The Time Machine Book Reviews

H.G. Wells

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells Book Summary

The H.G. Wells classic that helped launch the time travel genre.

The Time Traveller, a dreamer obsessed with traveling through time, builds himself a time machine and, much to his surprise, travels over 800,000 years into the future. He lands in the year 802701: the world has been transformed by a society living in apparent harmony and bliss, but as the Traveler stays in the future he discovers a hidden barbaric and depraved subterranean class.

The Time Machine inspired the international bestseller The Map of Time by Félix J. Palma. As a gift to our readers, we are including the first three chapters of The Map of Time in this ebook edition.

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Book Name The Time Machine
Genre Classics
Language English
E-Book Size 14.26 MB

The Time Machine (H.G. Wells) Book Reviews 2023

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An Unpleasant Read. Maybe I missed something, but it seems like a person traveling 802,571 years into the future shouldn’t be getting so excited about finding working matches to light his way. In fact, that should have been nearly impossible. And he finds them in a museum?!? I wouldn’t expect to find LED light bulbs or a flashlight that far ahead much less matches. I got hung up on this point and couldn’t enjoy this ridiculous story. Had this fool character travelled just 80 years into the future he would have seen headlines about a moon landing. At that point a freakin’ butane lighter would have seemed god-like to the Traveller! Ridiculous! He goes 10,000 times further into the future and is wasting his time and resources on match management…and doing that poorly. Oh crap! I should have said spoiler alert. The book was short-sighted and entrenched in London’s superiority being both self-evident and the obvious apex of human civilization with no room for improvement. It drips with colonialism. It reminds me of ‘The Lost World’ and its imperialistic and overtly racist and classist leanings. It gets the second star only because the author creates the terms ‘time machine’ and, I believe, ‘morlock’ too. Those terms are so ingrained in sci-fi and comics that I have to give him respect for that.

Amazing. This is an amazing book and it has a lot of exciting parts.

Great science; okay social science. The Time Traveler’s scientific curiosity is his main charm. The narration inside the narration creates space for mystery and doubt. Some weird comments about race aside, the book is also an interesting critique of Victorian society.

A+ book. This was one of the best books I've ever read! I would recommend this book to someone.

Yawn. I'm glad the book was short, the excerpts seem longer. I learned some nice big words but other than that the story sucked and the future in it was/is/will be wack!!

Great book. One of the first books I read voluntarily. It was easy for me to be sucked into the plot and story.

The time machine. Superb

Yea. This book is the be stickiest book ever!!!!!

Loved It!👌💁. Amazing book very interesting and so overwhelming!

The foundation for sci-fi adventures. Anyone looking for some inspiration in a novel look no further this was the rubric for science fiction since it’s creation

👍🏽. I read this book in 7th grade, and I thought it was really good! Definitely worth a read!

New Favorite. Quick read that I'll return to time and time again.

A classic. The original. Accept no substitutes.

Let’s go boyz. This is book it litttt!!

My favorite of all time. Wells’ ability to shape a futile world of the future is so mysterious and intriguing. A must read!


Time Mechine. To go forward in time to make things better for humanity it would be worth it. I sometimes sit and wonder myself how can I bring peace and make the world a better place...

The Time Machine. A fun read, with lots of big words.

READ. What a great, simple read. The ending has me wanting more! READ READ READ

Engaging story. This was everything any fan of sci-fi expected from the classic. You can see how this story was the inspiration to thousands of others since the 127 years after it was published.

Good. :p

Not bad. Not bad

The time machine By H.G wells. This book was really good.

Stupid. This was the stupidest book that I Have read so far

Swag. Swagswagswagswagswagswagswagswagswagswagswagswagswagswasgswagswagswag

Not even read it!. I've not even read the book yet and I already looks good at least In my perspective.

Thrilling and amazing !. I was called to jury duty so I decided to read this book on my phone since it was free . I didn't think it would pull me in like it did and I'm glad I chose this book . Highly recommend it to anyone who likes time travel , mystery , and suspense .

Good book. Dis iz a gud buk cause it haz gud righting.

Boring. Hi it's boring

Chilling. Wells takes the concept of time travel and runs with it full speed ahead, or should that be behind? This is still the best time travel story ever written.

It really questions the nightmare of what youth can do if there’s no sense to serve the elders.. I like how fire made him golden to them.

