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No Easy Day by Mark Owen & Kevin Maurer Book Summary

The #1 New York Times bestselling first-person account of the planning and execution of the Bin Laden raid from a Navy SEAL who confronted the terrorist mastermind and witnessed his final moments.

From the streets of Iraq to the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips in the Indian Ocean, and from the mountaintops of Afghanistan to the third floor of Osama Bin Laden’s compound, operator Mark Owen of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group—known as SEAL Team Six—has been a part of some of the most memorable special operations in history, as well as countless missions that never made headlines.

No Easy Day puts readers alongside Owen and his fellow SEAL team members as they train for the biggest mission of their lives. The blow-by-blow narrative of the assault, beginning with the helicopter crash that could have ended Owen’s life straight through to the radio call confirming Bin Laden’s death, is an essential piece of modern history.

In No Easy Day, Owen also takes readers into the War on Terror and details the formation of the most elite units in the military. Owen’s story draws on his youth in Alaska and describes the SEALs’ quest to challenge themselves at the highest levels of physical and mental endurance. With boots-on-the-ground detail, Owen describes several missions that illustrate the life and work of a SEAL and the evolution of the team after the events of September 11.

In telling the true story of the SEALs whose talents, skills, experiences, and exceptional sacrifices led to one of the greatest victories in the War on Terror, Mark Owen honors the men who risk everything for our country, and he leaves readers with a deep understanding of the warriors who keep America safe.

No Easy Day (Mark Owen & Kevin Maurer) Book Reviews

Exhilarating.I read this book in 6 hours. Couldn’t put it down for even a minute. Must read..Score: 5/5

Great book!Loved it!0.Score: 5/5

One Great BookA book that keeps the politics out!!.Score: 5/5

A true hero this man isI can not describe how much I enjoyed the book probably my favorite book of all time.Score: 5/5

Great read, But...I really like this book it shows the operation in detail how they took out Bin Laden. The only thing I didn't like was Navy SEALs do their job for pride and to protect the US, not to become famous..Score: 5/5

No Easy DayGreat book thank you for your service I heard your apology so let the government get off your back and get your life back You and your family have given so much to give us freedom Ask the Govt why we are starting to go back to war in places we won and soo many died I wonder how far obama can run wearing your equipment He couldn't beat you if you were in full gear and he was wearing a jock strap Forgot he would be wearing a g-string G-D bless you.Score: 5/5

ExcellentIf you're interested in the back story and the work that went into making the bin Laden raid a success, you should absolutely read No Easy Day..Score: 5/5

Amazing BookAmazing book written very well about the life of active Navy Seals and the raid of Osama Bin Laden's compound. I would highly recommend this book to anyone old or young, man or woman. Excellent book *****.Score: 5/5

No Easy DayA book for all who question why we give money to Muslim radicals as the President proposes. We enter an action for retribution for the attack on 9/11 and we are forced to fight with foreign advisors making sure we dont kill innocent muslims, the Presidentgoes so far as making our troups on the ground announce their intent to siege rebel encampments, making the element of surprise the seals and other allied forces use so effectively. This book tells it like it is for our special ops teams that put their lives on the line for us to enjoy the freedom we as Americans take for granted. There are few "Secrets" as the governmenty of America states in this book, and to take away a military pension, for this hero that wrote these true events is shameful. If we only new how much these soldiers go in harms way for us to enjoy the fruit of living in the best Country in the world. It makes you question the ridiculous politics in our nation. I haven't noticed any members of the gov't worrying about their benefits-its high time we hold our elected officials of both parties accountable for their actions..Score: 5/5

What a great read!A premiere example of a gritty, "tell it like it is" story about Naval warfare with vivid detail and an enlightening description of the trials that these brave men had to face while making such an incredible journey. Absolutely breathtaking..Score: 5/5

Thankful everyday....Happy for "Mark", Team 6 and the rest of the Teams that have worked so hard and lost so much. Doing this selflessly, all the while risking their lives for America and at the same time for those in the current administration who have NEVER been willing to DO anything other than community organize, rule by perceived right, judge by cronyism and condescend because the ideas are so far above their heads. Go play another round of golf POTUS and send the rest of your posse on another tax-payer sponsored vacation. "Mark" and his boys got this so stay the #%^* out of their way while they show you what having balls is really all about..Score: 5/5

