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Amy Miles

Forbidden by Amy Miles Book Summary


Discover the best-selling clean young adult paranormal and urban fantasy series that everyone is talking about…

The series with over 6500 5* ratings

“...the characters are complex and the storyline is amazing!”
Amazon Reviewer *****

“ has everything I love in my books from forbidden love to a kickbutt fight scene...I decided halfway through that this is one of the best books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading!”
Amazon Review *****

Roseline Enescue didn't ask to become an immortal, to have all of the guests at her wedding slaughtered, or be forced into marriage with a man whose lust for blood would one day ignite the vampire legend.

Willing to risk everything for a chance at a normal life, Roseline escapes to America, but her transition into the human world isn't easy. Mortal men flock after her while cutthroat girls plot her demise. Roseline soon discovers that cliche is sometimes based on reality, in a painful way! Yet she remains relatively unfazed by it all until she meets Gabriel Marston. As their lives entwine, Roseline realizes that he is more than he seems. His ability to grind concrete into dust pales in comparison to the glowing cross tattoo that mysteriously appears on his forearms.

Despite the forbidden bond between them, Roseline can't help wondering what Gabriel is. He's not human. He's not immortal. So just what is he?

Click on the link above to find out who and what Gabriel Marston REALLY is…

Then don't forget to check out the rest of the books in this series when you are done.
Reckoning, Book II
Redemption, Book III
Evermore, Book IV (novella)

Or grab the Arotas Trilogy Box set and save money!

Want to know how it all began?
Desolate, Book I of the Immortal Rose Trilogy

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Book Name Forbidden
Genre Fantasy for Young Adults
Language English
E-Book Size 390.05 KB

Forbidden (Amy Miles) Book Reviews 2024

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VERY Cliche but entertaining.. Not the best by any means but I definitely want to find out what happens next.

Paranormal perfection. Has romance, mystery, suspense, and everything in between. You’ll love this. Definitely could be fit with young adult romance.

Mind numbingly. Stupid Hate books you read hoping it will go somewhere It does at the end but leaves you hanging I'm out

Forbidden. Full of suspense and action! Love this book, now to the second book.

Great story, but needs spell check. I really enjoyed the storyline, but the periodic spelling/grammar mistakes really threw me off.

Great way to start a series!. Fell in love with the characters and can’t wait to see where you take them. Finished this book in two days. 🙌🏼 Thank you for creating a beautiful world to fall into.

I new fan for life. I am absolutely hooked can’t wait to read the rest of this set

Forbidden. Amazing book. I could barely put it down

In love. Forbidden takes you in and doesn’t let go. Romance, fight scenes, supernatural, mystery, better than Twilight(which isn’t saying much).

Intriguing. Certainly kept my attention! Twists and turns, friendship and love. Hard to put book down to continue reading another time.

Amazing!. I loved this book and can’t wait to read the next one!

Entertaining. Interesting perspective on an old myth, creative. However, there were times when I doubted the main character. I would have liked ro know more about the last 200 years; I think it would have added depth. And some scenes were too drawn out or unbelievable.

Great Storyline. I totally recommend this book. It is the perfect combo of teen romance and fantasy. The author does really well and the book isn’t too long or short.

Pretty good. There were a few grammatical errors, but it didn’t take away from the story line. I throughly enjoyed this book.

Great. I could NOT stop reading

Absolutely Amazing!!!!!. I loooovvvvveeeedddd this series!!!! I read this a couple years ago but just by looking at the cover I’m reminded of how much I loved this series. If you’re reading these comments, I say go for it and read the book! You won’t regret it 😉

Forbidding. Best book I’ve read in several years can’t wait to start the next one in this series

Forbidden. Amazing had me on the edge of my seat with every turn of the page

Great. Loved this book cant wait to read next one.

Loved it!. This book is magnificent! I love the plot and the characters!

Fun read!. I enjoyed this story and the twists it holds. I like the characters and their fun personalities and the strong female characters. I am excited to move forward with the next book in this series!

