideas to handle situations that can be overly stimulating socially. I will definitely continue to use this book to help remind me that its ok..Score: 5/5

Price Gouging Much?...Um, yeah Apple, I bought the book on Kindle for $3.36. Wanted to get it here, but with the whole $11.99….well, you know, not cool. Trying to understand right now..Score: 1/5

Someone understands!!!I loved this book mostly because I am an introvert myself. I had always been told I was too quiet, and that I should "come out of my shell". I was feeling pretty bad about myself, until I found this book and found that I am an introvert. I liked reading the stories of people who started out as quiet geeks and ended up starting big things like Apple and Rosa Parks. While I was reading, I thought, "wow, these people were just like me." It made me feel warm and fuzzy..Score: 5/5

QuietThis book spoke to me. I saw myself in everything the author described and every example she gave as the personality of an introvert. So happy to finally see that what has been described by family, friends and bosses and co-workers as strange and weird is actually my normal and that makes me just fine and special. YaY Introverts!!.Score: 5/5

Worthwhile readThe author reviews some science behind the introverted personality type. She generally does a decent job of it for a non-scientist. However, as a scientist myself, one thing that had me bordering on an aneurysm was when she'd mix her science with anecdote, and in some instances, some counterproductive stereotypes and gross oversimplifications. Overall, a worthwhile read, with extensive references..Score: 3/5

Fascinating exploration, for introverts and extroverts.Incredibly deep and engaging book on introverts and why we experience the world as we do. I'd read tons on the subject over the years and was still blown away by the science, information and insights in "Quiet". If you have an introvert in your life but you aren't one yourself, this book will help you understand. Can't recommend this book enough..Score: 5/5

QuietFound this book to be informative and supported what I have always felt about myself as an introvert type personality. Some really good nuggets of wisdom from the Author. Will need to re-read some sections to fully grasp what the message was because it was lost in a lot of case studies. All said, it was a good read. Thanks so much! They labeled me a dreamer, but in my thoughts I feel the pulse of the Universe, discover the wonders of this World, and peace. Wonderful peace..Score: 4/5

Eye-opening and enlighteningI enjoy reading this book because it taught me something about myself and about those that I care deeply for. They short stories infused throughout are a great help to reading this book..Score: 4/5

InformativeI love pop science books, and when I saw this one was about introverts, I knew I had to check it out. I can't tell you how many times I was told as a child "people would like you better if you just talked more." Quiet explains the science of why introverts are the way they are, how to make the most of personal and business relationships if you are an introvert, or if you deal with one. Susan Cain has an easy to read style, it reminds me of Mary Roach, though with a bit less humor. She uses personal stories and stories from her clients, and I appreciated the her references to scientific studies, which added validity to her observations. That said, you don't have to be a science buff to enjoy Quiet. I highly recommend it!.Score: 5/5

Insightful and informative.This book wasn't filled with facts and figures, but an honest in-depth account about society and how introverts are undervalued. This book helps bring awareness and tolerance to people who think that introverts aren't as good enough. It was written in a way that was easy to read, without scientific jargon..Score: 4/5

Ok bookIt is an intereting book with some science facts. I found it, however, boring in some chapters - the author goes on too much on repetitive stuff. I identified with the subject but it did not make much a difference to me. I only read it to the end because I am the persistent type - otherwise, I would probably have left 3-4 chapters unread..Score: 2/5

Fantastic readI've constantly felt bad about being introverted, just like others made me feel bad about myself. This book helped me understand my personality and who I am. Now I feel so much better about myself and what I can do without having to change to fill in a certain type of stereotype that's always been associated with success. Thank you, Susan Cain, for such a wonderful book..Score: 5/5

GreatAn excellent book. I wished I could have read it 20years ago. It explains the differences between everyone and how we can learn from the differences. I truly enjoyed this book.Score: 4/5

GreatInsightful and entertaining. Introverts will relate a lot..Score: 4/5

Thank you!Currently reading the book. So far, it’s worth it..Score: 5/5

One of the best + most important booksEspecially for introverted people, but hopefully for anyone who has an introverted person in his or her life, this is a treasure of a book. It shows how being quiet is valuable and normal, despite how our culture makes heroes of those who are dominant, charismatic and even loud. With scientific research and actual examples of everyday and historic introverts who made massive contributions, it's so validating for people who once thought they were somehow less valuable. There is much in this book for managers, managees, teachers, parents, students--anyone open to seeing the value of different personalities. It can be literally life-changing to many..Score: 5/5

Must-ReadSusan Cain does an excellent job presenting the dynamic between the world's introverts and extroverts. As a a fellow introvert, I cannot help but relate to her anecdotes of social discomfort, yet this book goes well beyond an autobiography of her psychology. Cain presents scenarios and research from prospectives of the most gregarious extroverts, most reserved introverts, and numerous shades in between. What results is a guide on how to better interact with those around oneself: from when to staunchly hold to one's traits and when to put on different airs for the betterment of all involved. Everyone should read this book to develop a better understanding of his neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family. It is a shame that I am limited to only a five star review because Cain's work deserves much more than that..Score: 5/5

Great bookThis book helps you understand introverts!.Score: 5/5

QuietCaptivating and full of wisdom. Enlightening. Worth the time..Score: 4/5

Excellent ReadI haven't found myself relating to a book this much since The Perks of Being a Wallflower..Score: 5/5