Amazing couldn't say it better myself.He has done a fantastic job conveying what most of us have a hard time explaining to people that aren't there and see those things. Great job looking forward to your new book..Score: 5/5

GreatThe book took you inside. It was well worth it..Score: 5/5

Complete abomination. Sell outHis name is on the rock, he's no longer allowed in the seal community. His ethos and code was selfishly broken. There's already truth coming out in SOF community against many accounts in the book. Embarrassing. Don't support this trash. Too many guys keeping their word on the SF operations far superior to this one, Owen took a pay check over keeping his word to his brothers..Score: 1/5

Good StoryMy only struggle initially was wondering if buying this book meant I may be supporting someone who was breaking the rules in order to get attention. I have always respected soldiers more than politicians and celebrities so I hoped that Owen was seeking neither celebrity or political gain. I do not regret buying and reading this book because it is the story of teamwork that rises above the need for attention and political power. I'm thankful for men and women who serve our nation in uniform and this is one of many stories that (without books written by the actual soldiers) we would never know just how thankful we should be. Beware! Some of the military jargon can get a little dense. I read mostly on the beach so I had to put my thinking cap on as I listened to the crashing ocean waves and tried to remember the numerous military acronyms, etc..Score: 4/5

In the knowThis was truly something that needed to be written. No fluff no flowery prose. Just the facts and his experience. Very well written report. This book should be read by aspiring journalism students. For the readers that have never served this book will give you an inkling of what it's like. For the readers that are active duty or veteran, this is a must read.Score: 5/5

No Easy DayAlthough not a Navy SEAL, I was a member of a U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon unit. We sometimes trained with SEAL Teams in one capacity or another. For myself, I have to admit that my first thoughts of 'sailors with guns' were not very positive. I was operating under the assumption that no "squid" could possibly compete at Force Recon level. I can say now, after my personal experiences with the major special operations communities in the U.S. & foreign allies, that the U.S. Navy's SEAL operators are among the finest people in the "Shadow Warrior" world..Score: 5/5

No Easy DaMark, I really resent your reference to Bagram. I was deployed there this past fall - 2013. 3 US contractors were KILLED by IDF's during my deployment. It could've easily been me during my stay in a transient tent. Thank you for your service. MAJ Jaskolski.Score: 2/5

PhenomenalLet me start off by saying that I am not American and a woman. I saw this book and wasn't sure if I wanted to read a hyped up book about Seals, bragging that they are the best of the best and pulling wool over the worlds eyes about the ongoing war. What a surprise! The book was factual without getting to much into the nitty-gritty and boring you out of your mind. It was entertaining, I got a glimpse into the life of a military guy, specifically this Seal and was astounded. This book shows that all military people work very hard for very long in abhorrent conditions for the safety of not just USA but the world at large. Brilliantly done. Can't wait for the next book..Score: 5/5

No easy dayGreat book ; thank you NAVY SEALS , SEAL TEAM6. And all of our service men and women.Score: 5/5

No Easy DayMy son is a Recon Marine and the consensus of many in their community was anger that this man would disclose that which they all promise to never reveal. I learned things and information to some degree that I didn’t already know, having some limited access to special ops., except for details of the raid. I DID finally, I think have a greater understanding AND enormous respect for the daily training and planning that these men rehearsed day after day after day. The details of the story are fascinating and I further learned why the military had NO respect for the current political regime. Promises were made to these brave souls that never came to fruition, though they were simple acts that could easily have been accomplished. I knew that Bush for instance had ordered a single person’s job to be to find Bin Laden - yet Obama was quick to take credit for that which he did NOT earn. But that’s politics. I hope at this later date that the money earned from this book actually did go to the families of the fallen. All in all a GREAT read!!!.Score: 5/5

No Easy DayThis book is great! I've read it twice now. Couldn't put it down..Score: 5/5

Awesome!Awesome! this was a great book and I am glad the world knows what our military goes though to protect our country. I am pretty amazed that a navy seal can write so well. He was very good with not talking too much about one topic and it kept you on the edge of your seat for the whole book. He also was good with the dialogue, witch some inexperienced writers have trouble with. In all, 'Mark Owen' is a wonderful writer and you should read this book. It will change your life..Score: 5/5

GreatI have read this book on paper and it is great, it has great detail, scenes, and story's. I highly respect any military, police, swat, etc. thank you.Score: 5/5