Should be in YA romance, not "fantasy". This isn't a bad book, just not what I expected. So bland and unmoving as to be almost snoreworthy. The author is not a bad writer, just a little boring for my taste. Several hundred pages of not a whole lot other than teen-age angst. As an adult, that is a big yawn, been there, done that. If you liked the Twilight series, you'll probably like this.

WHY!!!. This was literally so good. I could not put it down. Though I really do hate that I can’t get the next one, the cliffhanger!!!! But just wow!! That was so good!!! Praise to the Author!

Page turner. Vampires have never been my thing until now. This books was absolutely wonderful. Read it.

Great book. This book was amazing. I couldn’t put it down. If I had the time I would have read it from cover to cover in one session. Definitely worth it. I will end up buying the other books and reading this one over and over again. Definitely a must read for fantasy and romance lovers of all kinds.

LOVE IT!!. This is the best book I have ever read, I am a really picky reader, so it’s hard for me to pick up a book and read it, this one I never wanted to put down!

In love with this. I am seriously in love with this book. Once I finished it I wanted to buy the second one I hate being left off like that on a cliff hanger, I with soon finish all four books. Once I started reading the first chapter I didn't want to stop.

Just OK. An okay it free. The background story could have been better developed, .

Forbidden. An intriguing story of immortals versus mortals. Rose tries to bridge the two by running away and trying to establish a “normal” life for herself. It included an exploration of what immortals endure with the endless passage of time. Couldn’t put it down!!

Forbidden. This book was riveting, however there were so many errors in tense that I had to change to the proper tense while reading in order to keep the story straight. There were also several errors in spelling (or typos, I'm not sure). I hope the other books in the series were edited much better than this one. I'd love to continue reading about Rose, Fane, Gabriel, Nicolae, Sadie & William, however I can't afford to buy the other books. Sincerely, Diane Dyhouse

Amazing!. I love the story line. Couldn’t stop reading when I started it.

Page turner. Very good story line.

Passable YA Fantasy. If you're looking for a fantastical story with a bit of teen romance, this is an option. It's good for a quick read if you're just trying to fill time, not seeking a ton of mental stimulation. However, the writing is pretty difficult to stomach at times. The main character is pretty well developed, the others not so much. There are a couple human characters whose only purpose in the story is to ask the important characters questions, which is a pretty grating way to get exposition. Not a lot of "show don't tell" in this writing. There's a lot of filler and tertiary plot lines that really aren't necessary. For example, the tie-in to the next few books is a "prophecy" that we learn nothing at all about in this book, which made it really easy to not buy the next one. Overall, passable.

Uhhh. The story behind this writing is absolutely entrancing but unfortunately not written very well and so loses a lot of appeal for me. Characters are disorganized and most of what happens comes off as if children are playing these roles not 300 year old immortal/vampires

Kept me turning pages. Kept me face first in the book but they crammed every action fillled into the very end wish it had a little more action but amazing love story and book adorable I’d say for a young teen girl into this type of bookism ☺️

Loved it!. I absolutely loved this book! I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Love book couldn’t put it down!. Great book nothing bad to say about.

Great Book. This is such a great book and I absolutely fell in love with this plot line

Forbidden. It was AMAZING! I can’t beleive how great it was! A bit more on the violent side though.

Formatting and editing problems. This book feels like fan fiction from the Twilight series (but without an editor). The story and writing just don’t flow. Wanted to like the book but couldn’t do it.

Forbidden. This is the best book ever! I read it in two days! I couldn't put it down! Must read!

It Was Alright. I liked the story it just wasn’t developed at its best. The author had an idea of where they wanted to go but didn’t take the time to fully organize all the details in the book. Some things confused me such as what Rose, Fane, Vladimir, and etc. were exactly; I still don’t quite understand even after finishing the book. Also, Rose was “reborn” in 1477 but was only 322 years old? Which meant it only had to be 1782(subtract the 17 from 322 before adding), but that doesn’t really add up with the setting of the story. The book had a lot of potential and I really wish the author had of took their time with it. I also hate the fact that Gabriel was turned: we never found out his importance or what the prophecy was. That was one of the main reasons Nicolae said they had to go to Romania, because of Gabriel and the prophecy, but that was never touched on again. The cliffhanger wasn’t all that good either and didn’t really make me want to read again.