Give Me More!. For crying in the night! That's it? The adventure ends and every bit of mystery remains a secret! At the height of intrigue, the story halts so abruptly my head is still spinning. I will not say it comes to an end because plainly there are chapters upon chapters more to be told! Where is the end? Where are the missing pages between the point where my eyes ran out of words and that sense of closure? This is a glorious job of storytelling! A book teeming with creativity! I want more! Yes, the intent of Mr. Wells' work may have been to prove the folly of a class system that separates and oppresses. He points out in horrific fashion how the tables can drastically turn. And I grasp the message that trials and hardships do indeed compel the human race to seek greater knowledge, while total tranquility lends to stagnant lives and stupidity. Those points are made in the first excursion, but could not the story have continued with the same entrancing force simply for the sake of entertainment? I'm left wanting to such a degree that I nearly hate the book as much as I love it!!!

Awesome. This book is so awesome I read it once and it was super good I fell in love with it and recommended it to my friends this is now my second time reading it!

:). Love this book

Review. It's just ok.

Time Machine. Wow! Loved it. So amazing.

Awesome! 😄. I love this book so much! I recommend it for all H.G. Wells fans.

A Must Read. Enthralling. The Time Traveler's telling of his adventure gave me vivid imagery and a light sense of wonder and amazement. I only wish the ending didn't just drop like it did.

The time machine. This book was ok like it was boring but it was actually kinda good but I wouldn’t recommend this to you at all it’s just a stupid book in general and has no real meaning

Pretty good. Kept you interested to see what happens next

Whoa. That sucked

Good Read. Very short and sweet. It would be worthy of 4-5 stars if the author went more wild with his story line. I liked the idea and the details of his idea but I found myself disappointed with the quick ending. It wasn't as much of a cliff hanger as it was a "this had much more potential".

Baba bag. This book is awesome andudndmhdjd

Time Machine by HG Wells is timeless and classic, highly recommend to read!!!. This one of my favorite books I ever read when I was teenager in 6th grade then Mr Ruscavage introduced me and my classmates to 1960s film based on that book which produced by george pals that movie is much better than that 2002 time machine reboot was.

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I absolutely loved it. Wonderful book by a wonderful author

One of my favorite reads. Short and sweet. It's a quick read that leaves you feeling very satisfied. Wells was a master storyteller.

Amazingly addictive. This book made me feel like if I am traveler myself.I am 10 years old and this book shot me through the imagination of adventures.Though it is short it came to me to wish if it was real.It’s at a good and cheap price.I suggest to buy it .

book. i read this book and it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good but i did not like that it was short i really wanted to read mor so i cant wait for another book like this one to come out!Very gooooood book to read over summer

Lame!!!!. Don't get this book there's barely any adventure and there's not much about it it's just boring and terrible

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Best movie. With guy pierce in it & gr8 explanation of quantum leap theory, the beginning is the end & vice versa

Timeless classic. Timeless (literally) classic and referenced in other books. This is for all ages and inspired many people to get in to science.

I enjoyed this book, yes quite. Yes. I had to read this for a book study in Year 9, though I had read a simplified version earlier. This book was good. The descriptions of Eloi and Morlock life were great...

AMAZING. FIVE STARS FOR SURE!!! Amazing book. Very interesting.

Time machine h g wells. Very good couldn't put it down until Finnished

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Meh. Half of the book is taken up by excerpts from other books, so really it's twice as long as it needs to be

Loved it!. Couldn't put it down...wish it was longer...would love to read more of his travels :)

The Time Machine. Great book. Read it in three days. Had me excited to see what came next.

Fantastic read.... ...especially for a free book. Well worth the download.

Time machine. Interesting book makes you think bout time traveling for a reality kinda knowing it probable will never happen who nose. Time will tell good book I liked it a lot ty

The time machine. Loved it!!!

Wonderful Book. My favourite book of all time. The characters are so colourful!

A good read. This book is more of a suspense in some ways, I didn't expect some of the events that happened to occur. I would recommend it to anyone who likes fiction, I read it in three hours, 1 hour last night, and 1 and a half this morning. I was eager to finish it and get to the end. A word of advice; when reading this, make your mind think like a child, that way you won't question the events as much and you can picture what is happening.

Great!. I love this book. Who wouldn't love it reading it on iBooks?

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Summary of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The The Time Machine book written by H.G. Wells was published on 31 May 2011, Tuesday in the Classics category. A total of 3,519 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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