This one is from the heartThe influence of this book may only be truly felt years down the road. It may signal the beginning of a new conversation in American society about the meaning of personality. If that sounds too broad and general to imagine coming from one book, then suspend disbelief and imagine that such an outcome is not beyond each of the power of introverts. Susan Cain has not only carved out an immensely well articulated premise, and provided the research to catalyze it... She has channeled the collective yearning and unlived inner life of generations of introverts. We who exist at the corners of circles, due to inhabiting a sub-dominant set of preferences for engaging with the world. My life, and my children's lives will be better because of her work..Score: 5/5

Review of QuietThoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It provides enlightening data, presented in a way that will help you understand yourself and your friends and family to a deeper degree. 5 stars!.Score: 5/5

Could not put it downI already knew I was an introvert and knew several of the unique research behind introvertedness, but this book still managed to captivate me and introduce me to a myriad of knowledge I had never heard. Not a day passes since I have read this that I don’t bring up this book in casual conversation with people; it has so many interesting facts about human behaviors!.Score: 5/5

A must "read"...A must "read"... for introverts and extroverts alike. Insightful for extroverts to understand how introverts approach life's challenges. Reaffirming for introverts to appreciate that their approach is OK, and more importantly that they are OK..Score: 5/5

Wonderful ReadThis book was spot-on in regards to the types of difficulties and misconceptions that an introverted individual will face in our society. Great read for both introverts and extroverts looking to gain a deeper understanding on the importance of integrating these two spectrums of personality into one harmonious setting..Score: 5/5

Explanation for meThis book really brought back so many memories from my childhood. Adult me now has a better perspective on child me. I realize now that I’ve been a pseudo extrovert for much of my life and am only my real self when alone or with a few close friends. Of course, I’ve always had this sense, but now the feelings are more fleshed out. I found myself in so much of this book and will have to reread it and probably take some notes for retention..Score: 5/5

Thank YouI have always been an extrovert poser. Trying to be what I thought was the norm; bubbly, quick to speak, socially outgoing, and so on. All of these actions left me exhausted and withdrawn. This book has opened my eyes to the beauty us introverts bring to the world. I am grateful for the author and her work. I recommend this book to all, the talkers and the quiet folks..Score: 4/5

It was tiring.It’s a good book, based on lots of research and its credibility is unquestionable. Yet, for me, it was a constant comparison between introverts and extroverts that got very tiring. At times I felt the point of the book was to see how good it is to be an introvert and how bad it is to be an extrovert. Although it boosted my confidence and I feel now I understand certain things that I do unconsciously, I really felt like i didn’t have to go through the entire book to get it. It got tiring and a bit boring after a couple of hours in..Score: 3/5

Interesting.Very clever and thoroughly well researched book. If you like social psychology, you'll love it. Even if you don't, you'll probably still like it and learn a lot. Can't wait to see what subject she goes after next!.Score: 5/5

Very insightful.Makes you look at things from a much different perspective..Score: 5/5

Enormously insightfulI bought this book to better equip me to fully appreciate and most effectively deploy some amazingly talented introverts who work for me in my small business. I now legitimately look at them as though I’ve just discovered that they have superpowers. I also greatly appreciate the many parts of the book that make a compelling case that extroverts need to—at least under some circumstances—learn to borrow a page or two from the introverts’ playbook..Score: 5/5

Ah Ha!I have always been a voracious reader and researcher. It's been quite some time since I've read something that taught me so much about myself. I am grateful for this book and its extremely timely insights..Score: 5/5

Recommended for Introverts, Extroverts, and AmbivertsThis book will help you understand and appreciate your personality more if you're an introvert and, if you're an extrovert, help you understand those you love and work with. I also found it helpful for understanding the different personalities of our children..Score: 5/5

Hard to read and boring book.My therapist suggested I read this book to help me. Read 100 pages and still had no clue why anyone think this book was interesting.. it’s basically telling us boring facts about famous people.. who cares, I want to know how the everyday person copes with their issues!.Score: 1/5

Live talk with the authorAt Learning 2012 I heard Susan Cain discussing what she learned while researching this book. Fascinating, challenging our thinking, changing my paradigm. She was enthralling. I can't wait to read this book..Score: 5/5

Great bookLoved it! So interesting, relevant, and easy to understand..Score: 5/5

A great readA must for everyone who interacts with anyone on this earth. I felt seen reading this book!.Score: 5/5

An incredibly important book!!!Well written, well researched and a pleasure to read (especially as an introvert). It made sense of parts of my past and made me think about institutions, especially educational institutions, in a whole new light..Score: 5/5

Great for Everyone!I have felt uncomfortable in my life because of not wanting to speak up. I now understand why. This book has helped me to accept who I am. I highly recommend it to all who are or know introverts!.Score: 5/5

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QuietAs an introvert in a world that can't stop talking, is refreshing to see this topic gain some traction. It has taken many years, but I think I'm finally able to embrace the strengths of an introvert, finding restorative niches and passion in areas that call for extroversion. It should be read by introverts and extroverta alike so that people can be ok with so called quiet people..Score: 5/5

QuietTout à fait fascinant! Rempli de vérités ....Livre qui porte à la réflexion et au dépassement de soi..Score: 5/5

30 Years Too LateFantastic book. Any introvert who reads this will probably feel the same way I did; where was all this understanding years ago? It should be mandatory reading and testing in every high school in North America, particularly for the teachers, who in my opinion are in most need of respecting "our kind" Well done and thanks..Score: 5/5

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