Loved. Loved this book

Great paranormal book, just not for me.. This book is great for people who love supernatural vampire series and some romance. Although, the romance between Rose and Gabriel was honestly not what I hoped for. The intro really did catch my eye when it first started off with Rose’s past. But towards the middle, it was getting less interesting and the connection and romance between Gabriel and Rose was getting weaker. Only towards the end of the book was when it was actually getting action-packed and making more sense. If y’all want a really good paranormal, fantasy, and romance book, read Love is a River or the Hush, Hush book series!

Love Forbidden, Arotas, & Amy Miles!. I adore the love story between Roseline and Gabriel. I read the Arotas trilogy a few years ago and recently read books 1 (Desolate) and 2 (Savage) of The Immortal Rose trilogy. I’m a fast reader and unfortunately have to wait for book 3 (Refuge) to come out later this year. So I’m rereading the Arotas trilogy and I can tell you I still love the books and think Amy Miles is an amazing author. I definitely recommend both the Arotas and Immortal Rose books. If you are thinking about reading them don’t wait start reading them as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

Forbidden. I absolutely love this book! It is amazing, if you are into Vampire legends, read on! I think it is really cool to read about vampires and other mythical beings. This brought me to a whole new since about vampires and I love how the story plot is!

Couldn’t even finish the book. Lots of unanswered questions like, why would someone who’s hundreds of years old escape to another country then enroll herself in high school?

Great. If you are a fan of Vampire Diaries or True Blood, then this book is for you.

Forbidden. Never read a book like this before. Very interesting. You get into the characters and can’t leave the book.

Sorbidden is not forbidden. I absolutely loved this book. I fell in love with Roseline, and i kept thinking, "Man, there has to be another book." And now i know there is. Thank you Apple Books!!!!

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Who proof read this book?. Fantastic story but the proof reader needs sacking, the book is full of errors.

Hooked!!. Amazing book well written I was hooked from the very first line all the way to the last.. Onto the next!

Forbidden was a smashing book. Loved it ignore my notification , txts and carried on reading!! Could take my eyes off it. I wanted the next book but currently not on iTunes! :( need it now!!

Great!. An amazing book which I read in two days but when I looked for the next it's not on iTunes please upload the next!

Disappointing. How this book got to the top of the free iBooks I will never know. Thank God it was free, because I would have needed a refund! Poorly written. Weak plot. Annoying characters. Just not a good read!

Forbidden!. Good story line, bit slow in a couple of places. Very annoying having to wade through a lot of bad grammar, seriously bad editing and lots of simple spelling mistakes in places, but all in all a pretty good read.

Amazing could not put down. Totally not my normal genre of books to read but I could not put it down . Ending read all 3

Amazingly Amazing. Boring at first what happened was I got the book left it for months and months and the got bored so I started reading it and I just couldn't stop I haven't finished it totally but it is just Funny, Romantic, Spooksville, Enjoyment and to put into words amazingly amazing. Look up the prince of wolves by Quinn loft is it's also a really good read

Awesome. I thought this book was fantastic, couldn't even put it down. PLEASE UPLOAD THE NEXT ONE! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Awesome. Just finished all three books enjoyed them all had me gripped all the way through ... More please

Forbidden. A really good read thoroughly enjoyed it. Some grammar errors other than thy a really good author would deffo read more books by her !!

AMASING BOOK. Really good book- teaches you quite a bit about Romania - but such a cliffhanger at the end ( even the epilogue) - but AMASING!!!!!:)

Great but.... A really gripping read that I thoroughly enjoyed and could hardly put down, wish I knew that the story wasn't completed in the 1st book and you had to read the next which isn't even on iTunes! Please upload the next!

Amazing but.... This book is soo good, I couldn't put it down, I read it in two days, however, it is an annoyance how you have to pay for the next books! Recommend it though!

Amazing amazing amazing!. Finished reading it in 5 hours! Absolutely amazing, love it. Bummed that the next one is £1.99, shame I'll have to wait till it get some money into my account. Can't wait to read it!!