No easy day is a must read!I have had this book sitting on my shelf for a while. Once I started reading, I had to force myself to put it down and eat or go to sleep. I put this up there with Lone Survivor and Seal Team Six; Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper..Score: 5/5

No Easy DayI couldn’t put this book down, great from beginning to end..Score: 5/5

No easy dayI just want to say thanks for your time serving our country in this time of need. We, the people of this United States, do appreciate your personal sacrifices for the greater good for all of us..Score: 4/5

Couldn’t stop readingThis was one of those books I just couldn’t put down. I would recommend the book to anyone..Score: 5/5

Great read!Worth the read. I am humbled by your sacrifices and courage. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless..Score: 4/5

Great readStarted a little slow, but then was great. Was written so anyone could understand. Awesome book..Score: 4/5

ThanksA great tribute to the brotherhood, few will know or experience personally. Thanks for setting the record straight, Mark. A very well done book..Score: 5/5

Great bookIt’s a great book, i fairly enjoyed it.Score: 5/5

Booring storytellerGuy went into great detail about eating a taco. Lots of filler. Spoiler: He never did say that he shot Bin Laden himself. I just wish Bin laden was killed on Sep 12th 2001. A better book written by a Navy Seal is the one by David Goggins..Score: 1/5

No easy dayExcellent read. Couldn't put it down. All of these men and women are true heroes. Thank you for what you do!.Score: 5/5

WOW....Thank you for your service and setting the record straight. The book keeps your ears pinned back and your hair on fire. A must read and one for the history books. Schools should make this a mandatory read..Score: 5/5

No Easy DayVery well written and highly recommend . Author very good..Score: 5/5

Great readI enjoyed reading this actual account from one of the guys who was there. This is told in a matter-of-fact fashion without the fluff. Reading this, I almost felt as if I was there. This book not only tells the story of that night back in 2011-it also gives the reader excellent insight into the lives of these Navy Seals and how dedicated they are to their work. As a former Army infantryman, I can certainly appreciate how much work these guys put in-and how vital a role the Seals play in our nation's defense. Thank you for a well-written account of your experiences, Mark!.Score: 4/5

No Easy DayEveryone who says he broke the rules, broke OPSEC, he didn't. He changed all the names of the SEALs, the important places, and anything like that. This book was amazing. Anyone who says differently! has a wrong understanding of everything. If he wasn't in his legal rights to write this, it wouldn't have been sold. He wrote this book to inform the American public of what happened. This book was amazing. In recommend it to everyone who is a true American..Score: 5/5

Inside LookProbably the best special forces non-fiction I’ve read so far..Score: 5/5

No Easy DayProud of our Seals!! Without them this country would be in deep [email protected]!!! I am a Vet but these guys go above and beyond!.Score: 5/5

The bookOutstanding book. May god bless the man who took down that/those terrorist. You did an amazing job with pictures and describing what had happened. I liked it so much, I this book to a few dozen friends and family..Score: 5/5

Great book love first hand eventsGreat book that makes you want to be SEAL. Amazing first hand stories, day-to-day events and other neat facts opinions and views. Recommend reading and this is history probably the most believable and reliable accounts of what actually happened that night..Score: 5/5

Killer insightVery interesting to read the story from this inside point of view.Score: 5/5

Well writtenI thoroughly enjoyed the journey and would recommend this book!.Score: 5/5

Excellent bookGreat job in describing the sacrifices of those in the Special Forces. Mark does a great job of covering the Bin Laden raid which was one of the greatest achievements in special operations history. I'm particularly impressed in how Mark is definitely not looking to embellish his role but rather just tells the story as it happened..Score: 5/5

Read "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle instead.Chris' genuine love for his SEAL brothers and his country is evident. His story is far from self-boasting although you can't help, but admire who he was. A rare human being. Mr. Owen doesn't elicit the same sentiment. Not even close. If you want details on the UBL mission you can always scour the Internet and save your time and money. I had to give this a one star rating for this to post, otherwise I wouldn't have given it that..Score: 1/5

One wordAmazing!.Score: 5/5

'MERICA!!!F*** YEA!!! An easy read & strongly recommended to anyone interested in hearing the details of the final moments of the most wanted man in U.S. history..Score: 5/5

No easy dayGreat book.Score: 5/5

I enjoyed this book very much!I enjoyed this book very much.Score: 4/5

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Worth your time to readThis book was co-written by one of the Seal Team Six members. The fascinating details of the lead up and ultimate success of the hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man is what initially draws the Reader in. However, it is the down to earth and honest way the author communicates to the reader that makes the book a must read. I highly recommend spending your hard earned pay reading about how these dedicated Brave Men make theirs..Score: 5/5