So good. Great storyline and fun characters. Not sure what everyone was saying in the other reviews about poor grammar. These reviews put me of a bit but I never came across so much as a spelling mistake when reading this book. Looking forward to the next one.

Wow!. Kept me riveted over several days. Bring on the next installment!

A new twist in the vampire lore. Forbidden, by Amy Miles, jis the first installment in the Aristos series. Romania 1689: 17 year old Roseline Dragomir is forced to marry the sadistic Vladimir Enescue. Their wedding day is a massacre, Roseline’s family and the wedding guests are murdered before her very eyes. Even her younger sister, Adele is not spared. Shortly after, Rosaline herself is killed and turned into a vampire. Present: For 300 years, Roseline has bore the runt of Vladimir’s brutality and refused to conform. After one beating too many, she finally makes her escape to Chicago in the hopes of a new life. She enrols at a school under the guise of Rose Danbry. Despite her attempts to stay under the radar, she is befriended by the irrepressible Sadie and her smitten brother, William. Her life takes a complicated turn when she finds herself drawn to the schools star athlete, Gabriel. He in turn is equally mesmerised. Her new found life comes under threat with the arrival of a foreign exchange student, the hostile Nicholae, who seems to know who and what she is. Confused by her increasing bond with Gabriel as well as the strange tattoos and physical changes she begins to notice in him, Rose contacts her only friend in Romania, Fane, for answers. Fane arrives in Chicago with an ominous warning and Rose realises that if Vladimir tracks her down to Chicago, the lives of her new found friends are forfeit. She decides to return to Romania and face retribution at the hands of her husband. However, Gabriel, Sadie and William escorted by Nicholae, have other ideas and follow Rose to Romania in the naive hopes of rescuing her. Little do they realise the danger ahead of them or that Nicholae is not all he seems... The prologue captivates the reader from the offset. Despite this, the beginning of the book is rather slow as Rose settles into college and makes new friends. I’m glad I persevered though as the book really picks up half way when we realise that Gabriel is changing physically and we are left with more questions than answers. What exactly is he? What is the bond he shares with Rose? What do the strange marks on his arms signify and what is the prophecy that Nicholae keeps drumming on about? Forbidden is an interesting take on the vampire myth although certain aspects were a tad confusing due to a lack of explanation. Vampires in this case are immortals who have acquired the taste for blood but don’t need it to survive. They can live off human food. Blood does help them to heal, however, but too much of it can affect them psychologically and turn them into the sadistic monsters that Vladimir and Lucien are. Immortals like Rose and Fane choose not to go down that root although they do enjoy the benefits of being stronger, faster and more intellectual than humans. All in all, judging by the epilogue, the author has laid a good foundation for this series and I’m looking forward to reading the next installment.

Needs a proof reader. Oh my, this book has some atrocious spelling and grammar. However, it had an interesting storyline. Please proofread your next book, reckoning!

Forbidden. Great story ... Loved it x

:D. Loved it!! Ppplllleeeaaassseee hurry up and put reckoning up!

Great.... I thought it was a great story, honestly couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next one! Hurrryyyy lol

Totally captivating. Couldn't put this book down!

Gripping read. A brilliant action packed beginning which leads into a great read. I enjoyed reading this book and the characters are likeable. I did want to know more at the end though. Recommend reading this book.

Dazzle berries!. I love love loved this book! So gripping, read it within a couple weeks. However, it's annoying that you have to pay for the rest of the series. I wanted to read more.

Forbidden. Amazing couldn't put it down trying to find reckoning now !!

#amazing. An excellent book which I thoroughly enjoy reading with a great twist in the series to get people of stereotypes !! :-D

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A captivating read.. This author clearly has a plot that captures the audience and it is an interesting read, but having started some writing courses I can observe the areas where the novel is lacklustre and mistakes have been made. Let's start with the bad. The perspective follows Roseline throughout the majority of the novel and features many other characters as the viewpoint characters. Usually this is a jarring point for a reader, especially as she often hops between characters without a break or chapter ending to announce change. Typically, this can be distracting. However, if you're willing to overlook this fact and some other minor errors in spelling from typos, it is a captivating and interesting read.

Badly written Twilight imitation. This was really disappointing. The author switched between past and present tense with no narrative intent. There were spelling mistakes and typing errors. The characters were shallow at best. One went from loathing to love because another character was revealed to be rich and good looking. Shirtless, muscular boys in love with angst ridden girl - check. Expensive cars and clothes - check. Teen gang who are mean to new girl starting at school - check. Nasty cheerleader - check. Every cliche is here. Don't waste your time, Especially when other reviews suggest that this is the best of the series.

Loved it 😍. I have read all three books in this trilogy and loved them all. Must read books!

Awesome Read. Such a great story bringing today and the past together and of course romance. Looking forward to the next book!

Forbidden. Totally amazing!!!!!!!!!

AMAZEBALLS!. This series, oh gosh, man took my breath away. I'm rereading it again and it still doesn't stop to amaze me. Even though I know what happens, I love seeing how it unfolds page by page. It's like watching the sun rise and set never feeling blasè about it, and this book, this story. GOD AMY MILES YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN. It's just, no words can really describe the feeling I get when I read this book. No I would be lying to you if I said that. There are words like intriguing, amazing, and beautiful to describe it. But this book just also transcends beyond those words! Thank you :)

Wow. Awsome read it sucked me straight away I couldn't put it down.

Intrigued!. A page turner to the end, can"t wait to read more!

AMAZING!!!. Besides the bad correcting that you could find on almost every page and the repetitive language the author used, it was amazing. I couldn't put it down. It was a LOT better than twilight. I hope they make a movie of it.

Must read. A real page turner. Raced home each day to keep reading.

Forbidden. Great read

Same. Cover as sweet savage blood......

So confusing. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😂😂😂

Loved it! Great read!. Amazing!! I absolutely loved it! Cannot wait to read the next one, couldn't put it down!

BORING. What a boring as story… I think I got half way before I deleted this off my ipad… DISAPPOINTING!

Better than average. Not a bad book was easy to read and fast paced helped me keep reading through it. Feels a bit like a twilight rip off, but with a better twist to your standard vampier book.

Forbidden. I could not put it down, off to download the second book!

Twilight Imitation. Like who still writes novels in present tense? The romance, football, popular cheerleader, vampire are so cliché. Soz

Great read. Fantastic book, such a shame that you can't buy the next two books on I tunes?????

Awesome Book!. A great book, with a new and edgy take. Enthralling and entaining. Can't wait to read Reckoning!

Great. Great book. Wish the whole trilogy was available on iBooks.

AMAZING!!! NEEDS TO BE READ!. This was a great book! Had heaps of detail and just made never want to put the book down! Well iPad book lol I think everyone who's 10 and up should read this book because it's just so good!!!

Meh. Good story. Bit confusing with the past and present switching. Some grammar and spelling mistakes. Is ok to read if you just need something to do or see if you can read 1000 and something pages in a limited amount of time. Though a couple of the characters are a bit stereotypic and shallow. Some parts were confusing cause you couldn't tell who was talking or who was doing whatever. Fix up those problems and maybe it will get REAL 5 star ratings. Still quite good though. I enjoyed it.

Forbidden. I personally loved the story line, but was disappointed further to the end. At stages it was very confusing for example when there was the battle and many different thing were happening. The author used the same descriptive words over and over which made it a tad boring. I found it disappointing that everyone was rich or fantastic looking and most of the time both, there Moodswings between Rosaline and Gabriel were a bit tedious. Overall I love this book I do recommend it because the story line and bass of the story where fabulous all I wish is that it had been better orchestrated better. I can't wait to read the next books in this series.

A Must Read!!!. This series totally blew me away! It is a perfect mix of romance and fantasy!

Love it. I have to have read this book about 78 times and still not bored! Usually I read a book, then chuck it to my bookshelf for all eternity, never to be seen again or read. Only sad thing is it’s $50 each to get the books paper back :( oh well I still enjoy it on my phone!😍 maybe it should be made into a audiobook or a movie or both!!! The author is absolutely amazing for writing such a enthralling book, it’s like nothing you will read or Have read before. Makes you thirst for more books out there like it however there is none.