Amazing bookThe author really takes you on a journey that imparts upon the reader a vivid sense of the sacrifice and difficulty these incredible individuals have endured to accomplish the most difficult of tasks to protect their country. It is a riveting account, highly descriptive and at the same time told with humility..Score: 5/5

LiesAll lies. Look at the evidence..Score: 1/5

MehHe had to be so careful not to reveal secrets and key operational techniques that I felt like this was a thumbnail sketch of what really happened. It is actually not written that well in my view. Very disappointing and I think I'll stick to reading declassified stuff because then at least you can get what really happened. These kinds of "looking back" books are appropriate perhaps decades later..Score: 2/5

AwesomePhenomenal book!!!!.Score: 5/5

Utterly Amazing !I could not put this book down. As a Canadian, I have always had a great respect for the SEALS. That respect has now grown! Thanks to you and your team we might be able to sleep better at night now!.Score: 5/5

More to it"Bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive" (VP Joe Biden). History is written over and over and over, records of momentous events have shaped our lives. Who can say the Bible is accurate, which version of the JFK assassination to believe, or why so many oratories of second world war autracities exist. Fact is, they all happened, despite the version you believe. No matter how history or Hollywood portrays the the efforts of Navy Seals and Administration, the world is rid of a tyrannist. "Bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive".Score: 3/5

With honorThese are the stories that need to be told. We the public need to know the 5 W's. Otherwise big brother will always control the information. I for one am glad this book came out and Bin Laden is gone. A safer world..Score: 4/5

No easy dayCaptivating account without the partisan fluff. I always had the sense that Owen was telling a first hand account. It was not glamour, but reality and the ugliness and necessity of war. If we could all approach whatever we decide to pursue in life with the intensity and focus of all of those individuals then we would surely be true to ourselves..Score: 5/5

IncredibleI thank Mark Owen and the rest of his team for their sacrifices they make each and every day making our world a safer place. Thanks for sharing the truth about the mission and wish you all the best in the future. Here's to another bad guy off the planet! Cheers, Ty Canada.Score: 5/5

What a disgraceSo much for the code of honor..Score: 1/5

ExcellentI am half way through it and I can't put it down. The only reason I have put it down is to drag it out so it's not over! Extremely Intriguing. As the author states at the beginning of the book, I whole-heartedly believe it will accomplish his goal to inspire. For those who review it as a disgrace, Go find something to do. Great read!.Score: 5/5

Excellent pieceToo bad Obama had to line this operation with his re election..Score: 4/5

Vert interesting book to ReadA little bit rough, but can it be different when the subject is about killing UBL.Score: 4/5

Great readA great look at one of the most important military missions ofbourbtime..Score: 5/5

Great book!What a great read!! I couldn't put the book down. I have a great respect for this man, and his colleagues..Score: 5/5

Interesting bookThis book is perfect for military geeks like myself but is packed with interesting stories and insight on how this unit operates. I could not stop reading.Score: 5/5

Couldn't put it downBook was very interesting, I couldn't stop reading it..Score: 5/5

Edge of my seatI don't generally read these types of novels tho I read approximately 5 books a week and I could not put this book down. I thought it was intriguing to see there point of view and I also thought the writer did an excellent job at letting us into that moment in time without hurting anyone. I can remember watching the events of 9/11 happen and although im not all about war I certainly appreciate all the men and women who sacrificed for us!! Excellent read and I'll probably read it again.Score: 5/5

P. Eng. PerspectiveThis book needs to be developed further with the support of US military. This is such an important real story for the American people. I loved the effort put forward by the seals and how difficult the job was. This is only a small fraction of the real story. Jim Butler Sept 28, 2012.Score: 4/5

Love itCould not put it down an read it in one night. Great book..Score: 5/5

Amazing story but...It's impossible to criticize the author but he's not a professional author or writer so this isn't literature. If you just want a lucid first hand account of events then this is it. The book adds some color and fill in some background to the story told by the media already. There are no huge revelations here. About the only thing I didn't know was how long and how much training and preparation went into the raid. Hardly state secrets. If you want some extra details about the mission buy it. If you want a well crafted adventure novel you should pass.Score: 3/5

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