Puts Twilight to shame!. OH. EM. G. I was gasping & holding my breath reading the last few chapters. It really had me on edge. Loved all the twists & turns in the story, makes for great reading. I did however, come across some typing errors, some sentences didn't make sense, which seems rather odd. But loved the book, can't wait to get into part 2

thrilling. one of the best vampire books i have ever read. the ending was captivating. cant wait to read the next book

I never write reviews.. but THIS WAS EPIC. I thoroughly loved this book, and I couldn’t put it down. It had a perfect balance of fantasy and romance, and a bit of mystery! I never write reviews but I truly love this book, and everyone should know how good it is! My favourite part was discovering Rose’s powers and past. Very enjoyable. Please read it. Btw I am a real person writing this, not a robot. Ok byeeeeeeeeeeee.

A Must Read!. This is book was absolutely amazing! I couldn't put it down, it was one of the best Vampire books I've ever read! Can't wait to read the sequel!

Loved it!!!. Absolutely Amazing!!! A romantic mystery with an equal amount of horror!!! It was perfect.

LOVED IT!!!. This book is the BEST book i have ever read!! I dont read many books because they are usually boring but this book was absolutely AWESOME!!! If u love romantic supernatural books this is the one for u! Thank you Amy Miles u have my life x10 better!!

Awesome. Love the twist to vampire history!!!

Great story. Great story , few spelling mistakes but easy to read past. Will be reading book 2 for sure

Amazing !!!. Beautifully written and so easy to fall in love with the characters. Can't wait till iI read the next one.

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Fell in love with this book !. I loved how this book made me so interested to hear the rest of the story, loved the spit fire attitude of rose!

Loved it!. Really good book...really enjoyed it. I couldn't stop reading it.

Looking Forward to Book 2!. Quick Thoughts 1. This book wasn't as bad as all the reviews made it seem to be. 2. I thought it was going to be a romance story but there was lots of action and supernatural elements there too. 3. I'm pleasantly surprised with how the characters turned out. They weren't that bad. 4. I actually really enjoyed the plot. I wished we got to learn more about Gabriel though. A prophecy was only briefly mentioned. 5. I'm looking forward to reading the next book!

Well done. The book held my interest despite spelling and grammatical errors. Storyline kept you guessing. Yes; I will read more about Rose and Gabriel.

Amazing. Always pulling me in for more

Forbidden. Overall a good book but many grammatical errors as well as misspelling

Great. Great book, can't wait to read the next one

Book. Book

Poorly written and not edited. I tried this out after seeing it highly rated on the free list and it sounded like a promising premise but I had to stop after chapter seven. It is poorly written and clearly has not been edited by anyone who passed their high school English class. (Or, as the author would say, "past".) There is no consistent use of tense (the use of present tense is very clumsy) and the spelling and grammar mistakes are so glaring they distract from the story. I need to go read some classic literature just to cleanse the palate of this drivel. Perhaps the author should as well; she might learn something.

Pretty Good. It was pretty good, all in all. I ran into a few spelling mistakes and such. Interesting concept for sure.

Couldn’t put it down. I read the whole book in 2 day’s it was so good I couldn’t put it down

Loved the book. Great book

Loved It!. It was a great read and I enjoyed every word. Have already started the second book!

BOOK 2 IM ON THE WAY. This book was absolutely amazing. Out of the many books I’ve read this one goes at the top of the list relating to the ones I couldn’t put down. I actually didn’t want to stop reading it and was surprised when t ended. I am defined on the way and excited for reading the next book. :)

Forbidden. This book was better than i thought it would be actually. It was really good! I love the romance-supernatural theme 💘

Forbidden. Good read!

What age?. What age would you rate this?

Couldn't put it down. SOOO GOOD!!!! Loved every page!!

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Summary of Forbidden by Amy Miles

The Forbidden book written by Amy Miles was published on 04 November 2011, Friday in the Fantasy for Young Adults category. A total of 5,885 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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